Interesting to look at the Premier League relegation odds after Saturday’s action.

With now most clubs having only eight games remaining, the reality is looking a little clearer for many clubs.

The bookies have reacted to the game at St James Park by moving Newcastle out to a 10/1 price which sees them seen as well on the way to safety.

However, Southampton now have only one win from their last 17 PL matches and are bang in trouble.

They are now one of six clubs who are seen to be in the thick of fighting it out for the last two relegation spots.

West Brom are unbackable at 1/50, meaning there are those two spots remaining.

Stoke are second favourites at 8/11 and unless they produce a real surprise result against Man City on Monday night, their odds are only going to shorten further.

With Palace and West Ham on terrible runs of form they are right in amongst it as well, maybe the Hammers now having the look of a club who unexpectedly collapses at the end of a season. They now have only one win in seven and have conceded 11 goals in the last three matches, plus there is total civil war breaking out between fans and club.

This is how the Premier League looks on Sunday morning:

Consecutive games at home to Southampton and Huddersfield were/are absolutely massive for Newcastle United.

Another win in three weeks time against Huddersfield and I think the bookies would see NUFC as totally safe, though Rafa’s players would still have to then add the necessary extra few points afterwards to back up that opinion.

These are the matches still to play this weekend:


Arsenal v Watford 1.30pm

Bournemouth v Tottenham 4pm


Stoke v Man City 8pm

These are the Premier League relegation odds now for each club:

1/50 West Brom

8/11 Stoke

7/4 Crystal Palace

2/1 Southampton

9/4 West Ham

9/4 Huddersfield

7/2 Swansea

10/1 Newcastle United

14/1 Brighton

40/1 Bournemouth

100/1 Everton

100/1 Watford

View all the Premier League relegation odds HERE

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  • Mayor Vaughn

    5 more points needed i reckon.

    • David Miller

      Probably, can’t see the Stoke/palace picking up 10 points. Think even 3 will be enough.

      • StevieB

        Safe from relegation on 35 points ?? You’re cutting it fine aren’t ya 🙄

        • Come&TakeIt1836

          Maybe but if you look at Stoke and Southampton’s remaining fixtures, it’s hard to see where they find even 7 points. (CP have several winnable chances and they’ve exhibited some quality and organization). Stoke and Southampton will need a surprise or two to get above 34.

        • Rich Lawson

          Has it been done ?

          • StevieB

            Not sure Rich, can’t be though surely .

      • MichaelMaximusMoose

        Palace have some very winnable games left, i think they`ll stay up

  • Alex

    Made me think about who I’d like to go down.

    Have no axe to grind with WBA at all, but seeing Pardew (and Carver) demonstrating their complete lack of skills is mightily satisfying. Bye.

    Palace are a club, a ground, a set of fans and, especially, a manager, that I’ve never liked. Bye – you won’t be missed.

    Despite WHU providing both the first home and first away opposition for me, I never got what the ‘academy of football’ is all about. Instead, I just think of them as jumped up Cockney spivs. Go, and fill the London Stadium in the EFL.

    So, Stoke and Southampton to escape in my ideal scenario. Southampton, as I’ve always had a soft spot for them due to Lawrie Mc. And Stoke, only because it’s easy to get to and not darn sarf.

  • thewildchimp

    If I was betting, I’d bet on Stoke months ago. West Brom was never in question. The only thing that changed is who are the third spot ‘contenders’.

    As far as we go, we can realistically expect to get as much as 10 more points and would need only 5-6 to safety, since 37-38 is the new 40 this season. Peaky also calculated so, and his predictions were true so far. Hope we’re wrong though, and the team gets even more!

  • Lord

    I reckon Palace will be ok, they have some good players, been a tad unlucky recently and have very winnable fixtures once they get Liverpool out of the way.

    After yesterday’s showing, I would say Southampton are really in trouble and need to get something out of their trip to West Ham to stand a chance.

    37 points with a healthy GD looks good to me, don’t see Southampton or Stoke getting 11 points out of their remaining fixtures. And if Southampton do beat West Ham, I don’t see the Hammers getting 7 points with their current implosion and exceptionally difficult run-in.

  • gallowgate26

    In consideration of some of the comments below, I just hope that the biggest most established clubs as possible go down. Southampton with a new manager and the money they have made from sales could be a top half team next season, so I hope they go down and Palace. I think it will be Stoke though and Palace will scrape up. Hopefully a club like Sheffield United will come up and struggle. Next season will still be about establishing the team in the league and adding some quality. If Shelvey and Diame stay fit and in this form until the end of the season though, I think we can look up rather than down. It would be nice to finish above the likes of Brighton and Bournemouth.

    • Philippines

      That’s not a very nice thing to say about Sheffield United. Be a sportsman and wish them well.