Quite unbelievable what pundits have said about Jose Mourino after Tuesday night’s shocker, or rather what they haven’t said…

Including on BT Sport, we have seen pundit after pundit line up to slag off Rafa Benitez for supposedly negative tactics.

Yet their silence was deafening after Manchester United’s meek exit from the Champions League.

Rafa Benitez was up against Liverpool and Manchester City when attracting most of the criticism of his approach to games, clubs where managers have been backed with countless more cash than the pittance Mike Ashley has allowed the Newcastle boss in the last three transfer windows.

Last night it was the other way round, Manchester United had massive resources available to them compared to Sevilla, yet Jose Mourinho was negative in the extreme.

Whilst the likes of Lukaku and Pogba cost £80m and £90m respectively, Sevilla’s match winning goalscorer cost £8m.

Whilst Man Utd pay out massive net amounts on players each season, Sevilla have made a profit in each of the five seasons in the transfer market – a total profit of £110m over those five years.

Yet despite the overly negative tactics by Jose Mourinho, both home and away, on BT Sport the pundits all refused to criticise the manager, taking the coward’s route of instead picking on the players.

Steven Gerrard, Paul Scholes and Rio Ferdinand were all embarrassing as Gary Lineker invited them all to state the obvious, it was Mourinho’s negativity that caused the exit – but they refused to take up that offer. The excellent joe.co.uk website (see below) summing their reaction up perfectly.

Over in Sevilla, Man Utd sat back against far inferior opposition, having only 43% possession and one measly shot on target.

At Old Trafford last night, amazingly they just shaded possession (51%) and had only three shots on target.

All of this after spending similar money to Man City on players, especially since Joe Mourinho arrived.

Watching the game on TV, I couldn’t believe what I was watching, expecting Jose Mourinho to be really slated by the experts…

Extracts from Joe article:

Manchester United are out of the Champions League, and it’s Jose Mourinho’s fault…after United’s extremely cautious tactics backfired.

Jose Mourinho treated a modest Sevilla team like they were Barcelona from 2011 and surrendered the initiative, waiting for his opponents to make a mistake…

This is the United manager’s main tactic, waiting for the game to “break.”

Following the match, on BT Sport, host Gary Lineker did his best to bring the conversation on to Mourinho’s reactive tactics.

However, the three pundits refused to bite.

Steven Gerrard kept saying United lost because they didn’t have “desire”.

Paul Scholes said United’s players had a poor “attitude” and…

Rio Ferdinand said United are a “work in progress.”

It’s no wonder some United fans won’t criticise Mourinho, listening to this.

…to blame the players for United’s poor display is to ignore Mourinho’s tactics. They were following orders.

They were playing in a straight-jacket from the first minute because he told them to and they played for a goalless draw in the first leg because of Mourinho’s instructions – showing how out of date with top-level football he has become.

No other top team plays like United. They’re the only reactive side in the top six of the Premier League.’

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  • TheNutJob

    Pogba was shocking, it`s obvious he wants out

  • Graham Chapman

    Just goes to show how much team spirit counts (NUFC) rather than money. I wouldn’t put Pogba in our team if he was £8 or £80 million.

    • Paul Patterson

      Pogba or Shelvey? I’d go Shelvey. Even Diame has looked better than him over the last few games.

  • Monkseaton Magpies

    We had the most shots for an away team at Man City this season so the press got that wrong most teams had zero or one did Jezza spread the fake news.

  • East Durham Mag

    It was a great night Manure humbled. Gary Neville must be crying the [email protected]@t

  • stevetoontoon

    Stoke v man city.. neville said “stoke need to still be in the game in the last 20 minutes within a goal might get a free kick, corner or even a pen… anything could happen!!!” Rings a bell with us over the 2 games with citeh….Thats why rafa is a great manager and neville contradicts his useless little ar$e…… personally i wont watch another champions league game because of the tactics of man u over those 2 games!!! Haha pundits spew $h1te

  • Leazes.

    United never qualified for the Champions League we were in the Championship!!!

  • Antenociticus

    Who cares about Man Utd or Mourinho?
    All I care about is that we beat both of them at St James’ this year.

  • TheNutJob

    Hola. Jose will be off to PSG this summer

  • Wor Lass

    We`ve got enough muppets of our own slating Rafa for his tactics without worrying about what the ex-Manure gang have to say. Jose has always been a “negative” defensive coach but, like Rafa, he`s been incredibly succesful. They`re both class acts but not everyone`s cup of tea. That`s life!

    • Paul Patterson

      The difference between Man Utd and us is simply the spend. Our whole squad doesn’t come near the £90m that Pogba cost.
      We just needed a little quality in attack and we’d be fine with the solid defensive base Rafa has developed.
      It’s telling that since we’ve added Kenedy and Dubravka, we’ve looked much better and points are coming.
      Oh to be back in August 2017 with those two in the line up . .

  • pedrodelgardo

    He said that then she said that then I said this – give it a rest – it is so dull and meaningless!

  • Rich Lawson

    Nonsense article,we know their pundits are useless.We’re playing Huddersfield next not Barcelona.The champ’s league,sadly is none of our concern and Jose was really nice about Rafa before and after our game.