The latest article to be highlighted in our new Debate of the day feature is: ‘Newcastle fans need Leeds, Sunderland and have to lose these 9 Premier League clubs’.

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The article highlighted today has already had 50 comments and the basis of the article, is that the writer is saying that Newcastle fans need clubs such as Leeds, Sunderland, Forest, Villa and others, rather than the likes of Bournemouth, Swansea, Palace and the like. The reasoning (of the author) being that matches are far better at St James Park against clubs who we have a traditional rivalry against, have a big history, have a bigger fanbase etc – which equals better atmosphere and games that matter more to fans.

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Comments after ‘Newcastle fans need Leeds, Sunderland and have to lose these 9 Premier League clubs’:

Jamie Lumley:

‘Sounds like you’re missing a bit of a roll around?

That kind of passion and energy has gone from the game, or gone from the premier league anyway, the powers that be don’t want any excitement from the crowd, they just want us to sit still, cheer occasionally and pour money into their pockets through online gambling.

When the fun stops, STOP. When was it last fun to watch football? 1996 by my reckoning …..’

Ghost Rider:

‘The arrogance is absolutely astounding.

A sense of a mindset of a person who believes one city stands high and proud way above most others, let alone a football club.

I love Newcastle United as much as the next fan/supporter and it’s easy to get dragged into the melee of playing the game of school day player picks by the two supposed best players who take turns in choosing their best team and leave all the weakest kids till last, whilst both trying to get the best.

A massive stench of some kind of entitlement that is based on some kind of fantasy.

Can you imagine a team like Bournemouth who’s fans come out with similar and don’t mention Newcastle in their premier league teams?

Nostalgia is one thing but a sense of entitlement where there is none, is another.

Let’s not get above our station.’

The Fat Controller:

‘There was no sense of entitlement in the article, just the the sense of missing teams the writer feels we have rivalry with.

Stunning that you are seeing what you want to see and not what was written…merit, entitlement etc were all accounted for and taken out of the article yet you bring them back in….?’

Rich Lawson:

‘I’ve supported the club for over 50yrs and been to a lot of away grounds, but for me nobody comes close to Leeds fans for sheer nastiness and aggression toward the away support.

Come to that I’ve even seen some of them verbally abusing their own disabled support at Elland Rd,while the stewards stood and laughed ! Don’t miss them at all.’

Whickham Robbie:

‘True Rich and add Boro to that list .

An England game to be played at Elland road WTF, the most loathsome angry fans on the planet.’

Albert Stubbins:

‘They’ve had torrid times up here and also down there in early 80’s as well from Newcastle fans. It’s been by far a one way street.’

Leicester Mag:

‘Remember playing dodge the seat /coin/ brick at coach etc in 82/83. I get nostalgic about most things, not that!’

Monkseaton Magpies:

‘The point is for what ever reason teams in the North are doing badly teams in the South are replacing them. Yes we have the Manchester and Liverpool clubs but apart from them it is falling apart. Boro, Leeds both Sheffield’s , Derby and now Sunderland seem to have taken a break from the Premiership.

Well done to Ashley for making a go of things unlike the other clubs up here and in Yorkshire.’

Chuck D:

‘Making a go of things…..

Explain that please, I thought we’d been relegated twice, never progressed past the 4th round of the FA cup, and been fighting to stay in the PL for the remainder bar one lucky season!’

Mark Davies:

‘With increasing travel prices and the ever increasing rearrangement of fixtures to suit Sky, BT and whoever else in future without a care for the fans, perhaps a northern and southern league is an idea with the winners of each playing for the big brize at the end of the season.

Still get away games elsewhere in the cups. I dont mind travelling anywhere but I did love last season playing a lot of big clubs closer to home.’

Coble’s Return:

‘What the EPL is missing is the huge blocks of safe standing that come the closest to replicating the terraces of old.

Would love to see a B&W version of the Dortmund Yellow Wall on the Gallowgate. The EPL has no interest in driving this forward though.

The only attraction of other Northern clubs is the fact that you don’t have to travel for half a day to get there.’

Tommy Adds:

‘Interesting that 3 teams on your hit list Burnley, Stoke and West Brom were founder members of the football league in 1888.

I think they might have a valid argument over history and tradition. The league never lies. You are where you are on merit.’

The Fat Controller:

‘In fairness to the author, the article was about rivalry and match day build up/atmosphere, he alluded to merit, and heritage and tradition would include Notts County, another less than celebrated fixture for us…

It’s not an article about the league lying or not, it’s about teams you look forward to thumping or hate getting thumped by.’


‘I’d have all those clubs back………except Sunlun and Villa……’


‘While I’d like to see all those teams back in the Premiership, the likes of Watford, Burnley, Brighton, Stoke, Southampton, Swansea and Bournemouth are all there on merit.

Not only that but I find these (no disrespect) smaller clubs make the top division infinitly more interesting. The presence of these unglamorous unfashionable teams also p!sses off Sky Sports so that is an added bonus.’


‘The heartlands of football are the traditional Industrial Cities, not Walmington on Sea, or someplace where the local transport is a bathtub on wheels, but industry has now gone and we have centres of population and especially centers of wealth which are taking football away…. I’m not keen as most of those places are down south!

Our region like Liverpool and elsewhere has continued to have a net drain of population whilst the southeast is the beneficiary ….and that is going on unabated.’

  • Barrack Road

    F**kin hate dirty Leeds


    Maybe next week we can have a comments on the comments on the comments article.

    • Angelswithdirtyfaces

      Phil Space is writing a lot of features just now

    • Jate Legend

      I thought this was a decent thing to post. It’s all comment anyway, and given that people have had their opinions posted it stops people like Leazes from slating Graham Porter for trying to put some stuff to read up there. In terms of the article itself, I worked in a pub in Leeds where the hardcore gathered before the match. The amount of times we had to close at 2pm on a Saturday. Rudest people in the world.

  • Angelswithdirtyfaces

    I’d love to see both Cardiff and Swansea in the Prem., as it makes for two great local derbies. Shame about the Smoggies and Mackems, but if they can’t make the grade it’s tough. It is a long time since the likes of Blackpool, Wolves, Leeds and Bolton were regulars at the highest level. You have to earn it. We already know about our club being badly managed and with owners who are poor custodians.

    • Danimal

      As Monkseaton has explained, Wolves, Cardiff and Swansea all have a huge advantage over us due to being further south on the map. He also thinks Fatty is a good owner by the way.

  • stevetoontoon

    Pity leeds couldnt go down with the mackems

  • Geordiegiants

    Because the hatred for Leeds is so strong it makes the atmoshpere the best at St James’s park bar the scum.

  • Mxpx

    This is sports its not a democratic process the best teams will be able to get to the Premier league and if there are “big clubs” in the championship like Leeds forrest villa Sunderland and the Sheffields then they do not deserve to be in the Premier league again unless they earn it much as we had to I’d be appaulled with anyone trying to get rid of Burnley or Bournemouth unless they are relegated they’ve earned their seats at the table

    • Jonas

      There was conjecture when they were forming the premier league that they’d demote the smaller clubs, promote the big ones and do away with relegation.
      though it would have helped us it was just wrong and appalled real football people.

      its always been the way it is, Preston and Blackpool were once bigger than Liverpool, if Burnley and co stay up for.a long time and Leeds down, they could be seen as and become the bigger club

  • Monkseaton Magpies

    The sad thing is that most Northern clubs will disappear from the Premiership with the exception of Manchester and Liverpool. Unless the Northern clubs find new backers it will become a Southern league. That is why Ashley is not as bad you think
    compare him to Sunderland and Boro and he has done a good job. Would have put more money in if the supporters had not been idiots and turned on him .

    • Danimal

      You’re getting obsessed with this. Yes this country has a London-centric economy but you are dwelling in the defeatist world of Stan Seymour, Gordon McKeag and this amoral serial liar Ashley, with all this nonsense about how impossible it is for us to compete with the powerhouses of Watford and Bournemouth. By the way, Ashley is as bad as I think. He is scum.

      • kingfisher

        Well said Danimal.How the same people can defend Ashley is beyond belief.Our League position and constant relegation worries are down to one man: Ashley !
        Of course he’s put money into the club, but by his own admission, not enough.
        The buck stops with him !

        • ghostrider

          So who’s to blame for Middlesbrough’s demise…or is it actually a demise?… or doesn’t it count for clubs like Middlesbrough when they have an owner who actually loves the club?

          Ashley’s portrayed by some fans as some kind of monster and we are in the premier league… but someone like Gibson is a well thought of owner yet Middlesbrough rarely get to taste premier league football and spend most of their time in the championship.
          Why is that? Less fans?
          Smaller town?
          Stadium only being able to hold just short of 35,000?

          Take a look at as many clubs as you want in the same position or worse and ask yourself a serious question.
          The question is: Is Ashley the monster he’s portrayed as… or is it a build up of frenzy due to expectations being far and above a station but never admitted to it actually being that, when took to task on it?

          The earlier debate from which this article spins off is a clear indication of the arrogance in one breath and the expectation in another, down to the opposite end of playing the meek non-expectant card in another breath when things are made a bit more clear.

          The hatred for Ashley stems from one main thing that has manifested into a typical Newcastle verses London mindset, or to be a bit more clearer, a north east verses cockney stand off.

          The ball rolled on Keegan walking out over Wise and Ashley.
          The hatred stemmed solely from this.
          The cockney mafia was created in the minds of many fans. It fitted Ashley and co because the general consensus is for the north to basically dislike the south and vice versa, as a general mindset that is built upon simple animalistic territorial adherence.

          You cannot claim any right to queue jumping on the basis of having a great great grandfather who walked away as a sole survivor on a battlefield no more than you can claim any right to a footballing stance in the highest league based on past success, nor having a bigger stadium or more immediate fans.

          You claim your right to anything by being where you actually are at the time, not where people think you should be or where you think you should be.

          As for Ashley. The man has one life, like we all do. He’s spent 11 years of it owning Newcastle United.
          He’s 53 years old and could have spent it with a lot less stress and a lot more return on his investment had he thrown that money into other ventures.

          He chose us and had a go at bringing the club into line and making it beg to nobody outside of it.
          His billions may not have stood us shoulder to shoulder among the elites, but then again if they did we would be a plastic club. A fraud of football…or is it a deception of the reality of it? I’m not sure. Maybe both.

          But we aren’t any of that because we work within our means. Something all clubs should be doing…or trying to do.
          However, it’s not an ideal world and sports are far from fair.
          But we all know that a sense of entitlement against a sense of modesty can only be a small change away, depending who’s running the show.

          • kingfisher

            Another good post Ghost. I think the main problem with Mike Ashley is after 10 years at the helm, we are actually going backwards, and for a club of Newcastles size, that’s not acceptable.
            Being in the Premier League musn’t be seen as a sign of success. Surely when (the billionaire )Ashley took over, it would be natural for us to expect him to invest the capital needed to push on to the next level, not too just tread water.?

          • ghostrider

            What you’re saying is sort of right when looked at in one context, or the context of how we all deem football to be in terms of perceived stature by the majority mindset of where certain teams are expected to be and most not actually being anywhere near that expectation.

            As you say, under Ashley we appear to be going backwards, but the reality is not so clear cut on it.
            The very same with expectation is not clear cut as is the hope we all have.

            It has to be looked at overall but it also has to be looked at in a different frame of mind as opposed to years ago when the words “future build” was literally a reality for a lot of clubs.

            However, today is a different kettle of fish because, as we can clearly see with clubs like Southampton and even Sunderland on opposite scales in terms of what a build belief is..we can see that none of them are sustained and are actually, generally hinging on a whim that appears to be some kind of build, if you get what I’m saying.

            It’s similar with us, only Ashley appears very cautious or scared or apprehensive to take a plunge to build and would rather put the toe to the water in intervals to test it until it’s wise to actually dip in.

            One thing distinctly sticks in my mind about when Ashley said that Pardew had over performed with the team when we got to 5th.
            I think it scared him. Seriously.
            I think he realised that expectations would rise and moving on from 5th would require serious outlay of which the club were not in any position to finance but Ashley could have done, only it would have to have been from his own pocket…or largely from it.

            On that note it’s fair to say that fans would expect more of the same at least and anything less would create discontent, which it did, for obvious reasons…as we all ( or most people) know.

            You could liken us to a yoyo. Up and down in the premier league with the odd around the bend to boot.

            The word “billionaire” is the killer blow for any fan, because it immediately ups expectation levels.
            Imagine if Ashley hadn’t taken over at the time when there was very few “billionaire” owners in the running.
            Picture a potential administration due to the ongoing debt problem and the continuous growth of it.
            Our expectations would have nose dived and a case of Oliver Twist mindset would have come to the fore.

            So…as you say we have went backwards, I’d disagree to a point.
            If anything I’d say we’ve held our own which could have been a lot better at this stage but also could easily have been a lot worse had Ashley not taken a gamble on it.

            It’s all about how we all view stuff and a lot of it does come down to how people take to one group of people against another or one person against another.

          • kingfisher

            Another epic post! A lot of valid points there Ghost, particularly about Pardew !

    • pedrodelgardo

      You know he would have put more money in if the fans hadn’t turned on him because he told you?

      • Monkseaton Magpies

        His statement after the Hull riot was that he was willing to put in an extra £10m to £20m a year to help the club. Due to the protesters many of which are on here the club suffers. Such a shame.

    • MichaelMaximusMoose

      The Fat Pigs a scumbag

      • Monkseaton Magpies

        So what are Gibson and Short who have done brilliant jobs for Newcastle fans not their own.

  • Whickhamrobbie

    Its not just the clubs at fault .Some players like Janmatt ,Cabaye would rather play near London even for a Lesser profile club so Geography does have an effect on players choices (remember Newcastle is nearer to London than Boro ,just ask Rob Lee).

  • Lhc

    I was just saying this yesterday to a mate of mine and I used Bournemouth and Swansea as examples that there a waste of space in the premier league, when I was at Bournemouth the other week there ground was the size of league 1/2 there fans were shocking, I used leeds and Boro as teams we need back up in the prem I would of used the Mackems but that looks a long way off if ever! Leeds is the game I always look for especially away when we’re playing in the same division it’s the only game that gets my adrenaline levels up bar Sunderland and Boro. Leeds fans weather you like them or not are a hardcore/loyal set of fans and what football fans should be like. Leeds is a proper away day everything about it! And I hope they get back up in the near future along with Boro.

    • footyfan

      Swansea and Bournemouth a waste of space in the premier league yet Swansea are just one place and one point behind Newcastle and Bournemouth are three places and five points higher. If you really would prefer to play Leeds, Sunderland, Boro and the Sheffield clubs why did you cellebrate promotoin to the premier. Maybe you just want the clubs you believe you can beat in the premier league so you can continue to hold a position you seem to believe is a right of Newcastle United. At least Swansea, Bournemouth and others like them live and enjoy every moment in the premier league for as long as it lasts knowing it will most likely end one day.

      • Lhc

        If you read my post properly and figure out what I’m getting at, Its quite easy. The reason I would prefer the likes of ‘Leeds Boro Sunderlands etc’ is nothing to do with teams I believe we can beat as we haven’t beaten Sunderland in the last 9 games. These clubs and games are the type that make following Newcastle interesting there proper away days. Unlike some of the lifeless clubs and fanbases match day experience that are in the premier league these days. For away days I preferred the championship but the premier league is where nufc belong. It’s up to the clubs I mention to get themselves back up here with us.

  • gallowgate26

    Northern football is in a right mess. Don’t forget Darlington and Hartlepool also.

  • Stephen Paylor

    Always had soft spots for Leeds (the team of my father) and Hartlepool (the town i was born), would love to see them doing well and i agree that i wish Sunderland were in the Premier League too. Most of my family are Sunderland fans and i have been to many matches. Supporters fun is just tame rivalry really apart from a few idiots.