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Debate Of The Day: ‘Rafa Benitez proved right that Mitrovic is a Championship striker’

6 years ago

The latest article to be highlighted in our new Debate of the day feature is: ‘Bit controversial…Benitez thinks that Mitrovic is a Championship striker and is being proved exactly right’.

Every article we publish on The Mag, fans are invited to comment at the end of it (it only takes a minute to register and then you can comment on anything you read on here).

There are some great conversations between supporters commenting on what has been written, not always agreeing with the author…

We are now regularly picking out an article that has produced interesting debate afterwards.

Sometimes the comments can be more interesting that the initial article…but not everybody reads the comments, so we thought some of the conversations deserved a bigger audience.

The article highlighted today has already had 49 comments and the basis of the article, is that journalist Ian Ladyman has claimed Rafa Benitez thinks that Mitrovic is only a second tier level forward and is being proved right.

Some lively comments coming from Mag readers on both sides of the debate…

(If you want to read the original article and/or leave your own comment (or you can do it at the bottom of this one…) go HERE):

Comments after ‘Bit controversial..Benitez thinks that Mitrovic is a Championship striker and is being proved exactly right’:


‘I also disagree with that Mail journalist’s point of view.

You are right in that Rafa did not play him much at all.

Had he done so, then we may have been in a better position than we are right now in terms of goals.

Yes, I’m one of the pro Mitro brigade but lets face it, he is better than Joselu and arguably Gayle albeit, they both offer something different, which is why Mitro should never have been farmed out in the first place!’

Paul Patterson:

‘He’s found his level and we are doing better in recent weeks without him. That’s all that matters.’

Mike Adam:

‘We have been shut out 12 times this season!!!

And our manager continued to march out the same two stikers who can’t score match after match expecting different results, that is “insanity”.

Especially when there was a third option on the bench who could be played, and who has pretty much scored at every level he has been given steady playing time.’

Anita kick up the hoop:

‘The big, huge, massive difference is that Gayle and Joselu are proven over their careers to be nothing better than third rate forwards .. in their late 20s they have peaked beneath the top level.

Mitrovic is 23 and was bought because he has potential…, he isn’t the finished product BUT he’s already a proven international striker and has scored goals consistently at every level…

His future is still full of promise and given the fact that our club persuaded him to sign for us on the basis that this was the best place for his development, it seems silly that a section of our support and a large chunk of the Rafa bedazzled media seem intent on running the lad down in order to prove Rafa right at the expense of the player and the club …

Why don’t we see articles hoping that the 23 year old prospect comes good and becomes a NUFC hero ? … it’s baffling.’


‘Bring him back to Newcastle right now and play him and he will become a bonafide premier league football striker and prove it, in my honest opinion.

There’s not one person who is being honest could say that Joselu is a better striker or stronger player or better holding up the ball or bullying defenders, etc than Mitrovic. And we all know that if played, Mitrovic would have scored a good amount of goals in the right system.

The issue is, Joselu does something better than Mitrovic. He’s willing to sacrifice his small striker potential in favour of a cautious type role, something I’d hazard a guess at, that Mitrovic wasn’t willing to do and has faced the consequences of those actions.’

Whickham Robbie:

‘Watching the Fulham v QPR game now .

Sorry, changed my mind, Mitro is Not Prem standard .

Good first 10 mins then poor, walking about disinterested.’

Paul Smith:

‘Gayle was scoring every week (in the Championship) up until he got injured and when Mitrovic did come into the team (normally due to Gayle being injured or a heavy schedule) he didn’t match or better Gayle’s standards.’


‘If he scores twenty goals between now and the end of the season, there’ll be people here saying he’s rubbish. Why don’t we just wait and see what he does in the World Cup? I personally hope he does well, but if he’s not up to it, then it’ll be apparent.’

Toad Hole Joe:

‘Mitrovic is our best striker, why can’t people see that??!?

Regardless of how hard somebody works off the ball, regardless of how quick someone is, Mitrovic has time on his side and WILL improve, whereas Joselu and Gayle have already peaked and both found their levels. Both would never hit more than 10 goals a season in the premier league , Mitrovic could potentially hit 12-15 on current form and his level ( as his level now ).

If we let him go , there’s no doubt in my mind he’d score goals and his value would soar. We would lose out again, lose – lose.’

Dillon Tovak:

‘I think there is no doubt Gayle is better, he scored 23 in pretty much half a season in the championship.

Neither are really who you want starting in the Prem though.’

Steve Toon Toon:

‘Gonna get slaughtered here but rafa says he doesn’t fit in….. doesn’t do enough in training and the backroom staff all agree…personally I like mitro but I really trust Rafa’s judgement more!!!

So he’s gone on loan good luck to him hope he is the man that puts Sundlind doon and hes still a toon player after all.’

Harry Hype59:

‘Mitro may well be Championship standard!

However the same can be said of Gayle.

Hoss, is league 1 level.’

Stevie B:

‘We never played to his strengths at any time so it’s pointless judging what he was and wasn’t at Newcastle.

It’s like playing peter crouch on the shoulder of the last man then dropping balls in behind which he inevitably won’t get to due to his lack of speed then turning round n saying he’s rubbish.

Whip consistent crosses into the box then judge them type of target men.’


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