Today we starts a new feature – ‘Debate of the day’.

Every article we publish on The Mag, fans are invited to comment at the end of it (it only takes a minute to register and then you can comment on anything you read on here).

There are some great conversations between supporters commenting on what has been written, not always agreeing…

We are now going to regularly pick out an article that has produced interesting debate afterwards.

Sometimes the comments can be more interesting that the initial article…but not everybody reads the comments, so we thought they deserve a bigger audience – so that’s why we are doing this new feature.

Kicking things off, we have an article that was published on The Mag on Sunday (11 March).

‘Newcastle United, West Ham, Sunderland – Similar problems but 3 very different fan responses’

This article has led to 185 comments so far and these are a few we have picked out:

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Peaky Magpie:

‘Wonder if Shady Brady comments on this in her weekly column ??????’

Mayor Vaughn:

‘It’s fair to say that for going on 30 years thick and thin Newcastle fans have been magnificent home and away. The atmosphere at home isn’t what it was (Not just an issue at St James’ mind) but no one can question the numbers that have continued to turn up.

West Ham fans were a disgrace today, Mackems i think have proven to be decent supporters by and large over the years but i think their club is going down the plug hole :-).’

The Fat Controller:

‘Surely the big winners of the PL gravy train are the managers who put up with the pressure of losing weekly for a season and then get paid off for the remaining 3 years of their contracts, take a six month break, get another job and put up with the pressure of losing weekly…

4 years’ pay for one year of failure, then a 6 month break with a bit of punditry thrown in.’

Dont stop bobbi fleckman:

Funnily enough, certain posters on here were up in arms that Nufc didn’t bid for those same mercenaries. It was all Ashley’s fault that we didn’t sign Javier Hernandez, Marko Arnautovic, Joe Hart or Pablo Zabaleta.’

Albert Stubbins:

‘Hernandez would have been a success here under Rafa and Arnautovic has scored a boatload of goals for spammers. Who wanted Hart and Zabaleta? not me thats for certain.

Dont stop bobbi fleckman:

Arnautovic has scored a few but that team are not doing well and if you believe he fits into a Rafa side, you haven’t watched much football. The samr applies to Hernandez

Albert Stubbins:

‘I’ve been a season ticket holder for 29 years and my uncle was the first team coach of Aston Villa when they won the European Cup so I do know a little about football but clearly not as much as you.’

Alf Garnett:

‘WHU fan – what you’ve got to imagine is that Ashley took you out of SJP and put you in an ****hole athletics stadium not remotely fit for watching football in the ****ing middle of nowhere. Then tried to exclude the traditional fanbase in favour of ‘customers’. It ain’t the same mate, as what Asheley’s done.

If you want to check the stickability of our fans check out what happens to average crowd sizes when you and us get relegated. We genuinely don’t lose many.

I understand your anger at Ashley, but trust me, what’s happened at West Ham is a whole lot worse.’

Albert Stubbins:

‘I feel for you mate. You’ve been sold a lie. So have we. The only difference is that it took most of us years to cotton on. Some still haven’t. If fat Ashley sold the ground off and had us sharing with Gateshead some on here would say he’s doing it for the greater interest of the club. I hope you get them charlatans out of your club.’


‘Hi m8, I feel for you lot I really do.

Those scumbag owners have ripped the heart out of your club, they deserve everything they get.

If it had of been at all possible the filthy vile cancer that owns our club would of done exactly the same if it was going to fill his pockets some more. I’ve tried to get on knumb for a bit of craic and give our support to the demo’s, but for some reason it’s a ball ache signing up.’


‘Let’s play a game, dumb things that Ashley has overseen:

-Appointing Dennis Wise

-Allowing Wise to sign players without Keegan’s permission

-Using YouTube as our head scout

-Keegan lawsuit

-Appointing Joe Kinnear

-Appointing Alan Shearer


-Sacking Chris Hughton

-Appointing Alan Pardew

-Changing the stadium name

-Not investing enough in the summer 2012 window

-Appointing Joe Kinnear again

-Giving transfer authority to Graham Carr


-Keeping Alan Pardew

-Selling Alan Pardew

-Keeping John Carver

-Jonás Guitérrez

-Steve McClaren

-Not sacking Steve McClaren


-Not selling

-Went on holiday during the January transfer window

Your turn.’

Albert Stubbins:

‘I don’t like spammers but to compare them to the makems in terms of levels of support is just ridiculous. They’ve stayed with their team. Their away support is brilliant they are just very unhappy. I’ve seen this at Newcastle loads as well over the years. I actually think we’ve a lot more in common with the cockneys then them apathetic b******** down the road to be honest.’

Alf Garnett:

‘Hi, thanks for the replies. I’ll try and get round to a more detailed answer later.

However, a couple of points; I’m not saying they’re worse than Ashley, I’m saying that what they’ve done is much harder to reverse and cuts far deeper. Our ground isn’t a football ground. You can’t necessarily change that even if they go. We’re ****ed long term. Secondly, attendance wise the article seemed to be implying that we’ve deserted the team and your mob haven’t which I don’t think is true.’

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  • Keeganontherebound

    This is a joke right? If it is it’s a bit early for an April fool. Your top article right now is made up of recycled comments on another article…Why don’t you just be open with the readers and say the editor has stumbled across a new way to produce content while putting as little time and effort into producing it as possible? Have you decided to start running this site along the lines that Ashley runs NUFC? How about an article about the fact we signed an injured striker on deadline day who has yet to play for the club? Do you think this happens elsewhere?

    • Wor Lass

      Says it all, really.

    • Jezza

      Signing an injured player on deadline day who doesn’t play for the club doesn’t happen elsewhere but it has happened at Newcastle United before. Stephen Ireland in 2011.

      • Keeganontherebound

        The Ireland situation was ridiculous but signing a crocked striker when you’re threatened with relegation and one of your main problems is scoring goals takes things to another level I think…

        • Jezza

          I tried to reply to you but my post was put on hold then removed. I don’t know why but this has been happening a lot over the past few days.

          • Keeganontherebound

            I have a feeling this thread is not going to feature on ‘debate of the day’ tomorrow…

    • Dillon Tovak

      Exactly, if people want to see comments. Click on any flipping article, there’s loads at the bottom.
      People don’t need them compiled and spoon fed back to us.
      This is ridiculous barrel scraping by The Mag.

  • Jezza

    The Mag should not be giving any credence to comments by Dont stop bobbi
    fleckman/Clarko. He is a troll who is not a Newcastle supporter and only posts
    on this forum to wind up Newcastle fans and provoke a reaction.

    • Steven05

      How can someone have such an empty sad life tho?

      Hopefully his parents will start to restrict his internet access

      • Clarko

        Another one.

      • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

        Of course, Jezza is right, there is only one person that disagrees with him and his narrow-minded socialist bile.

        The fact is that Jezza / Leazes’ is a compulsive liar, he actually believes that blocking other views give him more credibility.

        He’s yet to be proven right, every time he makes a daft statement, I offered him a bet which he refused. He eventually took a charity bet where he would donate to Alzheimer’s based on our transfer activity, conversely, I would donate to a charity of his choice. He was so wrong that he should have sent £12,000, he welched on the deal.

        Ever since he’s struggled with debate.

        He’s a lying, welching fantasist

    • Clarko

      Someone is jealous…

    • Dillon Tovak

      Exactly what I thought 👏 The Mag.

    • Geordiegiants

      Just my opinion Jezza, Bobbi is not a troll he is on to often and has been on for far too long.
      If that was the case he would be a very very sad individual. He could be a stooge if that is what you think, but I very much doubt he is a troll. Clarko on the other hand, I seriously think he has mental health issues.

      • Leazes.

        He said he’d worked for Mark Jensen (Mag owner) in the past doing typography, so I guess he’s there to provoke hits as a WUM or troll.

        I just block them with the button on the top right corner of their post, its easy.

        • Geordiegiants

          I never knew that, I have had the odd decent debate with him over the years so thought he had a bit of realism.

  • Grahame Johnson

    West ham fans had Upton park rocking at times with crowds of 25000 to 30000, going to a ground not built for football with thousands of extra fans many of them not knowing what a true hammer means has not worked, also where has the million’s saved on the new ground and low match day costs are what fans want to know, as for the makems the Leeds home game after a better start the us sums them up less then 30000 and turned on players after 25 mins nearly empty ground near end, this continues, we have been tested under Ashley with more to come

    • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

      West Ham fans have the same problem any fans have when their club does not win many games, they seek an outlet to vent their anger. In this case, it’s the board and the stadium. Man City have a similar stadium, the sight lines are all wrong for football (albeit better than west Ham), they rent the thing off the local council but the team are winning and it makes all the difference.


    Sad the Mag has to re-hash old comments. If u want to stimulate more debate at least have the writer who is responsible for the article, briefly respond to the comments.
    IMO most of the comments posted are better than the actual articles (Trolls Excluded)

  • Joseph Burton

    Sunderland have stayed with their team as well – 25k at the very least week in week out watching the worst Sunderland team theres ever been while bottom of the championship, with the worst owner in the league. Would like to see yous get 52k like yous claim you would because you wouldnt. Our situations are completely different, the only similarity is that we’re in the championship – yous spent money and showed ambition whereas we didnt and we’re bottom of the league because of it

    • Steven05

      Cheer up – you’ll be fine, you’ve got your 6 in a row

      • Jonas

        Which is all that matters some of them said – apparently not

    • Leazes62

      25k, really? If theres 25k in that ground every week, then its grown up a bit from your last relegation, looks like its at least a 90,000 seater 8)

    • paul mclaughlan

      It’s you mate. No “s” required.

    • Lhc

      Who’s laughing now eh! RIP SAFC! LALAS

    • Jonas

      Its not the worst Sunderland team
      25000 at the very least – even the mackems would refute that.

      the mackems gates were half ours at the start of the season, they started better.
      another way of putting it is if Sunderland were in our position would they match the crowds? No becaus theyve never matched the crowds and have been in this position for.10years

    • Albert Stubbins

      No you havent- I know plenty makems at work and theyve thrown in the towel- 25K? you and I both know theres not 15k at the match. Close the door ans turn the lights off on your way out!!
      p.s youve spent more than us in the last ten years- unbelievably youve actually wasted more than us as well. Now the money has all ran out youve all deserted the team at the same time- coincedence?

  • paul mclaughlan

    The writers of The Mag love a good old mass debate.

  • Albert Stubbins

    good insightful comments from Stubbins- I agree with him 100% ;)

  • Dillon Tovak

    Dump this “Debate of the day”, it’s incredibly lame.

  • X,WHY,Y MAN.

    I know it’s extreme but the West Ham fans engaged in a bit of “Direct Action” last weekend against those idiots Gold, Sullivan and Brady.
    Something should have been done like that at St James’ Park the moment Ashley starting working himself.
    You have to show toe rags like this you mean business even to the point of getting nicked for the cause !