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Debate: Comments on ‘Rafa Benitez hitting Mike Ashley early due to these very tight dates….’

4 years ago

The latest article to be highlighted in our new Debate of the day feature is: ‘Rafa Benitez hitting Mike Ashley early due to these very tight dates….’

Every article we publish on The Mag, fans are invited to comment at the end of it (it only takes a minute to register and then you can comment on anything you read on here).

There are some great conversations between supporters commenting on what has been written, not always agreeing with the author…

We are now regularly picking out an article that has produced interesting debate afterwards.

Sometimes the comments can be more interesting that the initial article…but not everybody reads the comments, so we thought some of the conversations deserved a bigger audience.

The article highlighted today has already had 35 comments and the basis of the article, is that Rafa Benitez has now been quoted, making clear his expectations this summer when it comes to Mike Ashley and the transfer market.

Some lively comments coming from Mag readers on both sides of the debate…

(If you want to read the original article and/or leave your own comment (or you can do it at the bottom of this one…) go HERE):

Some of the comments after ‘Rafa Benitez hitting Mike Ashley early due to these very tight dates….’:

Fireman Sam:

‘Assuming we stay up there can be no excuses this time, there must be at least £60 million available to Rafa.

If Fat Ashley does not allow Rafa to bring in a couple of forwards or sell up, his life must be made hell by all Newcastle supporters.’


‘Rafa is saying – if you want me come and get me.’


‘I wish he would f…… hit him, it would take one thing off my bucket list.’

Monkseaton Magpies:

‘Ashley will spend every penny in the bank to buy players but the more the fans protest the less chance of him putting even more money in the club and who could blame him the way the fans and this site treat him.

You wish for a new owner, no chance with the way the fans protest.’

‘Wow. I’m surprised to see such a post from yourself. Your claims that Ashley could be so bitter and petty really goes to show that even the Ashley apologists can’t stand the man.

It hardly takes a particularly clever person to know that investing fully in (at bare minimum) the first team squad and academy reaps greater rewards than playing second tier football 20% of the time and not even trying to compete the rest of the time. A fact I’m sure you’re familiar with.

Which goes to show that you also realise he is not only callous and narrow-minded, but stupid. Good on you.’

Fireman Sam:

‘Well with an extra £100m tv money banked this season there shouldn’t be any problem should there?’


‘No he won’t.’


‘You can guarantee that the Ashley camp will seize upon the shorter transfer window as the perfect ready made excuse for not spending any of the Lascelles and Mitrovic money.’

Steven Fox:

‘We should definitely hold for 1-2 quality additions from the World Cup which might be overlooked by a lot of teams (like Tiote was).’


‘Loan players only from now.’


‘Yes and there’s no way the club will be looking at anybody who’s playing in the World Cup anyway.’

Scottie Chugger Dearden:

‘Knowing Ashley he’ll try and get Mitrovic on loan!’

Paul Patterson:

‘ . . to get an advantage over the opposition, who had more money to spend, was to act early and get signings made before it became an auction that Newcastle were almost certain to lose on any given player’

That’s part of the Ashley/Charnley plan. Turn it into an auction so that the club can be priced out and therefore not spend what’s required.’

Rabid Dog:

‘Rafa will be poached by another club with owners who subscribe to his philosophy with his professional reputation intact and self respect for doing all he could with a club run like a market stall.

Any players we go after will not be caught up in the world cup friendlies or proper.’


‘Ashley won’t have sold the club by the time the window closes, so we’re really talking about the maximum 4 loan deals at best.’


‘It never ceases to amaze me that after 11 yrs of sheer Hell under the Fat lad that the media & some fans expect him to change his ways.’

Wor Monga:

‘Rafa’s drawing a line in the sand…that he won’t accept any glib assurances, and false promises with nothing to back them up like the last two summers he faced…this time he can walk away without any monetary obligation, and he’s making it known to Ashley now, in no uncertain terms…that he must either sell soon or use the TV money in the correct manner to the betterment of the club by investing in some quality players or face the future without him as manager…

…No manager/ coach of the type that Ashley could attract would be able to keep this squad in the PL owing to the fact that many of our best players would be agitating to leave, and the support base would probably be in open revolt…which would leave the club toxic again in the eyes of any buyers especially the only one that showed any interest (Staveley) the last time…

…It’s now time for Ashley to put up or shut up…as the saying goes!!!’


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