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Debate: Comments on ‘NUST call on Newcastle United to compensate fans after Everton fiasco’

4 years ago

The latest article to be highlighted in our Debate of the day feature is: ‘NUST call on Newcastle United to compensate fans after Everton fiasco’

Every article we publish on The Mag, fans are invited to comment at the end of it (it only takes a minute to register and then you can comment on anything you read on here).

There are some great conversations between supporters commenting on what has been written, not always agreeing with the author…

We are now regularly picking out an article that has produced interesting debate afterwards.

Sometimes the comments can be more interesting that the initial article…but not everybody reads the comments, so we thought some of the conversations deserved a bigger audience.

The article highlighted today has already had 36 comments and the basis of the article, is that the Newcastle United Supporters Trust has called on the club to use some of the £1.1m extra cash banked because of the Everton match moved for TV, to compensate their fans who are now left with worthless travel and accommodation.

Some lively comments coming from Mag readers on both sides of the debate…

(If you want to read the original article and/or leave your own comment (or you can do it at the bottom of this one…) go HERE):

Some of the comments after ‘NUST call on Newcastle United to compensate fans after Everton fiasco’:


‘More chance of Rafa signing Messi than Fatty helping the fans out.’


‘But he has helped the fans out, hasn’t he?

The issue is with selective memories of fans, not anything against Ashley.’


‘Yes, he’s helped out by removing any shred of fun or pleasure from following the club.’


‘Oh look, a bad word said about Ashley and the P.R goon(s) appear like magic!

Another 1.1M for his pocket no doubt.

Ashley is a proven liar in court let’s not forget.’


‘No he hasn’t, at all. That’s in your mind and you create that by following a path of others to come to a conclusion that’s basically not a reality.

He let’s the club run from in house and people simply do not like it because they want his money.

It’s a hatred of him that blinds the enjoyment of watching the team or being part of the club.

It’s like falling out with a good friend who was the joker of the pack and now you sit among him and your other friends but suddenly his jokes are not funny anymore. Why?

Because you fell out with him and have no wish to allow him to see that his jokes make you laugh.

It’s similar to Ashley. Most people go along with the hate but the reality is, he’s not the terrible man he’s portrayed to be and could have been even better if he’d never suffered the vile treatment from a section of fans.’

Gareth Marshall:

‘You don’t actually believe this bile which you spout, do you?

You must be off your rocker!’

Wor Lass:

“He lets the club rrun from in house …” Good one!


‘It’s a good one because it’s the truth.

Too many fans expect him to use his own pocket money.

One time he would have but it’ll take some serious change in fans to encourage him to do so.’


‘Monty Python mafia style “encouragement”?’


‘You (Ghostrider) are in serious need of medical attention.’


‘Good luck, fatty doesn’t give a s… about you or football in general.’

Dont stop bobbi fleckman:

‘The club have already said they will refund the ticket price if you can’t make it. There is not a story here, it’s not Nufc that need to apologise.’

Wor Lass:

‘OK, the club is going to benefit to the tune of £1.1 mill so a bit of compo to loyal fans wouldn`t go amiss although it would be coming out of Rafa`s “every penny” that he might get to spend. But what about Sky and the PL?

The article casts a bit of a shadow on the two clubs for the decision but the driving force will have been provided by those two money-grabbing institutions.

It should be mandatory that if they decide to move a game they have to compensate all fans with financial commitments to the original KO time/date.’

Dont stop bobbi fleckman:

‘They are refunding tickets.’

Wor Lass:

‘But that`s just the law of the land – you can`t sell someone tickets for an event that isn`t going to happen. The clubs have no choice in that.

They really should get together with Sky and the PL to compensate fans who, in good faith, pay for transport and accommodation to attend an event that THEY decide to suddenly change.

They all make more than enough money out of it to do that comfortably.’

Paul Cannell:

‘If Ashley refunds fans any money, I’ll say something that rhymes with my name.’


‘I doubt very much if anyone would get anything back off Ashley even if they were wearing a mask and pointing a gun at him.’



Are you trying to say he hasn’t helped the fans out?’


‘No, he has just forced those of us that were true fans miles away and been left with s… clueless morons like yourself to show up and support his very lost cause. Over to you.’


‘He hasn’t forced you anywhere. You forced that upon yourself.’


‘Just don’t see in any future in Sports Direct United.

A soulless pile of s….. until fatty falls off the face of the planet.

The fact that the football has been as shocking as the way the clown runs the club the last 11 years just doesn’t fill me with any passion whatsoever.’

Dont stop bobbi fleckman:

‘Sounds like your definition of a true fan is my definition of a glory hunter.’


‘If I was a glory hunter I would have been back home and shot the fat c… before now.

He isn’t worth the time, effort or airfare fortunately. Still shouldn’t own a football club that he has no interest in making competitive.

The man was probably bullied, not allowed play football at playtime and this is pathetic stab back at the football world. Why Rafa stands by him is beyond me.’


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