Newcastle fans have every right to feel uplifted after the last few matches.

Consecutive home wins over Manchester United and Southampton putting Newcastle four points clear of the relegation zone.

However, that is a lot different to some of the complacency I am seeing from much of the Newcastle United media and many Newcastle fans.

The margins are still very tight and these recent wins have only given NUFC a great chance of staying up, with nothing achieved yet.

Bottom line is that if Man Utd had won at St James Park then Newcastle would be fourth bottom and only one point above the relegation zone.

Whilst if Southampton had been victorious in their last game, they would still have their old manager and  Newcastle would have been in the bottom three.

Plus, Rafa and his team face a tough run-in of matches.

Nevertheless, that hasn’t prevented one local newspaper (I won’t name journalist or newspaper to hide their embarrassment) to this morning put up an article, talking about how the fortunes of Newcastle and Huddersfield have been reversed since early in the season.

When Huddersfield beat Newcastle in the second game of the season, it left the Terriers with six points and the Magpies on zero.

The bottom line is that you can do all kinds of things with statistics and the important one is that only one point separates the two teams before Saturday.

The newspaper article talks of Huddersfield’s recent poor form but reality is that they also have seven points from the last four games if you ignore their disastrous home defeat to Palace, whilst NUFC were without a match a fortnight ago.

Indeed, the breakdown of the season overall for the two teams is very similar…

In the first nine matches Newcastle picked up 14 points and Huddersfield 12.

Then in the next 21 games, Newcastle picked up 18 points and Huddersfield 19 points.

Reality is that Newcastle have only won four of those last 21 games whilst Huddersfield won five in that period.

A win for Huddersfield at St James Park as they did last season and Newcastle would be right back in the relegation mix with games away at Leicester and Everton , plus home to Arsenal, up next.

A home victory of course would see the safety finishing line very much in sight BUT if complacency spreads from fans and media to players, then it could prove disastrous.

Like every other point earned this season, the six against Man Utd and Southampton only came our way due to hard work.

Yes the football was a little bit better but it was really the work ethic that was yet again at the heart of things. Plus of course the loan signings of Dubravka and Kenedy have also played a big part in giving Newcastle a very good chance of staying up.

I have a feeling that Huddersfield will prove far tougher opposition than Southampton and having lost two of our last three games against them, then David Wagner will be confident that he knows how to approach a game against Rafa Benitez.

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  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    It`ll be the idiot at the Ronnie,
    Lee Ryder

    • MichaelMaximusMoose

      4 wins out of 21 is a quite appalling record for a club like Newcastle United
      it just shows the damage the Fat lads done to the club

  • Monkseaton Magpies

    The players are never complacent and deserve far more points than we have this season. There is no danger of that under Rafa and with Perez, Ritchie and Lascelles in the team the work rate will be second to none.

    • MichaelMaximusMoose

      you deserve what you get, it`s the real World of the Premiership,
      not fantasy football

  • Alex

    Without being a pedant, and going to check the exact dates and positions, it was only a couple of months ago that we shot up from about 18th to 13th, but then within a couple of weeks, were back down amongst the dead men.

    It’s that tight down there, we could just as easily go from 13th to 18th on the final day of the season. So, absolute focus and commitment is needed to ensure we get the required points as soon as possible.

  • ghostrider

    I’ve been one of the worst for having a pop at Rafa and his tactical set ups this season. I gave him credit when it was due but it was few and far between, as far as I was concerned.

    However, lately I’ve seen a change in the set up and the mindset of Rafa and the squad. He seems to be taking notice of fans asking for him to take the game to the opposition throughout the entire match and defending when required, not just defending as a rule of keeping a scoreline sensible for most of the second halves of games, generally.

    It appears like he’s having a go and actually using players fit for purpose.
    This is why we are starting to look a more balanced unit.

    99% of the time all players pull their weight. Very few are slacking, throughout the entire match and we are gaining the spoils for that.
    I also believe we’ll not only gain the spoils against Huddersfield but gain them handsomely…most likely eclipsing the Southampton score. I’m that confident.

    I’m basing this on Rafa setting up as he has done, lately.
    There’s a hell of a lot of positives to take from this squad as time goes on.
    Players starting to look a class above what they were and some looking much more focused and solid.

    The nucleus is there and only requires tweaking in a few areas for us to motor on next season.

    I’m willing to cut Rafa a whole lot of slack. I just hope he goes forward from this point, with Ashley or without…as long as the club runs no worse than it’s running right now because it’s running quite well regardless of what certain fans pretend.

    If Ashley stays I’m sure he’ll issue a few readies in a sensible way. Rafa just has to make sure he buys sensibly…and if he does he’ll have the opportunity to enhance the price tags of most of what he has at his disposal to further enhance his transfer dealings.

    That’s the way forward and not the gungho ways of the W.B.A type or the spend now worry later type that appears to be the scourge of a lot of teams.

  • Toon

    If Man Utd had won, if Southampton had won, a stupid article. NUFCs form is good, they haven’t lost many games recently, perhaps drawn too many when we should have won or held back which is diapointing. How about if Newcastle has won every game this season they would be top of league. Almost as bad as a Graham Porter article this.

    • TheFatController

      Once on live tv evening news, a Stockport manager, a foreign lad maybe not aware of the fact it was live or that the ‘balls’ reference was an expletive here, said:

      ‘Yeah, but if my auntie had boll*x she’d be my uncle”

      And back to the studio…

      I kept hearing him say it whilst reading this article ;)

  • Lord

    Huddersfield will feel more under pressure than us. They, along with Southampton and West Ham have a very difficult run-in after this weekend.

  • Paul Patterson

    Jesus Christ! Nowt like putting a negative spin on things for no reason. ‘If’ this had happened and ‘If’ that has occurred. BUT THEY BLOODY DIDN’T!!
    Here’s a fact for you- We have 8 points from the last five games. We’ve recently beaten two of the three team in the relegation zone, everyone below us has a really difficult run in and we have to play some of them, starting with a winnable game on Saturday. Also, the mackems are in the process of going down to League 1.
    Let’s focus on the bloody positives for a change.

  • TheFatController

    Don’t tar the rest of us with Lee Ryder’s brush! I think, him excepted, we all know 3 points will be vital in the run in, and won’t come easily from a Wagner team, no matter how poor their form they all play for their manager.

    So yes, we need to be 100% again Saturday.

  • Magpies

    Any seasoned Toon supporter will be taking nothing for granted.

  • Wor Monga

    This is article is simply rubbish…how could complacency be transported from a newspaper article to a team?…or when has any Toon player ever said anything other than that the club has not reached safety yet, or words to that effect, and Rafa carefully mentions in nearly every interview how close the Toon, and several other teams are to the relegation places and any of them could easily be dragged in to it…

    …what’s more how can any feeling of optimism among the club’s supporters be mistaken for complacency?…because it’s exactly that mood in the ground now, that will get across to the players, and lift them…

    … what the teams did weeks or months ago means nothing because it’s what we are seeing now that will count…for a start we now have, with, Dubravka, Dummett fit, Lascelles fit, Lejeune fit/confident and all of them covered by Diame one of the most effective defences outside of the top 6, and Huddersfield have one of the least effective attacks, in the PL…is that being complacent?…

    …No, I’d say its being truthful…Kenedy up front gives us much more penetration, and balance to the side than we’ve had previously which allows our 2 lightweights some freedom, and time to use it…we also have the perfect man to feed all of them in Shelvey, and to cap it all Ritchie has found his shooting boots now…

    …for most newly promoted teams the PL can be a huge mountain to climb, and we won’t be absolutely sure of safety until we make 40 or more points, and
    nobody understands that better than Rafa so it’s fair to say that nobody at the club will believe anything less than that amount, will do either!!!

  • HarryHype59

    The margin of safety is still very low. Too many supporters are assuming the team only have to turn up on Saturday to win, as its “only Huddersfield”.