Reflecting on the enforced and unwanted gap between matches, Ayoze Perez thinks the double training sessions the squad had in Spain, will benefit the team when they kick off once again in the Premier League on Saturday.

The former Tenerife player saying ‘The legs need to keep working’ and the 135 minutes the team had in the friendly against Royal Antwerp topped off the trip.

For once, pretty much everything went Newcastle’s way when having one of these enforced absences.

A resounding 3-0 victory over relegation rivals Southampton was a perfect way to sign off, then the results from the games that did go ahead last weekend could hardly have gone much better.

Huddersfield’s match against Crystal Palace was one where somebody had to pick up points.

A win for Huddersfield would have put them in a very strong position on 34 points, two ahead of Newcastle and seven above the relegation zone. Instead, a two goal home loss to Palace means they come to St James Park very much in trouble still.

Victory for Newcastle would send them on to 35 points and four ahead of Huddersfield who would only then have six games remaining, plus up to seven points above the drop zone, a scenario that Ayoze Perez believes would put NUFC ‘really, really close’ to safety.

With only three wins from the first 13 at St James Park, Newcastle had the worst home record in the Premier League, with only 13 points from the first available 39.

However, beating  Huddersfield would mean three in a row after the wins over Man Utd and Southampton without conceding a goal – ironic if belated home form finally carries Newcastle to safety.

Ayoze Perez talking to the official club site:

“We had three days of spending time together[(in Spain] and training really hard with double sessions, so in terms of hard work, we did it.

“It was the right idea to get a friendly game, with 21 days without football. The legs need to keep working and we did it well.

“Now, we’re back in Newcastle and we have still been working really hard, so it’s been a great idea to keep ourselves fit.

“For the last few days it’s been back to normal.

“We’ve still been training a lot; great training sessions, hard work, trying to improve little things.

“We haven’t had the international boys but we have still been working and trying to make sure we are doing a lot of positive things.

“It’s been like that over the last couple of months; every point is like gold, so it’s going to be a massive game.

“If we can win this game, we’d be really, really close, we’d have it in our hands, so that’s the importance of the game.

“We will make sure we compete and we are ready for that fight, because its going to be tough.”

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    This season has been pure krap & it can`t finish soon enough for me, even if the Pig sells up it`s going to take years to repair the damage he`s done, the clubs not fit for purpose from top to bottom.
    having to sit and worry about beating the likes of Huddersfield at home shows just how far we`ve been downsized by the Scumbag owner

    • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

      man Yoo may have worried about beating the likes of Huddersfield

      • MichaelMaximusMoose

        A $$HOLE

        • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

          So the fact they have beaten higher placed sides than ourselves doesn’t come into it.

    • Philippines

      Ah, a healthy positive attitude then?

    • We got a lot of decent players injured in the first part of the season and we slummed. If that hadn’t happen we would probably be safe already.
      I know those 10 games were painful but we still had a few really good games. Definitely better than Pardew/Carver/McClown years

  • ghostrider

    The way we are starting to play gives me massive confidence in us securing safety well before the end of the season and then we can relax and enjoy the last few games.

    I believe 36 points will see us safe. I cannot see 3 teams bettering 36 points.
    I think we’ll surpass 36 easily though.
    I cannot see any way we can mess this up.

    Earlier on in the season after the good start we had, i could easily see us being left but I have to give Rafa credit for riding out a storm and changing it up a little bit…enough to give teams a 90 minute game rather than 45 minutes.

    However, it’s time to raise a glass to the owner, manager, coaches and the squad and to hopefully look forward to a great summer and a solid start to next season, because this season is catered for. We will not be anywhere near going down and likely we will finish in 12th to 13th place.
    Maybe 11th if I dare put my extra over optimistic hat on.

    • Rich Lawson

      Do you know if any team before this stayed up with 36 points,seems a slim margin (yes I realise you’ve said we will get more ) ?

      • Link Men

        This year may be an exception. It has been really close. More draws at the bottom, rather than random wins and more predictable, close score patterns. Defense has also improved.