Mark Hughes became the new Southampton manager on Wednesday night.

Was anybody surprised>

Well, no.

As we have become used to, a select group of failing Premier League managers don’t disappear, they just collect their payout and wait for the next set of PL mugs to take them on.

No such thing as an original idea? Well there certainly isn’t much original thinking when it comes down to Premier League clubs looking for a new manager to bring something different to the table.

Earlier this week on The Mag, I saw an interesting article that showed which clubs had sacked their managers this season.

Turns out that apart from the current top seven in the Premier League, every manager had been sacked apart from Eddie Howe at Bournemouth and the three promoted bosses (Wagner, Benitez and Hughton).

Amongst those then asked to replace them: Allardyce, Hodgson, Moyes, Pardew and now Hughes.

Those names might seem familiar…

Again earlier this week, the Telegraph picked up on an interesting set of stats, in anticipation of Mark Hughes getting the Southampton gig.

They identified 6 managers who keep on getting employed by the same 10 Premier League (past and present) clubs, with the half dozen bosses now having picked up 24 jobs at these 10 clubs in the past 10 years.

On getting the Southampton job, Mark Hughes declared: ‘I bring experience of the Premier League’, yes – experience of getting sacked!

Here is the roll of honour:

Blackburn: Allardyce, Hughes

Crystal Palace: Allardyce, Hodgson, Pardew, Pulis

Everton: Allardyce, Moyes

Fulham: Hodgson, Hughes

Newcastle United: Allardyce, Pardew

Southampton: Hughes, Pardew

Stoke: Hughes, Pulis

Sunderland: Allardyce, Moyes

West Brom: Hodgson, Pardew, Pulis

West Ham: Allardyce, Moyes, Pardew

As for the lucky recipients of the jobs at these 10 clubs, the current scores are:

6 Sam Allardyce

5 Alan Pardew

4 Mark Hughes

3 David Moyes, Tony Pulis, Roy Hodgson

Just look at that, Fat Sam with his nose in the trough at 6 of these clubs and Pardew only one behind.

Mark Hughes on taking the Southampton job:

“It’s a challenge I’m excited by.

“It’s a great opportunity to come back to a club I know well, and a club I’ve got real affinity with, and I couldn’t turn that down.

“I bring experience of the Premier League.

“I understand what it takes in this league to win games.

“But first and foremost I think it’s about coming in and maybe being that different voice, that different message from myself and the staff, that will enable the players to recognise and focus on what needs to be done in this key period of the season.

“The objective clearly is to remain in the league and make sure we’re a Premier League club next year.

“That’s where this club needs to be, that’s where it should be, and that’s our intention to make sure it remains there.”

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  • Graham Chapman

    A massive overhaul of Prem managerial talent is required (I’m looking at you too Mourinho). For the first time since Sir Bobby we have a Manager that we can trust and respect; the pessimist in me says that Rafa will go in the summer and we’ll end up with Moyes for 18/19

    • Leazes.

      The bookies circulate the same names and usually throw in Ant & Dec for a laugh and to take money off a few idiots…. its about time for the duo to take responsibility, you never know they might find something they are good at! ;)

      • TheNutJob


      • Peaky Magpie

        The new Clough & Taylor

    • Jezza

      It’ll be Pardew not Moyes. Much as Ashley would love to twist the knife by appointing a failed Sunderland manager, he won’t be able to resist the chance to bring back his perfect puppet.

  • Wor Lass

    And they`re all white. When you consider how many black players there are and how many of them must do their coaching badges it`s surprising thet Chris Hughton`s the only black manager in the PL.

    • TheNutJob

      there`s only 20 teams, can you name another black manager capable of managing in the prem. i can`t & the players earn that much now they don`t need a job when they retire

      • Leazes.

        Judging by the journeyman’s gold standard….anyone!

      • Wor Lass

        That`s my point, though. With so many black players at every level across Europe there should be more coming through the system to manage. I take your point about the pay but that goes for all of them. This is where you need Clarko to dig out some obscure stats.

      • Rich Lawson

        To many expect to just walk into a job because of their playing record.If you want to be a manager do your stuff in the lower leagues 1st,Ince,Hasselbank,Curle ? If your any good,you will go up the divisions quickly.But shame on egotists like Sol Campbell who pretend they are being discriminated against for their colour,rather than being a talentless (manager),money grabbing, unpleasant individual (I can be an MP too,me)

        • HarryHype59

          Campbell is one of the games greatest strategists, according to himself.

  • Leazes.

    More like ‘first team coaches’ than ‘managers’ as most of them never stay long enough to assemble their ‘dream squad’, I remember when Pardew arrived and one of his opening statements was that he hadn’t come just to sell Andy Carroll….but yes the ‘cannon fodder clubs’ are rotating the same old faces and going for ‘experience’ to help save their skins.

    Its an amicable arrangement which is financially beneficial to both the journeyman coach and the club…. the coach receives a full payout ahead of the end of contract and the club continue as squad builders and can put the blame for their incompetence on the sacked coach.

    …. all together now ‘don’t sell Cabaye’

    • Paul Patterson

      It was obvious why Hughton was sacked. He resisted the sale of Carroll.
      All of a sudden, enter Alan Pardew and Carroll is flogged and the yes man agrees to the buy to sell policy, which eventually included Cabaye for a large profit.
      Same thing with Keegan, he didn’t want to lose Milner, all of a sudden BANG, Milner goes for a fat £12m profit. A year later and Shay Given goes for a fat profit. Repeat for the next 10 years.

  • TheNutJob

    giving Pards a job is like employing an arsonist to put out a fire.
    Hippo Heed may well save you but you need binoculars to see the ball.

    • Leazes.

      What is Allardyce’s technique? I thought he plays a percentage game like Rafa, ultra defence and deep midfield, the only difference is Allardyce teams keep possession rather than Rafa’s abdication and counter.

  • Mike

    id love to know wot the payoff package is from those idiots big Sham got a wad from Engerland as well. What a farce only in football can you get £££ for being crp

    • Paul Patterson

      Allardyce got paid enough to buy a Villa in Spain and he called it Casa St James’.

  • Lord

    For some reason, no-one seems to want to offer McClaren a job.

    • Paul Patterson

      I know. Surely someone is needed to operate all those Premier League turnstyles . .

  • JMac

    Isn’t it common courtesy to at least link to the article these stats are scraped from? Seems like half of the articles on here are effectively stolen content with little more than a nod to the original source.

  • TheFatController

    It seems that once you get on this merry-go-round as a club, your problems are not finished once you sack your initially mildly achieving to sooner or later under achieving manager.

    Without a LT plan, these managers buy players who are great when the going’s good, but soon get their heads turned by their agent, or just bored after an initial period of enjoyment.

    Managers bring these players in, or scout similar, for their new club, then wonder why, when the going gets tough, these players see finding another club the easier option than digging in to save the club you hope to play for years for.

    Not a mistake Eddie Howe often makes, his LT team building project rewarded with a long career now at an established PL club with reliable players …

    • Ram Kishore

      I think Hughes was doing a decent job..u could say long term plan but seemed now like a midterm one
      One example of player getting their heads turned was Arnautovic

      • TheFatController

        A good job where? At Stoke…?

        • HarryHype59

          Up until this season, Hughes had done relatively well at Stoke. Maybe he stayed too long?

        • Ram Kishore

          Yes see the past 5 years and don’t see this season alone.. 9,9,9,13 these were the respective finishes in the past 4 years since 2013. Not bad for a mid table club huh? Slowly he built the team around with Arnautovic with big name signing like Affelay, Diouf, shaqiri, former Barcelona attacker..after injury that guy wasn’t his usual self..most of the signings were usually signed for lesser sums but gave bigger returns until this season..maybe Arnautovic leaving made them loose the balance

  • Ram Kishore

    All others u say are fine..
    But Hughes, Moyes, Pulis, Hodgson aren’t as and as you portray them to be ..
    Definitely not Hughes and Hodgson..

  • Whickhamrobbie

    its the same down the divisions Bruce ,Big heck ,Warnock the clubs just dont premote a lower league manager any more .

  • fistsofsteel2

    It’s just a money go round for a select few. Daylight robbery.

  • boingy

    Lol, thats the classic line…”I understand what it takes in this league to win games”
    They do…they just cant DO it.