Joselu turned 28 years old today.

Not the best player Newcastle United have ever had but not the worst.

Certainly when it comes to effort, you would have to say he is one of the better ones.

With Rafa Benitez limited to buying a £5m Stoke reserve, the vast majority of Newcastle fans obviously knew they weren’t getting Lionel Messi.

However, Newcastle United have only picked up five points this season from games where Joselu has played no part.

To sum up, a player who is a little short on quality but with his effort has helped contribute to Newcastle heading towards safety.

Bearing all this in mind, just look at the majority of these replies when Newcastle United put up a ‘Happy birthday Joselu’ message on Instagram.

How depressing is this, that so many people/Newcastle fans think it is acceptable to post stuff like this?

Some of them are just embarrassing and lame attempts at ‘humour’ but just where are people coming from when leaving such hateful stuff about one of their own players?


‘They threw a party but he missed it lol’


‘Brutal player’


‘No he’s a c…’


‘F… off you’re s…. ya big Spanish donkey c…’


‘Break a leg…. please’


‘Hopefully he got a right foot for his birthday to replace one of his two left ones’


‘He’s s…’


‘P… off flop’


‘HE IS S….’


‘Can not finish to save his life’

[email protected]_hay85

‘to true’


‘With comments like these I wonder why good players don’t want to come to the club…’

[email protected]



‘No need for comments like that’


‘Happy birthday you useless f…..’


‘F… you’

  • Waxi

    Are we sure this is not the great unwashed down the road who would try anything to make us look bad. I would hope no toon fan would be putting any of our players down at this crucial time of the season. Muppets if it is any of our fans.

    • Duh

      I’m sorry but there are many idiotic Newcastle fans. They represent a cross section of society, including 14 year olds.

      • Mark Potter

        Newcastle fans famous for punching horses and the worst record in the whole football league for banning orders. Are they all 14 year olds? I’d be surprised if many of the abusers of Joselu are not adults. Same as on this forum. Adults who have never grown up, or revert to childish behaviour, when football is involved.

  • Alex

    Quite stunned to read those appaling comments. Absolutely no need for anything at all like that.

    Unlike a few ex-players, Joselu does come off sweating, having tried to put a shift in.

    Happy birthday, Jose Luis, and please know that we’re behind you when you pull on the shirt.

  • Toonrobbybobson

    Disgusting. Our fans are getting worse. Keyboard warriors. Horrible now how people go on no respect at all. He might not be the greatest but at least he tries. We’ve had some much bigger wasters like Michael Owen, Damien Duff and co. Hes a £5m striker in the prem. That in itself says it all but he still tries to go out and do the job asked of him. Yeah he isnt great but hes what we have. Only one person I would take that our on and thats Mike Ashley.

    • Jezza

      Absolutely vile and inexcusable. The worst thing is that these moronic so caled Newcastle fans are abusing the wrong guy. It is not Joselu’s fault that Ashley refused to dip into the profits to fund the purchase of a decent Premiership standard striker.

      • Toonrobbybobson

        I simply cannot knock someone who gives their best. That squad I cannot knock one of them. They may not be the best in the world but they are a team and play for each other and fans. Im a dam sight more happy about this lot than the previous 2 lots that took us down!

        • Jezza

          Agreed. Joselu is not good enough and we desperately need a much better striker but I’ve got nothing against the lad personally.

      • Mark Potter

        What’s the difference between abusing Joselu and abusing Ashley, or Charnley, Pardew, McLaren, Moncur, Beardsley… It’s absolutely vile and inexcusable that you seek to justify any abuse, of any fellow human being. It’s beyond me that people who seem otherwise rational, think that because they don’t agree with someone over football, thst it’s fair game to resort to abuse, threats, advocating violence etc.

        There is no such thing as the right guy to abuse.

        • Benmagpie

          Good comment. Thank you.

        • Toonrobbybobson

          Where did anyone say abuse others? There is nothing wrong in pointing out to draw a comparison or their stupidity that there has been bigger wasters but where was the suggestion of hurling abuse? Bullying is bullying. Its about time some grown adults actually started having respect for one another, fellow human beings and setting an example for younger generations.

          • Mark Potter

            Jezza said, “Newcastle fans are abusing the wrong guy” referring to Joselu. Then he went on to make it clear that he thought abusing Ashley was OK, because he’s the right guy to abuse. And the only reason for this abuse is he “refused to dip into the profits to fund the purchase of a decent Premiership standard striker”, ie. a footballing reason.

            So, Jezza thinks abusing people is OK, if the people concerned fit his personal criteria for abuse.

            What’s the difference between that and the people who think Joselu is fair game, because Joselu meets their personal criteria (and also just for footballing reasons)? There is no difference. Jezza is OK with the principle of it. And to be fair to him, several other regular contributors also don’t seem to be able to criticise the regime at the club without resorting to childish abuse.

          • Toonrobbybobson

            “If you resort to abuse you have already lost the argument” is a very wise saying.

            Im not sure Jezza really means to go out and abuse anyone. I don’t think he is suggesting abuse is OK. I think its more in reference again to if someone should be held accountable the buck stops with Ashley. However abuse will get no one anywhere.

            As we know with online context and wording can sometimes be misplaced.

            Its distinguishing between abuse (which towards Joselu it clearly is) and constructive/critical objections which we as fans debate all the time.

  • Jonathan Drape-Comyn

    Hard to believe some of these guys exist until you actually see the comments with your own eyes… even then it is still hard to believe.

    • Jezza

      It makes you think there should be a minimum IQ requirement for using the internet.

      • Oldgeordie

        I thought there was. You have to be able to read and write.

        • Peaco

          You no longer have to be a decent author (hacks aside) to be published. Social media has ruined everything! Even the 5-live nut-a-thon no longer holds any entertainment.

          • Oldgeordie

            Must admit I have to agree

      • Kneebotherm8

        There is a minimum IQ requirement……….unfortunately it’s zero…….

  • Geordie Pete Moore

    He actually is the worst

    • Mal

      That’s not the point

  • TheNutJob


  • TheNutJob

    newsflash, Slimani on the bench for tonights game

  • Paul Patterson

    As poor as Joselu is, if indeed these are from our own fans then they have no place supporting the club and need to get lives . .

  • robbersdog

    There are a lot of Newcastle fans out there in cyberspace, and some of ’em are going to be idiots.

    This isn’t really much of a revelation – it happens at all clubs.

    • Mark Potter

      It happens in this forum too. People can advocate murder and rape. And The Mag does nothing about it.

      • StMichael

        yip perhaps the mag carried out 911? Maybe it was really the mag that produced the toxic nerve agent? haha.

  • TheFatController

    Psychology 101 – the best form of defence is attack for the those feeling threatened in life:-

    1 attack someone as inferior, get a payoff of Adrenalin that relieves anxiety from feeling inadequate in themselves
    2 as Adrenalin wears off, seek out another target to attack as inferior
    3 soon find that with each attack, the high is desensitized, leaving a bigger attack needed for the same level of Adrenalin.
    4 feel Adrenalin wear off, insecurities take over, so, yup, seek another high by attacking someone as inferior – and on and on it goes …

    All addictions are an attempt to cover up feelings of inadequacy with Adrenalin highs – shopping, drugs, gambling, anything that produces adrenalin, even abusing a player on his birthday.

    Keyboard warriors are in a world of pain, see them as no different from drug addicts – always seeking the next high. The internet is therefore an addictive for those who have become known as ‘trolls’, why feel inadequate when you can be trashing someone else as being inferior to you?

    • Jezza

      You’re over thinking it with all that analysis. They are just bullies who aren’t very bright.

      • TheFatController

        True Jezza – you’re describing the behaviour and mental capability, I’m describing the process that develops into an addiction

    • StMichael

      haha good analysis! so the reason everyone attacks me and disagrees with me when I’m correct… the reason ball greedy players tell me I should pass more then refuse to pass to me when I’m clean through.. is because they are all feeling threatened in life??! I used to shout and scream on at people when I was a kid.. I recognised I had to encourage them instead and focus my anger into weight lifting… or shouting at the referee. Sadly opportunities to vent anger remain fairly limited but whats even sadder is most men never ever grow up. There is a difference between mockery and joy. most don’t really care where their dopamine comes from. We have to remember where we stand… the gallowgate.. people used to gather to mock and enjoy people having their heads chopped off! Perhaps the same is metaphorically true today!

      • TheFatController

        You should pass more ! Haha

        There’s a difference between valid criticism and criticism coming from biased, negative people.

        On Twitter, it’s clear Joselu has a great family life, and after all he has played in the PL, La Liga, and the Bundesliga, and isn’t set up for life. He probably feels sorry for his critics, no doubt able to count his blessings and realise how fortunate he is that he doesn’t need to be negative just to get through the day …

    • thewildchimp

      Just plain old hubris, what you described there. Really shows how little our society makes progress, if at all…

      • TheFatController

        Society makes no progress because it suits society to make no progress with these people – they’ll all be doing jobs suited to their personality faults that few others will do.

        Why look to change that?

  • Stephen

    This has to be extremely badly behaved children who don’t know any better.
    The thought of it being the comment of anyone older is unthinkable.

  • East Durham Mag

    Absolutely shameful the guy is a footballer and its a game. Perhaps these vile little t*rds should say it to his face …. i doubt they would dare.

  • ivanlogan


  • mactoon

    Shocking comments. For all he is struggling to be prolific, you can’t say he isn’t trying.

  • Wor Lass

    I wondered where Clarko had gone.

  • Paul Cannell

    Everybody knows he’s not a great player, he tries very hard he’s just an average footballer, we have had worse, a lot worse. Nobody, repeat NOBODY deserves to put up with brain dead comments like that. I doubt very much those keyboard warriors actually go to the match.

    • Wor Lass


    • Mark Potter

      Really? You’ve never seen anyone abusing our own players and managers at matches? I used to sit in front of a guy who spent all of his time shouting at our players. This was during the Bobby Robson era, when the players he was abusing were a bit better than now. Even Shearer got his fair share of abuse from the guy. And he believed Bobby Robson, to put it politely, didn’t know what he was doing. And he said it very loudly and very often every game.

      • Paul Cannell

        Of course footballers get slagged off on the pitch but it’s a big difference isn’t it ? most footballers wouldn’t even here it and if they did they would forget about it in an instant. But abuse on social media is a totally different and cruel way of dishing out abuse, it’s also seen by possibly millions of people with the coward saying it hiding behind their keyboard, at least shouting at a player at the match could give the player a chance to shout back if he heard it.

        • Mark Potter

          No, it’s also cowardly like social media, because they are just one person in a sea of thousands of faces, and retain their anonymity. They wouldn’t stand outside the players entrance after the game and say it to their face.
          While I agree that the players probably don’t hear a lone voice shouting abuse very often, sometimes the herd mentality takes over. We know that players have heard, and been badly affected by, racist chanting for example. And sometimes they do get close enough to spectators to hear exactly what was said. Cantona clearly heard the abuse from a single person before he launched his famous kung fu attack on that person.

  • Spider

    These are not NUFC fans, don’t recognise any of the names on all of our blogs, my gut feeling is that they belong to the soon to be league one outfit down the road to nowhere.

    • StMichael

      I’m actually starting to feel sorry for the mackems. Perhaps we could hire out their upper tear next season and go and sing them a few songs to help the scruffy rats out! lol maybe teach them the Blaydon races song…haha.

  • Steven05

    If they are Newcastle ‘supporters’ – it’s disgusting and very sad

    If it’s trolls from another club – it’s very very sad

  • Leazes.

    Quoting people from the internet is irrelevant when you isolate comments and make them seem to be the majority view…. like transfer tavern.

    • gallowgate26

      Not irrelevant, misleading.

      • Leazes.

        No that would change the meaning totally.

  • Leicester Mag

    This goes well beyond critical comment and is nothing other than vile purile abuse. What was this meant to achieve? Pathetic. Those involved shame their and the club’s name.

  • Jimmy_toons

    It’s a cowards way to post comments against individuals. Would they ever say such things to his face? Of course not. Very sad. The bloke isn’t the best to have graced our turf and shirt, but is definitely not the worst. He will put in a shift and I’ve always supported players who do that, no matter how limited their ability. It’s the ones who turn up and coast, give it large, pick up their big pay cheques and pretend or don’t give a sh*** who get on my goat.
    Those who hide behind a name to snidely comment should go and **** themselves. Period,

  • StMichael

    aye its a tough one! I’m as frustrated as anyone with this signing but its a catch 22 situation.. many of us use football matches as a way to vent anger that we cant vent in our real lives… football is and always has been an escape where blokes would shout sing scream and dance and celebrate. But now social media comes along and everything changes. We have to remember he is a human too.. .he is trying his best.. and getting on his back is not gonna lift his game. However the same negativity is not gonna lift Ashleys game either! id rather us all be positive and get behind the team for 90 minutes.. but in a Michael world.. id kick out all the boring fans who never ever sing! Why don’t they just watch it on the tele! better view most of the time!

  • Andynufc

    Wouldn’t even pay attention to comments like that. Just idiots really. Everyone can see Joselu isn’t good enough for the PL or Nufc but what did anyone expect for a striker for 5mill who wasn’t deemed good enough for Stoke. The lad puts a shift in every time he’s on the pitch no matter how much he’s struggling.

  • Mrkgw

    Disgusting and there is no place in society for idiots like that. Endemic of society today and the digital age unfortunately.

  • paul mclaughlan


  • Lhc

    Does it surprise anyone tho?! 2018. Social media the worst thing ever invented!

  • Rob Brown

    ‘With comments like these I wonder why good players don’t want to come to the club…’

    Aye , but let’s be honest, good players wouldn’t get comments like that.

    • theoriginalbomberman

      Florian Thauvin begs to differ……..

      • Rob Brown

        So you saying when he was here he was good?

  • Ba ba.

    Disgusting, disgraceful and embarrassing .. .I can just imagine the idiots who post this kenk

  • Graham Chapman

    Unbelievable, the Mag should withdraw this article, I’m always interested at the comments section, but this is ridiculous. I hope that the Hoss doesn’t read this and I wish him a Happy Birthday. Performance or not, he’s still one of us…young lad, trying to find his feet…then on his birthday gets called a useless “C”. Grow up

  • Rich Lawson

    Cowardly Scum.

  • Graham Chapman

    How about a collective “Happy Birthday” for Joselu? He’s hardly Shearer but he”s a bairn, been caterpulted into the Prem. Frankly,, stats say he”s done OK.

    • jamie fordham

      Eh? He’s 28 and been playing in the prem since 2015. Hardly catapulted. The fact we got him for 5m in today’s market, tells you all you need to know about his ability.

  • Brian Standen

    I have met him and he is great guy, came to the children’s cancer ward at the RVI before Christmas with a few other players and was quite literally the life and soul! Very funny , easy to chat to! Certainly does not deserve the comments from the brain dead individuals mentioned above – Shame on anyone who posted them! Article and comments need removing!

  • Fisherking

    Bet none of these are season ticket holders or even our away supporters what I do know is their not Newcastle supporters

  • pedrodelgardo

    Brain dead and not proper fans, he’s not Pele but he does his best which is what he get’s paid for.

  • Jate Legend

    Happy Birthday Jos. He’s done better than we maybe expected and has more goals than big flops like Tomasson from back in the day who was playing a better team. And he went on to win the CL.

  • Mxpx

    I’m all for giving an honest appraisal of his performances but there’s no excuse for wishing ill on the man he probably feels bad enough that he can’t perform himself

  • nufcslf

    It’s more shocking that such a load sh*t like social media even exits in the first place. He is a poor player that deserves what he gets playing as bad as he has in the spot light of the ‘EPL’ and shouldn’t of had a kick of a ball since the home match against Stoke. Don’t feel sorry for him one little bit.

    • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

      You prove my point, thanks.

    • Brian Standen

      His performances do not justify the acidic comments on here from faceless brain dead fools.
      Football is about opinions and I’m Happy to debate what any player does or does not bring to the team, but not to wish he ‘breaks a leg’ etc!

  • Tino o

    Pond life

  • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

    Don’t we get similar posts from the usual doom mongers on here? Those comments could easily have come from Moose, Leazes’, Jezza, nufcslf et al

  • Monkseaton Magpies

    These scum bags have no parents or at least what can be classed as parents.
    They are probably the same people on here who want Ashley to meet a sorry end.
    What will these morons do for his confidence nothing at all. They should be identified and banned along with the anti Ashley group.

  • Philippines

    DIsgusting comments.

  • Aaron505

    “However, Newcastle United have only picked up five points this season from games where Joselu has played no part.” There are only five games he hasn’t been involved in. He’s come off the bench near the end in most our recent victories.We’ve got 20 points in the 19 games her started. 12 points in the ten he didn’t. So there isn’t much difference, but that is because Gayle has also been woeful.

  • Rob Brown

    “However, Newcastle United have only picked up five points this season from games where Joselu has played no part.”

    Good point.

    I was reading the other day that we haven’t earned a single point in any game this season where we didn’t score at least as many goals as our opponents.

    Thanks to Rafa’s efforts we have finally come to realise that possession means nothing. Now, if we can only work on getting people to stop spouting off about passes, tackles and ground covered we’d have a result.

    Stats are a by-product of American TV coverage where commentators have to fill 5 hours of air time while covering a sport that lasts for an hour.

    The only stats worth a toss in any game are goals for and goals against.

  • Rob Brown

    Rather odd to see so many people complaining about what was said, yet they think nothing of shouting abuse at opposing team members from the terraces.

    Bit of a double standard methinks.

  • Mal

    If you go to the games you would also see how much effort he puts in closing down and winning headers. His goal scoring not so good. But remember he is still one of ours. Get behind the team and leave the gripeinng to the mackems?