A newly released report has given the naming rights value of all 20 Premier League stadiums including St James Park.

Duff & Phelps are the ‘premier global valuation and corporate finance advisor’ and they have updated their Stadium Naming Rights study.

Back in 2013, they estimated the value of all 20 Premier League stadiums’ combined naming rights at £74.6m for the 2013/14 season.

Four seasons later, for 2017/18 they believe there has been an 80% increase, with the combined value of the 20 PL stadiums being £135.6m for the 2017/18 season.

No surprise to see Old Trafford rated at £26.2m per season if offered for naming rights, which is £7.1m more than Manchester City in second place.

The top six clubs who regularly get exposure in European competitions as well as the Premier League, account for over 77% of the £135.6m potential money the 20 clubs could attract, according to the Duff & Phelps report.

The Duff & Phelps report:

‘With its 52,405 capacity at St James’ Park and dedicated fanbase, Newcastle United ranks in the top half of the table. Leicester City FC, 2016 Premier League winners, have already secured a naming rights deal, and come in at mid-table in the naming rights league.

Commenting on the findings, Trevor Birch, Managing Director and Head of UK Sports at Duff & Phelps, said:

“Sponsorship demand for the content rights of the top clubs in the Premier League shows no sign of abating. We have seen enormous increases in rights values of the elite clubs over the last couple of years, especially regarding shirt branding and product endorsement. Although the UK hasn’t embraced Stadium naming rights as enthusiastically as the United States, its potential to become an important revenue stream is highlighted by these figures. Clubs are continually looking at ways to generate extra value, and given the gilt-edged international demand for the Premier League TV rights, we may be entering a period where we start to see clubs monetizing their stadium rights. This is potentially a huge opportunity for clubs, with 40% of Premier League clubs, including Arsenal, Man City, Leicester, Stoke City, Brighton and Hove Albion all granting stadium naming rights to their grounds in recent years.”

Michael Weaver, managing director at Duff & Phelps and Head of UK Valuation Advisory added:

“Over the past four years, the potential value of stadium rights has nearly doubled. In addition, we are seeing football clubs continue to explore new revenue streams. Just this season, several clubs have announced shirt sleeve sponsorship deals, such as Everton with Rovio Angry Birds. Premier League performance has a powerful value attached to it, and clubs are increasingly trying to maximize that value.”

Duff & Phelps Premier League Stadium Naming Rights valuation league table:

naming rights

As you can see, Newcastle come out of it as ninth highest, with an estimated £3.6m per season valuation.

Obviously the report is using a lot of guesstimating in their figures.

Interesting to see they value Newcastle (based at least partly on how many times chosen for live TV coverage?) above all but the top six and Stoke & West Ham, with the likes of Everton rated lower.

In their report they say the move to the London Stadium has increased the West Ham value to that £4.8m figure,

As for the Stoke City anomaly, that will be due to the fact that along with a number of other clubs, the Potters already have a naming rights deal.

Presumably that £6.3m figure is what BET365 are currently paying.

The owners of BET365 are also owners of Stoke City and as opposed to Mike Ashley who gave naming rights for free to his Sports Direct brand, the Stoke owners look at this as a way to get MORE money into the club, not a free spin-off for something else that they own.

I assume no Newcastle fans would see St James Park renamed for £3.6m per season as a good idea. As to what figure supporters would possibly consider, if new ambitious owners were in place, as a good deal to make…is open to question.

  • Leazes.

    Don’t even think about it…. its not North America where they have no heritage other than commercialism, and teams jump city like Wimbledon.

    I don’t get your motivation for this at all.

  • Coble’s Return

    I have made the point before – Charnley was not acting in the best interests of the club when he let the naming rights go to SD for nothing. He has failed in his legal duty as a director and should be removed.

    • MichaelMaximusMoose

      He`s a figurehead bean counter & Fatso`s slave in the North/East

    • Zack Korth

      i think the ceiling on charnley’s decision making is paper towels and condiment dispensers

  • Dillon Tovak

    SJP it is then.

  • ghostrider

    It matters little what stadium naming rights are in terms of supposed yearly worth and deals.

    As fans we are nostalgic.
    Everything about the club has a sentimental worth that isn’t gauged by monetary figures to fans. (Most fans)

    The issue becomes more clear about the worth of naming rights, in terms of fans arguing about Ashley getting away with free advertising at the detriment of the club… but as we can see, it isn’t at the detriment of the club financially, only morally.

    Basically fans hate the fact that Ashley can advertise his other concern throughout his club, because he apparently doesn’t pay for the advertising….his perk.
    A perk that any one of us would use with any multi business interests…if people are willing to be honest.

    It’s looked on as someone else could have that advertising for the money rather than him having it, for nothing.
    People go up in arms about the change of the stadium from St.James’ Park to the sports direct arena.

    Ashley is the spawn of the devil for doing it, many say. And morally they have a real point and Ashley identified with this in terms of admitting he made a massive mistake, which I believe he did out of a tat for the tit approach he was on the end of.

    With a mindset of “It’s my club” to hit back, kind of thing.
    A childish thing to do but no more childish plus the pure bile and hatred he’s had thrown at him.
    Two to tango and all that.

    However, if a new owner came in who started handing marquee players on a plate but who then decided to call the stadium by his/her/their company name…it would go ahead with little more than a whimper.

    It just depends what nostalgia really means and what morals really are to certain sections of fans, old and new.

    So, regardless of what our club is worth as a naming right is neither here nor there in monetary terms.
    The fees reported, whether close to or slightly shy of the mark….are a drop in the massive footballing ocean for clubs in the premier league in this day and age of vomit inducing money wasting.

    The reality is, it should always be St. James’ Park, Ne14st until such a time that we have to move to a new stadium for whatever reasons.
    And nobody would expect it to be called St James’ Park, yet nostalgia can still reign for as long as each person lives to use it.

    • Ben Jones

      Once again . I couldn’t agree more . If people followed their logic to conclusion they end up tieing themselves into knots which is mainly why they tap out early and ad hominem you to stop themselves having to face their cognitive dissonance .

    • Martin Rooney

      If the money was used to extend the stadium, i.e. something permanent then i have no problem if it was to buy some stellar players then great, but it dawned on me ages ago that any increases in revenue just go to agents and players and mid table players on 15K per week are now mid table players on 30k per week. they are still not going to get us any where. Anyone thinking that a new owner with 500 mill to spend would get us up the table is in dreamland the city sheikh the yanks and Abramovich will just spend 100 mill more to keep ahead.

      The pathetic disingenuous outrage of the potential renaming of SJP when Ashley was proposing it was so churlish it made us look an embarrassment as fans. Here’s the reallity until 2005 we were looking for a new stadium away from SJP including in Gateshead outside of the city for around 40 years, nobody said we must not go. I’d venture, if asked what would you change the the location of the stadium or the shirt colour most would say you can never change the shirt. and yet nobody blinks an eye when we have
      FUN88 in luminous blue written all over it.
      I wish the whingers would give over, the sanctimonious idiots. change the name for christ sake get the cash, I never call it SJP I sit in the milburn but still I’m going to ‘the Gallowgate’ when taking about going to the game.

  • Paul Patterson

    Stoke £6.3m. Double ours. Do me a favour . .

    • GeordieZebra

      We’ll always be known as St James’, regardless what sign hangs. Stoke’s new build freezing monstrosity is identified by whichever sponsor pay for it. Has no other name.

      Not a reflection on the clubs, just a reflection we have an identity and they’ve got nowt.

      Ps – this doesn’t mean I’d accept a sponsor btw!

  • Alex

    Remind me how much Sports Direct paid us for their one season, please?

    • Ben Jones

      So it wasn’t about the renaming of the stadium then , your concerns were the amount of cash we received from it? Can you please confirm you have no issues with St James park being renamed and your only issue is the amount we receive from it…

      • Alex

        You’ve inferred wrongly. My point was solely to reinforce another piece of the unpaid advertising that SD / Ashley screwed out of the club.

        • Ben Jones

          So you don’t want the name changed regardless of who’s trying to change it and how much money they’re offering?

          • Phil Yare


  • Mrkgw

    Why is this even news?

  • Down Under Mag

    Just under 4m quid a year? That wouldn’t even pay for a top players salary for the abandonment of history and legacy. If we can build a new stadium then fine, but leave the historical grounds alone… Despite the large sum I wonder if Man Utd would consider it and if so what their fans would think?? Perhaps we could offset the stadium name income by actually charging people for advertising boards again? Crazy I know!

  • Zack Korth

    how is stoke so valuable?

  • Albert Stubbins

    3.6 million to change the name of st James’!! Add a zero and some would consider it. Otherwise no way.. it would have to be sponsor @ at James’ park for me personally to be accepting of it and big big money earmarked for players!!