The updated Newcastle United squad has now been revealed.

The deadline was on Friday for all Premier League clubs to submit their new 25 man senior squads after the January transfer window.

In the end Newcastle could only name 24 senior players and even then there was a story behind it.

Having lost five of their 25 man squad in January (Mitrovic, Sterry, Saivet, Aarons and Colback), I was confused when I quickly added up the names on the updated squad to find it added up to even 24.

With only loan signings Dubravka and Slimani added (Kenedy) qualifies as one of the Under 21 players (see below), it should surely be only 22.

However, when I then went back and checked, Newcastle have added Macauley Gillesphey and Curtis Good to make up the numbers. Two players who haven’t featured for Newcastle in the Premier League this season and clearly there won’t be any plans to do so in the remaining games, barring an injury nightmare…

If you take away that pair, as well as the three goalkeepers included, that means Newcastle have only 19 senior outfield players to choose from, plus Merino and Kenedy from the Under 21 list.

Considering Jesus Gamez appears to be permanently injured and the likes of Massadio Haidara looks nowhere near good enough, as well as a general lack of quality, it is obvious now that there is also not an ideal situation with numbers either. On any given Premier League matchday, Rafa Benitez’ 18 man squad must more or less pick itself from now until the end of the season.

When Newcastle have been left with in reality only a 22 man senior squad, including the three keepers, there clearly was room for another three players to be included in case they are needed.

Apart from saving a few quid, was there any point is sending so many fringe players out on loan in January?

Newcastle have now got a record 19 players out on loan, both senior and more junior players.

There has been talk of the current Newcastle United wage bill being massive and a major reason why Rafa Benitez hasn’t been allowed to strengthen his squad properly, when you look at both the quality and the numbers in this updated NUFC squad, it is very difficult to see how it adds up to such a massive wage bill, certainly compared to pretty much every other Premier League club.

The 24 man senior squad is detailed below, as well as the 50+ Under 21 list which includes Kenedy.

The Official Premier League site:

After the closing of the January transfer window each Premier League club had until 12:00 GMT, 2 February to submit a squad list containing no more than 17 players who do not fulfil the “Home Grown Player” (HGP) criteria.

The remainder of the squad, up to a total of 25 players, must be homegrown.

An HGP means a player who, irrespective of his nationality or age, has been registered with any club affiliated to the Football Association or the Football Association of Wales for a period, continuous or not, of three entire seasons or 36 months prior to his 21st birthday (or the end of the season during which he turns 21).

Changes to the squad list of 25 may be made during the period of a transfer window.

Under-21 players are eligible over and above the limit of 25 players per squad. For 2017/18 Under-21 players will have been born on or after 1 January 1996.

Each club squad list is below as well as an additional list of each club’s registered Under-21 players who are eligible over and above the squad limit of 25 players.

Newcastle United

25 Squad players

Clark, Ciaran*

Darlow, Karl*

Diame, Mohamed

Dubravka, Martin

Dummett, Paul*

Elliot, Robert*

Gamez Duarte, Jesus

Gayle, Dwight Devon Boyd*

Gillesphey, Macauley*

Good, Curtis

Gutierrez, Ayoze Perez

Haidara, Massadio

Hayden, Isaac Scot*

Lascelles, Jamaal*

Lejeune, Florian Gregoire Claude

Manquillo Gaitan, Javier

Mato Sanmartin, Jose Luis

Mbemba, Chancel Mangulu

Murphy, Jacob Kai*

Ritchie, Matthew Thomas*

Shelvey, Jonjo*

Slimani, Islam

Twasam, Christian Atsu

Yedlin, Deandre

U21 players (Contract and Scholars)

Allan, Thomas David

Allen, Max

Aplin, Kieren Glen

Armstrong, Adam James

Aziakonou, Yannick

Bailey, Owen John Edward

Barlaser, Daniel Tan

Barrett, Ryan Thomas

Bartlett, Tyrique

Cameron, Kyle Milne

Cass, Lewis Graham

Charman, Luke

Cole, Thomas Anthony

Cumbreras, Jesus Nunez

Fernandez Satue, Victor

Gallacher, Owen John

Gamblin, Isaac William

Gibson, Liam Steven

Gilliead, Alex Nicholas

Goodridge, Mace Lewin

Harker, Nathan

Heaney, Mackenzie

Hunter, Jack David

Huuhtanen, Otto Eemeli

Joyce, Samuel Edward

Kitchen, Benjamin

Langley, Daniel David

Long, Oliver James

Longstaff, Matthew Ben

Longstaff, Sean David

Madia, Deese Kasinga

McEntee, Oisin Michael

McNall, Lewis

Merino Zazon, Mikel

Newberry, Michael

Nunes Nascimento, Robert Kenedy

O’Connor, Stefan Ramone Sewell

Pearson, Brendan Conor

Roberts, Callum

Robson, Jack

Russell, Kurtis

Sangare, Mohammed

Smith, Callum

Sorensen, Elias Fritjof Graenge

Spooner, Craig

Toney, Ivan Benjamin Elijah

Walters, Oliver Reece

Ward, Daniel John

Watts, Kelland John William James

Williams, Callum Dylan

Wilson, Adam Ayiro

Woodman, Frederick John

Woolston, Paul Hudson

Yarney, Josef Charles

Young, Jack

  • Geordiegiants

    So basically the squad picks it’s self, but we will still get the tubes on here saying Rafa only picks his favourites, just watch.

    • Wor Lass

      It`s funny, isn`t it. At the beginning of the season I was as anti-SloMo as the next man (unless the next man was triple M, of course!). But over the last couple of months he`s started to produce better results and earn his place in the team but some people are still slagging him off. Managers have their favourites, right enough – the players they trust to follow the plan – but a lot of fans have their favourite whipping boys and find it really hard to let go. Dummy`s seen them off for now and Perez quietened things down with a couple of goals but SloMo was still getting panned by some even after being MoM contender in a few games recently. Even Joselu has his plus points – they just don`t include anything that involves putting the ball in the net!

      • RAFmag

        Diame was never a number 10. He is much more effective in deeper role.

        • Viru leckworth

          He was my motm against Burnley. His first half performance was praiseworthy.

      • JonMag

        Diame will never be good enough, he cannot string a half dozen games together. Joselu has plus points. [email protected]@king hell

        • Wor Lass

          He`s not bad in the air!

      • mentalman

        Diame is benefiting from playing regularly in one position, when he was anonymous he was playing a game then missing games and playing as no10 and then the next game further back.

        We need a settled team for the run in, unfortunately rafa doesn’t believe in this

    • JonMag

      what would you call Joselu when he had Gayle & Mitrovich, or dropping Mbemba for Manquillo.
      the team doesn`t pick itself

      • Geordiegiants

        What I call that is a professional opinion, if it was as easy as the fans picking the team week in week out, or someone like you having an opinion, Jabba would just put a website up and let us all to vote the side in every week.
        Your opinion is only that, Rafas is what counts and is proven over and over. If I was to match your knowledge of those individual players against Rafas on a weekly or daily basis then I’m sure I’m right in saying Rafa gets paid £5/6m a year for his opinion, and if you were to approach Jabba and tell him you would pay him to have a go, it would still be a big fat no, and that is saying something when it comes to Jabba. So what I’m saying is Rafa makes mistakes as did Sir Alex so does Jose and Pep, but they get more right than wrong. I would bet my houses and my yearly wage you would get more wrong than right.
        Saying that you are still entitled to an opinion, but my opinion is your is wrong.

  • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

    Half of that list are on loan at other clubs

  • Claire Thomas

    Forgot Merino from U-21 list – will increase the numbers for match day consideration (but squad still lacking in depth/back-ups)

  • Geordie Pete Moore

    So lets add this up, average price of a ticket to watch the toon is around £35 so if you X that by 52k it equates to 1,820,000, divide that between 24 playersalone and = 75,833 for each player. Yes there are more staff to pay manager etc but bear in mind that is just the gate receipts and not the TV money the advertising shirt sales,beer,pies etc etc Where has all that money gone ? sometimes we play 2 games in a week at around 52k so thats another bonus, yes I understand we have to pay these players on the off season but even so something doesn’t quite add up does it ? I haven’t put a penny in Cashleys pocket for a couple of years now and I am no accountant. It doesn’t take a mathematician to work out he is skimming off the top.

    • Mxpx

      Like me you sit in the cheap seats you’re massively underestimating the value of tickets through stuff like vip boxes and alot of the seats being more than £35

    • Mark Potter

      Correct, you don’t have to be a mathematician to understand that you have stewards, police, all the people selling the beer, pies etc. all of the beer and pies etc. The people who clean up afterwards. The electricity if a match is at night. The ground maintenance, not just the pitch but the whole stadium and hospitality suites.

      Matchday receipts in the last accounts were £24.7 million. The club employed 258 people, and this cost them £74.7 million, mainly wages and salary, but also £8.4 million in social security payments. So a third of the money that is received from matchdays goes to the government to pay taxes (PAYE and National Insurance, both employers and employees contributions).

      So, you don’t need to be a mathematician to realise that the club makes a massive LOSS from employing footballers to play football on a Saturday/Sunday afternoon. This model of running a football club hasn’t been viable for a very long time.

      The club don’t make a loss because they have commercial and other income of £28.3 million, and (massively outweighing all other income sources) in the season before last (ie. in the Prem) £72.7 million was received from the media, mainly the TV deals.

      So that’s overall a profit? There was an operating profit about £32m, but the accounts show that in the relegation season McLaren increased the value of the first team squad from about £47m to £115m, spending alot of money on acquiring new players – money going to selling clubs, players and agents.

      The accounts show no payment of money to Ashley, MASH or SD. Teams of accountants and auditors confirm the accounts are correct. SD might get free advertising (it is not actually clear from the accounts whether this is still the case), but receiving a benefit is not the same as “skimming off the top”. Your assertion is groundless.

      The income of the club is accounted for by professionals who do understand accounts and are (at least basic) “mathematicians”. By your own admission, you are neither.

    • Alan Rowbotham

      The main thing that does not add up is we do not have 52 home games a season, in addition you are probably overvaluing average ticket prices by at least a tenner

  • Guest 2

    Self evident. Players out and non signings are all to do with how Ashley’s accounts look. Football doesn’t come into it.

    • Mark Potter

      But none of those players were sold. The loan deals have generated virtually no income to the club. And are offset by the incoming loan deals. We could easily be paying more for Slimani alone than we receive for Woodman, Colback, Saivet, Sterry and Aarons.

      And Rafa said more than six months ago (well before the summer transfer window opened) that he would use the loan market to the full to improve the playing squad. He always knew that getting a striker in particular would be difficult if we were to buy one outright, because of the huge loss of income from last year in the Championship. He bought players for defence and midfield. But has tried to get Abrahams, Sturridge and Slimani, and maybe others, on loan.

      Despite this, it is also clear that the club tried to buy Jorgensen. I’m sure that deal would have been concluded if anyone outside of the Prem had been willing to offer the club £10 million or more for Mitro. Or even that any clubs were prepared to pay a few million each for Colback, Saivet etc. Hopefully, they will all move on for fees in the summer, and if we are still in the Premiership, then Rafa can buy Jorgensen or some other £20m plus striker.

  • Mxpx

    In fairness I think our loaning out of players makes sense in each individual case other than mitrovic

    Aarons – needs a regular run of first team football which he’s not getting

    Armstrong – needs to score goals build confidence and bulk up a little

    Sterry needs to be in the shop window for a lower league club

    Colback – needs to refind his form or go and this puts him in the shop window if he doesn’t smash it

    Woodman – needs regular football to help him become potentially our first choice

    However as pointed out this leaves us rather short so what should have happened is we should have signed some players ready to slot straight into our team if we can survive this campaign which is a massive if and make Kennedy a permanent signature then sign a premier league quality striker or two then assuming we don’t sell lacelles merino or shelvey wed be a solid mid table club which mr Ashley might get his £350 mil for however this is a pipe dream we all know that no strikers will be paid for unless Adam Armstrong does a harry kane or mitrovic scores 15 for fulham and rafa picks him we will have joselu and gayle when we get to summer

  • robbersdog

    Curtis Good? Is he still at our club? It must be weird spending 5 years at one club, and never actually getting a game.

    Mind you…when we loaned him to Bradford, he actually played in the 2013 League Cup Final!

    • Carbine

      He was well liked at Dundee United and then injured playing for Australia. The medical team at Newcastle took ages to work out how to treat it and eventually it was fixed in USA. If he can live up to his early promise and he is still young he may turn out to surprise a few who have written him off.

  • Andy Mac

    No room for Sammi Ameobi then ? Oh wait…………………..🤔