Earlier today it was revealed (see below) by Newcastle United that Jonjo Shelvey had sustained a knee injury on Saturday.

An official announcement from the club said that it came about when the midfielder collided with goalkeeper Martin Dubravka.

Shelvey is set to be ‘further assessed’ and to have the injury ‘scanned’ this week.

However, later on Tuesday there has been another update, from Craig Hope who covers Newcastle United for The Mail, he often has an insight into what is happening at the club with various exclusives.

He says that against expectations, there is a chance that Jonjo Shelvey could still play at Anfield on Saturday.

The man from The Mail saying that once the swelling eases they will be able to make a proper diagnosis, with being able to play on, one of the possibilities.

However, there is also an admission that there is the potential for this to be a ‘longer-term’ problem.

Just to put the icing on the cake, Craig Hope reveals that Jonjo Shelvey has also ‘been receiving painkilling injections’ and that this caused him problems late on at Bournemouth.

The midfielder seen doubled up with his hands on his knees as Bournemouth scored their two goals.

Craig Hope who covers Newcastle for The Mail:

“Understand Jonjo Shelvey could yet be fit for Liverpool on Sat if knee scan reveals no serious damage once swelling eases.

“But there’s a fear of longer-term layoff, too.

“He’s also been receiving painkilling injections in groin in recent weeks and was feeling that late on at Bournemouth.”

The Mag – Tuesday 27 February 2018 (earlier today):

Bad news on Tuesday lunchtime as Newcastle United have announced that Jonjo Shelvey has suffered a knee injury.

The midfielder is set to have a scan and will be assessed further this week.

The injury occurred during Saturday’s 2-2 draw at Bournemouth.

Much was made after the match regarding poor defending from Jonjo Shelvey.

Frank Lampard in particular on Match of The Day pointed to Shelvey with doubled over with his hands on his knees standing outside the box, as each of the goals hit the back of the net.

Lampard suggesting Jonjo Shelvey had a ‘concentration’ problem.

That may need to be reassessed now…

Up until the late goals, Shelvey had had a decent match, playing a part in most dangerous attacks and he was key to making the first goal for Dwight Gayle.

He did miss a sitter shortly before Bournemouth pulled their first goal back.

Against Manchester United, Jonjo Shelvey had easily his best game of the season and probably of his entire time at Newcastle.

Recent games had also suggested he was building a decent partnership with Mohamed Diame.

You would imagine that he will definitely miss Saturday against Liverpool and then Southampton at home the following week.

Though with the Spurs match set to be put back, it could help Shelvey and Newcastle, as it would be almost five weeks from now until the eighth last game of the season when Newcastle host Huddersfield on 31 March.

Sky Sports are reporting that the injury was picked up when Shelvey collided with Martin Dubravka.

Newcastle United Official Statement:

Jonjo Shelvey suffered a knee injury during Saturday’s draw at AFC Bournemouth.

The midfielder will be further assessed and scanned this week.

Shelvey – who turned 26 on Tuesday – has made 23 appearances for the Magpies so far this season, scoring once.

  • Wor Lass

    It`s a funny old game! Is Jonjo a lazy git who can`t concentrate long enough to track a man back to his own box or a selfless hero who is risking longer-term injury by soldiering on for the team with pain-killing injections? Shades of the “Captain Clot” accusations last season and further evidence that the fans don`t actually know everything, even though we think we do. I hope he`s there against Liverpool because his passing could just catch out their defence. If only we had someone reliably capable of cashing in.

    • MichaelMaximusMoose

      So, here we go again, Jonjo carrying an injury as did Capt Clot last season.
      no wonder the guy couldn`t track back.
      i`ll always back Shelvey as he`s the best player we have.
      It`s all down to the Pig leaving the manager with a weak as p1 $$ squad

      • Wor Lass

        If they know what the injury is and the guys are willing to soldier on then there`s no problem. Jamaal got his sorted at the end of last season and he`s had no after effects. If Jonjo can help us survive and then go under the knife then he`s done a good job. The lad deseerves a bit of respect.

        • mentalman

          is soldering on going to help though, i don’t totally blame him for the goals at the weekend but maybe a player who wasn’t injured may have got back to stop the goals. If he is carrying this injury he needs to be managed and not left to play 90mins and leave the team short in the final stages of a game

          • Wor Lass

            I don`t think it was the injury – I reckon he was just knackered. For the second one he`d just run around like a madman trying to close two players down. They just missed him out and the ball went into the box. I don`t think he`d have been able to get anywhere near it if he`d tried. Makes you wonder what`s wrong with Merino if Rafa`s not bringing him on at times like that.

    • Mitros gotta start

      We do….thanks to rafa he plays for fulham

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    Maybe the clowns that were slagging the lad off will now think again

    • anyobrien

      He should of asked to be subbed. 🤷‍♂️

      • MichaelMaximusMoose

        maybe he did, who knows. i watched the match & he was struggling from the 70min mark

        • anyobrien

          Aye ya, reet

    • Down Under Mag

      I think most were just pointing out that he was failing to track back and cost us both goals. If he was struggling then that explains it but it still doesn’t help the two dropped points – even if he couldn’t be subbed he should have been switched up front so that someone who could put a shift in was playing in the centre of the park. Again, either he needed to let Rafa know, or Rafa needed to make a change, if not in personell at least in position and tactics. Who is solely to blame is up for debate, but at least Shelvey had a reason so those who did go over the top can ease up a bit.

  • thewildchimp

    Definitely should sit out the Pool game, even if he’s fit. A single sprint might cause ligament or tendon tearing and he might be out for a year or two or end up on a surgery desk. We aren’t chasing points there, anyway.

  • Down Under Mag

    To be honest I expect us to get hammered at Anfield so there is no sense risking him. All about damage limitation and keep our goal difference intact and we all know Shelvey isn’t the hard tackling tracking back defensive minded midfielder even when he’s 100%. Keep him for more important games to come.