At the moment, Sunderland are the equivalent of a comedian who is on such a hot run, he/she just can’t stop writing killer punchlines.

They are the gift that keeps on giving.

Bottom of the Premier League last season, now bottom of the Championship this season with only 14 games remaining.

The amazing thing is that arguably (certainly?), the Mackems are in an even bigger mess off the pitch.

Recent days had seen claims that Ellis Short was willing to drop his asking  price and sell off Sunderland for only £50m. A figure which gets you a Premier League defender (Kyle Walker) who can’t defend these days.

Now Thursday has seen reports from the BBC’s Richard Conway, saying that Ellis Short is believed to have made it known he will let the club go for nothing, or a nominal £1 according to reports elsewhere.

The new valuation and passing onto a new owner is dependent on taking on a certain amount of debt though.

A total of £68m is in the club’s books owed to Security Bank Corporation, this would definitely need to be taken on by a new owner.

However, Richard Conway says that he understands that Ellis Short may well be willing to also write off £69m which is on the club’s books as owed to him.

Desperate times at a club whose fans were laughing  at Newcastle supporters only 21 months ago…

The BBC’s Richard Conway:

“Short was asking up to £170m at one stage (as recently as 2016) when club in Premier League.

“Now prepared to take zero.

“Gross debt is £137m.

“He may be willing to forego his share (£69m) as part of any deal.

“Balance (of debt is) £68m owed to Security Bank Corporation.”

To add to the gloom over Wearside, there has also been a classic today from one of the few national newspaper journalists covering north football who leans more towards Sunderland than Newcastle.

Louise Taylor has covered Newcastle and Sunderland for many years and has often been accused of bias by NUFC fans.

However, in a piece about Sunderland/Chris Coleman, she has inadvertently added to the sense of ridicule Sunderland fans are feeling at this time.

The journalist claiming that the Sunderland Manager has shown his commitment to the Mackems by moving his family to…Newcastle.

Louise Taylor writing in The Guardian:

Coleman, who has fully committed himself to “this massive club” by relocating his family from Winchester to Newcastle, says he “understands the supporters’ frustration”. Until recently he talked enthusiastically of rebuilding Sunderland but now seems less certain. “If we’re serious about making progress, we need to spend money,” he said. “But I don’t know what will happen in the summer.”

  • Paul Patterson

    Ooh, ooh, I’ll buy it.
    I’ve got a fiver. I want the club, the ground the players, the whole city and I want change..

    • Mike

      traitor next you will be selling season tickets for a fiver

    • Kneebotherm8

      A fiver?……that gets you five sunluns………

  • Aspri11a

    …Awaits Mike ashley to sell Newcastle, buy Sunderland and hire Joe kinear to sort the mess out

    • Damon Horner

      I honestly believe it was why Ashley wanted a sale before Christmas.

    • Kneebotherm8

      Not a bad buy for a quid…..

  • Kev-82

    Not just cheesy chips on offer for a quid.

  • Scott Robinson

    You can buy a box of matches for a £1 and burn SAFC to the ground and put them out of their misery; there would be a bigger and more enthusiastic crowd to watch that Stadium of Light.

    • Cockneytrev



    Probably moving to Newcastle so he can be closer to his players.

  • GToon

    Lucky they haven’t got Ashley in charge or he’d be holding out for £250m.

    • Danimal

      Absolutely, at least their man is doing the decent thing and writing off some of the debt.

      • Down Under Mag

        The difference is Short is haemorrhaging money while Ashley is making money. I am quite sure if Ashley was havign to fork out money just to stop the club goin ginto administration he would be lowering his asking price…right now it’s a nice little earner for him, he’ sguarranteed a lump sum if he ever does sell and he is on the verge of proving you can stay in the top flight with minimal investment and avoiding the inflated wages.

        • Danimal

          When Ash inevitably takes us down for a third time the whole thing will look a lot like the mess down the road.

        • Cockneytrev

          He’s made millions out of NUFC

      • Cockneytrev


  • Monkseaton Magpies

    He is putting in three million a month to keep the club alive otherwise it’s administration. This guy has a couple of hundred million in and failed big style. However no one wants to buy the club. Compare where Newcastle are and it shows what a good job Ashley has done compared to Sunderland, Boro and Leeds.
    This site hates him but without his backing we could have been in Sunderland’ s position or worse. However no thanks from this site just hatred very sad people.
    On the second point no Sunderland players or managers live in Pennywell or Castletown why would they when they can live in Darras Hall or Monkseaton.

    • Chuck D

      What you fail to realise is how close we have been and still are to following them.
      If we go down again and Rafa walks do you honestly think we’ll bounce straight back up?!
      The Mackems are the ghost of Christmas future if we don’t get a new owner.

      • HarryHype59

        100% agreed!

      • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

        A new owner will not stop us from going down.

        We don’t have their wage bill and we have saleable assets. We could go down and shift the players out. This tends to suggest the coach is not getting enough out if the players whilst in the EPL

        • HarryHype59

          “We don’t have their wage bill”

          That may be true to an extent. However there are a number of flops who are on big premiership contracts! Mitro, Colback and Sels are on around £180k a week between them!

          If another relegation occurs those wages will still have to be covered.

          • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

            Colback is at the end of his contract, Mitro will get a move, his wage is reasonable for a striker, Sels was a Rafa mistake who will move

          • HarryHype59

            Moving on players on big wages is never easy. It will not be as straight forward as you think!

          • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

            Moving on good players is easy. Mitrivic only stayed because he wanted to

          • HarryHype59

            Colbeck, Mitro and Sels are not good players. I doubt any prospective buyers, will be able or willing to afford the wages they are earning at NUFC!

          • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

            Colback will move on if we stay up, if we go down, he’ll play for us in his last season.

            Mitro didn’t want to go in the summer, he had offers and wanted to stay because he thought he could prove himself in the EPL. He will get plenty offers in the summer and is doing quite nicely at the moment. As a fairly useful striker on £45k a week, it may sound mad but he’s not that expensive.

            I think we all agree that Rafa will move on if we go down. The players we can’t sell will remain as the Championship team. We have around £150m of player sales available in the squad and the remaining players can get out of the Championship.

      • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

        If we go down, we will sell enough players to avoid the problem. We have control over wages, Sunderland did not.

        None of Sunderland’s players were saleable except Pickford who wasn’t on big wages. Defoe had a relegation release clause but was on enormous wages.

    • Danimal

      At least if they choose Monkseaton they are guaranteed not to be the ‘only Mackem in the village’.

      • Kneebotherm8

        Monkseaton or Monkwearmouth?……….I’m sure that’s where MM lives….

        • Jezza

          He doesn’t actually live in either of those places. He lives in Manchester and is a season ticket holder at Old Trafford. He found Monkseaton on google maps and chose that name purely for the purposes of alliteration. When he first registered that ID he even spelt Monkseaton wrong.

          • Cockneytrev

            He never denies it in any one of is guises,,,,

          • Jezza

            He can’t deny it, he’s been found out.

          • Kneebotherm8

            Very believable Jezza…..definitely not a toon fan

    • Danimal

      By the way, your sentences are structured in a very similar way to those moronic tweets that the leader of the free world keeps treating us to. ‘Mike Ashley is a good guy’, people who hate him are ‘bad dudes’. ‘Very sad’.

    • Mrkgw

      So, you dislike this site and yet, keep coming back for more time and time again. Lol

      • Jezza

        He keeps coming back because he is a compulsive troll who’s only pleasure in life is winding people and provoking a reaction.

    • Cockneytrev

      We have to like Ashley because we haven’t done a Sunderland or Leeds? Why haven’t we done a Spurs, or Everton, or Man City, we were miles ahead of these three clubs and many more who are now way ahead of us,, ( don’t say that Man City have a nations wealth because when Ashley bought us he could have bought top players for a fraction of the price now and we were a world wide brand, we army now)
      Go and troll some other site you hoop licker👅👅

      • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

        Nobody says we have to like him but we should be realistic.

        We haven’t done a Spurs because they started from a better position than we were and happened to have a very good youth policy in the naughties as well as a set of managers who got it right.

        Everton? if we survive this season, I think we’re better off than Everton.

        Man City? it may be something to do with having a lot more money than us / Mike Ashley. I’m not sure, we’ll have to look into it but the availability of mega amounts of money rings a bell.

        What has Status Quo got to do with all this?

        It’s the fall back position of simple folk to blame a loss of a debate on someone trolling.

        • HarryHype59

          Just a thought;

          Under this regime, why haven’t this club had a good youth policy and appointed a set of managers who got it right?

          • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

            Well the youth development went wrong in the 90’s with KK.

            Daglish tried buying in to fill the gaps.

            Ruud tried to use youth players and concluded they were no good.

            Bobby tried buying youth and developing.

            Roeder managed to get things in place but was then given the top job when Souness left but we did see fruit in Carroll.

            Under Ashley, we have trickles coming through but the policy of buying in young propects has been moaned about by fans.

            As for managers, we offered the Spurs manager the job before he joined Spurs, fans went mad at the idea and he turned us down.

          • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

            The only club to have got it right recently are Spurs and Southampton, I’d have thought every club would love to know why they can’t get it right.

            Here’s a thought, if you looked on Spurs’, Arsenal’s, Everton’s forums 2010-2014 people were saying we had the magic touch.

        • stephen douglas

          When you say “Spurs have a set of managers in the naughties that got it right”. Which one do you mean, they’ve had 11 managers in the ‘naughties’ and won 1 league cup. Yes, thats one more than us but we’ve won 2 more Championships more than them !!!!!

          • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

            They had a good youth set up in the naughties, their good managers came later on, particularly Harry Rednapp.

      • Jezza

        It’s not just Man City, Spurs and Everton who have left us behind since Fatso took over it’s also clubs like Burnley, Watford, Crystal Palace, Huddersfield, Brighton, Swansea and Bournemouth. Ten years ago the idea that we wouldn’t be able to compete with these teams either on the pitch or in the transfer market would have been unthinkable. Now it is a sad fact of life. That is how much Fatso has lowered standards at our club.

        • Mrkgw

          Quite right. Beyond comprehension. Hall sold us a dud in Mike Ashley – that much we know for sure. Keegan saw it years ago.

        • Cockneytrev

          Exactly,, I just couldn’t be bothered to name the whole division,, the thing is Wolves are backed now and hey will be coming up next year,,, it beggars belief how far we’ve fallen,,,

          • Jezza

            Middlesborough too. They’ve also got the kind of spending power Newcastle fans can only dream of these days. The thing that sickens me most is that Newcastle United are now raking in far more money than at any time in the club’s history but are now being run on the financial lines of a Conference team in administration.

    • Paul Smith

      You say we might be in Sunderlands place without Mike Ashley… I say we might very well have never got relegated without him. It’s been on his watch that we’ve gone down TWICE and so it’s him who has put us in danger of “doing a Leeds” in the 1st place. It’s funny that other established premier league clubs aren’t battling relegation nearly every season. Why does it keep happening at Newcastle ?

      The 1st time we went down he appointed a guy with no experience (Houghton) and gave him nothing to spend in the summer and close to nothing in January… So how does he deserve any credit for us winning promotion that year ? He got lucky that Houghton proved to be good for us and the players that stayed performing. Don’t try and kid anyone that he knew Houghton was going to do the job he did after he’d never held a management position in his life… It was just another in a long list of strange managerial appointments before we got Benitez.

      • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

        Something had to change, it happened to be Mike Ashley. We were in Sunderland’s position of 2 years ago in 2007. Hemorrhaging money and overpaid non-performing assets.

        Ashley didn’t get it all right but someone had to address the problems.

        • TheFatController

          So adding £60m to the debt has addressed the haemorhaging of money…? Can you do my tax return next year?

          • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

            He’s not added £60m of debt, he’s added around £50m of asset. We were insolvent to the tune of £20m and not positive up at £33m.

      • Jezza

        We will be in Sunderland’s position soon enough and it will be purely because of Ashley.

    • gallowgate26

      Monkseaton… Haha!

    • HarryHype59

      Without the TV money NUFC would have done a “Leeds” years ago! In fact we may be in a similar position to our Mackem neighbours if another relegation occurs.

    • DavyB

      Still banging Ashleys drum I see. Yawn!

      • MadMag83

        *Correction*, there’s no drum involved.

    • TheFatController

      In the next Batman movie, where Monkseaton Magpie, the weird Ashley apologist and nemesis of Batman, escapes for the Arkham Asylum, who would you most like to play you …?

  • shellington

    Mr Coleman seems poorly advised in his choice of club but his property sense is spot on. No man of taste would be seen dead living in a SR1 postcode.

    • Whickhamrobbie

      Where he chooses to live is irrevelant hes renting a posh gaff me and you will never afford . there are some lovely places near sunderland but these people all congregate together in their ivory towers .
      The main question is why he chose Sland in the first place, that shows more lack of jugemant than where he lives.

  • Andy Mac

    Here you go Fatman choose the honourable path and sell for 1p or a £1 ?

    PS No makem imports risk living within the valley of death otherwise they may never be the same again ? #zombiemakems

  • gallowgate26

    Nowt wrong with a bit Coleman’s on your Roast beef dinner. Or even better, on your ham and mustard sandwich. Mmm I like Coleman’s me.

  • Alan

    Management saved Newcastle not M Ashly not a fan of Sunderland or NUFC all you fans should stop moaning atleast your both in the top two divisions of the EFL’s for now.

    • anyobrien


  • HarryHype59

    Sunderland had ten consecutive years of top flight TV money! How they have debt levels of this magnitude is staggering! Incompetence doesn’t enter in to it.

    They aso made another mistake appointing Gary Numan’s brother. They would have been better off keeping Larry!

    • FatParosite

      We have similar debt levels.

      • HarryHype59

        It isn’t a real debt to an external creditor, just a made up number aimed at ring fencing the fat lads “investment”

  • Rich Lawson

    Ellis Short is a billionaire who buys up sports franchises without any real knowledge of the teams,it’s just an investment.How many times has he been to Roker Plight ? If he walks away now, it’s just a line in the accounts.To many recent owners don’t really give a toss about what they have bought other than the profit involved. Hello Mike (and numerous others,Blackburn,Hull, etc) !?

  • MadMag83

    “But I don’t know what will be happen in the summer…”

    I think I can help you with that one Chris, you’ll be out of a job and the wife will be kicking your head for jacking the Wales job in. Meanwhile Sunderland will be selling off what remaining players they have of any value in order to prepare for League One, perhaps with Colback returning as player/manager.