Crystal Palace fans are full of it after Sunday’s draw.

The overwhelming opinion being that they should have comfortably won…6-1 according to one of them!

As for the penalty, it is pretty unanimous from them that it was the right decision…with even many claiming that THEY were hard done by, when not getting a second spot-kick for a supposed Shelvey shirt pull.

On TV replays Ciaran Clark did have hold of Benteke’s shirt but these kind of penalties are given once a season if you are lucky/unlucky, as every other corner would produce one these days.

As for deserving to win, as the away team Newcastle did plenty enough in the first half to be deserving of a draw and the fact Palace couldn’t score a single goal without a helping hand/flag from the pedantic linesman, says it all.

Interesting to see the praise for both Yedlin and Dummett for the jobs they did on Zaha and Townsend, maybe something that was missed by many Newcastle fans?

Crystal Palace fans commenting via their top Holmesdale.Net message board:

‘Got to say their right back was quick. Was it Yedlin? Wilf gave up having foot races with him. And that did force Wilf into being more of a playmaker than his usual attacking self.’

‘Yes it was Yedlin whom they signed for £5 Mill from Tottenham.’

 ‘Yep. Thought their left back Dummet was good today too. Restricted us down both flanks.’

‘Townsend didn’t get a look-in against Dummett, a player who has played at both left-back and at centre-half.

‘Last year I heard that he divides opinions amongst Newcastle fans.’

‘Happy with the result today three points would have been great but respect the point. If we keep on creating chances it will click and someone is going to get spanked.

I am concerned about Milo’s penalty. His run up was awful and telegraphed to the keeper which way he was going. I hope he works on that.’

‘It was so frustrating amount of chances we had to win it and all we got is a lucky penalty we’ve just got to get them wins not draws, if we don’t there’s just one place we’ll be next season.’

‘We should of had 2 penalties for blatant shirt pulling in the box.’

‘I’d have Shelvey over Cabaye any day.’

‘Looking at the game overall, in my humble estimation it was definitely 2 points lost rather than a point gained.

Disappointing first half, totally different in the second half and overall given all our attempts and near misses we fully deserved to win.

As for Townsend – well off the pace and a disappointment throughout.

When one considers our next 4 games, we really are in a precarious position.’

Benitez is doing the “we wuz robbed” routine (dodgy pen). I mean; really?!’

‘One of those days where the harder you try to score the harder it gets but Newcastle there for taking second half and probably happier with the point than us. how many chances?

Difficult to pin down a points target but could be unusually high this season maybe 42.’

‘Apart from that pen the ref did pretty well everything Benitez could have asked, even down to giving goal kicks for obvious corners and throw-ins their way which were clearly ours.’

‘On the upside the pitch invader did a good job of pressing their back line. Well better than Benteke anyway!’

‘Sloppy performance all round, Christ Newcastle were dog s… and we still couldn’t finish them off.’

‘Imagine the melt down on here if Sorloth had come on and lost his man at a corner for a Newcastle winner. All complete hypothetical rubbish saying he should have been brought on. We were excellent second half and we’ll win enough games if we play like that again.’

‘How do you think they scored their goal. Someone (our defenders) lost their man and Newcastle scored!’

‘Credit to RB’s Newcastle. For a change no one tried to kick Wilf out of the game. What a scintillating talent he is. Most exciting player in the Prem.’

‘Rafas gonna be chuffed to bits, that’s 4 points he’s got out of us this season.’

‘Watched on TV. Could hear the Newcastle fans constantly booing Cabaye and Townsend.

Were any of us booing Gayle or did he not see enough of the ball to tell? Hope not.

Bit pathetic of them. Don’t think we’d blame a player for leaving us if PSG came in for them or if we were relegated and a premiership team came in with a fair offer.’

‘Gayle got a decent clap when his name was announced.’

‘We snuffed out Dwight G – he was anonymous.

An entertaining match. We deserved three points but at least we denied them three.’

‘Newcastle are poor and I am confident we will finish above them.’

‘Disappointed today, should have taken all 3 points.

Toon had one good chance and converted, we had loads and finishing was non existent. 2nd half was all Palace bar the odd break but shooting needs to improve, Cabaye in particular needs to keep his head down.’

‘Let down by poor finishing.

Compose yourself and side-foot the ball in, but no Wilf is blazing it over the bar as of old, others just as bad.

Newcastle were quite good actually I don’t think there are any bad teams in the PL.’

‘Not satisfied with result but I thought we deserved to win and created plenty of openings in the second half and end of first half. I’ve seen us play far worse.

We were much better than Newcastle. If we play like that we’ll win more than we lose.’

‘We certainly improved with 3 man midfield. We’re clearly better than Newcastle and 2 other sides. I’m confident we’ll start up.’

‘If we don’t finish above Newcastle I’ll be amazed. It’s another point, could have been 3, but it’s a point closer to safety.’

‘Could and should have won 6-1. Most one sided draw I’ve seen for ages.’

‘Poor first 20 mins. You can’t concede 75% possession at home to teams like Newcastle and defend so poorly. Better teams would of scorched us then and there. All our offensive players need to work on shooting, 21 shots and only 6 on target is not good enough.

Newcastle had 11 shots, 8 on target. If they all spent hours doing this in training they would test the goalie more. Might be boring but effective.’

‘Yedlin is awesome! Can’t pass him.

Should have gotten this guy when he was up for sale.’

  • anyobrien

    Took 4 points off them and cabaye went on strike…. Next?

  • Benmagpie

    Anyone notice Townsend’s rug?? He was bald as a coot when he was at ours!!!! Must have gone to see Rooney’s hair doctor!!!

    • Kneebotherm8

      Aye he had a couple knitted for him…..

    • HarryHype59

      I had the same thought myself!

    • Geordiegiants

      Ha ha was saying that last night as well. He looked like peter Sutcliffe.

      • Danimal

        Sure it wasn’t Trelford Mills?

        • Geordiegiants

          I know who he is, but I’m a little bit to young to remember what he looks like. ( Never said that for a while ) 😃

          • Danimal

            Sounds a bit like me trying to describe Lady Luck.

    • Danimal

      You can get the rug doctor from B & Q for about £20. It works wonders on beer and curry-stained carpets, not sure how it performs on reputation-stained Premier League footballers.

    • Jezza

      Well spotted. That’s a definite syrup.

  • John

    “These are 1 a season penalties”

    Well no if you pull someone’s shirt off their back it’s a penalty you wally. Why don’t you change the name of this site to “The most biased one way column about how great Benitez and Newcastle are, and how bad Mike Ashley and anyone who speaks common sense about Newcastle are”.

    • stevetoontoon

      Same penalty incident benteke had is hands all over clark…. later on palace had corner 2 ncle players had hold of shirts while 3 palace players had hold of our shirts….. might as well say every corner kick will be upgraded to a penalty!!! Never a pen

      • Geordiegiants

        Every single corner is a pen for every single club if that was one. It’s a pure pish take.

        • stevetoontoon

          Defo….if it happens anywhere else on pitch its allowed… zaha spun yedlin around twice aboot 5 mins later

    • Danimal

      Nice job shoehorning ‘Mike Ashley’ and ‘common sense’ into the same sentence. What next, ‘Gary Glitter’ and ‘babysitting’?

      • Benmagpie

        Hahahaha I just choked on me tea laughing

        • Danimal

          As Father Ted would have said, “sorry about that”.

      • John

        Yeah man, net spend of £80m over 3 seasons and paid off all the clubs debts. What a c***.

        • Danimal

          Which 3 seasons are those? You haven’t included casino spend have you? And last time I checked that loan of his had got bigger…oh hang on, are you talking about Gary Glitter?

        • Albert Stubbins

          that’s absolute nonsense Jon.

      • Rich Lawson

        I believe his rates are very competitive.

    • wheyayeman

      Hmmm a few common sense reasons why it makes NO SENSE to support the current regime:

      In 2003, Newcastle had a higher revenue than Barcelona. In 2017, we had a lower revenue than Bournemouth.

      From 2007 to 2016, Newcastle’s match day income dropped by 26%. Over the same period, Arsenal’s increased by 10%, Spurs by 32%, West Ham by 59% and Liverpool’s by 62%.

      In 2007, NUFC had the 13th highest income in the world. In 2017, we didn’t feature in the top 30.

      From 1892 to 2007, NUFC were relegated 4 times. In the 10 years since, we’ve been relegated twice and escaped a further two relegations on the last day of the season.

      Newcastle’s gross debt in 2007 was £76.6m. In 2017, it was £144m.

      From 2007 to 2016, Newcastle’s commercial income dropped by 9%. Over the same period, Spurs increased by 81%, Liverpool by 177%, Arsenal by 181% and West Ham’s by 233%.

      In the 5 seasons prior to Ashley taking over, NUFC averaged 8th place in the Premier League. In the ten seasons since, they’ve averaged 15th place.

      In 2007, only 30% of NUFC’s revenue was generated by broadcasting income. In 2016, NUFC were reliant on broadcasting for 59% of their revenue.

      In the 5 seasons prior to Ashley taking over, NUFC averaged a net spend of £9.5m per season on transfers. Since then, we’ve averaged £3.4m whilst receiving over £0.5b in TV income.

      The average net spend on transfers by other club owners – Lerner : Aston Villa (£17m), Abramovich : Chelsea (£55m), Henry : Liverpool (£19m), Hicks /Gillett : Liverpool (£8m), Glazer : Man Utd (£45m), Abu Dhabi : Man City (£87m)

      In the 5 seasons prior to Ashley taking over, NUFC qualified twice for the Champions League and twice for the UEFA cup. In the ten years since then, we’ve qualified only once for the Europa League.

      Sports Direct’s share price has increased by 33% since 2007. They have not paid a penny in stadium advertising to NUFC over that time.

      Since 2007, every Premier League club have broken their transfer record. Except Newcastle United.

      In 2007, Newcastle had the third biggest stadium in England. It’s now the 7th biggest.

      • Cockneytrev

        Great post!!!!

      • Ram Kishore

        Spot on
        All these things things will prove him to be a bad owner but a shrewd businessman..

        • wheyayeman

          He’s not even shrewd – the whole business has shrunk beyond recognition on his watch!

    • Tomb

      A clear bias from these sites is showing the manager in a positive light at all times including only photos of a smiling relaxed Benitez giving the impression he is in complete control whereas previous managers would have articles showing them looking gormless scratching their heads to portray them as clueless even after a decent result

  • Geordiegiants

    Bunch of second rate fans, at a second rate stadium, in a third world area, with a dinosaur manager.

    • HarryHype59

      Who us or them?

      • Geordiegiants

        Ha ha lol. Them South London!

  • Danimal

    It wasn’t a ‘supposed’ shirt pull by Shelvey, it was a clear shirt pull. However, while the commentators were bleating about it, the cameras were focussed as clear as day on a Palace player with a handful of a Newcastle shirt.

  • Danimal

    Also, interesting to see they are all talking about whether they can scrape together 40-ish points to stay up. From the daily comments on here, you’d think there was only one team in a relegation battle, not nine or ten.

    • stevetoontoon

      Palace got a lot of long term injuries and play top 5 or 6 in next 5 games think theyre doon to 17 first timers noo

    • Albert Stubbins

      some joker reckons 42 points to stay up- no way. 37 will be enough this season- there’s ten team that could feasibly still go down.

  • Tomb

    Can’t agree with the article soft pen maybe but overall palace should have won that comfortably. Draw a decent result for us

    • gallowgate26

      Soft penalty, there will have been 15 like that this weekend not given, yet Palace fans think they should have two! Can you imagine us getting one like that next week against Man U??!! Did we deserve to win on the balance of play? No. But sometimes you win when you don’t deserve to because the other team are so poor at finishing. It was one of those games where we would have taken an underserved three points IMO, if it weren’t for the linesman. Rightly or wrongly.

      • mentalman

        the second incident was worse than the actual penalty

      • Tomb

        Shelvey could easily have had a penalty against him. Diame should have been called for handball against swansea and if so would have been a pen and a red card and a probable disastorous defeat to a rival. Burnley would have had a pen against us midweek if VAR was in use. So I dont feel too hard done by

  • gallowgate26

    Aye right-o, Newcastle are dogs s.. If we stay up we could use another 4 points from ya’s next season. Cheers.

  • Monkseaton Magpies

    Good to see their fans praising Dummett always has a steady game and it’s because he is a local lad that fans do not rate him. Kept Townsend fairly quiet so a good asset to the team. The problems are further up the field where we lack body strength and get pushed off the ball to easily. Yedlin gets a good mention to. Our goal difference is good compared to those a round us and this is down to the defence not scoring goals.