The Premier League relegation battle is set to take many twists and turns.

With Saturday’s action definitely suggesting that if Newcastle are to get out of trouble, they will need to pick up a decent number of points themselves rather than relying on others to keep them out of trouble.

Seven of Newcastle’s relegation rivals were in action of Saturday afternoon and there was a mixed bag of results and plenty of drama.

Everton look to have removed themselves from any fears of the drop with a 3-1 win over Palace, taking them to 34 points.

However, the defeat for Palace means that a point for Newcastle would take them above Roy Hodgson’s team on goal difference. Palace have Spurs, Man Utd and Chelsea up next so hopefully that will keep them down at the bottom.

West Ham have given themselves a small amount of daylight by pulling five points clear of Newcastle and the drop zone. However, they defeated Watford 2-0 and so that keeps the Hornets still involved in the relegation fight, both they and West Ham now on 30 points.

The really bad news is that Swansea beat Burnley with an 81st minute goal today, scored by former Mackem Ki Sung-Yueng. Since drawing at Newcastle, the Swans have now won three and drawn two in their five PL games, and as a result are now two places and two points ahead of Newcastle – this after looking in a hopeless position no so long ago.

The real drama though was at Stoke, the Potters trailing to a 32nd minute goal from Brighton’s Izquierdo. Shaqiri eventually equalising in the 68th minute.

However, the real drama was in the final minute, Stoke awarded a penalty and the spot-kick held up because Jese and Charlie Adams were arguing over who should take it.

If it goes in, Stoke are out of the bottom three and Newcastle drop to 18th. The delay didn’t do him any favours and Adams saw his penalty saved.

The ideal result really as it keeps Stoke below Newcastle on goal difference, plus Brighton are still right in it. A win for Newcastle against Man Utd would see them above Chris Hughton’s team on goal difference.

As you can see in the up to date table below, Newcastle are out of the relegation zone but only on goal difference.

However, Newcastle could still find themselves in the bottom three before they play tomorrow, as Huddersfield will go above them if beating Bournemouth in the 12 noon kick-off on Sunday.

After Newcastle play the Mancs, you then have Southampton hosting Liverpool and then Chelsea at home to West Brom on Monday night. Wins for West Brom and/or Southampton would be really bad news for Newcastle, for who a point would be a brilliant result against Mourinho’s team tomorrow.

premier league

Tottenham 1 Arsenal 0

Kane 49

Everton 3 Crystal Palace 1

Sigurdsson 46, Niasse 51, Davies 75

Milivojevic 83 (pen)

Stoke 1 Brighton 1

Shaqiri 68

Izquierdo 32

Swansea 1 Burnley 0

Ki Sung-Yueng 81

West Ham 2 Watford 0

Hernandez 38, Arnautovic 78

Man City 1 Leicester 0 (after 40 minutes)

Sterling 3

Vardy 24


Huddersfield v Bournemouth (12 noon)

Newcastle United v Man Utd (2.15pm)

Southampton v Liverpool (4.30pm)


Chelsea v West Brom (8pm)

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    Well see tomorrow if our lot has the moral fibre to keep us up,
    even if we`re losing by 2 or 3 if they chuck their hand in then down we go, if they fight for 90 mins we may stay up.

  • East Durham Mag

    Don’t worry everyone its all part of Fattys masterplan.

    • gallowgate26

      We are exactly running to his plan, 17th on GD. Another bonus payment to Benitez.

  • Mitros gotta start

    Swansea are flying at the moment….amazing what you can do when you have a go…..far better to go down fighting and try and pick up a few wins… never know if you dont try….still our tactical genius knows what he is doing

    • scumtest

      They have BETTER players than us! Christ!..,

      • Mitros gotta start

        So what….they were rock bottom with almost the same players then they put a manager in charge that decided to try and have a go in games….and look at the results….amazing what you can do if you try and win a game

        • Ram Kishore

          Go and see the Leicester result.. They played like u wanted too..Got ripped apart

          • HarryHype59

            They are above us in the table now! Their form has vastly improved.

          • Ram Kishore

            Still they were ripped apart despite playing their best players

    • KRS1

      If Rafa had that Swansea squad he’d be top half. They have some genuine PL quality players.

    • HarryHype59

      Carlos Cavelio has transformed them. He did the double over our world class manager twice last season.

  • John Partland

    Newcastle are incapable of pulling off a shock result. We never get anything against the teams that are expected to beat us. You can bank on it tomorrow will be no different, if it’s under 3-0 Man Utd it’s a good result for us as we’re playing absolute garbage at the minute. Slimani will make no difference as Man Utd will be doing all the playing and we will be under siege from minute 1 to the final whistle. I made the point a while back that were in so much trouble because we’ve got so little quality in the squad and as a result we can’t pull shock results out of the bag. Teams like Swansea can because they have some premier league quality players in their squad. I’d love to be wrong, but we have taken 2 points from the top 10 this season. Really doesn’t fill you with any hope that we stand even the faintest chance of getting a draw tomorrow. We’ve still got less quality in the team now than we had in the side the last time we went down.

    • Jezza

      It’s just all so sadly predictable isn’t it.

      • HarryHype59

        Depressingly so!

    • anyobrien

      I’ll be there tomorrow but i 100% agree

    • John Partland

      Never been so happy to be proved wrong by Newcastle, hope they can do that again in the future. Still Dubravka had to make about 4/5 really good saves to give us that win. If he plays like that every game we have an absolute gem.

  • thewildchimp

    Howay people! What’s with the defeatist attitude? We only have two problems in the squad: not creating and converting enough chances, and, if we do, we drop back and concede possession. We play like neutered most of the time. But I strongly believe that these players have it in them to at least survive, like I believed in promotion last season! They aren’t playing against 19 ManCs, there are 9 clubs that are equally as “bad”, 5 that are good and 4 that are out of our league. If they prepare and play well, they’ll make it. That’s all there is to it.

  • HarryHype59

    I now think we are doomed! A deadly combination of bad summer buys and an unrealistic net spend ,means the Championship beckons yet again!

    What ever happened to the Rafalution?

    • Tino o

      Doomed! A bit early for that. Things aren’t exactly rosey but still 3 below us palace are crippled with injuries and can’t get a result. As for the rafalution fatty put a stop to that!

  • Tino o

    Hopefully Rafa and the team hasn’t given up like the majority on here praying we win today this site will be quiet if we do. It feels like some would be happy if we went down again well i and hopefully the team feel differently htl!!! You are supporters? Well support your team then!!

  • magpiefifer

    I got my prediction of us being in the bottom 3 this weekend wrong – thanks to Charlie Adam’s penalty miss!!
    Tino,the majority of fans on here haven’t given up on Rafa and the players – but we gave up on Ashley a long time ago,and just want to see him out of our club.
    Nothing would give me more joy than us avoiding relegation,but,being a realist,I see a third relegation under the ownership of the odious Mr Ashley!!.

    • Tino o

      You could still get it right if Huddersfield win and we get beat! Hopefully not.

      • magpiefifer

        Possibly,but I’m hoping Huddersfield keep losing!!!