On Wednesday we asked Newcastle fans the question –  What would be an acceptable naming rights price for St James Park if ambitious new owners were in charge?

This followed the release of a new report giving figures on what naming rights are worth for each Premier League club at the present time.

Those valuations go from £300,000 per season for Huddersfield at the bottom end, to £26.2m for Manchester United’s Old Trafford at the top end (see all 20 valuations HERE).

Newcastle were ranked 9th at £3.6m per season for Newcastle United.

Obviously these figures are largely just guesstimates and whether it is naming rights, buying a player, or buying a football club, something is simply worth what somebody else will pay.

However, as Newcastle fans, what would be an acceptable amount for you, if naming rights for St James Park were sold off, by new ambitious owners?

Any new owners of a football club will immediately be looking to bring in more cash, whether through increasing amounts banked via current revenue streams, or by opening up new ones…

It has happened in the past where new owners go into a club and the fans have been desperate for that change to happen, only to find that these new owners may have ideas on raising cash which clash with how you ideally see your club being run.

Clearly, Mike Ashley’s idea of handing the naming rights for free to his Sports Direct brand was something no Newcastle fan thought was a great idea.

However, if the Amanda Staveley bidders, or whoever, put out the idea of selling St James Park naming rights to help raise extra funds for Rafa Benitez to invest on players, what amount, if any, would be acceptable to you?

A range of options were given, from the £3.6m per season valuation suggested in this new report, up to the £26.2m per year Old Trafford is valued at, plus indeed an option to choose no amount of money would be acceptable.

These are the results to the question – What would be an acceptable naming rights price for St James Park if new ambitious owners were in charge?:

5% £3.6m per season

4% £5m per season

8% £10m per season

6% £15m per season

6% £20m per season

4% £26.2m per season

67% No amount is acceptable to rename St James Park

A pretty resounding response, with two thirds of Newcastle fans who responded saying they wouldn’t want naming rights to St James Park sold at any price.

As for those who would accept the idea, only 9% would be agreeable for a price less than £10m per season.

With European football an essential to be able to feasibly get a deal of £10m a season or better, clearly the idea, for Newcastle fans, of selling off naming rights, would be a non-starter no matter who is in charge of Newcastle United.

  • TheNutJob

    This should kick Leazes off

    • TheFatController

      Yes BetVictor Offshore Stadium?

      • Peaky Magpie

        😂🤣😂 Bloody hell……brace yourselves…

    • Leazes.

      Where are you going for your break with your brother Manhatton?

      • TheNutJob


        • Leazes.

          ‘The Muppets take Spain’

          • Peaky Magpie

            They are going on a pilgrimage to the birthplace of The Hoss.

  • Beaudan

    What an altogether pointless article!

  • Paul Patterson

    It’s not the issue of the naming rights. For £3m it would be pointless with the sums going around these days.
    If a figure of say £50m was PAID to have ‘yournamehere’@StJamesPark AND fans were sure that this money was going to be used to buy players, then I’m sure many would be ok with it. It will still be called St James’ Park after all, no matter what.
    Sadly, if £100m was offered up for this, we all know the team wouldn’t benefit from it with the current owner.

    • Ben Jones

      3m is a lot more than the sports direct perimeter advertising is worth but that doesn’t seem to be pointless as the fans never seem to stop banging on about it .

      I simply don’t understand why people believe ‘the team wouldn’t benefit’ from this 100m pie in the sky figure you quoted (should it happen for example) . Any money the club gets benefits the club FULLSTOP . The money stays in the club , the wealthier the club is the more the club is worth , but the sale price of the club doesn’t take this money out of the club , the sale price is determined by the total value of the club but it is different money

      The sooner people realise that everything they do to ‘harm’ Ashley is actually harming the club , the better

      • Ram Kishore

        It’s hard to say who gets harmed

  • Rich Lawson

    Really Mr Porter,”who gives a fk” Nobody home.away or media will call it anything other than St Jame’s,doesn’t matter what it says on the outside.

  • Paul Busby

    Anything less than £20m would be a largely pointless exercise in angering the fans. Fans will be angry regardless, but if sponsor isn’t obscenely controversial and the money is used to bring in some top class talent, I don’t think the protests would go on for too long.
    Everyone would still call it St James’ anyway.

  • bob0411

    The phrase ‘flogging a dead horse’ springs to mind here. Third pointless article on the subject this week, drop it already! And please don’t put ideas in our f*ckwit of an owner’s head!