Yesterday we asked the question, how many points will Newcastle United get from their final 12 Premier League games?

The relegation fight is unbelievably tight and despite Watford’s shock 4-1 smashing of Chelsea on Monday night lifting them slightly out of the pack, positions 12th to 19th are only separated by three points.

As the Premier League stands now, in advance of the NUFC home match with Man Utd, Rafa’s team are in 16th position and have got 25 points from 26 games.

Always very difficult to tell how many points will be needed for survival in the top tier but just how many more points did Newcastle fans think the Magpies will accumulate?

The 12 remaining Newcastle games are evenly split between home and away and are as follows:

HOME: Man Utd, Southampton, Huddersfield, Arsenal, West Brom, Chelsea

AWAY: Bournemouth, Liverpool, Spurs, Leicester, Everton, Watford

You had the odd attention seeker going for the full 36 points…but 80% of Newcastle fans predicted somewhere between 8 points and 15 points (full results and individual percentages below).

The average overall worked out at marginally over 12 points, which would give Newcastle a final points total of 37 points.

As a guide, the number of points needed for safety (one more than the 18th placed club) have recently been:

35 – 2016/17

38 – 2015/16

36 – 2014/15

34 – 2013/14

37 – 2012/13

37 – 2011/12

40 – 2010/11

So the predicted 37 points would appear to give Newcastle a decent chance but will this season need more?

Number of points from the remaining possible 36 and the percentage of Newcastle fans who voted for them.

36 – 1%

34 – 0%

33 – 0%

32 – 0%

31 – 0%

30 – 0%

29 – 0%

28 – 0%

27 – 0%

26 – 0%

25 – 0%

24 – 0%

23 – 0%

22 – 0%

21 – 0%

20 – 1%

19 – 1%

18 – 3%

17 – 3%

16 – 3%

15 – 8%

14 – 8%

13 – 9%

12 – 21%

11 – 10%

10 – 12%

9 – 7%

8 – 5%

7 – 3%

6 – 2%

5 – 1%

4 – 1%

3 – 0%

2 – 0%

1 – 0%

0 – 0%

  • Lhc

    Too close to call if we stay up, it’s the toss of a coin!

    • HarryHype59


  • TC Toon Army

    Think Rafa should borrow a particular line from Keegan for his pre match press conference. And get um out there all guns blazing. Chances of getting even a point from Sunday’s game are very slim. Marino, Kenedy, murphy and Slimani. All gota start for me. And Mo of course.

  • Paul Patterson

    12 points. That’s how I voted and I’ll still go with that.
    It will be tight.

    • Dillon Tovak

      It’s optimistic I’ll give you that.

    • Big Al 1967

      Likewise have gone for 12. I think this will come down to goal difference and an extremely nervous afternoon against Chelsea. Hopefully they will put in the same level of performance as they have done in their last two games

  • Wor Lass

    It all hinges on how good Slimani actually is. His record is pretty good and Leicester fans seem quite complimentary about him. On Sunday we seemed to become defensive but I don`t think that was anything to do with Rafa`s instructions – it was Kenedy fading out of the game and then being subbed. I hope he`s just knackered from suddenly playing so much and not injured. Without somebody coming in who can put the ball in the net we`ve got no chance.

  • Polarboy

    If, and it’s a very big if, Slimani can hit the ground running, Kenedy can continue his good start, and Dubravka step up and be an an improvement over the unreliable Darlow, I think it may be enough to kick us into some form. I don’t think it’s beyond the realms of possibility that with a real threat up front that we could go on a mini run. I think it’s at least fair to point out our early season form and hope we can claw some of that back.

  • Monkseaton Magpies

    Going for twenty seven points if we have a striker to put the ball in the net and Kenedy stays fit. No reason why we cannot win most of the home games if the Gallowgate bring back the proper flags and stop protesting. As Rafa says stay united forget Shearer and George from the times and back the club.

    • HarryHype59

      :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

  • Stephen Paylor

    11 or 12 is a good bet and its a real good job we have good goal difference compared to everyone around us. i think we stay up just but like many have said a lot will depend on Kenedy and Slimani

  • Mark c

    Maximum of 12 I think that will be enough to stay up but it will be tight.

  • HarryHype59

    What ever happened to the Rafalution?