Islam Slimani is yet to make his debut for Newcastle United.

Signed on loan from Leicester on deadline day, the striker arrived carrying a thigh injury.

After defeating Manchester United, Rafa Benitez said that Slimani had been close to being involved but he had erred on the side of caution.

That has served Rafa well so far this season, as his cautious approach has helped Newcastle to have one of their best seasons in a long time when it comes to avoiding long-term injuries.

Fans expect Islam Slimani to be a certain starter against Bournemouth on Saturday, as despite beating Manchester United in the last game, up front the team still looked weak.

Despite that, the 29 year old still expects to have a fight to get into the side.

With a top scorer on only four goals after 27 Premier League games have passed, I am pretty confident he will play.

Rafa Benitez said he didn’t think a break away on the continent would be the best preparation for Saturday, probably for the best when you see the Alan Pardew mess at West Brom.

Instead, the Newcastle boss thought it best to combine some training on Tyneside combined with a little more time for players to spend with their families.

Islam Slimani has combined the two things and with Rafa’s permission, travelled back to Algeria to visit family, but it is also a working holiday.

DZ Football revealing that the striker is back in Algiers and is having his own warm weather training sessions at Sidi Moussa which is where the Algerian national side train.

Even in Algeria it is only 16 degrees on this Monday morning, though that is at least double the 8 degrees we have on this rainy Tyneside morning.

Everything crossed that his working holiday does the business, if Islam Slimani can have the same impact as Dubravka and Kenedy have had, then it would fill a massive hole in Newcastle’s team. You have to go back to 23 December and the 3-2 win at West Ham, for the last time Newcastle managed to score more than once in a Premier League match.

DZ Football:

‘Newcastle United forward Islam Slimani has returned to Algeria to continue his training, and spend some time closer to his family.

Rafa Benitez had given permission to his players to have the weekend off as Newcastle are out of the FA Cup, and Slimani took the opportunity to fly to Algeria.

He took part in some training sessions on his own in Sidi Moussa; which is the training complex in Algeria where the national team trains.

The fact that Slimani took the initiative to go to Algeria and rehabilitate is a positive one, showing he is ready to work hard in order to get back to full fitness.’

  • Paul Patterson

    I’m still at a loss to explain how going away to a much warmer climate and then coming back to cold temperatures actually helps players.
    It can’t have a psychological benefit and it certainly can’t be good for promoting recovery from injury. In this day and age it’s probably easier and more beneficial to fly players families over here and stay in the current climate . .

    • Dan Robson

      It’s a well documented fact that warm weather training aids recovery. It was his free weekend, he can go where he likes.

    • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

      we’re away to Bournemouth, I’ve been on the beach there, it’s scorching.

  • Jezza

    I knew it. I bleeding well knew it. More damaged goods on the cheap. Another injured player on a pay as you play deal just like Stephen Ireland. A token signing who hasn’t cost a penny so far. Just what we have come to expect from that vile repulsive fat slug Ashley.

    • mactoon

      Calm down :)

      The players have been given the weekend off so Slimani decided to go and visit his family and is training even though he has the weekend off. No cause for concern there. He isn’t injured as he was considered for the Man U game, he just isn’t fit due to the injury he had.

      • Jezza

        Well so far he’s played none and missed two and now he’s gone overseas to “rehabilitate”. Now taking into account Ashley’s track record you can surely understand why I’m fearing the worst.

        • JEz_Brizzle

          Jezza – if I’m right, this is a Rafa choice not Cash-and-Dash (if only he would)…. so what’s Rafa;s choices been like – the two this window seem pretty decent so far and have improved the team – even if only loanees.

    • Paul Busby

      Come on Jezza, read the article, don’t fall for the click bait knee jerk

    • Wor Lass

      Bluddy `ell, Jezza, you make Unlucky Alf seem cheerful!

      • Wor Lass

        Read my post above – it mght cheer you up.

        • Big Al 1967

          Certainly tickled me!!

        • Jezza

          Ha ha, yes an old one but a good one. In the part of the world where I live they make the same joke about Barnsley.

          • Rich Lawson

            Can’t even get passed their accent.

    • Philippines

      Don’t hold back mate, let it all out. Ha Ha.

  • Rich Lawson

    If he’s now fit and visiting his family when we don’t have a game helps his mind set before Bournemouth,fair enough. Let’s hold judgement till he (hopefully) starts on Saturday ?

  • Wor Lass

    Could be a master stroke by Rafa – “Go home and see your family, son. Get some sun and limber up a bit while you`re at it.” Reminds me of when that Kosovan player at Sunderland said he was homesick and the manager let him use his phone to ring his parents. His dad answered and said, “Haven`t got time to speak, son, your sister`s just been raped going for water, a sniper`s shot your mother and the house was petrol-bombed last night – and it`s your fault!” Incredulously, the player asked, “Why`s it my fault, dad?” Dad replied, “Because it was your idea to bring us all to Sunderland, you moron!”

    • Peaky Magpie


    • Big Al 1967

      Aww that is just class!! LOL funny!!

      • Wor Lass

        Glad you liked it, Al! It`s my all-time favourite footy joke. Ah, no … not a joke … it was true … honest! Ha ha!

        • Big Al 1967

          You know what they say…it’s so funny because it’s so true!!. Perfect in this instance

  • mactoon

    In other news:

    Yedlin took in London Fashion Week
    Joselu spent quality time with his family
    Atsu was in Portugal to see his old side Porto
    Kenedy had another tattoo.

    • Peaky Magpie

      …..Perez went hair gel shopping….

      • Dillon Tovak

        He has a barrel of it in the garden which needs to be used up as he’s too weak to move it πŸ˜‚

      • paul mclaughlan

        More like axle grease.

      • Dave Pattinson

        Would love to know where he gets it. Could do with some for my fence posts since they banned using creosote. Would last for ever.

        • Peaky Magpie


  • Philippines

    Can I suggest that the site puts the authors name on the headline post to save many of us clicking to find out that this meaningless garbage is written by this woman Jackie Smithfield.

    • Jezza

      I think he’s a bloke. In the North East of England Jackie can also be a man’s name. Like the famous Newcastle centre forward Jackie Milburn.