When The Mag polled Newcastle fans this past week, the results were overwhelming when it came to the future for Mike Ashley and Rafa Benitez.

A number of scenarios were put forward and only 5% of supporters thought that if Premier League safety was secured this season, that both Mike Ashley and Rafa Benitez would still be at St James Park next season.

The bottom line being, if Mike Ashley still owns the club then Rafa Benitez will be off.

However, Newcastle fans were confident that Rafa will be staying even if another relegation happened, just so long as new owners were in place.

On Sunday morning, a report from The Mail claims that their information very much backs up what the fans are thinking.

Both Mike Ashley and any prospective new owners will find out this coming week what the UK TV Premier League rights will be worth for three seasons starting 2019/20.

The Mail say that with this knowledge on board, they understand another bid will quickly follow from the Amanda Staveley led bidders once Premier League safety is ensured.

The newspaper reports that Rafa Benitez will wait to see whether that next bid to buy the club is successful, and if it isn’t, then he will leave.

After being messed around for a third transfer window in a row (no buys in both January 2017 and January 2018, plus a minimal net spend in Summer 2017), The Mail say that Rafa is not prepared to put himself through another one under Mike Ashley.

If/when safety is secured and another bid comes in, then surely we can expect a deal to be reached quickly or not at all. New owners would need to get to work as soon as possible and be in a position to help Rafa Benitez prepare properly for what would be a vital transfer window this coming Summer, especially with the World Cup finals another factor to contend with when buying players.

Rafa Benitez has appeared to be speaking positively about being at Newcastle long-term in recent press conferences and interviews. The overwhelming feeling from supporters is that he does very much want to do this, having come to love the city and the fans – however, he speaks positively only with the unspoken condition that this can only be possible with Mike Ashley selling up.

(These were the headline results when we asked Newcastle fans this past week about what they expect to be the case at the club come September)

Who will own Newcastle United in September?

76% Mike Ashley

24% New owner(s)

Who will be managing Newcastle United in September?

29% Rafa Benitez

71% New Manager

Which division will Newcastle United be in come September?

36% Premier League

64% Championship

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    I wouldn`t be putting any money on Fatso`s selling up in the summer & if he stays it`ll be Adios Amigo`s from Rafa the Gaffa

    • Fred Kell

      Lets hope the fans feel the same way and give fcb the shove

  • StevieB

    Yeah I’d say this is accurate, Benitez can smile all he wants in the press conferences saying how much he loves the fans and area etc but I still stand by the reasoning that he has inside knowledge of PCP coming back in May providing we have Premiership status, and that and only that is the reason he is still our manager.
    If Ashley is somehow here in August then I’m certain Rafa Benitez will not be . Simple as that

    • paul janes

      Amanda Stavely has quite a track record of not coming up with the finances when push comes to shove, she is not as she is presented.

      • StevieB

        I don’t believe that. She is a true high roller . Look her accomplishments up and her business associates. The sale of the club didn’t happen as there is too much value fluctuation based on premiership status which they just couldn’t work around. She’ll be back in May

        • StevieB

          And it’s not her money she was bidding with.

        • Mike

          the original backers have pulled out…she does not have money. so who will buy the club?

          • StevieB

            Who said they’d pulled out ?? Show me the statement

          • Mike

            try all the press 17th August Reuben family backed out…

          • StevieB

            They weren’t her backers and the bid wasn’t made till December

        • Paul Janes

          I read online an article this morninghighlighting exactly her lack of accomplishments and her lack of actual genuine backers it certainly seemed credible.I hope I’m wrong but she seems like a high finance tyre kicker

  • Alex

    A well-timed newspaper report, not by accident, I’d guess.

    It’s very clear for Ashley – either sell up, or face millions being wiped off his already inflated belief of NUFC worth.

  • FatParosite

    Rafa quite happy with the money so far.

    • Kneebotherm8

      He’ll walk when it suits him…..not the fat boy…..anyone would do the same…Ashley’s been having a laugh with Benitez……why would Rafa walk now and gave him the final laugh all the way to the bank….he’ll pick his time and rightly so..

  • Geordiegiants

    I half wish he would walk out now. It might kick the spectators up the arris to get up and do something about getting the cancer out of our club.

    • Alex

      It would be better than leaving at the end of the season. The World Cup, the whole summer – that will just let fans’ emotions calm down again, and there’ll be no action whatsoever by kickoff of next season.

  • mentalman

    He’ll stay until the 5million stops getting paid into his account

    • Reggae86

      If it was about the money, he’d be managing in China right now. He’s turned down several offers for eye watering amounts. Also, do you suppose he’s short of a few bob?

      • mentalman

        He’s picked the highest paid job close to his family. He could get paid a lot more elsewhere but wouldn’t see his family as much.
        Do you think he would be here if he wasn’t in the top 9 paid managers in europe

        • Reggae86

          His family live in Merseyside, as they did when he was in Italy and Spain. I honestly think he sees us as a prime project to sink his teeth into and if he truly wanted to walk, money wouldn’t stand in his way.

  • MadMag83

    Realistically Newcastle are going down. If that does happen then will a takeover happen at all? And if a takeover were to happen, would Benitez stick around for another season in the Championship? Heck would the fans still want Rafa if he himself presided over a second relegation of his tenure? It’s all still up in the air.