The Premier League have announced details of winning bids by BT Sport and Sky Sports to show live matches for three years as from the 2019/20 season.

There were seven packages up for grabs.

Sky Sports have come out on top for four of the seven and will show 128 live matches per season.

Whilst the one package BT Sport have been successful with, sees them show 32 games live each season.

Two packages of 20 games each (details below – Packages F and G) are still to be confirmed.

In the bidding process it was announced that no one broadcaster could have the rights to more than 148 live matches per season, so Sky Sports could take one of these remaining packages, whilst BT Sport could take both. Alternatively we could see new successful bidders taking one or both.

The current contract (2016-2019) sees 168 matches per season shown live on BT Sport and Sky Sports and those UK rights were sold for a total of £5.14bn over the three years, which worked out at £10.2m per game.

The five packages so far confirmed for UK live TV rights (2019-22) are for £4.46bn, or £9.3m per match for those 160 games each season.

If the last two packages were sold at the same rate (£9.3m per game) then the deal would net £5.58bn v the £5.14bn last time.

However, the packages yet to be confirmed are very unlikely to be seen as being as attractive as the other five, so the likelihood is that the total amount of money will be very close to what the Premier League clubs currently receive.

In other words, to get the same cash, the Premier League have given broadcasters and extra 32 (168 v 200) matches of the maximum 380 games per season.

Overseas deals are set to show an overall increase, though some of those are still to be confirmed, so it is set to be a case of by just how much they increase.

However, it is very difficult not to think that Premier League club owners have sold off more matches to ensure their revenues say at least the same, without a thought for the supporters who actually go to the games and who are set for more disruption due to the changes, including now matches live on Saturday nights.

When announcing previously the details of the live packages up for grabs, the Premier League also revealed other deals will bring in extra cash:

‘The Premier League intends at a later date to conduct a separate sales process for a single Near-Live package encompassing:

– Near-live long-form rights to 180 non-live matches per season, for linear and on-demand exploitation.

– Internet clips rights to all 380 matches per season.’

Premier League Official Statement – 13 February 2018:

UK broadcast rights sales process not concluded, but five of seven live packages awarded for seasons 2019/20 – 2021/22

The Premier League’s UK broadcast rights sales process has not yet concluded, but we can announce that five of the seven live packages have been awarded.

The successful broadcasters – BT and Sky – are listed companies and are required to announce publicly the details of their acquisitions.

Therefore, the Premier League is providing this progress update.

BT and Sky have been awarded the following Premier League UK live broadcasting rights for seasons 2019/20 – 2021/22:

BT Sport: Package A

Sky Sports: Packages B, C, D, E

The table below provides details of each of the rights packages.

The value realised at this stage of the process is £4.464billion, with two live packages still to be sold with interest from multiple bidders.

“We are extremely pleased that BT and Sky continue to view the Premier League and our clubs as such an important part of their offering,” Premier League Executive Chairman Richard Scudamore said.

“Both broadcasters are fantastic partners for the Premier League and have a track record of making our competition available to fans across the country through their high-quality and innovative programming.

“To have achieved this investment with two packages of live rights remaining to sell is an outcome that is testament to the excellent football competition delivered by the clubs.

“It provides them with certainty and will underpin their continued efforts to put on the most compelling football, invest sustainably in all areas, and use their popularity and reach to have a positive impact on the sport and beyond.

“We will now continue the sales process to deliver the best possible outcome for the remaining packages of rights in the UK and throughout the rest of the world.”

Live packages

Package A

Total matches: 32 (20 second picks, 12 fifth picks)

Matches per club: Maximum six; minimum one.

Kick-off times: 32 matches at Saturday 12.30

Package B

Total matches: 32 (15 first picks, five third picks, 12 fifth picks)

Matches per club: Max six; min one

Kick-off times: 32 matches at Saturday 17.30

Package C

Total matches: 32 (14 second picks; 18 fourth picks)

Matches per club: Max five; min one

Kick-off times: 24 matches at Sunday 14.00 and 8 matches at Saturday 19.45

Package D

Total matches: 32 (19 first picks; seven third picks; six fourth picks)

Matches per club: Max five; min one

Kick-off times: 32 matches at Sunday 16.30

Package E

Total matches: 32 (22 third picks; 10 fourth picks)

Matches per club: Max five; min none

Kick-off times: 24 matches at Monday 20.00 or Friday 19.30 – 20.00 and 8 matches at Sunday 14.00

Package F

Total matches: 20

Matches per club: Max two; min two

Kick-off times: All 20 matches from one Bank Holiday and one midweek fixture programme

Package G

Total matches: 20

Matches per club: Max two; min two

Kick-off times: All 20 matches from two midweek fixture programmes

  • East Durham Mag

    An ironic photo for this, EFL Div 1 scarves next? 😂

  • mentalman

    reports were BT weren’t going to bid so its good to see that they did

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    That won`t stop the bandits at Sky & BT increasing their prices,
    I`ve got both but have never paid the full price yet, every year i cancel & every year they come back to me, don`t pay the full price.

    Pay your taxes BetVictor


    • Peaky Magpie

      ….that goes to you anaarl Alexis Sanchez….

  • Desree

    Here in australia fox sports won’t even bid for the rights. A telco bought them and coverage is awful. I have heard there is not much interest as it is too expensive and impossible to make money.

  • Coble’s Return

    Not exactly a bursting bubble, but is this the beginning of the realisation by the TV companies that the product isn’t worth the price? Scudamore has excelled himself for years, peddling the incredible claim that the Premier League is the best in the world to a drooling queue of TV execs. Whilst the Far East might continue to fall for this, SKY and BT are probably at the point of understanding that Amazon / Netflix are not interested that that they can probably get the same for less.

  • Monkseaton Magpies

    A very informative article thank you very much. From what I can see there are three major changes affecting fans. The first is matches on a Saturday night which should not be a problem for most fans except those who travel by train so they will have to book hotels and come back in the morning. The second is the covering of mid week matches so nothing changes except the match is on television. The third which causes the biggest problem is the Friday night matches where Newcastle are likely to be on up to five times as we seem to be on telly every week. It’s great for the people who cannot make the games but for those that go to every game it going to be a nightmare. There should be a further rule that teams should be on T.V. an equal amount at home and away rather being shown away most of the time like Newcastle are.