Twitter is increasingly popular with fans in order to keep in touch with what is happening with their club, as well as individual players.

Newcastle fans are no different, with more and more using this social media medium and following the club and individual players.

So how many Twitter followers have each Newcastle player got.

They are all listed below and for starters, the club itself has 1.22m followers.

The most popular Newcastle player until the end of January was DeAndre Yedlin, the USMNT international having 382,000 followers.

This is more than double the next highest, Javier Manquillo with 182,000 followers.

However, amazingly there is now a Newcastle player who not only dwarfs any other NUFC star’s total, but also is even higher than the club he now plays for.

Yes, Islam Slimani has 1.27m Twitter followers, some 50,000 more than the club.

Number of Twitter followers for each Newcastle player’s official account:

1.27m Islam Slimani

382k DeAndre Yedlin

182k Javier Manquillo

124k Ayoze Perez

111k Jamaal Lascelles

97.7k Christian Atsu

97k Jesus Gamez

94.6k Rob Elliot

94.1k Joselu

90.8k Rolando Aarons

87.2k Paul Dummett

85.6k Massadio Haidara

83.9k Ciaran Clark

81.2k Isaac Hayden

80k Dwight Gayle

65.8k Karl Darlow

63.9k Chancel Mbemba

60.1k Jacob Murphy

56.3k Adam Armstrong

44.8k Mikel Merino

39.1k Freddie Woodman

32.3k Henri Saivet

27k Ivan Toney

23.6k Achraf Lazaar

16.5k Florian Lejeune

  • glassjawsh-got-banned

    of course Shelvey isn’t even on Twitter

  • Mitros gotta start

    Jesus christ… about a slow news day

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      I`m amazed you`re not outraged that Mitro`s stas haven`t been included1

  • Peaky Magpie

    Don’t get all this β€œfollow” ….load of shyte…

    • Jezza

      All this media social stuff goes right over my head. I know nothing about it and have got no interest in it.

      • kingfisher

        Can’t get twitterface on my Nokia 3310 😒

        • Jezza

          I can do better than that, I haven’t even got a mobile phone.

      • Peaky Magpie

        Me neither Jezza,does my head in if I’m out eating somewhere and you see whole families totally ignoring each other but furiously tapping away at their phones/tablets.

        • Jezza

          It’s everywhere, Peaky. I can understand why people pay good money to go to events like football matches and concerts then spend the whole time looking down at a screen in their hands. I just don’t get this modern world.

      • Dillon Tovak

        I hate to break it to you Jezza but that is essentially what this is, just to a smaller audience.

    • kingfisher

      Aye Peaky, They think they are great because they’ve got 50 zillion “friends”. load of bullocks πŸƒπŸƒπŸƒ

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  • toonterrier

    We’ve got a boardroom full of twits and the way the season is going the writing is on the wall.

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    I had 5,000,000 before i closed my the account, they thought i was the real Muppet

    • Leazes.

      like your not….sure!

      • MichaelMaximusMoose

        spot on

  • Leazes.

    The issue isn’t how many followers the player has but how few the club has, United do not communicate or do so reluctantly, and there’s probably a reason for that, they are a bunch of asset stripping crooks who operate under the cover of darkness and as silently as possible.

    • Clarko

      Newcastle are the 9th most followed Premier League team.


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    Any one on face book twitter is a very sad person and this is a very sad article. If you want to keep in contact with people go down the pub or something which might be hard for people on this site go to the match.

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      Says the guy with only 2 followers….his mam and steve bruce

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        and Penfold

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      What if the people live abroad?

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      Spot on Monkseaton.What was the point of this article ? πŸ€” as you say, get down to the boozer and talk with real “friends”

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      going to the pub is easy, reading the shyte you post is hard


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    I’m too old for Facebook – I’m over 14 years old

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      Good that this article is about Twitter and not Facebook then, isn’t it?

  • robbersdog

    The reason why Islam Slimani has so many twitter followers is his first name; one of the most common search terms on social media is ‘Islam’, so he’s probably attracting followers who have stumbled upon his Twitter account by accident.

  • kingfisher

    I wonder how many followers CHRISTIAN Benteke has then ?😁😁😁