Newcastle United weren’t invited to the party when the Premier League first kicked off.

The season was 1992/93 and Kevin Keegan had just saved NUFC from the third tier and was shortly going to lead us on a great adventure…

Now in the 26th season of the Premier League era, it reaches a milestone today.

Saturday afternoon’s games will mean that in total, over 10,000 Premier League matches have been played by 5pm today.

After missing out on that opening PL season, Newcastle have taken part in 23 of the next 25, only taking a rest in 2009/10 and 2016/17 thanks to Mike Ashley.

With this 10,000 game milestone reached today, Talksport have picked their top 10 greatest ever Premier League matches.

The top rated one is the May 2012 match when Manchester City scored those dramatic two late goals to win the title.

Sadly the 5-0 against Man Utd doesn’t feature but Newcastle matches are rated as the second and third best ever:

Talksport’s Top 10 greatest ever Premier League matches:

Man City 3 QPR 2 – May 2012

Liverpool 4 Newcastle 3 – April 1996

Newcastle 4 Arsenal 4 – February 2011

Man Utd 4 Man City 3 – September 2009

Everton 3 Wimbledon 2 – May 1994

Liverpool 4 Arsenal 4 – April 2009

Arsenal 4 Tottenham 4 – October 2008

Tottenham 3 Man Utd 5 – September 2001

Everton 3 Man Utd 4 – February 2004

Tottenham 6 Reading 4 – December 2007

Any suggestions on what would be your top 10 Newcastle matches of the Premier League era?

Why not have a go and send in your top 10 and reasons for the game selected and we could publish it, or anything else you want to talk about regarding Newcastle United.

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  • Big Al 1967

    Interesting choice of winner. I think you would struggle to find anyone to recall anything from the first 90 minutes other than Joey losing his blob.

    Best last three/four minutes in the Premier League? Quite probably

    Best Ever Game? Not even close

    Good old Muppetvision from Talksport

    • GToon

      The only good thing about that game was laughing at them until they won it in the last minute. Then the laughter turned to Man Utd and their disappointment. Every cloud as they say….

  • ghostrider

    1. 3-4 against Liverpool.
    2. 3-4 against Liverpool again.
    3. 5-0 against Man Utd.
    4. 8-0 against Sheff wed.
    5. 7-1 against Tottenham.
    6. 6-2 against Everton.
    7. 4-3 against Man utd.
    8. 4-4 against Arsenal.
    9. 5-1 against Sunderland.
    10.4-2 against Chelsea.

    • Tory O’Toryface

      Any room in there for the Leicester game in 96/97 when we were 3-1 down with 13 minutes to go, then Shearer scored a hat trick to win the game?

      • Jezza

        No chance because it didn’t involve one of the big money trendy Sky Sports glamour clubs.

  • Phil Yare

    what!!!??? no 5-0? yet man city top with a 500 billion pound line up struggle to beat lowly qpr? unbelievable

    • Jezza

      Excellent point. The whole thing is biased towards the big money trendy Sky Sports glamour clubs. If our 4-3 and 4-4 games had been against Swansea and Leicester they would never had got a look in.

    • Paul Smith

      It’s about what was on the line… 2 injury time goals to win the title vs some random game.

  • GToon

    I’d include the 3-0 v West Ham in 96 when we had 40 shots in the game. Keegan remarked that Beardsley wouldn’t even let the ball boys have a touch. That was some game.

    • Paul Patterson

      Different attitudes back then. Different philosophies.

  • Paul Patterson

    Entertainment has been driven out of the game these days . .

  • Whickhamrobbie

    Rubbish as usual so loads of goals by Glamour clubs = great.
    A fantastic tight ,tense 1-0 win to stay up or win a title = rubbish .
    And no mention of great games like Hull beating Arsenal at Highbury first game up .

  • Mirandinha9

    Norwich 1 Newcastle 2 in 1994. We were simply superb that night. It had followed the Oldham away match when we won 3-1, when the ‘Entertainers’ tag was first applied to us. What a fantastic time it was to be a Toon fan. Players were so proud to play for Keegan, we had a very ambitious owner in SJH and every other team’s fan, up and down the country, rated us as their second favourite team. The whole city was buzzing. Everyone wanted to know Geordies simply because he had the most wonderful team going. Now, look at things, nearly 25 years later under Cashley. That’s why things are so disappointing, as there is the potential to get somewhere back to those days, but, not under Cashley. Even back in 2008 when Keegan asked for additional money if we were to break into the top 4, Cashley, wasn’t prepared to do it.