Nicolai Jorgensen was the most talked about transfer target in Newcastle United’s January transfer window.

The saga beginning with Mike Ashley’s PR people leaking to the media that the NUFC owner was prepared to back his manager with a £20m striker signing.

That did indeed turn out to be Nicolai Jorgensen but instead of matching Feyenoord’s valuation, Ashley sanctioned a bid of only £12m.

That was reportedly increased eventually to around the £15m mark but nowhere near a price that would tempt the Dutch club to sell.

Now the striker’s agent Mikkel Nissen has been talking to the Danish media and has confirmed that a number of clubs were after Jorgensen in January, with Newcastle doing the most to try and sign him.

He also revealed that clubs tried to sign Nicolai Jorgensen last summer but that with Champions League football (and the cash) to look forward to, Feyenoord refused to let last season’s top scorer in Dutch league football leave.

Mikkel Nissen indicates though that the Danish striker will definitely leave this Summer as he is ‘ready to take the next step’.

Whether Newcastle will be in for him again will depend on any number of factors, not least which division Newcastle are in and who owns the club.

As for Nicolai Jorgensen, his valuation in five months time could massively depend on how he does in these remaining games of the Dutch league season and especially, how he gets on at the World Cup with Denmark.

Nicolai Jorgensen agent Mikkel Nissen talking to Ekstrabladet:

“Newcastle would really like him and did a lot to (try and) make it happen, but Feyenoord is at Jørgensen until summer.

“I can confirm that Newcastle specifically wanted to have him (in January) and did a lot to make it (the move) successful.

“There were also other Premier League clubs in play but Newcastle was the most daring.

“But Feyenoord were against it.

“They just did not want to sell him in this transfer window and will first look at it this summer.

“That Nicolai is so important to them that they have that stance, that says everything about how much they value him.

“It is pleasing but also deserved.

“Already this summer (2017) there was an interest from several Premier League clubs, but Feyenoord would not hear of it at all.

“At that time they were also looking forward to playing the Champions League for the first time in many years.

“That was also nice enough because Nicolai was well suited to the club after his great season as top scorer and did not really want a change.

“But now he’s ready to take the next step.

“It’s always a balance to find the right time to go on, but I think we’ll find a solution this summer. Feyenoord will have also had time to look for a replacement.”

  • Alex

    If he keeps on the same, steady track and has a couple of World Cup games, his price will be £25m+. The EPL will be even more awash with money in the summer.

    But, hey-Ho, January is, after all, a tough market to operate in. Let’s shop in the summer when prices will be more realistic……..said Someone once.

  • S.G.M.

    Ashley will be the owner, Premiership will be the league, Rafa will be the manager, £15mil will be the offer. I was going to say he’ll end up at West Spam, but they’ll be relegated, I hope.

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    what other premiership clubs, i smell a Rat and it`s not Fatso, it`s the agent

    • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

      For once I agree with you, this is a way of keeping NUFC on the line whilst baiting others to come in this summer

    • Rich Lawson

      Yep,he’s missed his chance this window,there is less desperation in the summer with lots more options,his price will plummet then.

  • Dillon Tovak

    Jørgensen for £12m, Slimani for £9m and £20-30m mystery striker in the summer would be good, getting rid of all our current ones.
    Hahahaha of course I joke, that would NEVER happen!

    • Rich Lawson

      I pray he is fit for Sunday,Kenedy on the left,Murphy on the right and we might actually make a game of it ?