Another announcement on Newcastle United live TV matches is scheduled for tomorrow.

There have been 15 NUFC games shown live so far, 14 in the Premier League and the FA Cup match at Chelsea.

The Premier League matches at Liverpool and Spurs are scheduled to be shown next month, although if Tottenham beat Rochdale in the FA Cup, we will have to see what they do with the Newcastle game that clashes with the 6th round weekend.

So 16 of the first 31 Newcastle Premier League matches were chosen for live broadcast but it remains to be seen how many, if any, are added with the April live games announcement. The Premier League having  given dates when live games will be announced, including tomorrow, although these dates haven’t always been strictly kept to.

Announcement (approximately/allegedly) of Premier League live TV games:

26 February 2018 – April matches

6 April 2018 – May matches

Matchweek 38 will be announced after all clubs have played 37 matches (All last matches of the season will be played on Sunday 13 May with a 3pm kick-off, whether live on TV or not)

These are the remaining 10 Newcastle Premier League games:

Saturday 3 March 5.30pm Liverpool v Newcastle (BT Sport)

Saturday 10 March Newcastle v Southampton

Friday 16 March 8pm Tottenham v Newcastle (Sky Sports)

Saturday 31 March Newcastle v Huddersfield

Saturday 7 April Leicester v Newcastle

Saturday 14 April Newcastle v Arsenal

Saturday 21 April Everton v Newcastle

Saturday 28 April Newcastle v West Brom

Saturday 5 May Watford v Newcastle

Sunday 13 May Newcastle v Chelsea

The Huddersfield match is staying where it is but tomorrow we should see what happens, if anything, with the next four matches – the away games at Leicester and Everton, plus home matches with Arsenal and West Brom.

In the 15 matches (incl Chelsea in FA Cup) shown live so far, Newcastle haven’t done too well , with a record of Played 15 Won 2 Drawn 3 Lost 10.

Newcastle United Live TV matches already played:

Sunday 13 August

Newcastle 0 Tottenham 2

Sunday 20 August

Huddersfield Town 1 Newcastle United 0

Sunday 10 September

Swansea City 0 Newcastle 1

Sunday 24 September

Brighton & Hove Albion 1 Newcastle United 0

Sunday 1 October

Newcastle United 1 Liverpool 1

Sunday 15 October

Southampton 2 Newcastle United 2

Monday 30 October

Burnley 1 Newcastle 0

Saturday 18 November

Man Utd 4 Newcastle United 1

Saturday 2 December 

Chelsea 3 Newcastle 1

Saturday 9 December

Newcastle 2 Leicester 3

Wednesday 27 December  

Newcastle 0 Man City 1

Saturday 20 January

Man City 3 Newcastle 1

Sunday 28 January

Chelsea 3 Newcastle 0 (FA Cup 4th Round)

Sunday 4 February

Crystal Palace 1 Newcastle 1

Sunday 11 February

Newcastle 1 Man Utd 0

  • Anthony Barnes

    If Newcastle go down its all over no takeover Rafa leaves pardews back as manager (he was never sacked by newcàstle ) fact ,and normal service is resumed .

    • Peaky Magpie

      That could so very dangerously come true…..

      • paul mclaughlan

        Remember my Pardew quote?

        • Peaky Magpie

          The “unfinished business” quote ? Yes…never slept since….

      • Anthony Barnes

        I think mike Ashley is playing games with all the Newcastle fans.He should have taken that 250 million no strings attached offer,but I don’t think he ever had or has the intention of selling Newcastle for any amount of money.Ashley has enjoyed annoying Newcastle fans and will continue to do so

        • Peaky Magpie

          Yes I think the infamy fuels his ego even more..

          • ghostrider

            What ego?

          • Dillon Tovak


          • Anthony Barnes

            Mike Ashley saved the club from going out of existence by paying off that 100 million debt when he bought Newcastle. I thank him for that and when we finished 5th above Chelsea he should have pushed on .

        • ghostrider

          Certain Newcastle fans have enjoyed annoying Ashley. Swings and roundabouts.
          Don’t expect extra presents from the person that you spend all your time putting down.
          If Ashley does go, those fans that abused him to get him to leave had better hope that their devil doesn’t leave and satan is the replacement.

          • Geordiegiants

            I’m more than happy to take that chance, and I would bet my house so would all Newcastle fans, some of the spectators might not agree.

          • ghostrider

            You and all of us will have no option. It’s not about taking a chance. If Ashley goes we simply go with the flow like we always have, no matter what, because none of it is in our hands.

          • Dillon Tovak

            I don’t think anyone’s enjoyed anything to do with Ashley tbh.

          • ghostrider

            That depends on how people’s mindsets are on how they remember stuff and how much hatred they have for Ashley that basically scuppers their enjoyment.
            A sort of self harm ideal, it seems.

        • thewildchimp

          I certainly thought so in the past, but nowadays I think he doesn’t care about us, or anything related to the club, at all. As long as the books are in the positive.

          • Anthony Barnes

            I think Ashley was right when he said that only a whole country could afford Newcastle and I don’t really want Amanda staverley as the new owner.Give me a rich sultan any day.

          • thewildchimp

            I kinda believe she was gonna buy it, repackage and sell for more cash to a rich sultan and Ashley knows it. Ashley will sell, the only question is when and to whom.

    • anyobrien


  • TheNutJob

    Hola amigo`s
    Fatty oot, sack the board