The January transfer window closed with not a single player bought by Mike Ashley/Newcastle United.

Claims of Rafa Benitez to be backed with up to three or four permanent signings, including a club transfer record £20m striker.

However, in the event, it was the fourth January window out of the last five, with Mike Ashley refusing to allow any players to be bought in.

A table of net spending over the last 11 January transfer windows is below.

This covers the entire time Mike Ashley has owned Newcastle and compares the NUFC net spend in these 11 January windows, compared to the other 19 current Premier League clubs –  from January 2008 to January 2018 (inclusive).

This table of stats has been compiled from data put together by Talksport and you won’t be surprised to see which end of the net spend table we have ended up at under Mike Ashley

Premier League clubs ranked by their net spend over the course of last 11 January transfer windows (January 2008 to January 2018 inclusive), then in brackets the net spend/profit in latest January 2018 window:

£196m Man City (£60.8m)

£72m Tottenham (£25m)

£67m Stoke (£20m)

£57m Chelsea (£50.6m)

£56m Crystal Palace (£10.5m)

£51m Arsenal (£9.4m)

£50m Everton (£29.8m)

£34m Burnley (£1.3m)

£34m Leicester (£3m)

£23m Brighton (£14.5m)

£22m West Ham (£12.5m profit)

£20m Bournemouth (£0)

£14m Man Utd (£0)

£14m Huddersfield (£11m)

£11m Swansea (£18m)

£2m Watford (£9.4m)

£3m (Profit) West Brom (£1.4m)

£29m (Profit) Southampton (£55.9m profit)

£29m (Profit) Liverpool (£32m profit)

£30m (Profit) Newcastle United (£0)

The Liverpool and Southampton figures are massively skewed thanks to the huge fees received for Coutinho and van Dijk respectively, not yet spending all of the cash received, although both clubs have still invested heavily in players themselves this last window, with the likes of van Dijk and Carrillo signed.

Both Liverpool and Southampton were net spenders in the past 10 January windows before this last one.

It is sobering for Newcastle fans to see that in the 11 January windows, Huddersfield have a net spend £44m higher than Newcastle’s, whilst Brighton’s is £53m more.

Crystal Palace £86m higher net spend, whilst Stoke’s is £97m more.

The likes of Palace, Stoke, Huddersfield, Swansea, Stoke and Watford have all spent money in January to try and avoid relegation, Mike Ashley has restricted Rafa Benitez to only loan signings and two of those were last minute.

Will this latest Ashley gamble backfire yet again.

  • Big Al 1967

    Oh Jim you have stirred the Hornets nest now. Shall we have a sweep on how long it takes for the likes of Clarko, Monkseaton Magpie and Ghostrider to post something to denounce this?

    • molend

      And rightly so. The article takes no account of how fortunate we are to be associated with such a vibrant personality as Mr. Ashley. He’s always good for a laugh, is one of the lad (pukes in fireplaces), likes a punt and wears a black and white tie and scarf when he comes to matches, which unfortunately, because of his many business commitments (one of which is Sports Direct, which we’re proud to advertise), is not as often as we’d like, so that we could show him our appreciation. I also believe that he’s playing a long hand and come the summer will splash out big time to get us into the Champions’ League. And if them men in white coats divvent stop bangin’ on me door, aam ganna clag them.

      • Jezza

        Yes Ashley does not get enough credit for saving this club from ever returning to the dark days of the mid 90’s. Remember how bad that was, Kevin Keegan running amock with the club cheque book, while we turning up at St James’s Park to watch over priced, overpaid players like Shearer, Ferdinand, Ginola and Asprilla pulling in win bonuses every week and we were left wondering if Newcastle could ever hope to become balance sheet champions.

        • GToon

          You know I hadn’t got a clue about the finances until Ashley arrived. I was too busy being entertained before then.

          • Kneebotherm8

            Too true…….

        • East Durham Mag

          God forbid we would ever go back to those dark days when all we had was having to sit through 90 minutes of great football.

          • Mark Potter

            “All” we had? There was plenty of great football played of course. But we also had:

            The London jinx where we never won a game there for something like over two years? Including the 2-0 defeat to a poor West Ham side which started the slide towards throwing away the 13 point lead. Keegan’s “I’d love it” rant. The 2-0 defeat in the pouring rain at home to the Mackems. The two pitiful performances in the Cup Finals. The selling of Andy Cole. The dismantling of the team by Daglish, selling Ginola and Ferdinand. The bottom half finish under Gullit. Playing Paul Daglish in the Premiership. Buying Guivarch and Boumsong, and a large number of washed up hasbeens on very expensive contracts. Thinking Chopra could be the next Shearer. Getting rid of Solano for daring to captain his national team, then bringing him back to play at right back. Steven Taylor. A vicious thug attacking his teammate on the pitch and the teammate made to apologise for being attacked. Souness forcing out Robert and Bellamy. A player arrested with his mates and held for gang rape. All the stories of players partying on the Quayside. The shameful sacking of Bobby Robson.

          • East Durham Mag

            I’d take all that instead of the lies and sh*te fed to us by Fatty and Co.

          • Mirandinha9

            We didn’t lose 2-0 to 5under1and. Kieron Dyer scored in the first half, it was 2-1

          • Mark Potter

            True, my bad :) Dyer was played upfront with Paul ??? Some young lad who I don’t think ever played for us again. Shearer and Ferguson on the bench.

          • Mirandinha9

            Robinson. He also played in the 8-0 thrashing of Sheff Wed

        • Mark Potter

          That was about half a season. Keegan walked out of the club on the 8th January. It was obvious that the development of the ground, and spending so much on players had exhausted the finances of the Halls, and the turning of the club into a PLC would not help. Keegan’s threatened walkouts to get more money were at an end. We played very well that half season under Keegan, including the 5 goal humiliation of Man U. But still not consistently enough. My recollection is that we were only 4th on the day he left, though we had briefly led in November when we beat Man Utd, only to follow with some average performances including some defeats.

          It was Daglish who got us to runners up at the end of the season, and actually played better football IMO. He was able to combine Asprilla, Shearer and Ferdinand in attack to great effect. Compare that to Keegan’s attempts, most notably in the Charity Shield. Keegan could never understand tactics.

          It led to the greatest disappointment in the modern history of the club The previous season. 3-2 up against Liverpool away, and he threw away the game (and with it the title), by refusing to take off Ginola and replace him with Clarke to see out the game. Those 2 late Liverpool goals leave a scar on the hearts of all Newcastle fans to this day.

          • Big Al 1967

            So are you saying Mark the Keegan era came down to ‘Half a Season’?
            If so I would suggest you look at the History Books but here is some help for you with ONLY full seasons included
            Season 1992/93 Division 1 Champions
            Season 1993/94 Premier League 3rd Place
            Season 1994/95 Premier League 6th Place
            Season 1995/96 Premier League Runner Up
            And as far as Dalglish goes let us not forget he replaced the likes of Asprilla Ginola and Ferdinand with the likes of Des Hamilton a geriatric Ian Rush and his own son! Not to mention trying to defend a 1-0 deficit in the 1998 Cup Final

          • Mark Potter

            No, I said Keegan managed a team with Shearer, Asprilla, Ferdinand and Ginola for only half a season. Shepherd bought Shearer on 30 July 1996, and he made his debut on 17 August 1996 in the Prem League, though I think he had featured in a dismal defeat to Man Utd in the Charity Shield just before that, and I seem to remember there being a disastrous trip to the Far East pre-season. Keegan resigned on 8th January 1997. That’s less than five months later.

            Arguably Shearer’s best performance of the season came when we went into the final 15 minutes of the game 3–1 down at home to Leicester City in the league, only for Shearer to win the game 4–3 by scoring a late hat-trick. That was on 2 Feb 1997, after Keegan had left and been replaced by Daglish.

            And yes, you are right, that team only lasted a further five months until the end of the 1996-97 season. Ginola and Ferdinand sold in the summer without a whimper of protest against the owners, and Asprilla following in early 1998. And despite how well Daglish had done the first few months with Keegan’s team, the team he put together himself was a pale comparison. The only bright point was he brought in Solano.

            Keegan was manager for the period you correctly mention. And there were many great moments. But Keegan with Shearer was only a brief part of that. Even adding Shearer to his team, undoubtedly one of the top three strikers in Europe at that time, Keegan couldn’t get the right balance to consistently win games to win the title. Yes, we had probably the greatest single game at St James of the last 40 years during those few months – drubbing Man Utd – 5-0.

            But Keegan was just about finished. We beat Spurs 7-1 over the Xmas and he later said that he couldn’t take any enjoyment from the win, and his heart wasn’t in it any more. In his own words of resignation he admitted he couldn’t take the club any further forward.

        • Ben Jones

          Don’t be silly . It’s obvious them fans haven’t got the slightest idea about balancing the books and the actual need for it , they just want bigger and bigger signings and couldn’t care less if the club can afford them .

    • Geordiegiants

      Bobbi is the maths genius on this score. Clarko, Ghost and the Mackem are just lunatics out of the asylum.

      • Big Al 1967

        Yeah I forgot Bobbi! Still it only took Ghost 21 minutes!

        • Jezza

          That’s quite a long time to log off one ID and sign in with another.

      • Mark Potter

        You don’t need to be a maths genius to remember that an academy product, ie someone who there was no incoming transfer fee, was sold for £36 million in a January window. Andy Carroll.

        More difficult to remember, but surely not beyond most fans, is that we “bought” Ba on a free transfer in a summer, and bought Cabaye for only £4.5m in a summer. Both were sold in January windows, for £7m and £20m respectively.

        On the other hand, we bought Sissoko for only £1.5m in a January window, but sold him for £30m in a summer.

        Jim knows these facts. He puts the heading stating “spending”, which wouldn’t have included the Caroll, Cabaye and Ba sales (worth £64m), but then gives us the figures for NET spending, which does. He deliberately misleads everyone. Or at least those with short memories.

    • Jezza

      Clarko, Monkseaton Magpie and Ghostrider and others are all the work of two brothers from Manchester who have been trolling this site under multiple ID’s for years.

      • Mark Potter

        Which is just trolling as it adds nothing to the discussion. I could say the same about the accounts that appear only to ever support your comments, and never have anything original to say of their own. Are they your multiple id’s? You all hide behind aliases, so it’s impossible to tell. So maybe you should just stick to the topic under discussion.

  • Toon

    Phew, thank god The Mag have written yet another piece about Mike Ashley’s lack of transfer spending, I’d forgotten since the last one 15 minutes ago. Let’s all now comment on it, again….

  • Geordiegiants

    Where’s Bobbi to explain this one away?

  • ghostrider

    So what’s the issue with all of this?
    If it’s about not spending and being in profit with us looking like we somehow need to be in debt to get a higher league position, then it should also stand to reason that we should be bottom of the table…adrift… with no hope.

    Take a deeper look into how those clubs at the top work and you’ll notice that they are not really spending what you think.
    They make it look like they’re buying in players for top rank money as in Virgil van Dijk for 75 million but then sell Coutinho for something like 140 million (?).
    Basically it’s a swap shop and it evens out.

    This is why they can appear to be splashing sick sums. It’s basically just digital downloads of fiction.
    The clubs like ourselves do it on a smaller scale.

    If clubs really splashed that type of cash without offsetting in reality, they would simply fold.
    I don’t believe footballers are on the money we’re told, either.

    • Big Al 1967

      21 minutes!

    • GToon

      The issue is that we have needed improvements to the team. They haven’t happened and we are probably going down. Apart from that everything is fine.😀👍🏻

      • ghostrider

        They have happened.
        Rafa had the summer to strengthen and he did.
        He also bought players in positions that weren’t priority and left the priority position until the last minute and ended up taking a squad player from Stoke as a striker..

        Just because they haven’t worked out under him, is not Ashley’s entire fault, surely, unless people still wish to harp on about All the players that do garbage were Rafa’s 3rd, 4th, 5th so called choices and those who do well are his first choices.

        If he takes the plaudits he also has to take the flack in reality. Unfortunately there’s still too many fans that seem to idolise him as some kind of genius messiah and will not have him made responsible for anything whilst Ashley is the owner.

        Imagine certain fans wasting 11 years of their life hating an owner and letting it warp their perceptions of reality in favour of blind speculation and media hype.

        • GToon

          Ok then, ignore all the facts figures etc etc. what’s the football been like under Ashley? The buck stops … as they say. You enjoyed it?

          • ghostrider

            I’ve enjoyed half of it under his tenure.
            I’ve hated the football this season under Rafa.
            I hated the stinking attitude of the players under Carver and under McClaren.
            The worst football I’ve seen for a long long time is happening under Rafa and he needs to change it for the better on a regular basis, not just for 4 or 5 games in the season.

          • GToon

            The buck stops at the top.

          • ghostrider

            I don’t know what you’re getting at with that comment.

          • GToon

            Ashley should accept responsibility for success and failure in equal measure. I don’t see any success. The product he oversees is poor. He is relying on a market where the customers (Newcastle fans) have a much higher than average devotion to their club and are prepared to accept mediocrity in spades. This would happen at other clubs. We put up with it. Liverpool wouldn’t. Man Utd wouldn’t. But we do.

          • ghostrider

            Ashley does accept responsibility. That’s the key.
            He’s just not allowed to be seen as accepting anything other than the doom of the club, which is simply not true.

            Every time the club’s failed he’s went out of his way to right the wrongs. Learning in an environment that’s not only locally toxic but nationwide biased against.
            Relegated… then back as champions under managerial picks to spend what’s needed to do the job.
            Season tickets affordable and price frozen with manageable installments.
            Ashley tries but he’s no santa claus.

            The elite clubs are charging elite prices for fans that are half interested in the actual team and name and are content with just being associated with the elite.
            Some people need it.

            US?…… we require….or did until Rafa…..we require entertainment and a chance to turn over a few choice teams with some good football played by players that actually give a eff.
            We have those players that give an eff but they should be allowed to produce or die trying.

            We’re getting reduced to accepting dire football and made to believe that a draw is progress if it goes one step further in keeping us in the higher league. Or a 1-0 defeat being acceptable if it adds an extra chance of avoiding the drop if goal difference is a factor.

            Come on for crying out loud. This isn’t us. This is not Newcastle fans in the main. It just isn’t.
            So let’s stop feeling privileged that we have a manager who’s apparently world class by media saturation and fan appreciation from that, when the very same manager is producing dire football that is way below what this team/squad could really produce with good balanced coaching and management.

            He’s sitting at press conferences talking the talk but isn’t walking the walk and he needs to be told if he starts under using the potential of Slimani and kenedy, as well as the players we have that are way better than they’re allowed to perform, offensively.

            It’s time to load machine gun and start art a tat tatting teams from this point on…not sitting back for large proportion of the match in the hope that we’ll become lucky.

            We are in a situation where success can breed over expectation and the inevitable sky high price rises which would naturally come with it.
            Drop from those heights and you start to see where the loyalty lies.
            Guess where?
            The real loyalty lies at home and in the pub and working whilst listening to the radio when the normal passage of the day for them would have been using their season tickets for the game….a game that they cannot now afford but the well off can and certainly will for a short while based on EXPECTED success.

            Do you know why we have really top fans who are loyal?
            I think you do but I’ll say it anyway.

            It’s because deep down we expect very little but in our hearts the HOPE is as high as a mountain.
            I love this club like most because I live in hope and not expectation, like most.
            Ashley helps to keep the real fans in.
            He does not provide trophy signings on the scale of the elites but will provide the collateral for a competent manager to use to advance what is already here by careful buying and obvious top coaching to get the best from the talent brought in.

          • Mitros gotta start

            Depends how you define success….if he sees it as making potfulls of cash…free advertising for his business and making a profit on his investment when he eventually sells it then i would say he has been very successful.

          • Mark Potter

            I enjoyed the first Championship season, we won lots of games at home, ticket prices were lower, especially for juniors, so my daughter started coming to games. £30 for the pair of us in the Gallowgate, per match we attended (nearly all of them). Great season. Our FA favourite probably the second goal against Notts Forest which pretty much sealed promotion by Jose Enrique. The joy of the player, his team mates and every fan in the ground was such a special moment.

            In the following season we enjoyed it. Much more expensive back in the Prem. But highlights included trouncing Villa and the 5 goal derby destruction of Sunderland. And the 4 goal come back in the home game.

            In the following season we signed Demba Ba. Great start to the season, the ground was lifting as it sung about Ramadan! Imagine that 30 years earlier as the NF regarded SJP as their best recruitment location. And good football, including beating Man U. Ryan Taylor “over the wall” a great moment. Then came Cisse… So many highlights in such a short period of time, but highlight of highlight (probably the best goal ever scored in black and white) was his second away at Chelsea. Finishing fifth was such an achievement.

            The following season had less highlights, but most memorable was the away win at Old Trafford. The midfield of Tiote, Anita and Cabaye that day was outstanding.

            The following seasons were less notable, probably the season ending game when we stayed up with goals from Gutteriez and Sissoko to secure another season in the Prem. But somewhere in these seasons we had the phenomenon that was Ben Arfa. What a privilege to see him play, when at his best. His first goal for the club, away at Everton still stands out, but the most intricate dribbling skills I ever saw came in two of his goals, one in the 3rd round of the FA cup against Blackburn, the other in the Prem against Bolton when he picked the ball up in our half, dribbled past several defenders, rounded the keeper and rolled the ball into the net.

            Many of these memories are up there with my memories of goals and team efforts achieved under Keegan and Bobby Robson. Not quite at the level of the 5-1 humiliation of Man Utd, but plenty to get excited about.

  • S.G.M.

    Businesses are supposed to make a profit

    • GToon

      Businesses speculate to accumulate.

      • ghostrider

        It works both ways.
        You can speculate and die a death or speculate and accumulate.

        • GToon

          Ask the Halls if they did well out of our club.

          • ghostrider

            They did remarkably well and it’s those people who aided in screwing this club over…and the fans. Don’t forget that.
            Yeah they brought Keegan and begged and borrowed to improve the ground whilst bank rolling Keegan.
            They gambled and failed the club but didn’t fail themselves. There’s a difference.
            Also Ashley doesn’t call Geordies stupid or the lasses dogs.
            The fans had a minor moan over all that stuff because Shepherd and co were borrowing to bring in fan appeasers, like Owen and what not.
            Anyone would do as long as it excited the fans.

            I’m pleased Ashley doesn’t do it and hope he won’t while he’s still here.
            I hope he stays sensible and simply plugs along whilst watching the so called investing clubs fall apart one by one and ready for more up and coming teams to have a go at bankrupting their clubs for a bash at the elite clubs.

            It’s like trying to climb a travelator with buttered feet.

          • GToon

            The football under the halls was the best I’ve ever seen. It was breathtaking at times. It gave me some of the happiest moments I’ve ever spent with my dad. It gave me hope. It made me look forward to the football season. It was worth it.

          • ghostrider

            Aye mate and it was in a time when we were the Man City of today in the league.
            Man Utd and co could not match us.
            Two years earlier Michael Knighton was parading around old trafford with a view to buying the club for peanuts. Man Utd were in trouble. Remember that?
            A real dreamer in Knighton who ended up buying Carlisle United.

            Aye great football and I will not deny it and nor will I ever forget it.
            The Halls took a back seat and let it all fall apart because the sugar daddies were rolling in that made their further investment look like loose change for gruel.

            Ashley walked into a cauldron but was oblivious as to how deep and how bubbling that cauldron was to become in short order.
            He got his wake up call after his noble but fruitless attempt to kick start a revolution under a second Keegan managerial spell.

            I’ll tell you this much for certain.
            If I was Ashley I would have sold up years ago.
            Not a chance would I stay and run a club under the pure bile and hatred that a certain section of fans put him through.

            I actually commend the man for sticking it all out, even though he knows that all he will ever do is appease the bile hating fans if he throws a lot of money at the club with no expectation of returns from it.

            Ashley’s no angel but he’s the best owner we could wish for in this climate and where we are on the map and what the elites consider us as.

            Some people really need to think on that, because the alternative to Ashley could be your worst nightmare that makes him look like a saint.

            Some fans would rather see us melt into oblivion if Ashley went. They would literally cut off their own noses and ears and gouge out their own eyes just to spite their faces.


            Thankfully there’s only a genuinely small pocket of those fans with that mindset……I hope.

          • Jimmy

            No return on his investment ha ha. Advertising , merchandise etc

          • Jezza

            Transfer profits, television money too. He is raking it in from our club.

          • Kneebotherm8

            It certainly was………unforgettable,never seen before and never will be again……

          • Mirandinha9

            You’re right Cashley has been a credit to the club. We should be indebted to him for being ‘sensible’ throughout his tenure and be wholly appreciate of his actions which has led the club to:

            * Treating Shearer, Keegan, Hughton, Gutierrez et al with such disdain
            * Being relegated twice (with a third on the way)
            * Being beaten by 5under1and 6 times on the trot
            * Changing the name of SJP against everyone’s wishes
            * Enduring perennial early FA Cup exits
            * Utterly devoid of any ambition for the last 11 years

            I’m teetotal, but, the first time in my life, that I will touch an alcoholic drink is when Cashley sells this club. Boy, we’re going to party that night!

          • Jezza

            Not to mention selling every decent player we’ve ever had during his tenure, putting loan shark adverts on the club shirts, constant chronic under investment in the playing staff while lining his pockets with all the television money and transfer profits, appointing a series of disastrous managers like Kinnear, Pardew, Carver and McClaren, promising Rafa transfer funds and letting him down time and time again etc etc.

          • Mirandinha9

            True words. The man is a disaster.

          • ghostrider

            Mirandinha9 :
            You’re right Cashley has been a credit to the club. We should be indebted to him for being ‘sensible’ throughout his tenure and be wholly appreciate of his actions which has led the club to:
            * Treating Shearer, Keegan, Hughton, Gutierrez et al with such disdain
            ghostrider :I’ve never painted him as perfect…but it depends on what’s went on behind the scenes.
            The hatred for Ashley will naturally skew any rational thought in his favour and will always favour anyone dealt a so called bad hand by him.
            Nobody really knows what hands were dealt to him by the actions of people/players, etc.

            Mirandinha9 :
            * Being relegated twice (with a third on the way)
            ghostrider :Yep, bad choice of managers but certainly not an unwillingness to scout and spend on value for money quality.
            Guess how many clubs have bad choices for managers?

            Mirandinha9 :
            * Being beaten by 5under1and 6 times on the trot
            ghostrider :Yep it’s a real head buster that but when things don’t go right, they just don’t go right.
            Unless you thought we have a right to beat Sunderland.
            They’ve been on the end of our beatings and no matter how you try to dress it up, they are a big club. As big as us but have failed badly under an owner that was revered by our fans not too long ago whilst Ashley still gets vile hatred and constantly picked at for not providing presents.

            Mirandinha9 :
            * Changing the name of SJP against everyone’s wishes
            ghostrider :A very bad move and one which he regrets himself.
            He still allowed it to be changed back….right?
            He could have carried on without it and there wouldn’t be anything any of us could do except threaten to do this that and the other for 10 minutes until it all dies down and people simply accept and moan and get on with life.
            All it would have done was add more bile to what he already gets…BUT….he gave the name back.

            Mirandinha9 :
            * Enduring perennial early FA Cup exits
            ghostrider : Yeah I know. It’s not like we’re the only club doing this.
            I’d like to be lucky enough to go further but it just isn’t to be as it stands…like most clubs.

            Mirandinha9 :
            * Utterly devoid of any ambition for the last 11 years
            ghostrider :That all depends on what you class as ambition for this club with how we were and what we are capable of actually doing in a sustainable way to achieve a so called ambition.
            I know it appears a simple answer but it’s not as clear cut as just saying ” we have no ambition.”

            Mirandinha9 :
            I’m teetotal, but, the first time in my life, that I will touch an alcoholic drink is when Cashley sells this club. Boy, we’re going to party that night!
            ghostrider :Let’s hope you aren’t nursing a decade long hangover because of it.

          • Mirandinha9

            NUFC 1 MUFC 0 – Good result eh?

          • Mark Potter

            He appointed Shearer as the manager and paid him a load of money, just for 8 games.

            Keegan was forced out by the board first time round. Daglish, Gullit, Bobby Robson, Souness, Roeder all sacked, and “treated with disdain”. Bobby Robson the most shameful.

            Under Keegan and others we had early cup exits.

            I laugh at the name change thing. Club’s up and down the country changed their stadium names. It would be the main vehicle for any new owners to circumvent the FFP rules, by putting the name of their businesses on the stadium. If this is against “everyone’s wishes”, then it explains why investors have not been queuing up to buy the club.

          • Mirandinha9

            Did you enjoy the result today?

          • Mark Potter

            Outstanding result. Unfortunately didn’t get to see it, stuck in LHR, but listened to the live radio stream on the Internet. Waiting to board when Ritchie hit the goal, and couldn’t do my usual reaction when we score :)

            Fortunately plane delayed, and final whistle came just before take off. Was worried I wouldn’t hear the final result until we landed.

  • GToon

    The one thing about Ashley is that under his stewardship failure is guaranteed. We will be relegated on a regular basis and we will sell our best players and replace them with inferior cheaper players. We will have a manager whoever he may be or whatever standing that will be undermined and not backed to fulfill his potential. The transfer windows will be viewed in the same vein as the January sales. There will be no development of the ground or club. Fact. If we had the greatest manager football has ever known Ashley would simply expect him to do a similar job with even worse/cheaper players. The saddest part of this for me is it’s all my kids have ever known. They were too young to appreciate the game before Ashley cast his shadow over SJP.

    • ghostrider

      It’s funny because the last two times we were relegated fans couldn’t wait for us to get rid of the overpaid underperformers who were a real set of talented individuals…just not wanting to play for the club.

      Ashley’s fault?

      It seems to me that we literally had much much more than enough to not only stay in the premier league but to actually challenge INSIDE of the top 10.

      Did Ashley cause the dressing room unrest?
      Did Ashley coach the players and set out the tactics?

      Let me tell you what Ashley is.
      Ashley is your father who pays the mother the housekeeping and hands out the sweety money.

      If the money is mishandled and not used for purpose or badly used in terms of catering for the time it’s given for, then who’s to blame?
      Don’t come back with ” ohh but he didn’t give enough.”
      I’m talking about the money spent on the players who went for good money. Top signings.

      We had literally two separate teams that were too good to go down, talent wise, but attitude and worth ethic wise, we didn’t…and that’s down to managerial failures, not owner failure.

      • GToon

        He doesn’t pay. He tells the mother that there is no money so the mother goes on the scrounge for freebies.

        • ghostrider

          Nahhh…he pays. He sets money aside. He told everyone this.

          There’s money in the bank for players for the season…when it’s gone . Don’t come crying to me for more if you spend up.

          Not exactly what he said but basically speaking he said there’s money and don’t come crying to his personal pocket because he basically doesn’t have that kind of money in his personal piggy bank.

          Everyone knows what he said, so it’s not as if it wasn’t plain.

          • Ram Kishore

            I’m down to you on the money thing
            But the people whom he appointed The manager, other backroom staff failed a lot..
            So the blame generally should fall on Ashley for not hiring right people to run the club

          • ghostrider

            I agree.
            Ashley is certainly to blame for a lot of stuff but his errors are molehills turned into mountains in many cases.

            However, as much as Ashley takes the blame for Rafa coming in, it’s a Charnley coup….or is it a coup?
            See what I mean?
            Ashley takes the blame for managers that turn out to be less than what we require but Rafa is allowed to ride past the critique whilst Ashley takes thew blame for Rafa’s bad management by being held to account for not backing him.

            When the crowds are roaming the streets with the lit torches baying for blood, no amount of speeches and attempts at pacifying will render them docile and silent, but you can stop them in their tracks to take their murderous mindset away from the victim and that’s to throw bundles of money into the air for them to stop and gather and argue and fight over between themselves.

            This gives the victim some precious time to fade into the distance until the whole circus starts back up again.

          • Ram Kishore

            Ashley has made mistakes
            Rafa will also take the blame if we get relegated.(I think he will take the blame too)
            Let’s leave all that..

            Why didn’t the team get the players early in the window?
            It would have made them available for 15 matches..
            This kinda gross underperformance at even bring few loan signings early is what fans got to their toe recently with regards to the banner..(we didn’t expect big money permanent signings)

          • ghostrider

            Maybe Ashley was unwilling to sanction big money deals in January on permanent contracts.
            I commend him for it if that’s the case.
            Teetering on the edge of relegation with the way we are set up to play is far too much of a risk to simply bring in permanent signings who could take us down anyway and yet we’re left with high wage players on long contracts.

            Does that make any sense to you?
            I think the club’s likely tried hard to get the best deals but maybe…just maybe, those deals were not acceptable to the player. Maybe…just maybe, the club could have put clauses in the deals for any player who would have been a permanent signing and they simply refused.

            I don’t know but then again you’re asking for reasons. There’s some.

          • Ram Kishore

            I wrote we didn’t expect big money permanent signings..
            We just needed loan singings early.. I mentioned it clearly in the post..
            Why aren’t u reading it and why u keep repeating the same permanent signings thing?
            And support Ashley

          • Scoutingfromtherooftops

            It is geographically isolated up here, players want to be in Cheshire or London. I can’t help but feel this article’s point about Van Dijk’s fee skewing Liverpool’s figures, raises the unwanted spectre of Moussa Sissoko’s fee artificially skewing ours (in the summer), which doesn’t suit most writers’ agenda about net spend.

          • Ram Kishore

            Yes rather than seeing the facts and writing a responsible article..
            More like stoking the emotions kinda article

          • ghostrider

            There may well be various answers as to why we didn’t get loan signings in earlier.

            1. Rafa might have been looking at permanent signings and Ashley has dug in his heels. (possible)

            2. Top loan targets may have dragged on with clubs refusing to budge so early ro create a sort of bidding war for the loan or holding out to get their player sold rather than loaned.

            Many more little scenarios like that and just like the end of the transfer window always throws up panic station deals, it can easily get dragged to that stage.

            Take a look at the rest of the club and how close they all were in their deals.

            BUT…..and this is possibly more pertinent.
            Maybe we had to get rid of our own players on loan before we could get loans over the line.

            As soon as we started loaning out we loaned in. Coincidence? or freed up squad places ready for loan signings to fit into?

          • Ram Kishore

            Come on.. I won’t even partly accept the fact of us needing to move players to bring in players..
            It was told in the summer..
            We shipped out many in the last two weeks..yet we didn’t bring anyone inside.. wages space was there..we didn’t do proper job earlier in starting the negotiations earlier..why couldn’t they get the target list before the window opened..why on Jan 1?
            Shows some lack of responsibility and interest in the works of administration.
            Mr. Ghostrider u can no way defend this

          • Mark Potter

            Partisan were waiting to get in another keeper before they allowed Dubravka to go out on loan. Antwerp needed to move on another player to make room in their squad, they thought they had that sown up until it fell through on deadline day. Leicester were hoping to sell Slimani, and held on until the day before the deadline before they agreed to a loan.

            We were hoping to sell Mitro, probably for £10m, and preferably to a club outside of the Prem. It didn’t happen. So then we agreed to a loan deal and three clubs were interested. We were interested in buying Jorgensen but needed money from the sale of others especially Mitro in order to meet the valuation, and their was some reluctance from Rafa to pay so much (20 million Euros) for a player with no PL experience, the club were happy to wait it out to see if they reduced their valuation, money came in from Mitro and/or a more suitable player (like Slimani) became available.

            If you look at the market as a whole, across all clubs, then you will find that much more than half of all deals were done on the last day of the window. Clubs with surplus players want to sell them not loan. But many clubs don’t want to buy at this time of the year.

            Sure Rafa would have liked players, such as Kenedy in earlier. Look back at all of the reports from the summer, and you can see how hard the club tried to get him then, but Conte wouldn’t let him leave until they had a replacement. You can see what a difference he alone would have made if he had played for us from September.

          • Ram Kishore

            But Rafa did say few targets could have been bought earlier had the club acted..
            The club administration should have got the targets list earlier..knowing that they needed to strengthen they must have started negotiations earlier..

            It’s was Sparta Prague
            Not Partisan
            And it’s Anderlecht not Antwerp

          • Mark Potter

            You say tomatos, I say tomatos ;)

          • Ram Kishore

            😂😂 .. who cares tomatoes..let’s celebrate

          • GToon

            I get your point and I respect your opinion. I just don’t think his way of running the club works. I then suggested we forget all of our opinions and just look at the football – the product he is responsible for. I don’t think it’s up to much. Who will look back on his tenure as a success? Beating that lot 5-1 is the only positive I can think of and I’m not being funny when I say that. In years to come when I’m brainwashing my grandchildren I will sit them on my knee and bypass his tenure. It gave me no pleasure. Getting back up after a bloody nose (relegation) doesn’t do it for me. The first thing the boxing coach told me is – don’t get hit. Anyway, nice talking to you. Popping out to watch my mates kid swimming. Cheers. Glyn

          • ghostrider

            Well mate, you’re certainly entitled to your opinion and if we all had the same view I suppose past-times like this would not exist for long because we’d soon get fed up of all agreeing

          • Jezza

            Don’t respect his opinion, marra. He is a wind up merchant, a troll. He doesn’t support Newcastle. he is a season ticket holder at Old Trafford and has been trolling this site under multiple ID’s for years.

          • GToon

            I don’t mind. I like to have a discussion. I find it interesting that other people think Ashley is doing a decent job. He’s isn’t offensive so I am prepared to chat. If he is a season ticket holder at old trafford he won’t be very happy today then! 😀👍🏻

          • Toon Arnie

            Yeah he said that but then, as if by magic,he found another £20m as a bonus pot for the players if they won the FA cup – how do you explain that ?
            The same magical figure was given to Sky to brief on Sky News across the country during the January window. The same coverage wasn’t given when it turned out to be yet another false promise.
            All part of the big picture that seemingly only you can see I suppose ? You’re digging yourself a hole here and coming across as a blinkered apologist.
            He’s not innocent & naive & learning as he goes as you suggest. He’s a billionaire who’s been in charge 11 years – he knows exactly what he’s doing, or should do after this length of time, but simply doesn’t care.

  • GToon

    The club have been relegated in 1934, 1961, 1978, 1989 and then under Ashley in 2009, 2016 and we are looking good for another in 2018. Even people without the most basic of maths skills will see Ashley is hogging the limelight when it comes to getting relegated. However. And it’s a big however. Is he bothered? I would suggest that he isn’t.

    • ghostrider

      Don’t forget to add in the enormous lengths he went to to get us straight back up.
      Fix your errors and try again.
      I believe he’s tried all kinds of ways to get a decent fix.
      All kinds of managers to effect a positive change.
      Even paying a manager nearly 6 million a year on a 3 year contract and allowing that same manager to call the contractual shots.

      That doesn’t stink of an owner that isn’t trying. It shows an owner that is attempting to drag up a club that is in the wrong part of the country, by the collar and seat of the pants to attempt to gain a foothold against the best of the rest of the teams outside of the FA controlled pop idol teams.

      • GToon

        Whilst running it on a budget that is quite simply unsustainable in the current climate. Ashley might have succeeded in the 70s but it’s a totally different game these days. He knows he’s going to be shoving his face in the trough to the tune of £100m at the end of the season come what may so why hasn’t that money been spent on our premiership survival? You can argue about being prudent all day long but if you are competing with other teams who aren’t then it isn’t going to end well. The correlation between the teams that have spent money and their league position is there for everybody to see. Do you think Man City are top for any other reason than money? We could be up there. We could be challenging the top teams with the right owner and the right backing. Unfortunately the league doesn’t award points for clubs that balance their books or make a profit.

        • ghostrider

          He has spent the money on our premier league survival.
          He trusted a manager with around 6 million a year to oversee it.
          The manager is making a massive meal of it by his refusal to use quality players that were at his disposal, who he could have easily got up to scratch enough to more than comfortably see us out of this mire.

          The teams in this league aren’t all that, barring a select few FA darling teams.
          By all means spend as much time as you wish slaughtering Ashley for everything that goes wrong and praise Rafa for anything that appears to go right.
          I’d rather observe it from the best vantage point which is seeing what’s on that pitch and how it’s set up.
          Rafa needs to up his game if he wants to be in charge of premier league funds for the summer….or he needs to go.

          • FatParosite


          • ghostrider

            When you block people just block people, don’t bother telling them.
            I’m 99.9% sure that I’m certainly not blocked. You’re far too nosey. lol

        • Mark Potter

          No. They changed the rules to ensure another Man City never happens again.

          The leagues don’t award points for a profit, but they drop you a division if you make a loss and can t pay all of your debts.

        • Kneebotherm8

          That’s a pity………we’d be champions league every year…

        • FatParosite

          Save your typing fingers & don’t bother with the Bishop spambot…

      • paul mclaughlan

        Funny how we didn’t used to be in the wrong part of the country for attracting top players.

        • ghostrider

          What top players are you talking about?

          • paul mclaughlan

            What, you joke?

          • ghostrider

            No I’m serious. What top players are you talking about.

          • molend

            Faustino Asprilla, to name but two

          • ghostrider

            That’s just one name.

          • molend

            No. Faustino is one and Asprilla is two

          • Kneebotherm8


          • molend

            Sorry, I inadvertently (can I say that here?) voted an up for myself.

          • ghostrider

            Yep, two names attached to one person.

          • paul mclaughlan

            If you don’t think we’ve ever signed any top players I CBA to name them.

          • ghostrider

            I never said we never signed top players. I asked for names of top players that chose us over other top teams that wanted them.

          • paul mclaughlan

            “It shows an owner that is attempting to drag up a club that is in the wrong part of the country”. You didn’t ask for top players who chose us over other teams. You inferred that our geography was to blame for the way our owner runs the club. Again inferring that top players wouldn’t want to play for us. As I’ve already said we used to attract top players. And our geographic position didn’t used to put players off.

          • Jezza

            He’s a troll, marra. He’s always looking to wind up Newcastle fans. Don’t give him the satisfaction.

          • FatParosite

            Yes starve him of attention and block his bull$h1T

          • ghostrider

            Let me put it in a simpler way.
            To get top players at this club it requires three major things.
            1. A manager that any top player classes as an idol for the player.

            2. Lots of promised wages.

            3. A player that loves the club from growing up….such as Shearer and the likes.

            Most players that come to Newcastle other than that generally come away from the club as top players or were once top players who were offered a career ending final top pay day.

            Ashley’s been a bit guilty of that in the past but he’s learning all the time in the art of not what to do.

            Ellis Short didn’t learn from that because Sunderland are exactly teh same. North east club having to offer the Earth to sign players and any once top players are lured with high wages.
            It’s all there to see.

            If you think the geographical location isn’t a massive stumbling block for top players then fair enough. I believe it is .

          • Toon Arnie

            Outside of London that could apply to any city in England though ? Do you think that the Man City players signed up for their love of constant rain and gun crime ! Foreigners tend to want to live in London and it takes serious wages to get the top players regardless of who you are. Do you seriously think if all was right at this club and wages matched that we couldn’t get top players to come to Newcastle? These players don’t travel home by National Express, it’s all 1st class train, plane or helicopter so distance isn’t an issue and there are far worse places to live than Newcastle, that’s not even up for debate.

          • ghostrider

            It’s the stigma for crying out loud.
            Seriously the north east is looked upon as second class compared to the south.
            Of course the club could attract top players if the wages were mammoth enough to leave the elite clubs gasping for air.

            We need a blank cheque long term operator for that who can turn the club into a plastic club with half a stadium of plastic fans.

            If you don’t think the north east is classed as low class compared to the south, then fair enough.
            All I’m saying is, the very top players will come to us for wages that leave other clubs gobsmacked or they come to us because their best days are behind them and the elite clubs will not keep them on the wages they’re used to.
            Luckily we have an owner that’s been naive but is far from stupid…and who is learning every step of the way.

          • Toon Arnie

            Compared to the south ? Other than London what do you mean by this ? Anything south of us or something else? That’s a lazy argument and I’ve already accepted that a lot of foreigners have London as their preferred destination. Even though Man Utd are the biggest club in England they still have to pay gigantic wages to get the top players to sign on so that argument is irrelevant.
            I’m on about top players, not the absolute elite such as De Bruyne , Hazard, Sanchez or whoever coming to Newcastle. We should be able to compete against the majority of clubs in the Premier.

      • Toon Arnie

        Enormous lengths ? He got Rafa on board to stop us going down initially and protect the cash cow. Spending no money and repeatedly lying to your manager doesn’t seem to be the best way of gaining a foothold against the best of the rest. We have no money supposedly yet he promises a £20m bonus to the players if they win the FA Cup ? He then says he’ll back Rafa and buy a £20m striker – he offers £15m then says he won’t be held to ransom ?!! I can’t believe you’re so gullible that you still believe this rubbish. He should have been big enough to tell Rafa he wouldn’t spend a penny in the window ( again ) but he could get a couple of loan deals over the line in early January rather than waste almost a month with more lies/ false promises. Honestly I don’t see how you don’t get this – unbelievable.

        • ghostrider

          There’s no smoke without fire.
          Rafa spends a lot of time bemoaning things in a roundabout way.
          Ashley stays out of the limelight and only occasionally will be tell his side of the story, which fans asked for in terms of wanting him to be more open. He did so and was cast off as a blatant liar who’s words are worthless.

          Rafa gets backed with what’s acceptable for the well being of the club.
          It’ll be one hell of a fine line trying to run a club like this.
          One error each way can severely tip the scales.
          We see this like a yoyo and will no doubt continue to.
          However, that’s been Newcastle United for long enough, so there’s no real change.

          Too many people hang onto the John Hall years and use it as some kind of yardstick for the club to go on and emulate.

          So honestly, I do get it but I get it on my terms which is blame apportioned and not set in stone for one individual.

          • Toon Arnie

            Ashley stays out of the limelight because he knows what he’s doing is indefensible.
            He did a shameful scripted interview with his mates at Sky recently that allowed him to blame anyone but himself and paint the fans and Rafa in a bad light.
            The rubbish about not being able to compete against an oil rich state was a disgrace. Who said we could ? The question should have been put back to him as to why we couldn’t, or wouldn’t, compete against the likes of Watford, Brighton, Huddersfield etc.
            The repeated broken promises, the dawdling to get loan deals over the line – he’s killing the club slowly and systematically.

          • ghostrider

            Toon Arnie:
            Ashley stays out of the limelight because he knows what he’s doing is indefensible.
            ANSWER: I don’t accept that for one minute. He’s always been known as keeping a low profile.
            He’s actually came out a lot more to defend himself amid the battering he’s took. Some deserved but the bile and hatred absolutely not deserved.

            Toon Arnie:
            He did a shameful scripted interview with his mates at Sky recently that allowed him to blame anyone but himself and paint the fans and Rafa in a bad light.
            ANSWER: Are you saying he should hand himself on a plate by having an interviewer paint him in a bad way for people to go into a frenzy over?
            The man laid it out plain and simple.
            It wasn’t accepted by the haters. No surprise from that.

            Toon Arnie:
            The rubbish about not being able to compete against an oil rich state was a disgrace. Who said we could ?
            ANSWER: But he’s telling the truth.
            He’s basically saying that the system is lopsided in favour of those clubs who seem to be able to flout any rule pertaining to fairness.

            Toon Arnie:
            The question should have been put back to him as to why we couldn’t, or wouldn’t, compete against the likes of Watford, Brighton, Huddersfield etc.
            ANSWER: But we can easily compete with those teams and are doing.
            Just remember that those teams also got in owners who were (at first) willing to bankroll them and are now having to tone it down because it is unsustainable.
            We are well ahead of that pack in terms of being able to cope due to us having an owner that’s got his head screwed on.

            Toon Arnie:
            The repeated broken promises, the dawdling to get loan deals over the line – he’s killing the club slowly and systematically.

            ANSWER:All clubs promise managers all kinds of stuff. All managers promise clubs all kinds of stuff.
            Players talk a good talk and in a lot of cases never carry off that talk into reality.

            It takes two to tango and media will dictate what is written and what it wants people to perceive.
            Anything and anyone can be built up to be shot down.

            You as a fan are reliant what you are fed and you’ll make your assumptions based on that.
            Many simply follow the mass opinion, regardless.
            Some try to read between the lines and make their own assumptions from that.
            It stands them out as a lone wolf or as a antagonist but that’s the nature of the beast.
            Just remember one thing. In a frenzied crowd that bays for blood, just one aggressive action by one aggressive person can set off a riot and turn a molehill into a giant mountain in short order.

            The one’s that stand back away from that crowd do so in order to see the bigger…wider…picture.

            That’s what I’m doing.

          • Ben Jones

            Superb . I couldn’t agree more

          • GToon

            We will only be a yo-yo club under Ashley. Before that we weren’t. You do the maths on those dates above.

    • Leazes.

      Under Ashley it has been a deliberate starvation leading to relegation…. that is the difference.

      Two days ago for the first time an attributable quote saying that he has no attachment to the club (you would never have guessed, well if you read his apologists you wouldn’t).

      He isn’t going to buy any players until a sale happens….just loans for the summer too regardless of which division we are in.

      Meanwhile at the chronicle they hope Slimani a player who hasn’t scored past a top premiership club will be the next Malcolm MacDonald.

      • Kneebotherm8

        SuperMac…………..Superslim……….we live in hope..

        • FatParosite

          You live in ignorance.

          • Kneebotherm8

            It was said tongue in cheek,not ignorance buddy.

    • HarryHype59

      Unlike other owners, he has hit the financial jackpot with the TV money! He has contrived to get us relegated twice with a third on the way. That takes a very high level of incompetence!

  • Ram Kishore

    I’m fed with spending stats..
    Bit misleading article..
    U talk about Spending but you are listing the facts of net spending

  • Leazes.

    Its quite meaningless to look at the January window in isolation….. That’s why I just look at the squad value…. the owner positioned us at fifteenth, and that’s not good.

    It means we will be involved in a struggle.

    Fatty…. him bad man!

    • Mark Potter

      The owner positioned us at 15th? Or the club’s finances after losing about £60m last season by not being in the Prem? We could never hope for better than a long hard season, especially as several of our star performers last season had previously shown they would not be outstanding back in the Prem.

      • FatParosite

        Fail to prepare… Prepare to fail….