The latest schedule of Premier League Live TV games have been revealed.

Sky Sports and BT Sport announcing the games they have chosen for April.

There were 20 matches revealed and after those April games there is only one more round of Premier League matches before then the final day of the season.

If you hadn’t heard already, Newcastle have just one live TV match in April, the home game with Arsenal moved to Sunday 15 April with a 1.30pm kick-off.

I’m really pleased that myself and other travelling Newcastle supporters have had some respite from difficult to get to matches being moved to awkward dates/times.

However, the Premier League Live TV games overall, are a total joke in that vital last full month of matches.

Of the 20 games selected (full list below), only one, West Ham v Stoke, doesn’t include a club from the top/big six.

All the other 19 matches include at least one team from that elite/favoured group.

It is almost as though they have gone down the list of games and selected every single one of the games that involve those teams, with only a limit on the total number permitted for live screening, stopping them selecting all of them.

This is how many times each of the top six are on in April:

4 Man City, Man Utd, Liverpool, Arsenal

3 Chelsea, Tottenham

When you consider that these are the same teams we will have on TV in the European competitions as well, if they survive that far, then it makes it all the more blatant.

The big joke though is that there is very little to play for at the top end this season.

Manchester City have already won the league and will probably have mathematically done so by the time April comes around.

Arsenal are already all but completely ruled out of finishing top four.

So that means the only real issue is which of four clubs (Man U, Chelsea, Liverpool, Spurs) will join Man City in the Champions League placings.

If say Chelsea lose a couple of games in March then even that issue could well be sorted by the time we reach April.

Meanwhile, at the bottom end, you have one of the most exciting (for those not involved) relegation fights ever. At least 11 clubs up to and including Bournemouth, are still involved, with most of them almost certain to be still stuck in that fight by April.

Yet only one potential relegation six pointer is to be shown live, that West Ham v Stoke game.

Yes we understand that as a general rule TV companies and viewers want to watch the clubs at the top rather than the bottom BUT only when they are playing/fighting for something.

I think they have missed a real trick this time and there would be far more interest in whether say Newcastle, or West Ham, could be winning a vital relegation six pointer, than watching Tottenham to see whether they will be third or fourth.

Current Premier League table:

premier league live tv gamesSaturday 7 April

5.30pm: Man City vs Man United (Sky Sports)

Sunday 8 April

2.15pm: Everton vs Liverpool (Sky Sports)

4.30pm: Chelsea vs West Ham (Sky Sports)

Monday 9 April

8pm: Arsenal vs Southampton (Sky Sports)

Saturday 14 April

12.30pm: Southampton vs Chelsea (Sky Sports)

5.30pm: Liverpool vs Bournemouth (BT Sport)

7.45pm: Tottenham vs Man City (Sky Sports)

Sunday 15 April

1.30pm: Newcastle vs Arsenal (Sky Sports)

4pm: Man United vs West Brom (Sky Sports)

Monday 16 April

8pm: West Ham vs Stoke (Sky Sports)

Friday 20 April

8pm: Brighton vs Tottenham (Sky Sports)

Saturday 21 April

5.30pm: Bournemouth vs Man United (BT Sport)

Sunday 22 April

2.15pm: West Brom vs Liverpool (Sky Sports)

4.30pm: Man City vs Swansea (Sky Sports)

Monday 23 April

8pm: Arsenal vs West Ham (Sky Sports)

Saturday 28 April

12.30pm: Liverpool vs Stoke (Sky Sports)

5.30pm: Swansea vs Chelsea (BT Sport)

Sunday 29 April

2.15pm: West Ham vs Man City (Sky Sports)

4.30pm: Man United vs Arsenal (Sky Sports)

Monday 30 April

8pm: Tottenham vs Watford (Sky Sports

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  • Sumit Sengupta

    Definitely a case for the teams in the lower half. It is going to be fiercely competitive (not sure about WBA though) and we will see some gritty, if not very attractive, football, clever tactics and such. I think the broadcasters should have considered that, given that Man City is most probably going to win the league and remaining 3 CL spots – well, what is the surprise there?

    But the battle at the bottom is going to be intense.

  • TheFatController

    I’d have thought regularly selecting the top 6 reflects the fact that they get good audiences, and the problem for the tv companies is that a game like Huddersfield v Stoke, as an example, doesn’t pull in any sort of audience, even if it was the last game of the season relegation decider?

    Whilst seeing the likes of Leeds, Villa, Mackems suffer outside the PL is satisfying at one level, the result is that it reduces the amount of ‘neutral appeal’ matches in the PL.

    That’s not my opinion, that’s the fact of lower tv audiences for ‘smaller capacity’ and /or ‘lower national following numbers’ clubs.

  • Monkseaton Magpies

    If we never on the telly again would be great. Whoever put us on telly three times in a row on a Sunday at Swansea, Brighton and Southampton followed by Burnley on a Monday night should be sacked. The only way to change how many top teams are on is the minimum and maximum no of games they can be shown eg an equal amount or near enough. There definitely should be a equal rule for home and away games on T.V. as we seem to be on away most of the team and if they put us on T.V. at home it’s against the top six.

  • Dillon Tovak

    Presumably these are the types of fixtures that get the most viewers.
    Personally I would probably give…say…west brom v swansea a swerve.

  • Stephen

    I recently visited the United States
    The EPL is massive( The Sunday 4pm game is broadcast at 8am. In Las Vegas) they adopt a team to support
    Sadly one of the six.
    This is how this ‘product’ is sold and Marketed abroad

  • Toon

    Some cracking games on that list, derbies etc and most involving a team in at the lower end of the table, stop crying for the sake of crying

    • GeordieZebra

      Not worth an article this tosh. Best teams get on the telly, what a shocker…