Manchester United fans have had plenty to say after their defeat to Newcastle United.

Some truly classic comments as their world falls apart..

Imagine only being second in the Premier League, in the last 16 of the Premier League, as well as in the fifth round of the FA Cup!

The odd one or two Manchester United fans do give Rafa and his team some credit.

However, for most it is ridiculously over the top comments about how terrible their team and manager are/were.

As one of them says – ‘PATHETIC’.

I couldn’t have put it better myself.

Manchester United fans commenting via their top Red Cafe message board and Twitter:

‘Manchester United are PATHETIC, I’ve had it.

We have two players good enough to wear the shirt.’

‘Absolutely pathetic.’

‘United are an embarrassment. Hundreds of millions spent and they are absolute dross. Mourinho is a busted flush.’

‘That’s Mourinho’s team. He is entirely to blame. United are absolutely dross. He’s had the same amount of time as Pep. He should be moved on this summer, sign a proper manager like Poch.’

‘Shocking again by United this formation is hopeless – and as for Smalling…’


‘Christ, we’re sh…. So what do we do about it?’

‘Terrible performance.’

‘Dire and depressing. That is simply not good enough.’

‘We could have played another 5 hours, we wouldn’t have score.

Battle for fourth is on.’

‘Ffs – lads, we’ve just lost to f…ing Newcastle! No words…’

‘United – Were s….

Newcastle – Wanted it more and had the rub of the green.’

‘Brutal. If we had taken our chances we would have scored three. Martial and Sanchez should have scored.

Made Jonjo Shelvey look like Pirlo for christs sake. Paul Pogba goes missing again.’

‘Done with Mourinho.’

‘Time for Mourinho to go…i have been saying this for weeks that his grasp of tactics and team selection is at best inept.’

‘Better team won!’

‘We could of easily scored 3/4 on another day. Keeper had the game of his life.’

‘Pathetic from start to finish.

Pogba and Matic need dropping for a while.’

‘Once they scored I had no faith that we would get back in it. It hasn’t been good enough for a few weeks now, both pre Sanchez and post Sanchez.

But hey, second in the league™️ Best defensive record in England™️

We have no right to be complaining or displeased.’


Sick to the back teeth of seeing Big Time Charlie Pogba stinking the place out.

Bench him….And I mean for three or four matches….Until he gets it that he isn’t as good as he thinks he is….’

‘We have some serious, serious problems with this squad. I hope to god Jose was lying when he said we’re not signing an attacking player in summer.’

‘We’re a terrible team with some good individuals.’

‘Wasn’t meant to be today. I’m not too mad about that one. It was always going to be a tough game. We didn’t take our chances and it cost us. Fair play to them, as well, played really well. Learn from it and move on.’

‘Lost to New-f…ing-castle, who haven’t won at home in the last 4 months. Utterly embarrassing,’

‘What a waste of 90mins of my life.

Losing to that sh… is embarrassing.’

‘They could easily have had a pen.

We were just really bad. They deserved it.’

‘Had a feeling we’d lose today, predicted 2-1 to Newcastle. I didn’t think we’d be that sh… though.

This is a f…ing Championship team.’

‘Not sure where people get the idea that they dominated us. After they got the breakthrough, they were the better side and we looked woeful. But we were absolutely bossing the game in the 2nd half until that defensive calamity.

Of course, the performance in the 1st half and from conceding the goal onwards is far from acceptable.

With Jose being happy with his attacking options – what does he think we lack? We certainly are in a mini crisis right now.’

‘Time for Mourinho to go…I have been saying this for weeks that his grasp of tactics and team selection is at best inept.’

‘So how did he win so much with all the previous teams.’

‘Made shelvey look like Zidane. Dubrovka will be an immense signing for them.’

‘Absolutely shocking performance, we’ve looked awful for weeks.

Don’t know why I get so excited for united games, same sh… football week in week out.

Sanchez must be thinking what has he done.’

‘Newcastle had only won 2 PL games from their last 17 before today…’

‘Utter garbage that was.

Newcastle played as a team and fought for everything and for each other. We are just a bunch of 11 individuals who just happen to wear the same kit.’

‘Same old sh…, looking completely uninterested, then going for it with ten minutes to go. It’s utterly bizarre how often we see this. I don’t really know what’s going on with Jose, but we don’t look right at all to me.’

‘I thought Newcastle followed Tottenham’s lead in pressing United.

Others will do the same until United sort this out.’

‘Let the wee club in the North East revel in their scrappy 1-0 cup final win they didn’t really deserve.’

‘They could have gotten a penalty.

Valencia shouldn’t be left on the field.

We lost to a team that havent won at home in 4 months.

Wow.. I don’t even know what to say.’

  • Tino o

    They don’t seem that bothered 😂😂😂

  • Alex

    Mourinho’s messed up, but never mind boys, the ‘Chosen One’ will be available again in the summer.

  • Wor Lass

    Wow – we haven`t got the monopoly of doom-`n-gloom-the-manager`s-schitte characters, then. What a gang of t0ssers. Quite a satisfying contrast in the before and after comments.

  • Damon Horner

    They should argue with Arsenal fans so we can find out which fanbase are the hardest done by, my sympathies…

    • Whitehurst


  • TheNutJob

    Man U were outfought & Jonjo was Zidane. the only 1 to come out of that game from the Manchester side with any credit was Jose

  • ghostrider

    We won because we had a go at them and played as a team, not just as a second half defensive unit.
    We stopped them playing their game very effectively.
    We battled well without the ball and made them know about it when we did have it.

    It just shows what this squad can be capable of when we do play for the entire 90 minutes in a much more balanced way, with players starting to show some forward thinking confidence.

    It shows we are not a championship team.
    A top debut by Dubravka as well but the entire team deserve credit for being exactly that…..a team.

    That’s all I ever ask for in a game. A team that tries in all departments and does not set out to give too much respect to the opposition.
    We deserved what we got yesterday because we earned it.

    Man Utd deserved nothing because their showboaters weren’t up for the fight.

    Well done Rafa and the team. Let’s carry this on and easily banish this relegation nonsense.

  • East Durham Mag

    A few decent comments but on the whole a reminder of how much i can’t stand Manure fans.

    • Mike

      Nearly as bad as arsenal fans moaning all the time would they like to swap positions

  • TheFatController

    I thought they did the best they could in the circumstances. They missed a one on one and had a few shots on target. They also had 10 corners, but against a solid CB partnership and keeper it was always going to be slim pickings for them from corners etc

    Plus you’re not going to get much change out of Diame and Shelvey as an away team – and there’s merino on the bench if needed. That’s always going to make it difficult for any team coming here.

    All in all, not great like they say, but still hope for them. I still think they’re top 4 material. Maybe a bit more heart and spirit needed, but some good foundations to build on with the £400m spent. They maybe can spend more in the summer?

    Chin up.

  • bob0411

    Goodness me, get a grip fellers! I’m actually blushing with embarrassment for the Manure fans! (Not.) Bet Keegan loved it though.

  • Dingus

    Man U will throw hundreds of millions at their squad in the summer. As will Man City. Liverpool and Arsenal will have spent 9 figures on each of their squads in 2018 by the end of the summer window. And only one of them can win the league. Football is a complete mess

  • Peaky Magpie

    Bet some of them are still on their way home to Dublin & Landen…..bless them…🤣

  • Tommy Harwood

    I wonder how many of these Man united fans are from Manchester

    • Steve Smith


  • Andy Mac

    What are these Mancs on ? 21st October isn’t four months ago and it wasn’t our Cup Final either ? If I supported that lot I would question how its possible to spend so much money just to look ordinary ?

  • Paul Busby

    Not exactly sure what lenses you have to look through to get the idea that they “bossed it”. With the exception of the last 10 minutes, it was pretty even throughout the whole game.

    • East Durham Mag

      Not how Motd portrayed it as usual. All Manure until we scored. Mind Phil Neville is a far better pundit than his brother.

      • Paul Busby

        … after the game he was at least yeah. Would it be so much to ask for Sky to hire an ex Geordie commentator for some of our home games?

        • Rich Lawson

          Apparently yes,I went to my local to watch the game only to find out they had lost their Sky Sports subscription that day,not a good start. I went to the old folks pub down the road. Me and 3 Man U supporters and a dog in there for the match (really) but until it was pointed out on here I had never spotted them calling Utd and us as just Newcastle so much before.We didn’t part as friends.

  • Brian D

    I predicted a Newcastle win against a team of millionaire prema-donnas, and Podba is s***

  • Paul Busby

    The other entitled thing that makes me laugh is, “lets get a proper manager like Potch”

    They think they can have and do what they want…

    I really don’t think Pochettino would leave Spurs for Man U right now.

    • Rich Lawson

      When he leaves,as I think he must to improve himself, depending on the owner’s tightness with fees and wages it will be to Madrid,unless Spur’s win the Champion’s League ?

      • Paul Busby

        That’s a good shout, they’re sniffing around to replace Zidane and that would be too much to turn down.

  • Tino o

    Im so happy that we went easy on them! Wouldn’t want them to be wound up and overly stressed😂😂😂

  • MadMag83

    Been saying it since the Euro’s, Pogba isn’t as great as people make out. The sight of his grumpy mug on the bench made my weekend.

  • Sing in the Leazes

    An interesting lesson in what can happen when you’re a team that has a tradition of playing expansive attacking football but sign a manager who is cautious.
    If we ever get to a place where Rafa is given loads of money we might end up with some similar attitudes popping up on here.
    The best thing about yesterday was the way we went about it. We gave them the respect they were due but no more.
    I remember Solano putting us ahead against these lot once and then we shat ourselves and handed them the win out if fear. Not this lot! Get in!

  • Albert Stubbins

    Have most of those quotes been subtitled from the originals in Chinese?

  • FairsCup69

    Funnily enough, I said to my mate the other day that they (Man U) had a terrible season last year. Only to be reminded that they won 2 trophies and qualified for the Champions League. That’s how bad THEY are right now. Imagine if WE were that bad. FFS!!