Liverpool fans have had plenty to say about Rafa Benitez ahead of Saturday’s match at Anfield.

Nice to have a manager at St James Park these days, who is still so well thought of at a former club.

You can read some great tributes below, as Liverpool fans show their appreciation and respect for somebody who did so well for them.

Many of them also recognising the job he is now doing in very difficult circumstances at Newcastle United.

Amongst the touching comments though, there is still one that stands out for me.

One Liverpool supporter declaring that at last Newcastle fans have a manager once again who they can treat with the same respect as ‘Kevin Keegan and Bobby Robinson’!

That would be SIR Bobby Robinson (ROBSON in case you hadn’t caught on!) by the way…

Liverpool fans comments via their top message boards LiverpoolFC Forum and Red and White Kop:

‘Rafa has never lost against Liverpool, let’s end that record on Saturday.’

‘You only have to watch the (Man) Utd game a couple weeks ago to see Rafa can still set a team up to defend extremely well. Could do with a Salah screamer early on.’

‘We know Rafa will set them up well but, we are playing well and they just don’t have the quality to stop, or trouble us….famous last words.’

‘Basically Rafa has tried everything to get this team results as best as he can with the players at his disposal. The problem is, at Newcastle at this current time, there is simply insufficient talent in key areas of the pitch. Ashley should have backed them in the summer and didn’t.’

‘I’ve never met a Newcastle fan who doesn’t look back at that (90s) era with starry eyes, and after a turbulent period of time at their club, which is still under the rather large shadow of Mike Ashley, they now a manager who they can hold up with the same respect as Kevin Keegan and Bobby Robinson.’

‘It will be tough. Rafa will set them up well. I will take a narrow 1-0 win right now.

My ship is coming in.’

‘For Liverpool, how we react to whatever tactical genius Rafa brings to the game will be the main factor.  He’ll know how we will intend to play, and if anyone can formulate a plan to limit our scoring chances, it’s him.’

‘As much as I love Rafa, I want us to stuff Newcastle 4 or 5 nil, and have him crying all the way back to Geordie Land – there, I said it.

Impetus is everything at this stage in the season, and we need to be building towards something special – second place and the CL trophy. What a statement that would be.’

‘I fully expect that Rafa will have his side far better organized than Moyes did, and since he’s managed them we haven’t been able to beat them yet.

They’ll be compact and disciplined, but I am not sure what attacking threat they will have [West Ham have more]. I reckon their best chance will be a set piece. They’ll work hard and press.’

‘Its quite hard not to love Rafa, isnt it? We just love him.’

‘This will be a difficult game. Rafa will have them set up very well and tough to break down.

We need to be patient and concentrate defensively.’

‘I love Rafa and hope Newcastle could stay up, but we also need this 3 point to secure top 4, so a win please, sorry Rafa.’

‘Rafa is going to park the bus big time on us, isn’t he?’

‘The best part before this game, Rafa = the Mancs beater.’

‘We’ll have too much for them, but it’ll be an annoying game.

‘Even after we will have found an opener we should be very careful at the back.

The toons won’t crumble unlike the hammers did and will try to fight back tooth and nails to look for an equalizer,

So, I think we should not underestimate our next opposition, knowing who sits in their dug out, that magnificent strategist which Rafa Benitez can be deemed to be.’

Rafa will put all 11 players on his own goal line in this game.’

‘He should just let us win really. We always sing his name and stuff.’

‘I see it will be harder than most of us can expect to catch the three points,

Knowing the ilk of manager that sits in the toons dug out and the way he likely gears up their approach to the game to counter our offensive threat.’

Hope Rafa gets a good reception. A standing ovation wouldnt be out of place..and then we murder his team!’

‘I hope me too, we still love Rafa, as a human being and LFC Legend.’

 ‘I have to admit, it took me a very long time to recover from the emotional scars that were caused by the departure of Rafa from our club all those years ago.  I feel we are finally on the cusp of hitting the same levels as we did in 2008/09, when we had the best midfield in the world, and that is praise indeed for this Klopp side. 

Meanwhile, Rafa has found himself a new home among the black and white stripes where he is appreciated for the things he does best.  There is clearly a huge amount of respect shared by both managers and as much as every red in the house would want to see Newcastle avoid the drop, just for Rafa if nothing else, this is just about the only fixture no red will want him to win.’

  • TheNutJob

    Pity we aren`t going there with a fully fit squad

    • Danimal

      Preferably someone else’s fully fit squad.

  • UrbanHim

    Who the hell is Bobby Robinson? Did he bring the Orange Squash to Bobby Robson at half time?

  • Leicester Mag

    Ah the great Bobby Robinson such a legend he’s unreal, literally ! One of the true greats alongside Jackie Milbank, Alan Sleeper and Yohan Kebab

    • colin marr

      and Trevor Hockey.

  • Sumit Sengupta

    Bobby Robinson?

  • Scott Robinson

    According to Robbie Bobbinson Peter Beardsley got a job as a BBC weather forecaster, but lasted one broadcast …

    ‘It will snow tomorrow, obviously, to be fair …er, obviously, to be fair like’.

    Terry Mac, Keegan, Alan Kennedy, Andy Carroll, Vennison, Owen, Barnes, Rush, Bellamy and a few more who played for us and Liverpool, but none as good as the great Peter Beardsley. Imagine if he had been selfish, he would have scored 20 goals a season. The Geordie Messi…no not Bobby Robinson.

    The greatest English club ‘Liverpool’ or ‘Man u’. I go for Liverpool!

    • Albert Stubbins

      don’t forget Albert Subbins- second only to Beardsley!! lol lol

      • Jezza

        Howard Gayle.

        • Will Venus

          Danny Guthrie

          • TheFatController

            Jose Enrique

        • Albert Stubbins

          wasnt he with us on loan? I maybe wrong.

          • Jezza

            Yes he was on loan.

      • Coach Clagnut

        Bet the photo shoot for the Sgt.Peppers album was a hoot Albert.

    • Danimal

      You missed Mike Hooper.

    • Mark Davies

      I love Beardsley. My absolute favourite player Ive seen in the famous black and white.

      However….I can resist a cheeky jibe about him reading the weather the last few days. He’ll have certainly loved how white it is…oh dear apologies in advance!

      • Wor Lass

        Hes my all-time favourite player for nufc and England.

  • Paul Patterson

    Well thank you Liverpool fans. Its always a pleasure. Good to see that the top teams don’t have to behave like a*******s and be generally derogatory for no reason.
    Go and sort the top two out (after Saturday) 😁


    Nice to hear Liverpool fans still appreciate him. It is a shame some of the fickle fans on this site don’t agree with the scousers.

    • Jezza

      Those fickle fans are mostly two trolls (and brothers) posting under multiple ID’s and are they not even Newcastle supporters.

      • NUFCLX

        Maybe it is time for us all to start to OUT these trolls and we can then block them or ignore them, maybe then we will get rid of them. Monk Mag is the first to spring to mind.

        • Jezza

          Where have you been, marra. I have been outing them for weeks. The main culprits, responsible for 90% of the trolling on this site are two brothers from Manchester. They are both season ticket holders at Old Trafford and at least one of them works in a S****s D****t shop. They have been trolling this site under multiple ID’s for years.

          You are right about Monkseaton Magpies being one of their ID’s. They found Monkseaton on google maps and chose that name for the purposes of alliteration. Their other current ID’s include bobbi fleckman (and all variations featuring that name), ghostbuster, Clarko, Ben Jones, Mark Potter and Mike Adam. There are probably other ID’s they use too. They keep registering new ID’s when people block them.

          • Wor Lass

            Jezza, why does it actually matter how many identities anyone has and whether or not they`re “real”? One of the reasons people come on these sites is for the craic with like-minded souls but also for the arguments. I think we actually need the trolls stirring the pot and spicing things up with ridiculous comments. It gets things out in the open and discussed and it adds a bit of excitement and humour – especially during breaks when there`s no actual games to comment on. Just don`t take them too seriously.

          • ghostrider

            Just remember as well. A troll is also any person that doesn’t follow the masses for the sake of it and those people must have a few names applied to them.

          • NUFCLX

            Personally I would prefer to share craic, banter and opinions with genuine Toon Fans. I think we have enough real supporters on here to provide that. Cannot see the point in discussing the Toon with people whose only objective is to wind up fans of a club they do no give a S**t about.

          • Wor Lass

            I`ve replied to Jezza but it could have been to you as well.

          • Jezza

            I just want to trade banter with genuine football fans whether they are Newcastle supporters or fans of other clubs with something valid to say. I am not going to waste my time indulging sad socially inadequate misfits who just want to antagonise people because it’s the only pleasure they have got in their pathetic empty lives. That is why I have blocked all the ID’s used by those two trolls.

          • Wor Lass

            I can`t really fault your description of some of the muppets that come on here and I take your point but you have to be careful that you don`t just tar everyone who disagrees with the mainstream or who supports Ashley with the same brush. Also, how do you know all that about who they are? Is it just from what Leazes has said or do you have some other source of information? I`m not sure they`re not Toon fans. Take MonkSatan mag, for example. I really disagree with his stance on Ashley and, yes, he is intent on winding people up but his accounts of matches and experiences in the past are very detailed and I know that some of the events and people he has named from way back are right enough. Blobbi tends to hammer away at the accountancy side and at least puts an argument that people have to think about. As for Clarko, he is very useful in that he makes everyone realise how lucky they are that they`re not him!

          • Jezza

            I realised a while ago that I was having exactly the same argument with all those different ID’s. Each time I was dealing with the same twisting of things with the same playground logic, the same going off at irrelevant tangents, the same dogged refusal to acknowledge the irrefutable facts I had presented to disprove their arguments, the same refusal to answer perfectly reasonable questions, the same childish strops and so on. I realised that I was surely dealing with the same person. I therefore got a friend who is very savvy about ISP’s and media social networks to do some perfectly legal online digging and she came up with a load of information that matched information that had been provided independently by another user of this forum who had had past dealings with these trolls.

            Believe me, any information and anecdotes they provide about past Newcastle matches has come from meticilous online research. They are very good at that but they still sometimes slip up and give themselves away. For example one of them once claimed to have had a season ticket for the Gallowgate End in the 80’s. Well anybody who went to Newcastle matches back then will know you couldn’t get a season ticket for the Gallowgate. The only standing season tickets you could get were for the centre paddock.

          • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

            Jezza is making things up again. He is just following Leazes’ theory which happens to be as accurate as his posts.

            I’ve offered to buy Jezza a beer before a game but he declined the offer.

          • Leazes.

            Tis true, I’ve had run ins with fleckman for years….. Clarko is Wor Mongo his younger brother Lots of giveaways like ‘accountancy’ and ‘stupidity’ and when you combine the political theme which is always there running through the post it amounts to two or three individuals, the farther is in his seventies and a daft old senile tory, they came on the chronicle site years ago to bully individuals and wind them up.

            Fleckman said he used to do some page setting for the Mag, so that means Mark Jensen knows him…. so its not inconceivable that the wind-ups are designed to get hits for the site.

          • ghostrider

            You need to stop telling lies.
            Just try and be truthful in your attempts at digging.
            It almost seems like you’ve got yourself into a frenzy with some others following you like you’re the pied piper.

          • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

            That is very true, if Jezza didn’t make stuff up, I certainly would not have picked up on his posts. His problem is he got a bit carried away with stretching his fiction and it became obvious everything was made up.

          • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

            It’s not me Jezza, I’m not from Manchester, my brother lives a long way from me and would expect £500 an hour for posting his thoughts on this site. I’ve been to Old Trafford for Newcastle games and a concert once, I don’t work for Sports Direct.

            Now, are you, Leazes, MMM and Cockney Trev not the same person?

        • Desree


          • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

            Says the bloke who bet that we got relegated and supports Sheffield Wednesday?

        • TheFatController

          I treat them like pantomime villains. They’re toothless obviously, just preying on vulnerabilities and our relegation fight makes it rich pickings sadly.

          I have had fun undermining their poorly constructed logic in arguments, and they soon go quiet when I point out the clear elements of their personality disorder – think I touch on their vulnerabilities there.

          The one thing they have never replied to is when I accuse them of being fat idiots staying in sat at their pc in the y fronts revelling in people’s emotional reactions, and to seek help before it’s too late…

          Not one reply to that comment about them. Not one.

          • Wor Lass

            That`s the spirit!

        • Wor Lass

          We`re not censors – everyone has a right to an opinion even if we don`t like it. At least these guys bring up unpalatable subjects and get a bit of a ruck going. It makes things a lot more lively and provides plenty of opportunities for humorous put-downs. Just enjoy the challenge.

        • Cockneytrev

          Well said,, they get on my t1ts,,especially as they know nothing about football,,

  • Dillon Tovak

    So here’s to you Bobby Robinson.

  • Jezza

    ‘Basically Rafa has tried everything to get this team results as best as he can with the players at his disposal. The problem is, at Newcastle at this current time, there is simply insufficient talent in key areas of the pitch. Ashley should have backed them in the summer and didn’t.’

    I couldn’t have put it any better myself.

    • Mike

      100% agree……..i wonder if he was backed properly where we would be

    • Desree

      Jezza, is there an article on Fulham fans saying how much they love Mitro?

  • Mrkgw

    Sir Bobby Robson and Kevin Keegan, two of the very best we have had in the history of the club. I consider myself highly fortunate to have enjoyed watching Newcastle throughout their time at the helm. Great times.

  • gallowgate26

    Must admit, Anfield is not a place I enjoy the toon visiting. They even beat Citeh there this season! I respect them actually because no matter how much they have fallen (relatively speaking!), they will give anyone a game at Anfield. It wouldn’t matter if Man City, Barcelona, Bayern, Juventus, whoever turned up. Anfield is Anfield and the fans and players fully expect to beat anyone there. I think physcology plays a bigger part in football results than people realise.

  • Wor Lass

    Bobby Robinson – luv it, just luv it!

  • ghostrider

    I thin k many Liverpool fans have a memory of Benitez that has been cranked up into the realms of fantasy.
    I’d hardly call him a success at the club.
    If anything I’d say he failed at the club with the absolute quality he had at his disposal that he just couldn’t resist messing with.

    Yeah he won the odd thing here and there but that’s it.
    The man is being put on a pedestal that is much higher than he deserves in terms of his Liverpool stint.

    • ataturk5

      He had to deal with the two cowboys while he was here mate,Hicks+Gillete,our very own Mike Ashleys,who nearly bankrupted our club,there was turmoil on and off the pitch,thousands marching in protest before matches,a poisonous atmosphere against H+G in the stadium all the time,very difficult period to manage us tbf to Rafa.
      Yeah he made some iffy buys too,but if they’d have got him the players he wanted i think we’d have won the league again,just my opinion like.
      The last European cup final i attended was Heysel 85,a horrible,shameful night for us,and never forgotten by me fwiw,the next one i attended was the CL final 05,because of Rafa about 40+ thousand of us had THE best week of our lives in that city,and millions more around the world,i’m lucky,started going the match from when i was 12(1974),seen so many trophies lifted down the years,but NOTHING will ever beat that game for me as a red,and for that Rafa will always have our respect,him and his wife Montse have a charity down here,he gave 96K to the Hillsborough fund,and requested no publicity,but Margaret Aspinall told the local press,they both do loads for the area,something they don’t have to do,no,Rafa will always have my respect.

      • ghostrider

        Aye mate I accept that you fans respect him for giving you something.
        What I’m saying is, he cannot be regarded as being successful in the grand scheme of things.
        I think the squad he had when he has Torres, etc was a title winning squad, especially when the elite teams of now were not nearly as many and arguably your team was top of that elite bunch of that time.

        I think Rafa’s messing with that squad cost you advancement and cost you many of your better players who appeared to be getting disillusioned whether people can blame it on Gillete and Hicks or Rafa is open for debate.

        I generally say, it’s a fine line between success and failure and also it’s a fine line between gaining respect and losing it.

        I understand the respect Rafa has in one sense but I think he’s been way over hyped throughout a lot of his managerial tenancies.

        • ataturk5

          He had his faults mate,Gerrard mentioned us ‘playing with the handbrake on’,there were games that season we should have went for it more,undoubtedly,Hull 2-2 at home just one example,he also wanted to move Alonso on for Gareth barry,unbelievably.
          I was in Athens for a week for the 07 CL final,we were buzzing before the match,’then’ the team sheet was announced,Kuyt on his own up front! Zenden playing who was leaving end of season!,the whole lot of us were deflated by the line up,you could hear the surprise+a fair bit of anger in the crowd,so i know he has his faults,but that night in Istanbul buys a lot of grace+respect mate,rightly or wrongly,add in the FA cup final a year later too,i’ve got loads of time for him anyway,and the vast majority of reds have too,stick with him a bit,he’ll do ok by you.

          • ghostrider

            Fair do’s for you mate. I get where you’re coming from but with us I just don’t see him lasting too long with the fans if he keeps doing what he’s doing.

            It might look like he’s performing some kind of miracle but he’s not when you look at it all from the results point of view (without championship football stats added) and also entertainment.

            It’s been mostly dire and not to mention his bizarre ways with players.
            I know players say all the right words that fans want to hear but they’re hardly likely to upset the applecart by calling him out on anything.
            Let’s be honest, they love their wages.
            Rafa is being paid near 6 million a year and that’s sick.

            It’s not his fault he gets that but he must have negotiated it which means he’s not really come to this club for the success of it but much more likely that no other clubs would pay him near 6 million a year for the kind of football an d bizarre ways he has.

            I might sound ungrateful but I’d get shot of him tomorrow…seriously.
            I don’t think he’s done anything for this club other than take most players backwards.

          • ataturk5

            Well it’s your club,not mine mate,so obviously your views on him matter more than mine when it concerns NUFC,no worries

          • Reggae86

            Your opinions are welcome, mate. Refreshing to hear from a neutral.

          • ataturk5

            Cheers mate,this article popped up on news now liverpool btw,if you’re wondering how come a couple of us responded,i guess Rafa’s name being used is why,bitter cold down here btw,but no snow,so should be on the game,thx again

          • Reggae86

            I know mate I’m on the Wirral! All the best

          • ataturk5

            Ha ha no worries

          • Reggae86

            I’m not sure what his motives for staying are, but I can tell you now it’s not about the money. Do you know he’s been turning down offers for absolutely ludicrous amounts in China? Do you know he still receives compo payments from Real Madrid to this day? I very much doubt that salary is key.
            Has he really taken most players backwards?

          • ghostrider

            If it wasn’t about money he could have easily took the job on for way less money given the position we were in at the time.
            As for China. There’s lots of managers and players that don’t fancy the big money in China, so Rafa turning it down means nothing to be fair.

            Even the Real Madrid players wanted him out and he was only there 5 minutes.
            As for taking the players backwards. Just take a look at them.

          • Reggae86

            So he should have got Ashley to lower his offer because of our situation? Why isn’t he be all over that new contract then? Because he wants to know other things pertaining to football are in order first.
            I see what you’re saying about the attraction to China and I agree, just with you saying no other club would stump up, I’m giving you one example straight off.
            More likely a few swollen egos wanted him out of Madrid.
            Ok, which players are we looking at then?

          • ghostrider

            He’s not all over a new contract because his is still running. He has no need to and negotiating a new one would stand him out as the mercenary I believe he is…but stand him out naked in front of the entire world… because people would be saying ” eh, how come he’s signed a new contract with an ownber like Ashley and the club being as badly run as it is.”

            Because this is what people would jump on, because people jump on any hype that the media orchestrate in the war of tit for tat.
            It sells.

      • Cockneytrev

        Mate take no notice of him,,
        He’s an Ashley troll and he knows nothing about football,, Rafa has done amazingly well considering the restraints he’s had put on him by Ashley,,

        • ataturk5

          No worries mate,it’s his club,he’s entitled to his opinion more than me i guess,cheers anyway

    • Paul Patterson

      Here we go (sigh)-
      5th place and League Cup runners up + Champions League winners.
      3rd place FA cup winners, Super Cup Winners, World Club Cup Runners up.
      3rd Place, Champions League Runners up, Community Shield Winners.
      4th Place, Champions League semi-final.
      Under a dodgy ownership. Yes things tailed off in his last season but I’d take that sort of record over five years as most clubs would.

      • ghostrider

        With what he had I wouldn’t call it real success.
        The champions league win was as dodgy as they come and I give him no credit for that.
        5th place is nothing to Liverpool in those times and even dodgy today for them.
        3rd place and Fa cup win. Fair enough a trophy. Wigan did it and many other small clubs, so not really a big success.
        world club runners up?
        Super cup0 winners?
        Basically rigged up nonsense trophies that stand as nothing specific and easily set aside.

        The one thing those Liverpool fans wanted was the league title and Rafa couldn’t do it with the top quality he had. He should have presented that trophy to those Liverpool fans at least once.

        I’dc all him reasonable as a manager in those days.
        Today I’d call him an over paid mercenary manager that will make any excuse going as long as it side steps his failings.

    • Jim Rawsthorn

      I can’t remember the figures but when the papers were criticizing Benitez for squad rotation he hadn’t played an unchanged team for, say, 60 games. In the same period Alex Ferguson had gone over 80 games without keeping the same team one week to the next. The figures are just guesses now but Ferguson was ‘canny’ while Benitez ‘tinkered’. As well as the referees and the FA, Ferguson had the press in his pocket. I’ll echo what another contributor has said, Benitez couldn’t get the players he wanted and was often buying players one level down because he wasn’t backed by the cowboy owners. He’ll get a great reception at Anfield because he’s a great man.

      • ghostrider

        Fair enough mate I can’t knock you down for your views and thoughts. I just don’t follow that same path as of now. I honestly don’t think he’s done anything of note…seriously.

        Naturally I take the championship out of that equation and I’m dealing with premier league.
        I just think excuse after excuse is made for him by some fans and pundits, plus the media, as well as Benitez himself sidestepping any blame on himself and casting it everywhere else.

        • Ram Kishore

          Give your club’s manager a break.. let him do what he’s appointed for..
          U keep saying the same thing week after week whatever the results maybe

          • ghostrider

            Actually I don’t keep saying the same this week in and week out. Against Man Utd I actually praised him and the team.
            That’s all I asked for. A better balanced game where players can have a go as well as do the other things that Rafa generally takes as number one priority.

            I’ve been a Newcastle fan/supporter for over 45 years and I’m telling you 100% that most other managers would be getting it in the neck for doing what Rafa’s doing.
            Most fans would not accept the excuses made for failings in the set up and the way players have been messed about.

            I keep seeing pundits throwing out the same clap trap like a big script on Rafa’s ability to get a championship team play way above their level.
            We are two points above relegation with 10 games to go after having 2 full seasons to use his 6 million a year expertise to shape the players.

            The same championship team that Rafa’s had pushed onto him by Ashley, apparently….most are internationals and some of them, fans are asking for England call ups.

            Granted we are not the elite quality. Granted we can’t afford to up the wages and transfer fees of the elite.
            I don;t expect it but I do expect a manager on near 6 million a year to actually do something better than have us struggling by playing mostly dire football but also not having the brains to play games out on the front foot as much as the back foot.

            I don’t like his style and ways.

            The fans will naturally turn on Ashley a bit more once again if Rafa takes us down for a second time…but let’s see how many still want him to lead us back up if it happens.

            I’m praying that the man walks away . I’d happily accept him doing it right this minute and play on under a make shift manager.
            I have little to no time for him as a manager.
            I get very little excitement/entertainment from a bunch of players that I absolutely know have a lot more in their lockers.
            Tat’s the fault of one man and it’s not Ashley or Charnley regardless of what people think they are.

    • Ram Kishore

      Shut up ghost

    • Reggae86

      If he won a Champions League and an FA Cup with us, would you call that, “The odd thing here and there”? Wasn’t it five trophies in six years?

      • ghostrider

        Name the 5 trophies in 6 years.

  • Tweed Mag

    Liverpool fans would have thoroughly enjoyed seeing Man U out fought by NUFC at St James. Perhaps they will feel generous and give us a point. Or has the snow numbed my brain . . . . .