Most normal people were amazed when Alan Pardew was given another Premier League job.

After producing the worst results of any club in the four divisions throughout 2016 before he was sacked by Crystal Palace, you thought surely nobody would fall for his patter once again…

However, West Brom came knocking after they sacked Tony Pulis.

When Alan Pardew took over, West Brom were just outside the relegation zone with 12 points from 14 matches.

Not great but not nearly as disastrous as Pardew’s eight points from the next 14 games, leaving them rock bottom with 20 points at the minute.

There was no visible sign of any new manager ‘bounce’ as West Brom didn’t win any of the first eight Premier League matches when Alan Pardew has been in charge.

In 14 PL games he still only has a solitary victory, at home to Brighton.

For a number of matches it has been billed as his ‘last chance’ and after the Barcelona trip shambles, defeat at home to Huddersfield would surely get him the sack.

However, it is claimed he now has the away match at Watford next Saturday as a very final chance and Mick Quinn simply can’t believe it.

The former Newcastle striker says the Baggies had to sack him after Saturday and whilst he gets the odd fact wrong (Pardew hasn’t won 2 PL games at West Brom and (Sadly) Newcastle didn’t sack him), it is difficult to argue with what Quinny has  to say…

Mick Quinn speaking on Talksport:

“I thought that game (West Brom had to win) should have been Saturday if he was going to save his job, against Huddersfield, but he never.

“I can’t see any improvements since they won those first two games.

“In fact I was surprised he got the job on the back of being sacked by Palace, being sacked by Newcastle, being sacked by his last three or four teams for not doing what is required…winning football matches.

Alan Pardew was a lucky lad to get a Premier League job again.

“I am not picking on him in one sense but I don’t think West Brom fans can put up with that, the result Saturday, the football they’re playing as well.

“There’s another panic button, and if I was chairman of West Brom I’m afraid I would have sacked him on Saturday night, while there’s still games left to get out of trouble.

“I just can’t see another way out of this situation that they are in, other than he’s got to move on.

“They have got to get someone in who is going to revitalise them players, freshen up them players, motivate them players, to win a football match, because their confidence is shot to bits at this moment in time.

“Of course they can be saved.

“They have got ten games to go, thirty points to play for – course they can get out of it.”

  • Desree

    He will be back here in June

    • Rich Lawson

      Hopefully only as the new Sunderland manager.

  • Rich Lawson

    But we don’t want them ”to get out of it”.Please stick with him or we are going to have to endure yet another new manager bounce when we play them !! Their 4 rotten senior players deserve to go down anyway,and where are the club fines for what they did in Barcelona ?

  • Paul Busby

    Who exactly do they think they’re going to get to save them at this point?

    Honestly if someone said, “who would you bring in for this situation” Pulis would have been quite high on that list.

  • Mike

    no he is doing a brilliant job leave him there. once Rafa leaves he will be back here he is Cashleys puppet

    • NoelBlack

      His pet, more like. Chubs and Chunky are like Blofeld and his white fukkin’ cat.

  • TheNutJob

    if it all goes pear shaped at the toon & there`s no takeover in the summer
    Pard`s will be waiting for the call from Penfold
    oh and Geordie John

    • Rich Lawson

      Only as a villain in Dangermouse.

    • Rich Lawson

      Geordie John is no longer available,after the Hudd’s’ result Universal Jobsearch found him a new position as a sausage roll taster at Gregg’s.

  • Jezza

    Nobody who cares about Newcastle United should want to Pardew come back on the job market.

  • MadMag83

    Not a fan of Pardew​ at all, but we were comfortable in mid table when he left so it’s time to let bygones be bygones and leave the obsession with him.

    • NoelBlack

      You’re free to leave whatever you like whenever you like.

  • Cockneytrev

    Hopefully it will come out in years to come how he got the Newcastle job with an 8 year contract,,,,

    • ghostrider

      Same as how he was in line for the England job with fans begging that he didn’t take it.
      I wonder how many forget that?

      • mentalman

        he could actually do well as an England manager, he’s known for his teams going on winning streaks so if he managed to time one of those around a tournament who knows what may happen

      • Cockneytrev

        don’t talk about football, you no nowt,,
        Stick to licking Ashley’s hoop,,👅👅👅,, your an expert,,

        • ghostrider

          I’m smiling.

          • Cockneytrev

            you must have your tongue up Ashley’s hoop,,👅👅👅

          • ghostrider

            You make me smile. lol

          • Cockneytrev

            The feelings not reciprocated,,,
            I can’t stand hoop lickers,,,👅👅

          • ghostrider

            I’m nicknaming you SMILER because you always make me smile. lolo

          • Cockneytrev

            good for you
            Hoop licker👅👅

          • ghostrider

            You are the smile of my life. lolo

          • Cockneytrev

            so it’s true what everyone has suspected all along’, ,,, Your sad and lonely,,
            Ashley hoop licker,,👅👅👅

  • Lord

    Don’t see even a new manager bounce saving WBrom. They need 6 wins from 10 now and have only won 3 all season. Yet to play Spurs, Man U and Liverpool.

    It’s shaping up as we might be the ones putting them down on April 28th.

  • Mitros gotta start

    No he doesnt you fat clown……he is doing a great job at west brom…..why would you want them to get a manager in that could get them out of the shyte at possibly our expense?

  • Obnoxious Andy

    Hopefully he’ll be sacked soon so we don’t have to pay West Brom compo.
    Uncle Mike and Alan “The Lads lad” Pards have always been a firm favourite of mine as a dynamic duo.
    They had each other’s back, they’d always spot each other a fiver down the casino and get the vodka chasers in if there were a few drunk lass’s hanging around.

  • Paul Patterson

    He’s doing a brilliant job man!
    Maybe he could take over at S*******d next season when they are in League 1, after all- he was good at getting them results when he was our manager . .

  • X,WHY,Y MAN.

    I’m no fan of Pardew and think we spend too much time focusing on him, But people cannot be serious when blaming him for what is happening at West Brom ?
    There were big problems there before Alan took over and to be honest he was a bit naïve to take the post in all honesty.
    In fact anyone taking the reins at West Brom is on a hiding to nothing with what is going on there behind the scenes.

    Alan is normally a good short term manager who can come into a distressed club and have a galvanising effect early on.
    This time though even he cannot replicate his customary honeymoon period with West Brom being the eternal “Zombie Club.”

    • TheFatController


  • TheFatController

    I bet the only thing Chris Hughton regrets this season is that defeat to, as our glorious leader would suggest, the more experienced Pardew’s West Brom…

    Brighton would be on 34 points. He must go over it (how they were the only team to lose to a Pardew team this millennium) every night in his head.