The question today is, how many points will Newcastle United get from their final 12 games?

The relegation fight is unbelievably tight and despite Watford’s shock 4-1 smashing of Chelsea lifting them slightly out of the pack, positions 12th to 19th are only separated by three points.

As the Premier League stands now, in advance of the NUFC home match with Man Utd, Rafa’s team are in 16th position and have got 25 points from 26 games.

Always very difficult to tell how many points will be needed for survival in the top tier but just how many more points do you think the Magpies will accumulate?

The 12 games are evenly split between home and away and are as follows:

HOME: Man Utd, Southampton, Huddersfield, Arsenal, West Brom, Chelsea

AWAY: Bournemouth, Liverpool, Spurs, Leicester, Everton, Watford

So vote now to say how many points Newcastle can accumulate from this final run of 36 points maximum.

  • John

    Depends how many corners we get and how many games lascelles is playing

    • Peaky Magpie

      😂😂 Many a true word…

  • ToonTom

    Can’t see any options (maybe there weren’t any?).
    10 points is all we are going to get. Survive in 17th place ahead of Stoke (34 pts), WBA (29 pts), and Swansea (28 pts).

  • Rich Lawson

    It will come down to the last day again.

    • Jezza

      We were already down before the last day last time round.

      • Rich Lawson

        I know,I was thinking ’bout the West Ham game.

        • Jezza

          OK fair enough. The West Ham game was the season before we went down last time.

          • Rich Lawson

            I know,but it still counts.

          • Jezza

            The one huge difference between you and Clarko is that you are a Newcastle supporter.

  • Andy Mac

    It depends on whether we’re NUFC Mark 1 (prior to the transfer window) or Mark 2 with Kenedy and Slimani in full flow ?

    A possible 11 based on pre window form. Or if Rafa could change his ways then maybe, who knows,15-20 points. Apart from the top six/seven there’s very little to choose from the rest. The key is having confidence and a will to win.

    • Wor Lass

      15 – 20, Andy? have you got a prescription for those meds? I think we`ll be lucky to get more than 9 – and i`m usually wildly optimistic! I just hope I`m right in thinking Stoke, `udders and W Brom are worse than us.

      • Dave Pattinson

        Reckon we’re all worrying over nowt. Stoke-inconsistent, H’field -lost initial enthusiasm & confidence, and well, Baggies are getting Pardewed! Need I say more? Chill out, we’ll be fine. We stay up, Ashley sells up and we finally get new owners who want to invest in quality players for a change.

        • Wor Lass

          That`s a bit optimistic as well. Are you Harry Potter in disguise?

          • Dave Pattinson

            Its my birthday, and I’m still on the planet! A lifetime of supporting NUFC still hasn”t got me down….well, not totally!

          • Wor Lass

            Good man!!

      • Andy Mac

        Yo WL I’m still looking for the right meds after all these years :-) My point was that we have stuttered, the whole season, so far with inadequate players in key positions – which is why we’ve struggled to score and put teams down.

        If Slimani and Kenedy are the solution to the goal scoring famine then why not look optimistically up the table ? On the other hand, one or both of them could get injured or lose form and we’re back to scrapping for points along with the rest of them. That’s the hand we’ve been dealt it’s up to us to change it ! #FatmanOut

        • Wor Lass

          IF Slimani can hit the ground running and we start to take some of those chances we seem to create in the first half of games then we`ve got a chance. More of a chance than we`ve got with Hoss and Dwight, that`s for sure. Keep looking for those meds – meanwhile stick to beer!

  • Anthony Barnes

    Newcastle will get maximum 4 points=4 draws and eight defeats.At the end of the season all loan players leave and the rest walk away from there contracts.Rafa leaves mike sells up ,but new owners have a blank canvas to buy new players

  • thewildchimp

    If Rafa drops ultra-negativity and Slimani turns out to still be a heading machine that he was – we could score possibly even 16 or more. Optimistically, I say 16. If it continues like it has been so far maybe 8-10.

  • 1957

    I’m seriously struggling to see more than 10, and I doubt that will be enough. To get more points we are going to have to be braver and give it a go against the ‘bigger’ teams. Those around us at the bottom are getting results against teams we park the bus against, Benitez needs a change of approach.

  • ghostrider

    Too many teams are playing Jeckyll and Hyde at this stage to get any real idea as to what we could get.
    However, if we continue to play one half of a game against the sides we are well capable of beating then sit back in the second half and just think we can absorb a battering, then our results will be fairly predictable.
    Basically draws at best or beat with the odd flukey win in between.

    Rafa needs to use Slimani correctly and also realise there’s a second half to a game that we need to be using to continue to take teams to task on, not let them take us to task.

    If he carries on with the Palace attitude as he did with many other winnable games, then we are relegated with a whimper and it will be his fault.

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    It`s how many points the teams below us will get,
    i see only 10 for us but Rafa must stop the negative tactics at home or we`re down.
    He`s who Dares Wins.

  • I really don’t see the players step up and delivering the points.
    People criticize Rafa, but we had SO MANY CHANCES to win against Burnley and Palace we should have walked those games in the FH alone, not to mention countless others.
    People blame our strikers, yet we have perhaps the fewest goals from midfield in all divisions! Between Shelvey, Hayden, Diame, Ritchie and Merino we have like 6-7 goals this season, this is beyond dreadful. While Merino was injured there is no excuse from Shelvey, Hayden and Ritchie for not scoring at least 6 goals between them and WE HAVE – 0! Perez should be have had at least 5 so far with the advanced position he plays in.
    Rafa needs to play Diame, Merino, Kenedy and Murphy every game as starters or we never have a chance of winning anything. I don’t see anybody else bagging a goal besides Lascelles and Clark probably.

  • Andy

    We only managed 3 points against these 12 teams in the first half.
    Can’t say I’m optimistic we will get enough to stay up.
    But I live in hope 🤞🏻