With rare exceptions, fair to say Manchester United fans aren’t expecting a difficult afternoon.

Jose Mourinho still to win a Premier League match at St James Park but his new fans thinking it will be an easy three points, as opposed to his six visits with Chelsea (three defeats, three draws).

One comment in particular made me smile and sums up the Manchester United fans arrogance…’It’ll probably be a drab and frustrating 1-0 or 2-0 win.’

Oh how Newcastle fans could do with enjoying the odd ‘drab and frustrating 1-0 or 2-0 win’!!!

Nobody needs to remind Newcastle supporters that none of their current players would get in the Man U team, or possibly even on their bench.

However, it would be marvellous if Rafa Benitez can mastermind a result very much against the odds and then read what Manchester United fans would then have to say…

Manchester United fans commenting via their top Red Cafe message board:

‘I can’t think of a single thing Newcastle have done this season.’

‘Fed Rafa…’

‘It’s Newcastle’s cup final, they’ll probably play like rabid dogs and make us work for every touch, tough game in the end and a scrappy 1-2 win.’

‘Just seen that they have the worst home record in the league with 3 wins, 4 draws and 6 losses in 13 games (13 points). Scored 11, conceded 15.

Really should be winning this, but it’ll probably be a drab and frustrating 1-0 or 2-0 win.’

‘Let us just hope that Voldemort doesn’t butcher one of our players.

Guaranteed that he will have it in for Sanchez.’

‘St James is never an easy place to go for us.

These lot will game raise.’


I could have sworn that I have seen us go there and rack up the goals in previous seasons??!’

‘Never might be an exaggeration but the last comfortable victory there was under Moyes.’

‘That 3-3 there under LvG was a nightmare. Newcastle fancy themselves as our rivals of sorts, going to be a tricky game.’

‘Would like to see someone score a hat-trick. No-one’s done it for us in the league since RVP in 2013.’

‘Step forward Alexis Sanchez…’

‘Wait, Newcastle are in the Premier League?’

‘Ideally I’d like us to stick 3 in midfield against these lot, you can just tell they’ll try flooding the midfield, maybe go for Pogba, Matic and McTominay.’

‘Yedlin gave us a tough game last time, I don’t think we should be playing Sanchez on the left in this game, he won’t want to chase him back and forward.’

‘It should be very comfortable on paper. Newcastle aren’t the same force they were under Pardew.

I’m going for 0-3 win for United.’

‘Can either be a very tricky game there or an easy one, seems to be no in between.’

‘Jose’s never won at Newcastle in the league – nervous.’

‘With Chelsea…’

‘They’re there for the taking, not really that strong a team.’

‘Apparently, Newcastle are very weak defending from the wings, so, contrary to what we’ve done against Huddersfield, it would be useful playing someone there that actually doesn’t drift centrally all the time, like Martial.’

‘No excuses not beating this s… bunch.’

‘We should bounce the Mags, Palace were all over them a like a rash.

I want us to go 4-3-3 and get used to attacking at speed.

First and foremost it gives us better solidity (and an actual midfield) but there’s no reason we can’t attack quickly with the pace we have up front and Pogba pulling the strings.’

‘We don’t need a midfield 3 against Newcastle, usual 4231 will do the trick.’

  • Rich Lawson

    ”it’s never an easy trip to St James”,No the transport from London must be difficult on a Sunday afternoon with all the rail works ? Love it if we beat you,just love it.

    • East Durham Mag

      Beat me to it with the London jibe mate.

    • Jezza

      Yes and it’s even harder for all their fans who have to travel from places like Devon, Shropshire and Suffolk.

      • kingfisher

        Wonder if they’ll bring their prawn sarnies with them Jez? 🌯🌮🌭

      • Patience Dowswell

        Jezza I have been reading the comments on The Mag since the turn of the year. Your posts are by far the most interesting and insightful. I doff my cap to you sir!

        • Jezza

          Thanks very much.

        • Ben Jones

          Hi Patience welcome to the Mag , tell us a little about yourself

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    should be interesting,
    our 2 banks of 5, against their 10 attackers.
    65 shots on our goal, ends up 1-1.

    • Leazes.

      Its not so much the formation but the depth of the midfield I think.

  • Fisherking

    Haven’t forgot toon fans being attacked at old Trafford

    • kingfisher

      I remember being in the Gallowgate in the 70’s. We were in one half and Manure fans were in the other half.Just like a war zone,one lad next to me got hit with a bottle ! Every time the pigeons flew past everyone ducked thinking it was another missile !

  • Leicester Mag

    Arrogance is part and parcel of being a fan. Rightly most fans believe their team is better than the opposition. Sadly this is most fans, Ashley has certainly robbed us of that!

    • Leazes.

      They have a lot to be arrogant about…. buying every title before Abramovic and Mansour.

      • Leicester Mag

        Arguably a lesser crime than selling every hope

        • Leazes.


        • HarryHype59

          “Selling every hope”

          I like that phrase! Sums the situation perfectly.

      • Jezza

        Yes I believe Taggart broke the British transfer record something like 17 times during his time at Old Trafford.

        • Leazes.

          haha Taggart…. aye!

          • kingfisher

            There’s been a murrrrrderr 😁

      • Coach Clagnut

        Not to mention poisoning schoolkids with rotten meat peddled by their chairman in the 70’s.

    • Jezza

      Since the 90’s that arrogance has been taken to another level with Manchester FC. They have attracted legions of glory seekers who are not essentially football fans and have purposefully chosen to latch on to the most successful team largely for the purposes of bragging and feeling superior.

      • Coach Clagnut

        “Wee Willie Syndrome”

  • Tino o

    Annoying arrogant cockneys

    • Jezza

      To be fair they’re not all Cockneys. They come from all over the place, Just draw a circle with a hundred mile radius from the centre of Manchester and you’ll find them everywhere outside that circle.

      • Leazes.

        There’s a twitter site where a map shows you where fans are from by numbers of tweets, there’s one London Borough where we are fourth ahead of the likes of Spuds…. Manc fans are from all over and strangely in Newcastle City centre Man City are fourth…. down to students probably.

        • Jezza

          Yes definitely students jumping on the trendy Sky Sports Premiership football bandwagon and latching on to the team that is currently the most successful.

      • Tino o

        I’m not fair

      • Dave

        No they have a massive following from Manchester Bigger than them tramps from the council ground I quite like Man U there real support are top notch. Please don’t sing tommorow he turned you down it’s embarrassing it really is

      • Coach Clagnut

        Plenty of Irish & Scandinavian make the journey and have done for years. Watching match highlights, I’ve noticed there are also plenty of Asian day trippers turning up looking for the” genuine P.L match day experience” mainly taking photos and ignoring the game.
        Bet that’s a cheap day out for them.

  • Monkseaton Magpies

    Man Utd have had their day and will not win the Premiership for twenty years like Liverpool qualification for the Champions league is their aim we will win on Sunday three one.

  • anyobrien

    They should be murdering us looking at the teams but as we all know a funny old game … Howay the lads.

  • Leazes.

    Here’s a quote from Manchester fan Andy Mitten talking about us…

    No team in world football is as well supported and have gone so long without a trophy as the Geordies, who have averaged over 50,000 spectators since their ground was expanded in 2001.

    Newcastle are the 15th best supported club in the world. Last season, when they played in the second tier they were better supported than any team in Italy, France and all in Spain aside from Barcelona and Real’

    It’s a shame to see Manchester United’s old foes Newcastle without the ambition that once made them great…. The club has been in stagnation since 2007 and they’re slipping further from the top as England’s other giants expand their homes’

    From the Unibet site (Unibet do pay Malta taxes, the lowest rate in the EU)

  • Andy Coverdale

    Wait and see what happens before shouting your arrogant mouths off. No wonder everyone hates manc wankers

    • Leazes.

      I think it’ll be 0-3 to the Mancs, then Jose will take players off to rest them when its beyond reach, probaby early in the second half. The chronicle are going with a hat-trick for Slimani in a replication of SuperMacs debut.

      I think I’ll be the closest, but I wouldn’t bet on it, as predictions are usually nonsense and only serve the bookies in stimulating interest.

      • Jezza

        I;ll be surprised if Slimani even gets a run out. Seems like he’s still injured. More damaged goods on the cheap.

        • Leazes.

          Someone should tell the chronicle…. I don’t think they know.

          • FatParosite

            I think you need to step away from the Comical. Don’t get me wrong you’re on the money with them & a listen to their comedy podcast direct from some prefab concentration camp says it all. However it’s not good for your health & you’re keeping them in a job by merely going to their 5 things we learned about being defeated $hite

          • Kev Newcastle England

            Surely only clowns read that part

        • gallowgate26

          If he is I’d rather he doesn’t play because there are two weeks for him to ‘recover’ until the next game. There is little point in playing him if not ready and then risking a further injury. In a game that we are unlikely to get anything from, even if he does play.

        • Whitehurst

          Same old story!!

        • kingfisher


  • ghostrider

    The game’s not played on paper and it is not won lost or drawn by word of mouth and bragging.
    What will be will be tomorrow at just after 4 pm, all things running as per normal.

    The 3 points are as much ours as they are Man utd’s until the game ends and dictates the outcome in favour of one or the other or the spoils get shared.

    If we go with a negative attitude and too much respect, then we simply make the afternoon a very enjoyable attacking experience for Man Utd and a painful defensive dire one for ourselves.

    Let’s hope Rafa sets us up to take the game to them, because after all he owes it to the fans to do just that…especially at home against anyone, no matter what. And no excuses.

    They who dare, win.

  • ghostrider

    Just remember that Man Utd are having their little in house problems with ego’s.
    Pogba won’t be happy about Sanchez’s wages and nor will a lot of other players.

    Too many big ego’s is as bad as too many cooks.
    By the arrogance of almost everyone in the world, we are a sitting duck….so on that note let’s go quackers and leave these over paid egotistical big heads feeling down….very down…..in fact eider down.
    At the end we’ll hand them their BILL whilst adding the usual 10% tip and sending them home feeling under fed, feeling empty and signed out as very dissatisfied customers.
    So let’s treat the devils like witches of old and give them a good old ducking a la three nil to us. lol

    • Wor Lass

      Rubbish but at least you`re not widgeon on about Rafa for a change!

  • Martin

    The headline is misleading. Most of the comments are quite balanced.

  • gallowgate26

    I wouldn’t say that I fancy the toon as Man U ‘rivals of sorts’. I can’t speak on behalf of others of course. More probably it is just that our players tend to up their performances against all of th top teams. The difference now being that they generally don’t have the quality to do it no matter how hard they try. I think some Newcastle players have always fancied themselves as playing for a top 4 side and always seem desparate to prove themselves. I’m no more bothered about a game against Man U as I am against Man City or Chelsea. Interesting that the Man U fans seem to think that though. Maybe slightly older fans who were there watching the entertainers may brg to differ but I’m not particularly bothered about Man U..

  • Andy Mac

    If ever you needed an example of how thick the Mancs are then “‘It should be very comfortable on paper. Newcastle aren’t the same force they were under Pardew” is a perfect example ? Yup we were Top of the World under the grey haired muppet.

    • Marveauxless

      Two top 10 finishes in 3.5 years. Implying you wouldn’t give everything to do that now.

    • theoriginalbomberman

      He has a point. We we’re a comfortable mid table side most of the time under Pardew boring but safe.
      Except for when he bought his way out of the championship can you honestly say the same under Benitez?

      • FatParosite

        Pardew was given money, dim wit..

        • Marveauxless

          No he wasn’t, we had the lowest net spend of any team in the Premier League under Pardew. We finished 5th with a net spend of £10 million (£9 million of that was spent on Cisse who didn’t arrive until January)

      • Andy Mac

        Er last six games unbeaten in PL finishing with a 5-1 win ? Rafa has his issues but compared to the slimy R’s licking toad he’s St Francis, Mother Theresa and Florence Nightingale rolled into one

  • StevieB

    We will get a score draw tomorrow .

    • Kev Newcastle England

      Thats not good enough but.Huddersfield going to win now today.

  • anyobrien

    I see Leicester went for it and paid the price… #rafaoot . Eh

    • Coach Clagnut

      Said it before & I’ll say it again, 3 against over 2 games was a good result for us.
      Losing possession through pzz poor and sloppy passing guarantees we have to defend. Lack of overall quality means constant turnover and if you gift the ball in this league you usually pay heavily.
      Of course all this is Rafa’s fault. Who else would you blame unless you have an agenda?
      Getting sick of all the Bishop shills, mackems, smoggies and assorted ne’er do wells masquerading as fans on this website.
      Mind, they never seem to tire despite their utterly boring scribblings.

      • anyobrien


      • FatParosite


      • Cockneytrev

        Best to block the boring toss pots,,,,,,,,

      • Haitchdee

        Well you can be happy today, A poke in the eye with a pointy stick for the haters . Even Jose likes us

  • Kev Newcastle England

    Ive detested these “fans” all my life,those comments show why.

  • FatParosite

    Glory Tourists

  • Andy Coverdale

    Can’t hear the northen powerhouse now what’s the matter r kid, things not go to script 🤣🤣🤣🤣 it’s a long way to fall gobshites!

  • Wezza147

    Wonder what they and the two Man Utd supporters who have been trolling the comments section for a while think! Amazing performance!

  • Leazes62

    I deliberately held off reading this article til after the game, so pleased I did :)

  • StevieB

    Told you all 👍

  • Whickhamrobbie

    Smashing !!! enjoy the trip back to Surrey boys HWTL .