Michael Owen has been making headlines yet again this week with Newcastle fans.

Former Newcastle United physio (and player) Paul Ferris releasing his autobiography, in which he reveals that in the crucial second last match of the 2008/09 relegation season, Owen told him he wasn’t up for playing against Fulham because if he picked up an injury, it could harm his chances of getting a new club that summer.

To supporters, Michael Owen had appeared to put himself, and particularly his England ambitions, first, second, third…and so on, before Newcastle United ever figured in his thoughts.

So Ferris’ revelation wasn’t exactly a surprise, though still shocking to hear.

These days of course Michael Owen is making a living by doing all sorts in the media and two weeks ago I had an article published on The Mag slagging him off (see below).

In a preview of Newcastle’s game against Man Utd, Owen repeatedly referenced the visitors as ‘United’ despite having spent four years on Tyneside, ‘earning’ £22m+ when playing (occasionally) for Newcastle UNITED.

Some may/might think it is only a small thing (I do wonder if it is an age thing as well, with younger people now brainwashed due to Sky Sports and others always referring to Man U as ‘United’, I’m sure that was never the case generally in the media previously – a bit like them now referencing ‘The Arsenal’ instead of just ‘Arsenal’, or using ‘The Bridge’ instead of ‘Stamford Bridge’) but for me it is/was totally disrespectful, I find it annoying enough when others do this, never mind somebody who has done very very well out of Newcastle United and of course the fans who paid his wages.

I was interested/amused then, to see today that Michael Owen has done a preview of the Bournemouth match and has referenced that win for Rafa’s team over Jose Mourinho’s.

In the preview (see below) he refers to Manchester United as ‘Manchester United’ and Newcastle United as ‘United’.

In the past I can honestly say I have never seen or read him referring to us as ‘United’, especially when Man Utd are also in the conversation.

Maybe Michael Owen did have my article put in front of him…or maybe not.

Either way though, one small victory.

I also find myself agreeing with Owen when he says Newcastle United ‘defended well and took their opportunity in a terrific win against Manchester United’.

It isn’t enough of course for me to start liking him but maybe a little more bearable.

Michael Owen speaking to BetVictor:

“Bournemouth have won their last three Premier League home games.

“But I feel they may have to settle for a point against a Newcastle side who defended well and took their opportunity in a terrific win against Manchester United last time.

“The Cherries will make club history – a fourth successive home win in the Premier League – if they beat United but I feel the Magpies will take a point back home from the south coast.

“Tip: Game to finish in a draw at 5/2.”

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My article on The Mag – 7 February 2018:

Michael Owen is annoying enough at the best of times…

However, it is as though he has made an extra effort to annoy on this occasion.

I don’t even mind Michael Owen predicting that Mourinho’s team are going to win this one, after all he predicts defeat for Newcastle United pretty much every week.

However, I do draw the line at him repeatedly using the term ‘United’, especially when he talks about the fact he was at both ‘Uniteds’ in his playing career.

If he learned anything when picking up four years of massive wages at St James Park and giving next to nothing back, it should at least have been the fact that we, Newcastle United, are United. Yes there are others and we don’t mind others also being called it, but it really is taking the…Michael, when using it for the Mancs when they are playing us.

As we all know, Newcastle United has been our name since 1892, whilst it was only in the 20th century (1902) when Manchester United (Newton Heath)were given their ‘United’.

Michael Owen speaking to BetVictor:

“Newcastle United v Manchester United

“Two of my former clubs go head-to-head and I feel United will take the points at a ground where they have won more away PL games (12) than at any other club.

“The Magpies are without a win in their last eight PL home games but, surprisingly, Jose Mourinho has never won a league game at St James Park in six previous attempts.

“Paul Pogba was left out of the United side against Huddersfield at Old Trafford last weekend but I expect the Frenchman to be back in the starting XI and a winning side at the weekend.

“Tip: United to win at 4/6.”

Bournemouth v Newcastle Match Betting:

Bournemouth win 11/10Draw 5/2Newcastle win 11/4

Ritchie to score first goal 21/2NUFC win 2-0 19/1NUFC win to nil 11/2

All Bournemouth v Newcastle match betting HERE

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  • Toon

    You actually bothered to write this dribble?

    • Leazes.

      No its been cut and pasted from the Metro who employ these pundits. A foreword has been put in by Dale because it is then classified as a ‘review’, or criticism, which allows the free plagiarisation of other media operators work.

      As you can see it is attached to an advert for BetVictor, so in a nutshell Mark Jensen gets an advert for free at and little time spent producing it…. usually accompanied with a royalty free photograph.

      The same applies to all of the other adverts.

      • Mark Davies

        Whatever happened to having ender in the end of your monicker out of curiosity?

        • Leazes.

          Its more punchy like my face.

          • Peaky Magpie


          • Mark Davies

            Fair do’s. Cant disagree hahaha

          • S.G.M.


          • Rich Lawson

            Is that why it’s green ?

  • justchampion

    Watching the game on sky really irked me with the constant reference to United. Not only does it show a lack of respect it was also confusing eg when a throw in is given to United, shouldn’t bother me but really did. A bit like when lose and loose get useful incorrectly, why does that bother me so much?

  • Dillon Tovak

    Get over it. Most fans think United are a team that play in red from Manchester, it’s probably because THEY ARE THE MOST FAMOUS TEAM IN THE WORLD.
    You’re going to be continually annoyed by this for the rest of your life unless you get used to it, cos it ain’t gonna change any time soon unfortunately.

  • Whitehurst

    The “United” thing really does my nut in too. As soon as SJP gets called “The Park”, I’m stopping with all things football!!

  • Ram Kishore

    Come guys let’s get over it.. you can’t blame sky for what they are doing because Manchester united is the most famous club and the time has changed because of their success..
    Worthless article here trying to bring up something like the “united ” issue to rile up Michael Owen..

    Dale, you wrote an article two weeks ago.. I could understand your frustration.. Copying and pasting this again now shows you will do it again next season saying ” Owen refers NUFC to Newcastle and not united”

    • Leazes.

      Listen chum we were United before they were born! We’d been going for twenty years whilst they were sinking into the swamp of Newton Heath.

      It is insulting especially from the mouths of ex players such as Owen, Dyer and Shearer, and wasn’t an issue until the Sky age.

      They don’t even call football ‘football’…. its soccer for the American audience for goodness sake it isn’t NUSC….. its FOOTBALL.

      We will get our name back, and hopefully our club too.

      • Ram Kishore

        I think NUFC is more than just a name.. They are called united because of many reasons and we aren’t because we haven’t done what they did in terms of their trophy cabinet..
        All I am saying why keep riling up just Owen, and why not Dyer and Shearer..
        We have much more important issues which we are and will be seeing every year than worrying about not being called united..
        We know that we are Newcastle United, why worry when others don’t call us..we have our name United with us.. the fans
        The name United is not just one club’s property.. Even Leeds, Preston use em. Let’s move on pal.. Manchester united was much more successful in 1990s when TV reached millions of homes..
        They didn’t steal the name from us or anything..
        Times changed

        • Leazes.


          • Ram Kishore

            I’m an idiot now just because I don’t agree with you..😂😂

            If you couldn’t agree with me.. u could have downvoted or left as it is because it was only my perspective just as how you had yours

            Accept that other people do have informed opinion
            U Moaning idiot 😱l🙋

  • Rich Lawson

    Sadly hasn’t noticed what I have written about him ? He made a great living out of (not) playing for us but still seemingly never has a good word for NUFC and is a laughable pundit.Can we not just do with out his spoutings on here please ?

    • Leazes.

      No we’ll have to put up with them…. it’s an advert that Mark Jensen is keen to continue with.

      • Rich Lawson

        Forgive my ignorance on this one,who is Mark Jensen ?

        • Leazes.

          He’s the owner and editor of the Mag

          • Rich Lawson

            Thank you.

  • Scott Robinson

    Notts County are the original magpies. Nothing very original about us as ‘the magpies’ …despite the fact there are a lot of them flapping around LEAZES PARK.

    We played in red and white also and black and white was our second strip. So if Notts County with Nolan shoot up to the premiership, Gary and Alan on MOTD can’t be calling us ‘the magpies’ or ‘the black and Whites’ as that belongs originally to the great and mighty Notts County ( cough!)

    • Leazes.

      What was United’s nickname when we played in red and white I wonder?

      • Guest 2

        East End ;-)

        • Leazes.

          We’ve played in red and white stripes as United, and various other combinations…. we must have had a nickname.

  • MadMag83

    Not a fan of Owen as I thought he took the proverbial whilst a Newcastle player, but he did also play for Man Utd, and it was more recent than his stint with us so perhaps that’s where his allegiance lies.

    Reminds me of that Budwiser advert from years ago, Manchester United and City? Why not just Team Manchester? Middlesboro Red Socks and Portsmouth Pirates! 😂