Jamie Carragher has been talking about Newcastle’s win over Man Utd.

The former Liverpool player says that this kind of result is why Newcastle won’t go down.

The Sky Sports pundit claiming that the Magpies are capable of getting these type of unexpected results against the better teams, which other struggling clubs might not be able to.

Even this point is laughable really, as any Newcastle fan will tell you that it is the results that Rafa has achieved against the other strugglers that will potentially keep Newcastle up.

Going into Sunday’s match, Newcastle had played 13 games against the other eight clubs that are currently in the bottom nine, picking up a remarkable 24 points out of a possible 39.

On the other hand, against the top 11 clubs in the table, Newcastle had played 13 matches and picked up only one point from 39. Ironically, Jamie Carragher couldn’t have got it any more wrong.

Of course a bonus three points against Man Utd was like gold dust but even Rafa said that it is even more important that Newcastle win the remaining three games against relegation rivals (West Brom, Huddersfield, Southampton – all at home).

However, what really made me laugh about Jamie Carragher speaking now, was when he was raving about the ‘belief’ the players had in Rafa Benitez, with the Manager thus able to get these results that other clubs will struggle to get.

Like pretty much all other pundits, Carragher simply reacts to what is in front of him at any particular time, so a win over Manchester United and he is raving about the Newcastle boss.

Going back to August and Newcastle had lost to Spurs and Huddersfield in the first two matches, Jamie Carragher then (read below) accused Rafa Benitez of undermining his players with his negativity.

Saying that Rafa was largely to blame for the poor start because he was constantly complaining in public about the failure of Mike Ashley to back him with better quality new players.

Carragher was at that point comparing Rafa’s Newcastle United with the other promoted clubs Huddersfield and Brighton, saying there was a real ‘buzz’ around those two clubs. Little wonder as they had both had a net spend of three times as much as Rafa was allowed by Ashley.

No reasonable Newcastle fan blamed Rafa Benitez for being willing to make clear how badly he had been let down last summer, especially as when Jamie Carragher criticised Benitez, there were still 10 days left of the Summer 2017 transfer window.

No more players did arrive back then but Rafa did lift the players after the opening defeats, Newcastle winning three games in a row against what we now know are relegation rivals (West Ham, Swansea and Stoke).

The only time to really judge a manager is at the end of the season and Rafa Benitez will have done a remarkable job if he does keep Newcastle up, particularly when every other relegation rival was backed with buys in January, as Rafa was only limited to lower cost loan signings.

Jamie Carragher talking to Sky Sports – 12 February 2018:

“That [beating Manchester United] is why I don’t think Newcastle will go down.

“Because of the manager.

“Rafa Benitez has an ability to get a result when you’re not expecting it.

“They’ll get wins that other teams might not.

“Because of the belief the players and the crowd have in the manager, and also the belief he has in himself.”

Jamie Carragher – 21 August 2017:

“There’s a buzz about Huddersfield and almost every team that comes into the Premier League. You can see that from what they have produced in the first two games, getting six points.

“It is in complete contrast to Newcastle, you wouldn’t think they’ve just come up because there’s no buzz or energy about them.

“Looking at Newcastle, I said in commentary they still look like a Championship team, and they do.

“However, you could say that about Huddersfield, you could say that about Brighton, you could say it about Burnley, Bournemouth and those kinds of teams who have come up and done well.

“I feel for Rafa with some of the signings that have been made and maybe the lack of funds.

“However, they are not the worst in the league. There are plenty of other managers who can have the same gripe but he’s not shy at making it public.

“Benitez is a god to Newcastle fans now…

“They are writing books about him now, the way he brought them up and the way he’s integrated himself into the city, but his negativity is rubbing off on the whole club.

“All the supporters were chanting for yesterday was Rafael Benitez, not the players. You can see how they feel about him but there’s got to be more of an upbeat mood.

“Continually talking about needing players to come into the club basically means the ones he’s got now are not good enough. 

“It’s far too negative and it has to change.”

  • Paul Patterson

    That was six months ago, they guy is allowed to change his mind in six months . .

    • Mack Edwards

      They are mostly all the same though – flavour of the month is how they see things and anyone can do that.

      • Paul Patterson

        His interview last week was complimentary to the club/Rafa. I think he’s just realised that the manager is doing a decent job under the circumstances.

  • Mack Edwards

    Your observation about pundits is correct. They react to the recent or immediate results and forget how they castigated the same team / manager earlier. Where do you apply to be a pundit please as I am capable of watching a game and giving an assessment of the performances straight after the match. I am also capable of forgetting the comments I made earlier as my family are quick to point out. In fairness to myself my age may well be a contributory factor but I cannot be disqualified on that basis as age discrimination is against the law now isn’t it.

  • TheFatController

    Even more bizarre his saying ‘other teams might not…’ after Swansea beat arsenal and Liverpool, Bournemouth won at Chelsea, I can remember Huddersfield beating Man Utd, palace beating Chelsea etc.

    Not as bad as our anti- Rafa brigade however, who a few weeks’ ago were extolling the virtues of Pardew’s cup win at Liverpool whilst Rafa lost 3-0 at Chelsea. I presume then that Pardew wouldn’t lose 3-0 at Chelsea given his tactical genius…..oh!!

    Pardew’s got 8 points from 13 PL games at West Brom. Genius. That’s Rafa shown up big style …

  • ghostrider

    No point in digging at Carragher for altering his mindset when the mindset of the manager and team can alter.
    Anyone can see this Newcastle side is capable of getting results.
    Everyone can see what can happen to this Newcastle side if they only play one half of football.

    Against Man Utd we played both halves by taking the game to Man Utd when possible and ensuring we broke them up when they threatened.
    As well as defending like maniacs to ensure they didn’t score.

    I’ll willingly praise Rafa if he produces football for 90 minutes where we always have a real chance of a win, even if we get beat.
    Certain fans can have a go at the so called anti Rafa brigade and yet the very same fans will be anti Diame or Shelvey or Ritchie or Dummett…etc….etc…..etc…. as and when they see fit.
    Championship players you see……right?…..

    The very same fans will be choking themselves in begrudgingly handing out praise to those so called championship players they wanted shipping out, yet were told time and time again that, if Rafa played them to their strengths they would produce.
    There’s your answers and why football minds can change.

    It’s the nature of the beast and until the game is played by programmed robots set in motion with no tweaks, the game will always change if manager and players work in harmony for each game, separately..

    • TheFatController

      Can you prove that the fans that have a go at the anti-Rafa brigade also are anti Diame Shelvey etc? Or that they say they are championship players?

      Will you stop boffing on like you’re the only genius, by ‘making up’ what other people are saying so you can then be the ‘enlightened’ counter point putting these ‘less enlightened’ supporters right.

      It’s not healthy, shaming other people by making up things they do to label them inferior. You’ve an inferiority complex yourself that manifests in your professing superiority. Confident people don’t need to lie or make things up to get their point across.

      Tedious. Seek help.

      • ghostrider

        Then don’t label people as the anti Rafa brigade when some are simply making a case for Rafa to be more balanced in his tactics and team/squad selections.
        It works both ways and because you follow the majority ideals it doesn’t give you an ounce more credence in reality but it certainly does in a built up fantasy following.

      • mentalman

        you just need to look back through many many posts where the players are described as sub standard and championship quality for your proof.

    • Wor Lass

      It all worked this time, that`s all. No big change by Rafa that I could see but everyone was on their game 100% plus the keeper saved us a couple of times (not forgetting Dwight). Also, the defence was much more stable with an experienced keeper steadying things and Lejeune playing so well alongside lascelles. Clarke`s a decent guy but he`s been a bit of a liability at times this season.

      • ghostrider

        It worked because we were better balanced and only gave enough respect to Man Utd and not allowing them to dictate the game.

  • TheNutJob

    90% of the time he has a good word for the Toon, he`s an honest guy

    • Rich Lawson

      And he clearly hates Gary Neville as well.

      • Dillon Tovak

        Their hate treads a fine line of homoerotic lust 😂

        • Rich Lawson

          Brilliant !

  • Toon fan

    Honestly man. Stop feeding knackers like Carragher, Merson et al. They thrive on attention and their employers love it.

    • Ram Kishore

      There is nothing controversial or attention seeking statements here..
      Just what we had in mind in the beginning of the season

  • Dillon Tovak

    Terrible punditry. He’s applying what we’ve done years ago to this team, which is a completely different team.
    Over the years under Hughton, Pardew, Roeder ect we would pull off a result against a top club and that would be the difference maybe that would keep us 13/14th and not get relegated.
    They literally just make it up as they go along and are so reactive.
    They slate Arsenal and Arsene Wenger but I guarantee if they win their next 4 games convincingly, which they’re capable of. The pundits will be cooing over the “Wenger philosophy”.

  • Ram Kishore

    He just spoke the reality and what he felt in August.
    I don’t think there’s a single attention seeking statement in his words as that of Gary Neville or other journos or pundits
    Even the fans had the same opinion at the beginning of the season..
    He’s a open minded guy

  • Mal

    We’re all in trouble if we are going to be held to account for opinions we gave 6 months ago.

    • Chris

      I had Burnley relegated in my preseason rankings. I wrote them down to see how bad I am at them.