Mike Ashley said the club was up for sale in October, at the time Rafa Benitez had the team on a very decent run and there looked every chance of avoiding a dreaded relegation battle.

Now we are in February and Newcastle fans still have Mike Ashley, Rafa Benitez (thankfully) and Premier League football, at least for the time being.

Everything now appears to have been put on hold until the relegation/survival issue is sorted, including the chances of Rafa Benitez being NUFC Manager long-term, as well as whether Mike Ashley is serious about selling up.

So yesterday we asked you to look forward, to September and after the 2018 Summer transfer window has closed…

Three questions to answer:

Mike Ashley or a new owner in place?

Rafa Benitez or a new manager in place?

Playing in the Premier League or Championship?

All variations on the three questions were listed and here are the results:

57% Newcastle will have Mike Ashley, New Manager and Championship football

19% Newcastle will have New Owner, Rafa Benitez and Premier League football

12% Newcastle will have Mike Ashley, New Manager and Premier League football

5% Newcastle will have Mike Ashley, Rafa Benitez and Premier League football

3% Newcastle will have New Owner, Rafa Benitez and Championship football

2% Newcastle will have New Owner, New Manager and Championship football

2% Newcastle will have Mike Ashley, Rafa Benitez and Championship football

0% Newcastle will have New Owner, New Manager and Premier League football

Breaking all of that down and simplifying things, this is how the results of answers to the three questions came out.:

Who will own Newcastle United in September?

76% Mike Ashley

24% New owner(s)

Who will be managing Newcastle United in September?

29% Rafa Benitez

71% New Manager

Which division will Newcastle United be in come September?

36% Premier League

64% Championship

Starting at the bottom, it would be a bit of a reality check for many neutrals that two in three Newcastle fans who answered our poll, believe that Newcastle will be relegated. However, nobody has a tougher schedule, with nine of Newcastle’s remaining 12 matches being against clubs in the top 11 of the Premier League.

The results in response to the other two questions sums up the worries of Newcastle fans perfectly.

A massive 76% think Mike Ashley will still own Newcastle United when we get to September, whilst almost the same figure (71%) believe Rafa Benitez will no longer be at St James Park.

In an ideal scenario of course, we will see the players reach PL safety ahead of schedule, Mike Ashley will then quickly agree a deal to sell the club.

Then Rafa Benitez will be backed and have the entire summer to bring in the better quality players the team desperately needs.

We can dream!

  • Rich Lawson

    Staying up is the key to everything.

    • Damon Horner

      Apart from Ashley’s Cash safe. Don’t think there is a key for that.

      • Rich Lawson

        It’s welded shut isn’t it ?

  • bob0411

    If Ashley had invested in the summer we wouldn’t be in this mess. Then again he has no intention of selling…

    • Leazes.

      …or investing.

    • Danimal

      No no no – as our wise friend has just reminded us, it is all about the banners, nothing to do with investment in the team.

      • bob0411

        Have to take your word for it bud, I’ve blocked all the trolls on here.

        • Jezza

          Yes I’ve blocked all two of them as well.

          • Monkseaton Magpies

            You can block me all I want but at least I support the club most people on this site will have a party if we get relegated sad people.

          • Lakeland Mag

            What’s the point of replying to someone who’s blocked you ? He’s not going to read it.

          • Cockneytrev


          • Monkseaton Magpies

            The sad person who probably spends his entire week going to funerals for a free lunch can read the comments just like you can.

          • Lakeland Mag

            You seem to have missed the point – if he’s blocked you he wont see your comments in the first place, hence not read them.

      • Monkseaton Magpies

        What Rafa is saying is stay united and put the negative banners away and move forward next season but this site hates the club so much they will do anything to help us get relegated some supporters.

  • Monkseaton Magpies

    Same owner because no one wants to buy us and I wish people on here would realise that. Same manager as he would have walked by now and is loyal to the cause. Premiership football if we put the bad banners away and bring back the good ones.

    • MichaelMaximusMoose


    • Mitros gotta start

      Only reason rafa is still here is his contract…if he walks he owes the fat slug money….if he gets fired the fat slug owes him money…..its a mexican standoff until his contract runs out.

      • StevieB

        I really hope that isn’t the case , and he’s staying as PCP have assured him they’ll be back in May providing our status is Premiership

        • Mitros gotta start

          Cant see him selling to them now…..he is the most spiteful man i have ever seen….wouldnt surprise me to see him sell to someone else for less money just to be an rsole

  • steveS100

    It’s not true to say that Newcastle have the toughest schedule – 3 games against other bottom 6 sides and all at home. Compare with Stoke – only 2 games against bottom 6 sides and both away. Actually I’d say Southampton have the toughest run in, then Stoke, West Brom, Huddersfield and ‘then’ Newcastle.

    • MichaelMaximusMoose

      we haven`t won at home since October.
      all we can hope for is that Kenedy & Slimani`s presence will somehow wake the rest of them up, otherwise we`ll go down

      • Paul Patterson

        It would be typical of us to beat Man Utd on Sunday . .

      • Jezza

        Precisely. If you can’t win your home games you get what you deserve.

  • Sumit Sengupta

    I still feel sure that Newcastle will be in PL. But after that, if MA stays, Rafa will leave and then it will be total chaos from the very start of the season.

    • Jezza

      That’s the thing, even if we do stay up it’s all going to implode in the summer anyway. If we don’t go down this season we definitely will next season.

  • Hughie_Gallacher

    You should have a poll on whether there is any point to staying in the PL, other than to swell Ashley’s coffers.

  • Big Al 1967

    Come June (I believe that is when the £6 million pay back clause expires) if Ashley is still the owner (which he will be as he has never had any intention of selling) Rafa will be away regardless of the division we will be in

  • Peter

    Show the pessimistic feeling around at the moment very well really…. :(

  • StevieB

    I actually think Amanda Staveley will buy the club, Benitez will stay on as manager . Both due to us staying up as I believe we have some very favourable fixtures left .