Bournemouth fans had plenty to say after the visit of Newcastle United.

Two goals down at half-time and a late fightback to save a point, as the Magpies failed to put the game to bed.

The home supporters saw a lot to discuss with their own players and manager Eddie Howe.

However, they also had some interesting views on the Newcastle Manager, fans and players as well.

Jonjo Shelvey’s contribution to the 90 minutes coming under particular scrutiny.

Bournemouth fans comment via their top Bournemouth Vital Football message board:

‘Some think we have a god given right to turn over the likes of Newcastle and Benitez.

Very few plaudits for their performance on this site yet they did a job, the sort of job they did on Man U a week earlier…people are too quick to turn and criticise their own.’

‘Jonjo Shelvey, a real throw back midfielder. More like a quarterback….. reminds me of a slimmer Jan Molby.’

‘Imagine Shelvey playing next to Lewis Cook….’

‘Point or not, this was a terrible performance and I’m sure Newcastle fans are questioning how they failed to win.’

‘Newcastle are not all that and we should have demolished them. The failure to do so is on Eddie Howe I’m afraid.’

‘Eddie Howe wouldn’t stand for Shelvey watching with hands on hips looking knackered and disinterested as we scored our 2 goals.

Interesting that MOTD picked up on his good and bad last night. For both goals he let his man get into the box without tracking back.’

 ‘Not really deserved, but remember two years ago we battered Newcastle and they escaped with a 1-0 robbery, so nice to get something today.

Benitez outsmarted EH today.’

‘Don’t think Benitez was too clever with his subs, he really did invite us on to them, conceded midfield and no threat up front once Gayle was taken off.’

‘Interesting to see motd analysis. Shelvey was terrific for most of the game but then cost them both goals.

In contrast we have an energy that shows up at the end and has done in a few games now. I will cherish that view of shelvey with his hands in his knees while both goals went in.

Whatever the first 70 minutes was like we all left with a great feeling. Newcastle fans left well fed up.’

‘Should have been 0-4. Some great defending by Ake and Cook kept us in the game, often they were left 2 against 2.’

Should have seen Newcastle well out of sight. But we battled back hard last 20.’

‘Newcastle created their own downfall. Cheating and time wasting wound the fans and the players up and got us going. That game was lost , thank you NUFC for not knowing how to kill a game off.’

‘Another 5 mins and we wold have won it. Newcastle were poor and we tried to make them look good.’

‘We had warm weather syndrome for the first 70 minutes but credit to Newcastle for making us look so abject.

This point might be the all important one that keeps us up so well done to the lads for keeping going to the end and finishing the stronger of the two teams.

We just about deserved it.’

‘That Shelvey pass for the first goal was sublime.’

‘We weren’t in our normal seats but South Stand was like a morgue from where we were sitting. The worst atmosphere (amongst Bournemouth fans) I have experienced for a long while.’

‘2 down at HT, freezing cold..playing like a load of chumps…

Yep can’t see what the problem was :-)

Lets be honest even those p…ed up Geordies getting a sun tan went quiet when their team self destructed.’

‘Never quite got this.

Surely when we aren’t playing well – and are losing – is when the crowd have to get noisy and support the team.

Sadly – the majority of our fans go quiet just when they are needed.’

‘I lost my rag with some guy at City who was screaming at 70 year old women why they weren’t singing at 3 down….

Something wasn’t right on the pitch today. I didn’t agree with the booing at HT yet many would argue it did the job.’

‘First half performance was very poor, but booing the players off at HT doesn’t sit comfortably with me.’

‘I’m one of the vocal ones at the back of the Ted Shed trying in vain to encourage others to get involved, but they don’t want to know, however, when we scored the second on Saturday, they are up on their feet giving it the biggun to the Newcastle fans.

Ooh are ya and all that rubbish, most of them were like seals for the first 89 mins. Embarrassing tbh.’

  • Rich Lawson

    Shelvey,”a slimmer Jan Molby”.That needs to go on his CV now.Brilliant.

    • Cockneytrev

      Id never thought of it before’ but it sums him up perfectly,,,
      I was at a Jan Molby talk in and he was brilliant, really funny,,

    • Tommy Adds

      I would say that’s a fair analysis. Shelvey certainly looked like a man in his mid-50’s during the last 10 mins.

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    they were bound to come at us in the last quarter but once we replaced a striker with a midfield player they had a field day.
    up until the 70th min we played them off the park, then normal service was resumed & we chucked away 2 points.
    who`s to blame, all of them, the team & the manager & the same mistakes will happen week in week out because the squad isn`t good enough and that lies at the door of the Fat Lad.
    Until he`s gone we`re Donald Ducked

  • FairsCup69

    I wish we had someone as good as Molby.

  • Jimmy_toons

    Should have taken 6 points of Bournemouth this season rather than just the 1. Not taking our chances over both games has cost us 6 points. Let’s hope it doesn’t cost us come the end of the season

    • Down Under Mag

      Yeah but we got 3 points of Man Utd and 1 point of Liverpool. I’d say we’ve broken even, although there are plenty of other games that wayward finishing and lack of concentration have let us down in…it’s precisely why we are where we are in the league.

  • anyobrien

    I see the subs were forced on rafa….. Ritchie cramp and gayle tight hamstrings

    • theoriginalbomberman

      Even if this is the case and he’s not just twisting the truth to deflect criticism like he did about mitrovic “being injured” his choice of substitutions were abysmal and cost us the win. He had a striker and an attacking midfielder on the bench he still chose to bring on defensive subs.

      • anyobrien

        Not the two blatant missed chances and sheva not marking his man twice?