I was sick and fed up of watching endless TV dramas, especially when we have our own at Newcastle virtually every week.

I decided to do some scouting instead, watching fourth top Feyenoord against fighting relegation Groningen last night (Thursday), specifically to watch Nicolai Jorgensen.

One swallow doesn’t make a summer and all that claptrap and he might have had an off night but…

Here is my overview:

Firstly, he is not physically enough (despite being 6ft 2), was brushed off the ball several times.

He doesn’t anticipate the ball into the box (watched too many Joselu videos).

Nicolai Jorgensen controls the ball well on the ground.

He hardly won a header, jumping at least twice only to be nowhere near the ball.

Never looked like scoring, despite Feyenoord winning 3-0 against weak opposition.

Overall opinion – Not worth £10 million, far less the £20m/25m allegedly asked for.

Not up to Premier League standard, Championship at best.

Lastly, Dutch football is terrible.

Veteran Robin Van Persie (turns 35 in August) came on, looked at least one class above anybody else.

No wonder Holland didn’t qualify for the World Cup.

(ED: Nicolai Jorgensen only has seven league goals this season and apart from 21 goals last season for Feyenoord, the 27 year old’s best two other goalscoring years, have been 15 and 11 league goals in the even weaker Danish league. It is actually Jorgensen’s Feyenoord team-mate Steven Berghuis who has been the Dutch club’s top striker this time and he got two assists last night against Groningen. In total, Berghuis has 12 goals and 8 assists in 21 league starts this season, whilst Nicolai Jorgensen has 7 goals and 3 assists in 16 league starts. Not writing Jorgensen off as a Newcastle target but as John says, he has to do an awful lot more to justify that £20m+ valuation, even in these crazy transfer times.)

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  • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

    I’d only seen the Dennis wise scouting tool but he never looked up to the English Game and none of his goals appeared to be from ‘gambling’ on the front post / getting in front of the defender. This seems to be backed up by your eye witness report.

    I think we got the best player on offer right now.

  • That’s one of the reasons the club and probably Rafa wasn’t willing to bank more than 14-15m for him. Perhaps he sees him as worth developing. We will not be able to buy a complete goalscoring machine for sub 30m anyway.

    • Jezza

      Rafa wanted NUFC to meet the asking price for Jorgensen but Fatso pulled the rug from under him yet again.

      • Leazes.

        Yup he’s only interested in loan deals until he sells up….. Ashley will not be financing anything other… he said so!

      • S.G.M.

        Feyenoord Pulled the plug because they could not find a replacement Not Ashley.

        • Jezza

          No that’s simply not the case. Feyernoord refused to sell because NUFC, on Ashley’s orders, were messing them around with derisory bids well below the player’s market value.

      • Mark Potter

        That’s not what Rafa said. It’s not even clear that Jorgensen was his number 1 target, Slimani was linked in the media well before the reports about Jorgensen. And Rafa said he had been interested in Slimani in the past. But the club probably could not afford to buy him, unless someone outside the Prem offered £10m+ for Mitro. Only a loan was affordable, and it was not clear until the end of the window whether Leicester would agree a loan deal.

      • Ram Kishore

        What u just said is a media speculation..Rafa didn’t say

      • Martin Rooney

        But he’s total pap worse than hoss

  • Rich Lawson

    He’s simply not up to the job at any price,there’s better value to be had in The Championship with someone who is up to the demands of the English game or a Prem’ player in the summer. Had enough foreign flops for now.

    • Leazes.

      Its irrelevant as the club never had any intentions of buying any players in the last window. Ashley had promised the fans a £20m signing,(Sky) he’d promised Rafa signings (Chronicle), but he now said loan deals only to a bloke in a coffee shop….

      ….I know which one I believe…. its the bloke in the coffee shop who caught him at an unguarded moment.

      It has been said by people that Ashley speaks honestly to someones face, I think that’s why he hides, he will blurt out truths. He hides and makes no promises to anyone.

      • Mark Potter

        “Ashley had promised…” Please provide a quote where he said that. The media claimed this, there was never any evidence that this came from the club. Except that the people on Rafa’s list Jorgensen, Sturridge and Slimani, were valued at around £20m (Jorgensen actually 20m Euros). But we always knew Rafa was much more likely to use the loan market – he said so in the summer – because of the club’s loss of income last year.

      • Jezza

        Spot on. Ashley never changes. He shows you a Ferrari and sells you a Skoda. It’s his favourite trick and he does it over and over again. It just shows duplicitous and deceitful he is in making highly publiscised yet deliberately low bids for a £20 million rated striker when he knew all along that he was never going to allow Rafa to spend a penny on transfer fees.

  • Leazes.

    Berghuis has 12 goals and 10 assists according to transfermarkt, it lists which games they were in.

  • paul joyner

    I agree, watched the match last night – underwhelmed.

  • 1957

    I’ve watched two Feyenoord games since we were engaged in negotiations for him. Feyenoord should be grateful we allegedly offered £15m for him, he wouldn’t have been much of an improvement on Hoss if any.

    Benitez apparently thought he was worth Feyenoord’s valuation…if that’s true we’ve avoided a disaster of Alberto Aquilani proportions

  • HarryHype59

    Clarko reckons he is worth every penny of the £20m Feyenoord were asking. That sums it up for me!

    • Clarko

      And you don’t think he’s worth £20m because Afonso Alves was bad.

      😂 😂 😂

      • HarryHype59

        Strangely enough WUM, no other club was seriously looking at him yet alone bidding £20m.

        Doesn’t that make you think?


        • Clarko

          That’s irrelevant and wrong, his agent:

          “I can confirm that Newcastle specifically wanted to have him and did a lot to make it successful.”

          ”There were also other Premier League clubs in play but Newcastle was the most daring.”

          ”But Feyenoord was against it.”

          But hey, what does he know, right?

          😂 😂 😂

          • HarryHype59

            No one was willing to match their asking price! That proves he isn’t worth £20m. He was another poorly scouted panic buy! I am glad the club didn’t sign him!

          • Clarko

            You do the same thing over and over again, instead of “Alves is bad, this proves Jørgensen is bad” it’s “a club didn’t bid £20m for Jørgensen, this proves Jørgensen isn’t worth £20m”, that just isn’t logical and it’s extremely stupid.

            Do you know want to know what “no one was willing to match their asking price” proves? It proves that no one matched their asking price, nothing else.

            Do you want to know what Alves being bad proves? It proves that Alves is bad, nothing else.

            We’ve been through this already about the valuation, take Locaida, moved from the Eredivisie, where he scored a goal every 167 minutes, in the January window to Brighton for €17.00m. Jørgensen in the same league has a goal every 143 minutes and is valued by his club at ~€22.00m, it is/was a fair valuation.

          • HarryHype59

            You remind me of a chimp with a typewriter with your comical delusions of intellectual superiority and laughable misuse of statistics.. The only statistic that matters is that no club met the valuation of €22m.

            I could explain the laws of supply and demand but you wouldn’t understand the concepts.

          • Clarko

            And there we go, nothing of substance to say.

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    bet the 1st time Rafa heard of this guy was when Penfold bid for him
    if Rafa knows what`s going on in respect of transfers in, i`ll show my a $$ in Fatso`s window

    • Oldgeordie

      Why bother? You show it every time you comment on this site

  • Kneebotherm8

    I seen the second half last night and he didn’t catch the eye at all………….RVP did score a cracking goal shortly after coming off the bench.

  • Mitros gotta start

    Sounds like he is a more expensive but worse player than the one that has been hounded out of the club by the useless world class tactical genius…..bullet dodged by the sound of it….i wouldnt trust rafa the liar to spend £10 on some fish and chips….he would probably come back with chicken chow mein

    • Big geordie

      Quite fancy some chicken chowmien myself actually.

  • Billo

    All a big Ashley smoke screen just to string us all along and not the first time

  • Gary

    rafa wanted replace alonso with gareth barry thats how much i would teust rafa in the transfer market…..rafa the myth. genius???? most over rated negative waffling manager in the prem and if chris hughton had been here all season we’d have 6 or 7 more points than we have now

  • thewildchimp

    I watched some of the game against Ado den Haag (couldn’t stand to watch the entirety of our game against Chelsea, but switched back after a while because it was even worse) and he failed to impress. Was just a passer-by. Not worth 20m in the slightest, add to that that he is untested in the England. I don’t blame Ashley for not buying that one. I blame him from not buying someone better during the summer.

  • Martin Rooney

    Thank god mike stuvkbtobhis guns thrn