Aleksandar Mitrovic had a busy day on Wednesday.

Mitro has not started a League match for nine months and a club match of any sort for six months, so something had to change.

That change was a last day of the transfer window to former club Anderlecht on loan…only for the deal to collapse after an outgoing move didn’t happen to finance the Mitrovic loan deal.

A swift return to England then seeing the forward sign on with Fulham until the end of the season.

Interesting looking through the comments from Fulham fans below, their views are overwhelmingly positive about the loan deal.

A lot of them seem to think that the fact Fulham have a Serbian Manager will help bring Aleksandar Mitrovic back to his best form.

Many Newcastle fans will be watching with interest.

Fulham fans comments on Aleksandar Mitrovic signing from top message boards: Fulham Web, Friends of Fulham and Independent Fulham Forum:

‘What an exciting  signing!’

‘Great signing!

Proven striker that will be a handful for any team.’

‘Mitro – a cult hero.

This lad is exactly what we’ve needed since SJ took over.

We are a flair team in a scrappers league and needed some grit to get us across the line to promotion.

Martin gave us a glimpse of what SJ’s tactics provide with a physical Center forward, now we have a younger – fitter – more aggressive player.

He has a bad reputation and that won’t hurt us either as it’s been a long time since we’ve had an intimidating presence at Fulham.

And with Slavisa obviously sanctioning this deal for his country’s bad boy striker there will be no behavioural issues, SJ will sort him. Best move we’ve made in a while.’

‘Both Mitrovic and Christie signed, well done fulham good deals.’

‘When Mitrovic went to Anderlecht in 2013 he was rated as one of the best 10 teenagers in the world.

He continued to improve in Belgium but something went wrong in 2015 at Newcastle.

Dwight Gayle is a very good Championship striker and would have been the obvious choice but Mitrovic could be something really special if Fulham can sort out the problem, if we do I hope we have a option to buy him.’

‘Happy Days ahead…I’m off to bed! Well done Fulham.’

‘I am so pleased with today’s signings, which I must admit I didn’t think were coming.

One question that I do ask myself though, if Mitrovic is that good a goal scorer, how come Newcastle have let him come to us, particularly as they can’t score themselves at the moment?’

‘The signings of Targett’, Christie and Mitrovic and the ability to keep ALL of our best players is more than a sign that Mr Khan has Fulham’s best interests in his heart.’

‘Don’t get me wrong, I think Mitro is a good short term loan if the owner doesn’t want to buy a striker, & Christie looks useful cover. But Khan’s still a “seller” & “loaner” in actual fact.’

‘Been reported in Serbia by the same group that interviewed Joka last summer, that there is an option to buy if promoted.’

‘If promoted, we could probably do better.

‘Saha was individually brilliant – Mitrovic is not of that ilk – but he is, in my opinion – and I reckon that of Jokanovic – exactly what we need in terms of what he will bring to the team. I would rather have him than any of the others – Hugill, Okaka, Grabban etc – that we have been linked to.’

‘I’d like to see Mitrovic alongside Kamara. Think that pairing could be a defender’s nightmare. Mitrovic’s brute strength, hold-up play and aerial ability in tandem with Kamara’s brute strength, pace and ability to get in behind.’

‘Thrilled to bits about this signing. Would start Mitrovic on the bench on Saturday, if coaches think his fitness levels are good enough.

A large part of me thinks that it is not beyond the bounds of possibility that Rui Fonte will benefit from having such a player along side him and could be the catalyst to kick start his Fulham career because I have no doubt that Fonte is a talented, intelligent player.’

‘No suggestion he hasnt been training hard during that time (he’s said that himself in Serbian press), and he’s had 5 internationals in that time.

Injury has cleared up now – there have been other things going on with him – his wife gave birth at the start of the year so he was back in Serbia, etc. I wouldnt be surprised to see him on the bench at least saturday.

They will want to get him match fit as soon as possible IMO – dont underestimate how important a signing Jokanovic will think this is.’

‘Wahey! If he can reach his incredibly high top level he’ll be immense.

Bit of a hothead, but hopefully Slav can keep him in check.’

‘I’m honestly surprised we managed to sign him bearing in mind that he was doing a tour of Europe all day, but I’m not complaining at all. He’s a bit hot headed but the fox in the box we might need to see us challenge for the top 2.’

‘Great signing, couldn’t ask for more in terms of quality on a loan. Bit of a risk in terms of temperament but hopefully he is just happy to get some game time and put himself in the shop window.’

‘I suspect our Serbian manager can get even more out of Mitrovic than recent managers have been able to muster.  We’ll see.  And what’s so wrong about playing with passion and heart?   It’s contagious on teammates.’

‘What a rabbit out of the hat.  Didn’t think we had it in us to get something like this done so late.’

‘No joke. Literally hands us a Striker the likes that we haven’t seen for years and now people complain about lack of fitness and no option to buy. We literally had the window we all wanted, let’s be excited for a bit.’

‘I can guarantee there will be Premier League managers and Premier League supporters proclaiming today “How the hell  did Mitrovic end up there ? “

Fantastic bit of business for us.’

  • anyobrien

    Rafas big mimista imo this one

    • Steve Smith

      We’ll see.

      He’s playing at a lower level and will have a point to prove. Absolutely no excuse for him to not perform at the best of his abilities.

      • Damon Horner

        Serbian manager, lower league, target man side, it should be made for him.

  • 1957

    With a world cup coming up it would be stupid to agree a future fee in advance. Have a half decent tournament and Mitrovic’s value could double, look at what an international tournament did for Sissoko we wouldn’t have got £30m otherwise.

    • Mrkgw

      Depends upon whether the numpties pulling the strings had the forsight to factor that. Clearly Rafa didn’t want the player which was a hasty decision in my opinion. He might well have good reason but without snippets of information we can only base judgement upon the facts that we do know. On basis of that, Rafa was wrong.

      • thewildchimp

        Whatever Rafa’s personal reasons – the squad needed Mitro. At least Gayle. Luckily, we got an older Mitro in Slimani, so I think we’ll pull through, because he’s excellent when on the end of crosses and we seem to attack mostly through centre-shots from the wings.

        • Colin Brumwell

          And then repeat the whole thing again next year

      • Mark Potter

        Ofc the WC was a factor – in the player’s agitating for a move to get regular game time. I’m sure the club would have preferred to sell him now for £10m to a club outside the Prem, so they could afford to buy Jorgensen. But with not a solitary bidder, then they will be hoping that he increases his current (low) value, either by scoring regularly for Fulham and/or in the WC. Why not? At this point in time he is nothing more than an “asset” on the balance sheet, there is no likelihood he will ever play for us again. Get over it.

        But let’s face it, we heard all of this before with Krul. Look how well his loans to two Dutch sides, then sale to Brighton have worked out, when we were told Rafa had it wrong, Krul should be our number 1 keeper. He hasn’t played a single Prem game for them, featuring only in cup games. So who was right here: Rafa and Hughton (and the Dutch clubs that were happy to send him back) for not rating him; or the fans who insisted he was still a world class keeper, despite all of the evidence.

  • ghostrider

    This will be the kick start and fitness test Mitrovic will enjoy, especially with a manager like Fulhams who will put an arm around him and get him focused again..
    Rafa was just destroying the lad so I’m absolutely over the moon he’s got a loan move.

    I’d love to see him be prolific for Fulham in his loan time but would love to see him back at Newcastle under a different manager than the one that tried to destroy the lad.

    Good luck Mitro and good luck to Fulham in bringing out the best of him, which is in there.
    Show Rafa what he’s missed out on Mitro.

  • Dan Robson

    He will get double figures for them in the second half of the season then there will be a bidding war for him at the end of the season. Sad for us because Ashley will take the money and we will lose a player who genuinely cared for the club (A rare breed).

  • David Smith

    Anyone want to run a book on how often he gets sent off?

    • thewildchimp

      2 times so far, add 1 post-match ban to that. Those two cards were due to clumsiness, this season’s ban was sheer stupidity on his part. But domestic players got away with much worse, recently.

      • Mike Adam

        Yes, Kane and Alli get away with murder. I guess because they are from England??? Why doesn’t anyone review their fouls after games???

    • Rich Lawson

      Bet Victor odds on 1st game would be interesting ?

  • Andy Mac

    “One question that I do ask myself though, if Mitrovic is that
    good a goal scorer, how come Newcastle have let him come to us,
    particularly as they can’t score themselves at the moment?” Over to you Rafa ?

    • Mike Adam

      Rafa is a dope, he has to be, he continues to play Joselu. And never even gave Mitro a chance this season.

      • Damon Horner

        We can see how good Mitrovic is now he has his move. Just hope you among others will back the team and give Slimani a fair crack.

        • Mike Adam

          I always back the team Damon, I just could not back the insanity of continuing to play Joselu when there was another option wasn’t tried this season.

    • Jimmy_toons

      From what I’ve seen of Mitrovic at every home game over the last 2 1/2 seasons, he isn’t very good. He plays to the crowd which will endear him to many, but his end product is lacking.
      Good luck to him, he may prove us doubters wrong.

  • Peter Stabler

    it’s a good move for Mitro, he needs to be playing and Fulham were better than Wolves last season with a couple of stand out players, Cairney and Sessenong.

  • Damon Horner

    Good luck to the lad, hope he bangs them in and moves his career forward.

  • Paul Patterson

    If they want him beyond the summer, how about swapping him for Cairney?

    • Kneebotherm8

      Or Ryan Sessegnon ?

      • John

        Yeah Ryan sessegnon who’s wanted by United and Arsenal, valued at £30m being swapped for Mitrovic. I can see that happening

        • Kneebotherm8

          Mitro’s value will be £30 million when he’s banged in 20+ goals by the end of the season………..roll on the swap deal……

        • Jimmy_toons

          I doubt Unied can afford Sessegnon, Ashley wouldn’t fork out a good wedge for him even if we could off load Mitrovich in part ex. Good player though, ripped Yedlin to shreds last season.

          • Kneebotherm8

            Should have had a hat trick against us… was Anita at right back who was tortured not Yedlin……

  • Jc

    Better than Joselu but also one of the reasons we sent down last time, some people have short memories

    • Damon Horner

      I’m with you on that one. Far too many assumptions as well on what is happening between him and Rafa. Side with the player if he is a world beater, let it play out if not.

    • Chuck D

      Absolutely, people forget he missed big chances no worse than Joselu that season.

      The header against Everton in that Boxing Day defeat sticks in my mind.

    • JonMag

      don`t worry about that, Hoss if he keeps playing will relegated ok

  • MadMag83

    This could be a great deal for all concerned. If he does well he could potentially force his way back into the team next season, especially if we go down and a new manager comes in.

    If he does well and we stay up with Rafa then he’ll probably be sold so a good stint with Fulham would increase his profile and potentially get him a big move.

    Worst case scenario is he has a stinker, Rafa freezes him out and we can’t shift him

    • thewildchimp

      Spot on.

    • John

      Doing well in half a season in the championship will get him a big move? Like Lewis Grabban going to Villa..

      • MadMag83

        Did Lewis Grabban cost £14m? Does he have the supposed potential that many Newcastle fans seem to believe he has?

        Try to understand the context of the situation, I’m not suggesting for one minute a top six club will come and snap him up. But Wood got his big move to Burnley for £25m was it? On the back of one good season in the Championship with Leeds. Mitrovic has a much higher profile than Wood so a good half a season would no doubt attract interest from Premier League clubs and a few from foreign leagues.

        I’m not his biggest fan but he seems like a passionate footballer so he deserves his chance to prove himself and try to get a move because I don’t think Rafa rates him at all.

        • Jezza

          £15 million for Chris Wood. Still well out of NUFC’s price range these days.

          • HarryHype59

            Is Ashley still insisting incoming players are bought out right, whilst accepting staggered payments for those sold? If so Rafa is working under a massive financial constraint.

            No wonder the transfer record at this club hasn’t been broken for so long.

          • Jezza

            Doesn’t look like the club is buying anybody outright at the minute does it.

  • Natturner26

    With Mitrovic, Rui Fonte, Lucas Piazon, and Aboubakar Kamara, Fulham have a better strike force than we do.

    • Mitros gotta start

      With mitrovic fulham have a better strike force than we do

      • Peaky Magpie


      • Jezza

        I’d rather take a punt on Slimani than have to rely on Mitrovic to get the goals to keep us up.

        • Mitros gotta start

          Why do we have to choose?
          If slimani gets injured we are no better off….why not have them both?
          Talk about a thin squad….i am not surprised if we keep shipping out players that we desperately need

          • Rich Lawson

            Surely Slimani is injured already ?

          • HarryHype59

            True, but the Fatman’s success criterion in this window is reducing the wages bill. He runs this club like one of his SD budget sports shops.

          • Mark Potter

            Rubbish. The club have made next to nowt on loaning Mitro. It’s his insistence on a transfer to somewhere he was guaranteed to play regular matches that has forced the issue.

          • HarryHype59

            Potter are you actually a Newcastle fan or must some WUM supporting another club?

            Your constant denial of reality and toadying up to this inept regime is laughable!

            BTW teams battling relegation shouldn’t even be making small profits in the Jan window. Think about it man ffs!

          • Mark Potter

            Who says we made any profit? And pointing out what Mitro and Rafa both said about the situation is keeping the conversation grounded in reality. Mitro made it clear even before the window opened that he was leaving. Refer back to the reports.

            I’m sure you don’t like anyone disagreeing with you. But that’s freedom of speech. Do you need me to explain how it works?

          • HarryHype59

            Mitro was moved on to cut costs at Sports Direct United.

            I don’t suppose you watched the match yesterday, but Mitro couldn’t have done any worse than Gayle.

            It was hoof and hope football at its worst.

          • Mark Potter

            Ofc I watched it. And in the second half it wasn’t great. And I agree that is a situation where you need someone up front who can be a target, not Gayle or Perez. From the Chronicle last week:

            “My relationship with him is fine. He’s a nice lad,” Benitez replied when asked if Mitrovic has a long-term future at Newcastle.

            “It was clear that he wanted and needed to play games. Now he has an opportunity. Hopefully, he’ll score 20 or 25 goals.

            “We’ll be happy with that. He’ll have more value. He will come here and say: ‘I’m a new player, you have to trust me because I’ve scored 25 goals.’ Fine, no problem.”

            “We have a situation where players were not playing,” Benitez, added.

            “Saivet, for example, was only playing against West Ham and the other day. I was happy with him, but he had an opportunity. He has to play.

            “You cannot keep a player when he isn’t playing if he has the World Cup and he needs to play to stay there.”

            Nothing about money. Rafa doing the right thing if he wasn’t going to play either Mitro, Saivet, Aarons and Woodman regularly.

            Give it a rest about Sports Direct, your fixated on one issue so much that if a dog takes a dump on Northumberland Street you’d claim It’s under Ashley’s influence, done to spite fans.

          • HarryHype59

            Just a thought…if this club gets relegated again under this regime, will you then acknowledge Ashley’s ownership has been detrimental to the club?

            If your man had been proactive at the beginning of the Jan window and sanctioned a quality striker on loan, I believe we would have beaten Burnley and Swansea. Short sighted penny pinching may well result in the third relegation in nine years.

            I dare say thus will have nowt to do with Ashley from your Mr Magoo perspective.

  • thewildchimp

    Judging from Wiki, Jokanovic was a player and later the manager of Mitro’s first club, Partizan, moving to Thailand a few years before Mitro’s debut. So he’ll know how to use him properly, maybe even up his game.

    On a side note, next Fulham’s fixture is against Nottingham Forest. If Mitro, Colback and Murphy are all to play – it might be interesting to watch.

  • Wor Lass

    Good luck, Mitro. I suppose, one day, we`ll find out what went on. Slimani could be a decent replacement but what about all those wasted weeks before the window?

    • JonMag

      i hear he was bullying Pedro & calling him Quasi

      • Wor Lass

        That would be flattery!

  • JonMag

    Didn`t kick on from his initial promise partly due to being treat like schitt by Rafa,
    let himself down a few times but then so has Shelvey.
    new manager being Serb knows exactly what he`s got. is he better than Hoss, my grans better than that useless [email protected], another great buy for Nufc.
    not worth a [email protected]@king fiver

  • Whickhamrobbie

    its funny how players who are not playing -Mitro,Dummett etc suddenly become better in their absence only when they come back do we realise they werent that good all along.
    I Hope for Mitro he does improve ,he is a young lad with a lot of football life ahead but sadly its not at the toon .
    Sessegnon would cost ALL our squad plus a fee and theres no way he would come up here anyway.

    • JonMag

      we should bench Hoss for 3 months and he`ll come back like Harry kane

      • Rich Lawson

        Injure Lejunne in the 1st game,wouldn’t be surprised !

      • Andy Mac

        Except he might miss the bench, fall off it and do his ankle ?

    • Mike Adam

      It is funny how 23 year old’s who do not get to play cannot show if they would have been better than the rubbish Rafa sends out at striker. Our center back is one goal behind our starting strike that is insane.

    • fistsofsteel2

      more bull.

  • 5floorshigh

    at least we might now see why Rafa has not been playing him……or……should have been playing him

  • Jimmy_toons

    They obviously haven’t seen him play. Although in truth, neither have we.

    • Jezza

      I saw enough of him last season to know he’s not good enough.

      • PJB_NUFC

        Yep. Fulham fans may change their tune after the first red card he picks up (which probably won’t be long)

        • Rich Lawson

          Bet Victor odds for him to be sent off in 1st game then ?

  • Desree

    Mitro is too slow and lazy to be an EPL striker. He can’t lead the line and ain’t very good at link up play. Of course, put him in a team of better players and he might improve. Brighton offered 8m, that is 3m more than Joselu.
    I really wanted Mitrovic to be a great player, other than his goal against Norwich I have not seen the player others seem to think he is.

    I agree Rafa should have somehow harnessed him better, given how we can’t score. But Mitrovic is as prone as Gayle to miss sitters.

    • Mike Adam

      We shall see

    • fistsofsteel2


  • HarryHype59

    Never mind Mitro, Fulham have loaned the Southampton left full back Targett! The same player who NUFC couldn’t afford.

  • fistsofsteel2

    Rafa’s abuse of a young player – Mitrovich, has been nothing short of disgraceful and disgusting.

    Good luck to Mitro, and shame on Rafa and his stupid stubborn insistence on playing the donkey Joselu.

    • Mark Potter

      Not picking a player for the starting 11 is hardly “abuse”. By that measure half of the squad are “abused” by Rafa every week. Woodman has been “abused” all season other than in the cup. Aarons has been “abused”. Saivet, Sterry…

      We had alot of games to play in the league over Xmas, then a cup game, where it was obvious more of the “fringe” players would get chances. Diame and Murphy have taken their chances and pushed themselves into regular starters. Others did not.

      What about Mitro? He went off to Serbia in December while the rest of the team were working hard, gave interviews to Serbian media insisting he would be leaving in the window, because he wants to play in the World Cup in the summer. When he came back there was a mysterious “bad back”. When a weakened side went out against Chelsea he didnt feature, the manager saying he was more focussed on getting a transfer than playing the game.

      A few months ago I thought he should get more opportunity, despite his indiscipline. Last two months I say, f**k him. We don’t need players who think they are more important than the club. We’ve been there, done that, pandering to the big time Charlie’s who think playing international games is more important than the club.

      Slimani I’m sure will prove a better player, more professional and more grown up. He doesn’t have any WC to keep himself fit for, Algeria didn’t qualify. Hopefully he will give his all until the last day of the season.

  • fistsofsteel2

    Rafa obviously rates Joselu more highly than Mitro………

    …hands up – who thinks we’ll ever have any takers for Joselu lol.

    • Down Under Mag

      I don’t think it’s ever been about rating him higher but more about who works harder off the ball and who follows instructions…not to mention discipline.

      Not defending the decision though, I still don’t think Mitro is the answer that everyone is acting like … BUT I don’t understand him not getting a game when we are so desperate for options up front and so light on goals scored. This is the one thing Rafa has always had against him, even at Liverpool…his incessant favouritism of certain players or freezing out of others.

      • Jimmy_toons

        All managers bar none have their favourites. Mitrovic rarely got the nod from Benitez because he didn’t put enough in when training, do what was asked or instructed of him, something Benitez has apparently always based his decisions on as a manager.
        You can imagine him having some flexibility with the likes of Torres, Gerard and Ronald at their peaks, but we don’t have any players anywhere near their class or ability.
        If our players aren’t world class, I think it’s only right and fair to decide who plays on a a Saturday, depends on how players have performed over the week in training.
        I’d be miffed if some lazy rs got the nod in front of me for a match when they’d done jack all week in training.

  • Down Under Mag

    They’ve got a great player for the Championship. I expect he will bang the goals in as long as they feed him enough chances and he doesn’t get himself sent off.

    This is going to go one of two ways – he goes there, scores a hatful of goals and all the NUFC fans are “WTF Rafa….see!?!?!” or he gets himself sent off repeatedly, doesn’t score and ends up getting dropped by Fulham and Rafa is proven right. Taking all bets :)