After 28 games, Newcastle United have 29 points and stand 15th, only two points above the drop zone.

A win against Bournemouth would have seen Rafa’s team up to 11th and four points clear of relegation.

Much was made of the two goal surrender to Bournemouth and whether Newcastle United had been unlucky.

This spurred me to look at every Premier League match this season to analyse whether in each match it has been a correct/fair result, or whether NUFC have been lucky/unlucky with gained/dropped points.

Here are my findings, feel free to comment at the end….

Newcastle 0 Tottenham 2

A spirited first half display but deservedly beaten after Shelvey’s red card.

Correct Result

Huddersfield 1 Newcastle 0

Not very much between the two teams but the home side showed more ambition and just shaded it.

Correct Result

Newcastle 3 West Ham 0

After an even 20 minutes, Newcastle dominated.

Correct Result

Swansea 0 Newcastle 1

Very good away performance and restricted the home team whilst looking more of a threat at other end. Did enough to deserve it.

Correct Result

Newcastle 2 Stoke 1

Some excellent football by Newcastle and should have had the game sewn up, allowed Stoke back into it but still deserved the victory.

Correct Result

Brighton 1 Newcastle 0

Very similar to the Huddersfield game, didn’t show enough ambition against another promoted club and deserved nothing in a tight match.

Correct Result

Newcastle 1 Liverpool 1

Newcastle gave a committed display and deserve a lot of credit for sticking at it against a better team. However, on balance of play and chances I have to admit we didn’t really deserve a point.

Lucky – Gained one point.

Southampton 2 Newcastle 2

Very good away display and threw this one away, a daft penalty given away by Lejeune that gifted the home side a point. Rafa’s players deserved all three points on their play.

Unlucky – Lost two points.

Newcastle 1 Crystal Palace 0

Shocking performance and if anybody deserved a win it was Palace. Just about earned a point but very fortunate to win with Merino’s late winner, first decent effort on goal for Newcastle.

Lucky – Gained two points.

Burnley 0 Newcastle 1

A tedious game where neither side did enough to win.

Unlucky – Lost one point

Newcastle 0 Bournemouth 1

A game of two halves and Gayle saw a perfectly fine goal wrongly disallowed. If we’d taken the lead then would probably have won but Bournemouth the better team after the break, so a draw would have just about been fair.

Unlucky – Lost one point

Man Utd 4 Newcastle 1

Gave it a right go in the first 30-40 minutes and took the lead but by the end of the game Newcastle were well beaten, as they caved in.

Correct Result

Newcastle 0 Watford 3

Bit of a shambles really as Newcastle couldn’t cope with an in-form pacey forward line.

Correct Result

West Brom 2 Newcastle 2

The absence of Lascelles was so apparent and Newcastle hopeless at the back as they went two down. Much better in the second half and maybe should have won it in the end, a draw is fair though I suppose.

Correct Result

Chelsea 3 Newcastle 1

A little similar to Man U away, Newcastle took the lead through Gayle but very quickly fell apart.

Correct Result

Newcastle 2 Leicester 3

A decent game this one and Newcastle did enough for a draw. Slack defending at the end by Perez cost the Magpies.

Unlucky – Lost one point

Newcastle 0 Everton 1

A shocker. The woodwork denying Newcastle and then Darlow lost the match with a terrible mistake. Giving Fat Sam the lead was a nightmare and the lack of a cutting edge was all too apparent against a very defensive side.

Unlucky – Lost one point

Arsenal 1 Newcastle 0

Restricted Arsenal but showed little attacking intent until late on, not much in it but didn’t really deserve anything.

Correct Result

West Ham 2 Newcastle 3

Excellent away display against the odds with numerous injuries. Could have won by more.

Correct Result

Newcastle 0 Man City 1

‘Slightly’ defensive tactics kept Newcastle in it and late on had a couple of chances but can’t argue with the final scoreline.

Correct Result

Newcastle 0 Brighton 0

Not pretty to watch and neither side deserved a win.

Correct Result

Stoke 0 Newcastle 1

Newcastle played really well and after wasting so many chances you started to worry, an excellent move finished off by Perez and even though they had a late rally and chances, Stoke deserved nothing.

Correct Result

Newcastle 1 Swansea 1

Swansea were pretty hopeless but Newcastle only marginally better, another game where neither side really did enough to win.

Correct Result

Man City 3 Newcastle 1

The right tactics by Rafa but not enough, well beaten.

Correct Result

Newcastle 1 Burnley 1

The woodwork denied Newcastle again and Rafa’s players should have been more than one up, which would have made Burney’s late goal only a small consolation.

Unlucky – Lost two points

Crystal Palace 1 Newcastle 1

Newcastle the better side in the first half then Palace in the second. They probably feel they should have won but as an away side Newcastle did enough for the draw.

Correct Result

Newcastle 1 Man Utd 0

A great performance in terms of defending and commitment. A decent level of ability as well. Always going to need to ride our luck at times and that was the case, Man Utd could and should have got a point if finishing had been better.

Lucky – Two points gained

Bournemouth 2 Newcastle 2

Great stuff by Newcastle for 80 minutes and definitely deserved a win, a killer those two late goals.

Unlucky – Two points lost


2 points gained Newcastle 1 Man Utd 0

2 points gained Newcastle 1 Palace 0

1 point gained Newcastle 1 Liverpool 1

5 points gained


2 points lost Bournemouth 2 Newcastle 2

2 points lost Newcastle 1 Burnley 0

1 point lost Newcastle 0 Everton 1

1 point lost Newcastle 2 Leicester 3

1 point lost Newcastle 0 Bournemouth 1

1 point lost Burnley 1 Newcastle 0

2 points lost Southampton 2 Newcastle 2

10 points lost

So by my reckoning, in 18 of the 28 PL games it has been a fair result but in three games I think Newcastle have got lucky and another seven unlucky.

With five points gained and ten lost, I think on balance Newcastle United deserve to have another five points, which if they’d got them would put NUFC on 34 points and in ninth place in the table.

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  • Mrkgw

    Interesting however, no changing those results now. All down to the remaining games and hope that those at the club have it in them to save us.

    • Jezza

      Ashley had the chance to save us last summer and again in January but he chose to pocket all the profits instead.

      • Mrkgw

        Agreed Jezza and as supporters, we can only continue to push in ridding the club of the regime. He seems immune to the thoughts of the masses but everyone has their breaking point.

  • John

    6 points in 2 games from late Lascelles goals from set pieces were correct result? Pass the crack pipe

  • Rich Lawson

    Burnley 0 – Newcastle 1,lost one point,shureley shome mishtake ?

  • Paul Patterson

    Newcastle United 0-1 Manchester United 1996.
    Newcastle battered Man Utd and should have been 5-0 up, they weren’t, Man Utd scored, won the match and then the league.
    If you take your chances, more often than not you win games, if you don’t you lose, doesn’t matter how many chances you get as long as one is taken.
    I’d take being lucky and having another 5+ points on the board, pointless over analysing it . .

  • pedrodelgardo

    It is all about taking your chances, that is why goal scorers cost a lot of money which is why we haven’t got a good one.

  • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

    About right that, mind, I came away from Turf Moor cursing a loss, not a 1-0 win.

  • thewildchimp

    Lucky or unlucky may come to refs’ decisions, as we have no say in them (unless the game is rigged, which happens), but everything else is deserved. If a team has a single shot during a match, and that one comes in and they nick it – it’s deserved. If better teams would always win, the sport would be boring.

  • Lord

    If we’re talking about luck, it’s worth noting we have been pretty lucky with injuries this season.

    Dummett out for first half of the season and Lascelles for a bit, not too bad.

    Maybe it’s not luck but Rafa being more sensible. We certainly seem to have had a full squad more often than under the grim years of Pardew who played people too quickly.

    {waits for comment about a fit full squad still not being good enough due to lack of investment}