A very interesting comparison of each season’s Newcastle United points total at today’s stage, compared to the other eight seasons under Mike Ashley.

By the end of today after the Bournemouth result, Newcastle will have played 28 matches, so how will the points total match up to what has gone before?

At the minute Newcastle have 28 points from 27 matches and by tonight will have 31, 29 or remain on 28.

Looking at the stats below, no surprise that the 2011/12 season when Newcastle finished fifth, was the best showing after 28 matches.

Newcastle had 44 points in 2011/12 but maybe more of a surprise is that in 2013/14 Newcastle had only one point less after 28 games.

The difference of course being that in 2011/12 Mike Ashley actually allowed the team to be strengthened in the January (shock horror!) with Papiss Cisse arriving, whereas in January 2014, Cabaye was sold and nobody brought in to replace him. Net result was that in the final 10 games of 2011/12 Newcastle added 21 points, whereas in 2013/14 only 6 points.

A similar story in 2010/11, Chris Hughton had done a brilliant job in getting instant promotion despite numerous players sold and no money for players, Mike Ashley then undermining him once again when giving Hughton minimal backing in summer 2010 transfer market.

Hughton was sacked by Mike Ashley even though Newcastle were mid-table, Pardew brought in and he promised Andy Carroll wouldn’t be sold, Carroll sold in January 2011 and nobody bought to replace…embarrassingly the veteran and below par Shefki Kuqi later brought in as a free agent after the window closed.

That season Newcastle had 36 points (third highest under Ashley) after 28 games and Pardew added only another 10 points in the final 10 matches.

Stats courtesy of Chris Holt (in brackets is final number of points after 38 games):

2011/12 – 44 (65)

2013/14 – 43 (49)

2010/11 – 36 (46)

2014/15 – 35 (39)

2017/18 – 31 (if win today)

2012/13 – 30 (41)

2017/18 – 29 (if draw today)

2007/08 – 28 (43)

2008/09 – 28 (34)

2017/18 – 28 (if lose today)

2015/16 – 24 (37)

When you look at which seasons saw the strongest end to a season, this brings up some interesting stats as well.

The side that finished fifth predictably got the most points in the last 10 games, with the likes of Cabaye, Ba, Cisse and Ben Arfa producing 21 points from a possible 30.

Lowest was John Carver with only 4 points from 30 as he attempted to relegate the club from an almost impossible position.

However, the two managers who have produced the next highest last 10 match totals are…

Kevin Keegan with 15 points after he took over the mess left by Sam Allardyce.

Rafa Benitez with 13 points as he almost produced a minor miracle in keeping Newcastle up in those final 10 games of 2015/16.

  • Peaky Magpie

    It pains to say but I still believe we are just one bad Lascelles injury away from relegation…..

    • Martin

      Gotta agree with that

    • ghostrider

      You could say that about any team.
      We could argue many things that could cost us premier league status just like every other team in the mix.

    • Wor Lass

      Leazes is back so I`m taking 29 minutes today.

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  • Toon

    Absolutely fascinating

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      Very interesting.

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        Sublimely riveting..

  • Gareth Marshall

    What this article really points out is that for 7 out of the 9 seasons we’ve spent in the Premier League under Ashley we have been involved in a relegation fight.

    • Mark Potter

      Which teams haven’t? If you add in all of those promoted then subsequently relegated you are probably talking about 20. Only a handful of “elite” clubs get to avoid this experience, and, surprise, surprise, these are the clubs which also get Champions League money, qualify for CL, get CL money, … Then in any particular season 2-3 clubs do well enough early in the season to not be constantly looking over their shoulders. But even then memories of Nowich and Newcastle under Carver and other examples show that hardly anyone can be safe, if they go on a bad run.

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  • nufcslf

    All just add’s up to what a complete and utter c**t Cashley really is. Years and years of taking the pysh and not a word said. F**k him and anybody who backs him.