It is Bournemouth v Newcastle up next, after what has been a never ending two week ‘rest’ due to the usual early FA Cup exit.

That victory over Manchester United not able to be carried quickly forward with momentum into the next match, though hopefully the gap will allow knocks to be shaken off and Islam Slimani to be now ready to start.

A massive boost if he can have a similar impact to fellow loan players Martin Dubravka and Kenedy.

Not surprisingly the win over Mourinho’s team has been talked about endlessly, nothing better than winning a match where nobody gave Newcastle a chance.

However, I think the Bournemouth v Newcastle match is even more crucial in a way.

The Man U game has undoubtedly given everybody a massive lift and of course the three points are invaluable but it could end up potentially meaningless, if not followed up.

I suppose I see it that the 1-0 victory has given Newcastle a seat at the poker table and provided stake money that is a little higher now than many of their competitors.

Failure to get anything at Bournemouth though, could well be the equivalent of seeing much of that stash of poker chips disappearing.

It would only be one point but I really think a draw on Saturday would go a very long way to ensuring survival, a win of course would be a whole new dimension.

However, I think that defeat would spell massive trouble, as I don’t hold out much hope of anything at Liverpool the following Saturday.

The scousers are deep into a real battle for one of the Champions League places and with it being 24 years since Newcastle won in the Premier League at Anfield, it sums up our usual expectations there.

In contrast, NUFC have a 100% Premier League record away at Bournemouth, even if it only runs to one match…

Having got that win against Man Utd it has lifted Newcastle out of the relegation zone and into the 13th, though as you can see from the current PL table below, league position isn’t quite so secure as it looks, with so little between teams.

bournemouth v newcastle

As I indicated above, I think defeat to Bournemouth would then almost certainly then be followed by the same result at Liverpool.

This would then lead to the key Newcastle v Southampton relegation clash taking place with nine games to go and NUFC almost sure to be back in a very precarious looking position.

Whilst Newcastle play Bournemouth and Liverpool, as well as hoping for no further bottom v top club surprises, you also have these five games taking place during the next two rounds of Premier League matches…

Southampton v Stoke, Swansea v West Ham, Watford v West Brom, Brighton v Swansea and West Brom v Huddersfield.

Obviously some of the relegation strugglers must get something from these games and so we desperately need Newcastle to keep fate in their own hands.

A point from Bournemouth and then even a point against Southampton might not be a disaster after the Man U win, though obviously I think that home game against the Saints has to be targeted for three points.

The last two months have seen eight PL games, Newcastle haven’t scored more than one goal in any of those, whilst they have only conceded more than one in the Man City away match.

On that basis, unless Newcastle can now find extra goals with the  help of Slimani, we are very likely looking at a game on Saturday that could be a 0-0 or 1-1, or a single goal win either way.

I am confident Newcastle can avoid defeat at Bournemouth but it could well prove even tougher than Man Utd last time out, as before that shock 4-1 defeat at Huddersfield last time out, Bournemouth had been top of the form table and Eddie Howe got manager of the month for January.

Game of the season on Saturday? Only the end of the season might tell us that but this is certainly a game I don’t think Newcastle can afford to lose.

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  • richardpallace

    agreed, but they are all pretty vital now until we can manage another 3 or 4 victories. I reckon 1: 1 at Bournemouth

  • Rich Lawson

    A point is no longer good enough,we’ve had to many soft draws,we need 3 points against these teams to put a bit of distance between us and the bottom 3.Attack from the start,hopefully Slimani is now fit and Ritchie has something to show his former employers.

  • Monkseaton Magpies

    You got one thing right this game is like a cup final with many more to follow.
    We should have won at home and result set us on a bad run. We will have too much quality and if we take our chances the game should be ours. One thing for sure is the players will put up a good show in front of 1,325 loyal fans who will back the team all match long. To those on here who say it’s not the same following Newcastle I feel sorry that you have lost your passion as matches do not come any bigger than this one.

  • Drb44

    Your win at AFCB in 2015 was an absolute travesty. Rob Elliott was MOM, you had one shot on target, about 20% possession and one corner if memory serves. Your 100% away record is going to be halved!

    • East Durham Mag

      Go on your own site numpty.

      • Drb44

        Can’t take a bit of factual comment?

        • cmrowley

          33% possession
          2 shots, 1 on target
          0 (zero) corners
          3 points.

          NUFC were out played, statistics all went in your favour (bar fouls, we won that one).
          But we took 3 points.
          This happens.
          Happened to us lots of times.
          Will happen again.

          Good luck for the rest of the season after Saturday.

          • drb44

            Thanks for the right statistics……your memory/records better than mine! It was still an injustice when we needed results at the start of our EPL experience! Thanks also for your good wishes…….same to you, although I hope you need them more than we do.

        • East Durham Mag

          I wouldn’t dream of going on any other clubs fansite. You obviously came on ours to elicit a reaction. You must be deliriously happy now. Good luck to your club but you didn’t have to come on here slating ours. Are you trying to create a bit of needle for the game? Seriously stay on the Bournemouth site.

          • drb44

            I didn’t slate your club at all. I merely pointed out that you were very lucky to win, which your more reasonable fellow Newcastle fans have acknowledged as fact.

    • Peaky Magpie

      Doesn’t matter….we still won….get over it…

    • Chuck D

      Travesty is a bit extreme, this is football. Plenty games we’ve dominated and ended up with nothing.
      In fairness we should have beaten Bournemouth at home this season, didn’t put our chances away when we were in control for most of the first half.
      End of the day if you don’t score and the other team does, you lose! Statistics are irrelevant.

  • Trevor Reaveley

    And of course, it’s Newcastle.
    After one big win, the mentality has often been:
    “well, we’ve beaten a big ‘un, how hard can this be?”
    and complacency sets in.
    Lets hope for another Man U performance.

  • Peaky Magpie

    Pay yer fines William Hill..

  • Down Under Mag

    The key gamnes will be Southampton, Huddersfield and West Brom. If we win those then we are giving ourselves every chance of staying up over those three teams. If we lose those then we probably go down. Any other games, much like the Man Utd game, will be a bonus if we get a win, good to get a draw and not the end of the world if we lose. Hopefully we don’t do the usual “good game, bad game” routine after a great win and botch up the Bournemouth game. Also, hopefully the Watford and Chelsea matches will be less crucial for the opposition…the last thign we need is for Chelsea to have to win the last game to qualify for Europe and for us to need to win to stay up – also, speaking of Chelsea…why do we always seem to get Chelsea on the last game of the seaso??