A big well done to those responsible for the Flags at the Newcastle v Burnley match.

They had hinted that they had something special lined up and with the game coinciding with the closing of the January transfer window, it was all very appropriate.

Despite the Mike Ashley PR machine saying the owner was backing Rafa Benitez with a £20m striker, not a single player was bought.

Indeed, even the last gasp loan deal for an (injured) Islam Slimani only appeared to happen after Rafa Benitez made one last plea for support, speaking on the phone to Ashley on Tuesday.

The Flags resurrected a Kevin Keegan quote, which famously told us not to give up and one day we will be rid of Mike Ashley.

The Flags showing:

“Don’t ever give up on your club, keep supporting it,

“It’s your club and trust me, one day you will get your club back and it will be everything you wanted it to be.

“Newcastle United is bigger than anyone.

“It hurts I know but just keep going.

“He is only one man. We are a city, a whole population. Trust me.”

Sadly, it looks certain to be the displays of Flags that will now be leaving us, instead of the owner.

Whilst the club have milked the Flags displays relentlessly for their own purposes, Ashley and his minions will surely be calling time on them, rather than putting them on the naughty step.

Fair play to the organisers because obviously they get a kick out of doing the displays and naturally will have known that they are now going to be blocked from further ones.

It was of course when Kevin Keegan was forced out and the Newcastle fans turned on Mike Ashley, that he took the decision to wipe out the 3,000 strong ‘Singing Section’, which had become the focus for very vocal protests against his ownership.

What a club.

Stats from BBC Sport:

Newcastle 1 Burnley 1


Newcastle: Lascelles 65

Burnley: Darlow OG 85

Possession was Burnley 48% Newcastle 52%

Total shots were  Burnley 11 Newcastle 14

Shots on target were Burnley 2 Newcastle 4

Corners were  Burnley 4 Newcastle 7

Referee: Simon Hooper

Newcastle United:

Darlow, Yedlin, Lascelles, Clark, Dummett, Atsu (Murphy 64), Diame, Merino, Kenedy (Ritchie 72), Perez (Gayle 85), Joselu

Unused Subs:

Woodman, Shelvey, Manquillo, Hayden,

Crowd: 50,174

(Read the instant NUFC fan/writer reaction to the Burnley match HERE)

(There were 8 loan deals in and out of Newcastle on deadline day – Details HERE)

  • JonMag

    Wasting their time !!

    • Kneebotherm8

      I think Rafa’s been considering his position for a while now,he’ll bide his time and jump ship when it suits him,not Ashley who’s been constructively shoving him out the door for a while now.

  • Geordiegiants

    It’s only a matter of time before someone bumps into Jabba in the street in London and does him in. He is a billionaire but does mingle with the general population in normal pubs. Good statement from the boys, now you will be suppressed like a North Korean state though.

    • Rich Lawson

      Nor really relevant I know but does he employ bodyguards ?

  • Danimal

    Brilliant effort, dignified not abusive. Hope it gets some national coverage but doubt it. Now let’s get those 16 points so we’ve still got a club worth saving. Good debut for Kenedy, hopefully Slimani will convert some of these chances.

    • Paul Patterson

      It has, it’s in The Mirror, The Sun, Chronicle, The Mail and The Express.

      • Kneebotherm8

        Were Sky reporting it?

        • Paul Patterson

          Nah, can’t find it on there.

      • Danimal

        Good stuff.

    • Kneebotherm8

      Very good promising debut for Kenedy………should have had two assists.

    • Cockneytrev

      Jim White on talk sport was raving about the dignity of the Newcastle fans,, this is what is needed, we need the media on our side,, he was also at Chelsea on Sunday and walked out with the Newcastle fans, he could not have praised us higher,,,,,

  • Monkseaton Magpies

    A disgrace. Where were the banners supporting the team. Where were the banners
    helping to create a great atmosphere to inspire the team. All this banner does is unsettle the players create a negative atmosphere and gives the southern press yet another chance to laugh at the backward fans of Newcastle. The club set up a singing area in the Gallowgate after your pleas for meetings then you turn against Rafa and the team in the hour of need. You are a disgrace to the club.

    • Billy

      Get a life

      • Jezza

        Don’t feed the troll, lads. He is not a Newcastle supporter and he is not from Monkseaton.

        • goggsy

          We know jezza,but he is cancer that’s killed our club and a lot of people are hurting this morning.

          • ghostrider

            Most expected zero players in, loan or otherwise.
            The club brought in 3.
            What are you hurting for?
            What did you want? Aubameyang? Giroud for 18 million on an 18 month contract to walk away for nothing?
            That 20 million Duitch player on a long contract with no guarantees of anything?

            If anything you should be happier with Kenedy doing the business in his time on the pitch and also Slimani who people rate 10 times better than what we have, plus a goalkeeper that’s apparently much better than what we have.

            Surely that shouldn’t be leaving you hurt.
            It gives me a bit of hope that rafa might start to play some football like he did last night.

            More of that attitude and the players will gain in confidence.
            Let’s hope Rafa is learning his lesson.

          • goggsy

            In 96 KK gave a very famous interview,the rant. Literally “I love It”. Try putting it on,try looking away from it,try not watching it all the way through.
            It’s emotion
            It’s passion
            It’s a natural reaction
            It’s real
            It’s raw

            It isn’t thought up or premeditated.

            It isn’t a number on a bank sheet nor a statistic

            It’s human.

            Quite possibly I’m mourning the death of football and the club I adore,and it may be thru

          • ghostrider

            You mean the kiddified rant of ” I’ll love it if we beat them” scene?
            He’d have been better off saying nothing.

          • goggsy

            Ha ha,you know as well as me,your lot have also had a human reaction this morning and last night. It has had an impact,it is clear. Ashley and his merry band of minions and trolls have reacted. Well done to the lads and lasses that made the banner,you have riled them. Meeeaww!

          • ghostrider

            The banners make no difference to Ashley and co. They could stoke up more bile and affect the team on the pitch so what will be will be.
            Hopefully the club will ban the banners.

          • wheyayeman

            Where did sad little gits like you go to get bullied before fan message boards?

          • ghostrider

            I don’t allow bullies to bully, message-boards or not, so don’t waste your time trying the bully tactics.
            Nothing worse than a bully.

    • JohnnyNUFC

      I don’t think you’re ever going to convince real Newcastle fans that Ashley is the clubs savior as you seem to think, people can have their own opinion and the vast majority agree that the club needs a new start and not someone sucking the club dry for their own personal pleasure

    • Alex

      “…will only…..help get us relegated…..”

      You mean like the ‘support the team, not the regime’ mentality that saved us in 2015/16 did? Have you forgetten that we got relegated that season due to a snowflake attitude of not rocking Ashley’s boat for fear of damaging the team? Didn’t work then, did it, and it won;t work this time, either.

      There’s only one disgrace, and it’s you in the way you defend Ashley. Complete kockwomble.

    • Guest 2

      Only you could interpret the words of KK as a sign of not supporting the team and club!
      Anyone with a single brain cell understands what it means and who it is directed against. I’m pretty sure the players are as hacked off with Ashley ownership as 99.99% of us are.
      Crawl into a hole you utter moron.

      • Kneebotherm8

        He’s a fckn amoeba…

        • 8prestondave

          Would love to have him back at the minute.!!

          • Kneebotherm8

            Sammy or Shola?

          • 8prestondave

            Shola. Sammy was krap.

          • Kneebotherm8

            💩💩💩 a right pile..

      • Monkseaton Magpies

        The same Keegan that walked out the club three times two times even before Ashley arrived once when we were top of the league some bloke Keegan. Having said that he walked out of every other club to including England a truly great man.

        • Guest 2

          Aye, the same one who stopped us going into League 2 as a manager and then took us to the top of the PL.
          The same one as a player who contributed to us avoiding relegation to Div 3.
          Then again, when measured against Ashley, Jimenez, Wise, Llambias, Kinnear, Pardew, Carver and McClaren – any negatives associated with KK are minuscule.
          Why don’t you walk out – in front of a bus preferably.

          • Monkseaton Magpies

            Would not want to miss the Palace game so sorry would be waste of match and train ticket.

          • Guest 2

            A bit like you – and the air you are stealing

    • Paul Patterson

      Balls! The players will want the same as the fans you dipstick. They want to play with better players, Rafa wants better players, the fans want better players and any takeover group will know that this owner is a t**t and after doing negotiations with him, will agree with the fans that he’s the problem at the club.

    • goggsy


      • ghostrider

        Regardless of your horrible bile, he’s correct.

        • Wezza147

          Or you are the same person trolling on separate usernames?

          • ghostrider

            Just one.
            Feel free to contact the admin and have it checked out. If you can’t be bothered to do that then don’t frustrate yourself trying to imagine me as a crowd.

          • Cockneytrev

            You’ve got him Sussed,,

    • TheFatController

      Sorry, but stop trolling. You mention ‘backward newcastle fans’ and refer to supporters as ‘you’ all the time.

      You’re not a higher- thinking superfan, you’re a sad troll sat in your underpants at home enjoying winding people up.

      I’m all for people having hobbies, but maybe go out and get some fresh air once in a while ….?

      • joe mac

        to thick to have a hobby!…this is his!

      • Rich Lawson

        Yes just took someone else’s dog for a walk,was more entertaining than last night !

      • Monkseaton Magpies

        I do not refer to our fans as backward but that is how they are perceived by newspapers and fans down South stuck in the dark ages protesting for yet another year.

        • Guest 2

          I think they have people like you in mind. Brains of a rocking horse.

      • Guest 2

        Give him a hand grenade to play with – minus the pin.

      • Cockneytrev

        The nearest, he/fleckman/clarko/Ghostrider , get to fresh air, is when their mam sprays their shreddies with fabreeze,,,,,,

    • 8prestondave

      I reckon it unsettled Hoss the most with that penalty miss and the other shot that went wide.

      • Guest 2

        Oh christ! The bloke cant even score from the penalty spot man! Give yersel a shake.

        • 8prestondave

          I was taking the pish.!!

      • Desree

        If he was unsettled he might have scored

  • Peaky Magpie

    Won’t see that again…Fat C*nts Stasi will make sure of that….welcome to the fascist state of NUFC…..

  • Desree

    That is a great picture. It would have a much bigger impact on Ashley if the seats were empty. That has been proven before.

    Where as protests lead to hiring Kinnear and not spending any money.

    Clearly Ashley wants rid and he thought stavely was his golden ticket.

    I reckon he would have taken 250m. I am beginning to suspect PCP was a waste and they didn’t have the money to pay up front for the club.

  • mactoon

    “IT hurts I know, but just keep going”

    God I bet Ashley was laughing and rubbing his hands together at that statement to the paying fans.

    • Kneebotherm8

      Exactly what I thought,as long as the money keeps rolling in he doesn’t give a sht and his skin is thicker than a rhino so we’re not gonna hurt his feelings.

      • TheFatController

        Well, maybe, but someone with a skin thicker than rhino would allow the flags, singing section etc to carry on – if you have a thick skin and only think of money, why would you give any abuse via singing or flags a second thought…?

        And yet…

      • Megatron1505

        He isn’t thick skinned, that is a myth, he’s a petty thin skinned despot who got rid of the singing section because they were nasty to him

        • Kneebotherm8

          Not thick skinned?………that must be fckn blubber then………my apologies….

        • thewildchimp

          As much as I appreciate the flags – they aren’t gonna make him open the safe. Will they prompt him to sell? Hopefully in June.

    • ghostrider

      Yeah I bet he was wondering why he froze season ticket prices and made it easy payments for fans.

      • joe mac

        embarrassing yourself again!

        • ghostrider

          Just telling the truth.

      • Lhc

        Easy payments? What do you mean by this

  • Chris

    Fat Cockney B&st&rd – get out of OUR club!

  • Rich Lawson

    Cheaper,smaller flags for all next game,”Just Go”

  • kingfisher

    Another shambles, and what about that flag? :
    “Don’t ever give up on your club, keep supporting it, it’s your club and trust me one day you will get your club back and it will be everything you wanted it to be”

    How dare they preach to fans such as myself who have spent in excess of 50 (yes, 50)
    years supporting this club,having spent thousands of pounds along the way.
    I’ve certainly put my time in on the terraces, and the last thing I need is for some f****r to tell me “not to give up on my club”.I have earned the right to back protests, campaign for change, etc,etc after putting up with this absolute shambles of a so called “football club”, and until the 50,000 fans who go to S.J.P wake up and smell the bull****, and stop going to S.J.P to put money into Ashleys pocket,nothing will change,because by going to S.J.P despite of the diabolical running of our club,you are saying to Ashley ” yeah Mike, just keep doing what you are doing, you’re doing a great job” .
    Stick your flag where the sun don’t shine.

    • RAFmag

      I didn’t see it as preaching. It was a rallying cry. We need unity amongst the support in those that go and those that stay away. Turning on each other is when we really have lost. Btw, I only have 43 years supporting the Toon, old timer.

      • kingfisher

        I take your point RAF. Obviously there will always be a difference of opinion,however I do get sick of various media outlets such as the Chronicle, spouting the party line,afraid to upset anyone at S.J.P and say it like it is! How many times do we have to bury our pride and blindly give our support and money in the hope that things will change?
        It seems like almost every season we are asked to keep giving our support and things will change,but the last straw for me was when the proposed takeover failed.Once again,built up to be let down !
        Old Timer? Like it !👍😁

    • ghostrider

      What about all the other clubs that are basically in the same boat as us,should all their fans stop going to rid their clubs of their owners or is spending more money to end up dire deemed top stuff?

      • kingfisher

        Fair comment Ghost,but I really do believe that we are a one off.I know other clubs have their ups and downs, but surely none have experienced what we have over the years? Most of it being self inflicted.I suppose it all comes down to what our expectations are and are they realistic ? Do we have a right to expect to win something every few years? I think the answer to that is of course we do. Every club has a chance to win a Trophy,(granted,it’s a lot harder now to beat the top teams), but just look at the likes ofWigan, Wimbledon and Portsmouth, if they can win the F.A Cup, then surely there is hope for us, as I would say that we are a much bigger club than those !( or used to be).

        At the end of the day I have never seen a Newcastle Captain raise a worthwhile Trophy aloft at S.J.P, because,as you will know,even when we won the Fairs Cup in 68/69, the second leg which we won ,was in Hungary ! I was 15 years old at the time, and if someone had told me at that time that we would never win another trophy for over 50 years,of course I would not have believed them. It sure has been an interesting journey 😁😁😁

        • ghostrider

          We do expect better. I demand better. The issue becomes a problem when we start to wonder what the BETTER means in terms of our demands and what we would be content with if we get it.

          We always hear the saying of ” just one go at the cup. One cup final, win or lose and I’ll be happy for the next 10 years no matter what.”
          ” One chance to go for a champions league spot or play among the top 6 for a few seasons and it’ll bring this place to life with a feel good factor.”

          I agree, it would…for 5 minutes unless we actually keeping adding to it.
          Because any fall from it, even slightly will create a frenzy again.
          “We are like this because we won ‘t spend to move on.”
          If only we bought such and such for X amount, we would be blowing these out of the water but the club won’t spend the 100 million (just giving a future scenario) to get him.

          The FA cup has lost its romance because it simply doesn’t offer anything other than a cup to hold for a while.
          There’s no money in it for the bigger clubs. It’s a smaller clubs windfall to live to fight another few seasons due to playing giants of the game at their fan laden stadiums and share the spoils.

          What do we need to do to get to elite level to have a go at full pelt for a cup?
          Damage limitation seems to be the key with players these days, so the cups are merely a simple case of “hmmmm, well, if it happens it happens.”

          How do we get to the point of upping the ante in order for us to have any better chance?
          Spend big money?
          West Ham and co are doing just that for the chance to have 5 minutes among the elite.
          Many other clubs are trying it.
          All are starting to suffer for it.
          Wage bills and attitude of players making a managers job untenable.

          Yeah I want more…but more than anything I want a football club to support that simply plays entertaining football and has a go. that’s it. I’m willing to sit and hope for anything other.

          You know what I’d hate?
          I’d hate to sit there after a few years and look up at the TV (sky sports) and see that our Sheikh ( insert other) has just sanctioned a world record deal for ( insert footballing god) to add to the ( insert all of the footballing gods in the squad) title push and keep alive the trophy fight on all 4 fronts.

          Because we lose Newcastle United as a football club that we once loved and become expectant brats with nothing else to aim for other than zombie like bragging until the club falters and only manages to win 1 cup and then we can all crucify who we think was the major problems for that disgusting season.

          When I said I’d sooner play in the lower leagues with a team of players giving their all and trying to entertain and go for goal…I meant it if we have to turn into a club that is willing to set up as a plastic effigy of what was once a football club in real terms, albeit a faltering one.

          • kingfisher

            Good post Ghost.I’ve said before on this site,that I can’t understand this obsession with being in the Prem at any cost.At least when we were in The Championship, we could actually compete with the other teams and the excitement was there as we were vying with Brighton ,Huddersfield etc for promotion.Also there are more games in The Championship,so what’s not to like?
            There are only two advantages in being in The Prem: 1) The obscene amount of money available, but this is only an advantage if it’s invested in the infrastructure and playing side,and as we all know, this doesn’t happen at Newcastle,so no advantage there then. No 2) The chance of seeing world class footballers playing at S.J.P, but owing to the Owner not investing in the team ( see point 1 above), then these great players are usually playing for the opposition.

            Surely the whole point of being a supporter is enjoying the game,and matchday experience, as football is an entertainment industry, but who can honestly say that they actually enjoy going to the game? If we do get relegated, it’s not the end of the world,as at this moment in time that’s our level,and if we have to be in The Championship for a few seasons, then so be it !

          • ghostrider

            You see, we’ve all lost the reasons for being a football fan in the first place.
            Well niot lost it…we’ve been coaxed out of it for the new breed of football we are now slowly but surely enduring due to more finer points added to it plus scientific mumbo jumbo applied to it with ex players suddenly becoming ultra experts on the scientific method of play.
            You’d almost think they were all studying classic chess moves and mates.

            The game is close to being choreographed in favour of the elite clubs.
            As I said on here a few times. The postcode of NE14ST is a postcode that has to beg to play among the elite if it doesn’t want to get left behind.
            That means we have to do it BIGGER. Pay bigger fees and wages to land the very same players that the elite clubs land or we lose out due to the geographical location…or post code.

            Sunderland are paying the price of trying to keep up with their neighbours (US) never mind trying to hang onto the tails of the elite molly coddled FA darling clubs.

            Since when was a Newcastle fan happy to accept being cannon fodder to clubs coming to St. James’ Park?

            I’d much rather be playing in the premier league against top players if the playing field was more level.
            The problem is WE, like most teams have to simply be there as opposition in order for the country to enjoy the delights, as neutrals, of the pop idols that masquerade as football players.

            How can a city become so excited winning the championship and having a feel good factor for the week when they see their club scoring goals and winning the majority of games against teams in that league and then go into despair upon being some other fans delight as their teams take us to task and use us as practice in the premier league.

            And yet….and yet…..we can get ourselves into a massive state of excitement in a relegation scrap right to the end of the season where it becomes a nail biting fight to see which teams fall through the trapdoor.

            If we get relegated, it’s depression and doom and crying, etc for a few weeks.
            If we manage to escape relegation on the last day, it’s euphoria. A city that could cheer no more if we’d actually won the league or even the FA cup.
            It’s absolutely mental but the situation is clear for anyone to see.
            Turmoil and hope bring more excitement than buying your way to trophies that you know in your heart of hearts your club has not won fair and square.

            The feel good factor of walking around in your Newcastle shirt with everyone knowing that you’re doing it because you love the club and are not doing it because your club has suddenly been catapulted into the big time with the other once great clubs that have now turned to expectant plastics.
            To think we have to be made to feel privileged to have a manager like Rafa Benitez who can do whatever he likes with the team and play a lot of dire football in between snippets of what good football we can play.

            One time it used to be managers being interviewed and pinching themselves at being chosen to represent the club.
            Same with players.
            Yet look how it’s changed when clubs are almost begging managers or players to come or allowing the players to actually interview the club owners.

            All I know is, when this club loses Ashley in favour of the promised land from the new owners, fans better start saving up the other half of the season ticket money, because it will cost us double with no guarantees.

            But guess what?
            No guarantees on double the season ticket money equates to the club being able to operate a half full stadium.
            I wonder how many would be wishing the devil returned?

            You just never know what’s what with this club and in a way it’s a mixture of everything the mind can muster. Good bad fair and indifferent to great and exciting and despairing and then some.

            The life and times of a Newcastle United fan.
            We don’t demand a team that wins, we demand a team that tries and entertains.
            We also demand the right to be as nutty as fruitcakes as and when the situation arises. lol

          • kingfisher

            😁😁👍👍Another epic post Ghost !

          • ghostrider

            Likewise, you put some very good points across.

          • kingfisher

            You too Ghost. A mate always said that football is a game of opinions.We are all armchair Managers and think we can do a better job than the proffessionals. Everyone has their own views about what is happening at any one time at the club, and if I don’t agree with what someone says, I’m not saying they are wrong and I am right, all I’m saying is that we have different views. 😁👍

          • ghostrider

            Correct. We all have opinions and even like-minded opinions will vary to get to the same point whether it’s shared by the many or by the minority.

            Like you say, we all believe we’re managers and owners and players, plus insiders or journalists in terms of “what would you do” scenarios.

            I’m a stubborn git and wills tick to my views whether they are in line with the majority or the minority but will accept when I get things wrong or make mistakes.
            Damned if you do and damned if you don’t in many cases with me, because I always look for the alternative as much as looking at the accepted majority mindset.

            I stuck by Pardew and was crucified for it.
            I stuck by McClaren for half the season to allow him time to work with the mass of players he had to get to know and get up to speed.
            It soon became clear to me that they didn’t want to play for him but his excuses and smirking when we got beat made me beg for him to get out.

            I made it all clear on a forum I started up but have since let it stagnate.
            It gives and idea of my mindset and how it’s changed a little with what we have under Rafa, yet I was as happy as anything when he came.

            Still time for him to turn my head back around and I hope he does it but he won’t do it by playing too much over caution when he has players to keep up a good balanced game by mixing it up.

          • Desree

            You are dead right ghost. But what we are not seeing is any investment.

            If we can’t compete how do we generate and groom talent. We don’t. The club is not a club. It is a business.

            The whole thing is rotten and Ashley has no intention to run a club. Its a vehicle to sell tat.

            All fans want is progress. We are seeing the club fall farther behind.

            Look at Southampton and everton as examples. They have generated significant revenue from player sales.

            The problems at Newcastle run deep and require major investment across the club.

    • Desree

      Agree mate. It would have said something to Ashley if those seats were empty.

      It is the same old hot air. Have you read the dross on Ashley Out. It is just someone desperately trying to win an argument.

      Ashley is no listening and is not reading. He has total contempt and the only thing that will force him to take action is staying away from home grounds and sports direct.

      I was talking to my mate last night. He is a die hard rangers fan. They boycotted shirts, created their own and put all the funds into youth setups.

      Everygame they would be outside selling their shirts. Eventually they won.

      Shouting and winning arguments may make fans feel significant.

      Money talks to Ashley, nothing else. Ashley is plsslng himself right now at the planks who paid for a ticket and spent all game with a banner blocking their view.

      As for ashley out campaign, pathetic. You can build a website in 5 minutes. What does it achive other than giving the owner of the site some feeling of self importance.

      My comments might sound harsh but they are true.

      • kingfisher

        My sentiments exactly Desree.What more does Ashley have to do ( or more to the point ,not do) before these fans who religiously go to S.J.P , realise that he is content to sit back and take their money. More importantly, he knows that it doesn’t matter what he does,the same fans will keep going back time and time again.

    • Davey drape


  • Georgia Peter

    I dare Sky Sports to show the display flags.