With Newcastle United having their usual FA Cup ‘rest’, we thought it an ideal time to ask some of the regular writers on The Mag, the important questions of the day.

Premier League survival, Manchester United the turning point(?), Rafa Benitez, Mike Ashley, players Newcastle must keep, the plight of the Mackems, the Winter Olympics…it’s all there.

Comments at the end always welcome.

Next  up is Travis Bickle.

Whatever division Newcastle end up in next season, which six players (in order) would you be most keen to keep?

Not including the players on loan: 1. Lascelles. 2. Merino 3. Yedlin 4. Dummett 5. Ritchie 6. Lejeune (I think that when Lascelles plays we have a pretty good defensive unit – so I’d like to see most of them stay – in fact, I’ll have Clark as a seventh)

What circumstances (Ashley staying, Rafa going, back to the Championship, whatever), if any, would make you stop going to matches?

None. I’ve been through a lot worse than this. Players, managers, owners, relegations, promotions – they all come and go. You’ve just got to keep the faith. I don’t really feel like it’s a matter of choice.

What do you think about what is happening at Sunderland?

A bit sad really. I’ve never been a Sunderland-hater.

It’s like Ali and Frazier – it was only a great rivalry because they were in the same division. If Ali had been a heavyweight and Smokin’ Joe had been a lightweight there would have been no thrilla in Manila. I’d like to be able to go to another derby match at some point in the foreseeable future. And preferably not in the third division. So while there is a certain undeniable guilty pleasure in seeing them suffer, I hope they stay up and manage to rebuild.

Do you think Newcastle will be a Premier League club next season?

Yes. I think Rafa will keep us up.

If you cast your mind back to last season, Rafa spent months telling everybody who would listen that the key period would be April/May. Regardless of how badly or how well the team were doing he kept calm and kept saying the same thing. And we ended the season with a run of wins while others faltered. This season he will do the same.

He will be looking to keep the points total ticking over, keep us out of the bottom three, and keep the squad fit, fresh, optimistic and well-drilled for the last 6 or 7 games. My prediction would be that we will bump along just outside the bottom three for the next few games. But when it comes to the run in there will be one or two teams who will fall apart – whereas we will finish more strongly and end up somewhere 12th-15th.

How big was that win over Man Utd in giving Newcastle a decent chance of survival?

I said to my wife on the morning of the Man Utd game: “Well, this is it. If we don’t win today we’re relegated!” And her reply was, “But you’ve said that every week for the last month!” That’s the terrible thing about a relegation battle. It’s a relentless grind because, by definition, the teams involved don’t win very often. So every three points becomes massive; and an unexpected three points is like a lottery win.

Before the Man Utd game it seemed like everybody else was pulling rabbits out of hats – Swansea, Bournemouth, Watford were all picking up wins out of the blue, and it was beginning to look like we were going to have to do the same.

I can remember a few matches over the years that have felt pivotal – some for good and some for bad. I remember as clear as day another pivotal match against Man Utd back in 1996 – walking up to Gallowgate and saying, “Well, if we win tonight we’ve won the title!!” Of course we didn’t (although how I’ll never know) and the rest is history. When Cantona shinned in that goal the mood changed as if a switch had been flicked – from optimism to anxiety. I hope and expect that Matt Ritchie’s goal might have the opposite effect – shifting the mood, and making it easier for the team to get the two or three more wins that they will need.

Does the Man Utd match make you believe that we do have a decent number of players who can play much better on a regular basis in the Premier League, or was it more of a classic case of everybody lifting themselves for a one-off match?

I have a slightly more upbeat assessment of our squad than some. I look at our defence and to me it looks as good as anything outside the top 6. I look at our midfield, and I think it’s good enough for mid table. I look at our forwards – and they wouldn’t look out of place in the bottom half of the Championship.

So I don’t think that the squad is weak throughout. I think it’s just badly imbalanced. I think if you add two or three Premier quality forwards to that squad it’s easily capable of top half. We have, I think, just about the youngest average starting age in the Premiership; most of our best players have their best years in front of them.

If we can stay up and if we can keep hold of Rafa (and that is the big if), I’m optimistic about what the current squad could achieve, with a couple of decent additions up front. It isn’t specifically the Man Utd game which has made me think that – that’s been my view right through the season.

How many points do you guess will be needed to stay up and how many do you reckon Newcastle will get?

The likelihood is that the total needed this year will be a bit less than 40 – for two reasons. The first is simple mathematics. There are a fixed number of points to play for. If the teams at the top have more of those points this season (which they do) then the likelihood is that the teams at the bottom will end up with less.

And second, there are loads of teams involved in the relegation battle this year, all very close together on points. It looks a bit bleak for West Brom – which leaves you to perm any two from ten. You generally find that when it comes to the run in you have some teams who have a run of form at the right time, but one or two teams who finish really badly. So, I’m expecting that out of those 10 teams there will be at least a couple who have a bad run at the wrong time, pick up 6 or 7 points out of the last 11 games, and end up with 36 points or lower.

So I reckon 36 or 37 points will keep you up this year. I reckon we will finish with 41 or 42.

Does the Winter Olympics make up for Newcastle United not playng for two weeks?

Winter Olympics? I hadn’t even noticed them.

Everybody fit and a game Newcastle have to win to stay up, which 11 players would you pick from current squad?

Assuming everybody was in form: Dubravka, Yedlin, Dummett, Lascelles, Lejeune, Merino, Shelvey, Kenedy, Ritchie, Perez, Slimani

What do you think of Mike Ashley’s behaviour towards Rafa Benitez and his ‘support’ for him in doing the job of being NUFC Manager?

To some extent we are all in the dark – looking in from the outside and guessing what goes on. The impression some people have of Mike Ashley is that he carries on like some sort of evil genius, deliberately doing everything he can to make our lives a misery. My impression is a bit different. I think the problem with Mike Ashley is that he isn’t all that bothered. I suspect he thinks about NUFC a lot less than I do – and if you are reading The Mag, less than you do too.

I thought it was revealing the other day that there was an interview with Mitrovic after his loan to Fulham, where he said he had never met Mike Ashley. That’s after having been bought for somewhere north of £10million, and having been at the club for a good couple of years. Never even met him! And from what you hear Rafa say, I don’t think he speaks to Mike Ashley very often either.

It seems to me that Ashley bought the club looking for a bit of fun, then when it all went wrong he decided that he wasn’t going to be bothered – that he wasn’t going to put any money in, or any time in, and that he would look to use the club as the advertising wing of Sports Direct.

So I don’t think Ashley gives any support at all to Rafa. On the other side of the coin, I don’t suppose Ashley interferes at all.

On finances, my guess (and it is just a guess) is that Rafa knows pretty much where he stands – and since Rafa isn’t anybody’s fool, I suspect he has probably known all along pretty much where he stands – i.e there won’t be any investment from the owner, and moreover the club won’t be allowed to borrow to invest; but as and when there is any money sitting in the bank account he’ll be allowed to spend it.

Do you believe Mike Ashley is serious about selling the club and do you have faith in it happening?

Yes, and no.

Mike Ashley is a businessman. And for someone like him, everything is always for sale – at the right price. I suspect that he will have briefed his advisors on what he’s looking for, and told them not to bother him until something serious comes up. And if he doesn’t get what he’s looking for I don’t suppose it would bother him unduly to just sit on things for another year or two or three.

I think that’s a large part of the reason we haven’t spent anything on transfer fees. Ashley wants a reasonable amount of financial flesh on the bones to cover him against the risk of another relegation. He’ll be thinking, if we go down it won’t be the end of the world – we’ll have enough cash in the club (without me having to put my hand in my own pocket) to come back up again – and if that means I have to sit on the asset for another couple of years, it’s no big deal.

I hope that once we are safe from relegation, there will be some progress – but it’s just a hope. I don’t think Ashley is desperate to sell, so it will only happen if somebody turns up who is prepared to pay his price.

If the club is to be sold, do you think it would be the Amanda Staveley led bidders, or more likely to be somebody so far uknown?

I’ve never had a particularly good feeling about all of the Amanda Staveley stuff. The one thing everybody knows is that she herself doesn’t have the money to buy the club. She may be a wealthy woman – but she isn’t Premier-League-football-club-owner-rich. She isn’t Mike-Ashley-rich. Effectively, she is only ever going to be a broker – trying to arrange for someone else to buy the club.

Whether there is anybody standing behind her with the financial muscle to make the deal happen we just don’t know. I’ve always kind of thought that if there was any really serious money there, we would have found out about it by now. These things have a way of coming to light.

Hopefully, there is somebody out there waiting. Whether Amanda Staveley is involved in brokering the deal is neither here nor there to me. She’s just a middleman (or middlewoman, or middleperson, or whatever you’re supposed to say nowadays!).

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  • X,WHY,Y MAN.

    The sad truth is blind devotion to Newcastle United by it’s fans is always going to ensure that utter villains will flock to this club to juice it for all it’s worth !

    • Down Under Mag

      We can wear it like a badge of honour though…best fans in the country and all that none-sense. Yes it’s rough that the fan sloyalty gets abused by owners like Ashley BUT it is actually something to be proud of that despite all what has gone on we are still supporting the club.

      • Mack Edwards

        Your logic can be countered by the fans desperately wanting what is best for NUFC. At the end of the day that sentiment is echoed by the ones who stay away and won’t put up with the plodding along / survival philosophy of Ashley. Two sides to the coin do you think?

      • X,WHY,Y MAN.

        The problem is it doesn’t get us anywhere in the scheme of things !

  • Monkseaton Magpies

    Rafa is loyal to the club and will not walk. Many supporters on this site have long flown the nest and hate Newcastle United. Win on Saturday and there is a good chance of us finishing seventh not getting relegated. Any fan who wants to bail out is welcome but no anti chants or banners at matches as it does not help the cause.

    • Wor Lass

      There are a few complete t0sserss on any site and there are quite a lot on here who hate Mike Ashley, me included, but I don`t think there`s anyone who actually hates nufc. That`s a bit of a silly thing to say, really.

      • Monkseaton Magpies

        Put it another way there are a few on here who never have a good word to say about the club it is always knocking the club every post. Even when Ashley goes they will either have to have treatment or they will continue knocking the club.

    • kingfisher

      Well said Monkseaton, protest by not going, but stop the childish flags and banners.

  • relaxed

    Should we all kiss Ashleys feet on the way into the game as well ?

  • Michael Pattison

    And thats why Ashley has never been desperate to sell….it’s everyones right to attend or not, me personally I would not pay good money to watch football that is being directed from the top to be “just ok” is good enough!!

    • Jonas

      right. its not about being s**t, its about aiming to be s**t
      I just feel too much of a mug to fully invest in something when i know that

  • Anita kick up the Hoop

    Pat yourself on the back .. what a hero! .. and part of the problem.

  • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

    Quite a good piece that, not far from my opinion.

  • pedrodelgardo

    Off subject – Are those guns in the picture?

  • kingfisher

    Supporting your team through the bad times is one thing,that’s what being a proper supporter is all about, but blindly going to S.J.P regardless of what’s happening on or off the pitch is doing irrepairable damage to our club and nothing will change until these fans wake up and smell the B*** s***
    Rather than be impressed with our support,other fans just laugh at the sheep who turn up every week !

    • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

      The article doesn’t mention this at all.

    • ghostrider

      No they don’t just laugh, they’re secretly impressed but they also know that our so called plight is not really a plight at all and only becomes one in the minds of those who think what the hype motivates them to think, which includes the media and TV pundits, as well as ex players who like to throw their digging tools into the ring.

      Nobody blindly goes to St. James’ Park, they go because most go to see their team, regardless which is blatantly clear when you see crowds of 50,000.
      If there was so much wrong for so long under Ashley, then trust me when I say the crowds would have been 15,000 less, or worse if the hype about this club was a literal truth.
      Everyone can see it isn’t anywhere near as bad as being made out.

      The trouble with certain sections of fans is, they start a bully campaign up and stick with it which many others follow sort of by proxy.
      They feel it’s a legitimate cause so they basically follow the pied pipers.
      It’s simply a hate borne from a time when expectation was at fever level (Keegan/Robson years but nobody gave a rats what went on off the pitch in the main just as long as they saw a decent team on it that tried.

      Guess what?
      We have all that right now and we are a premier league club that is NOT in any financial trouble and we have a manager that ( in my eyes) is capable of far more with what he has and has proved it in certain games this season.
      I see fans picking out players they would keep…and guess what?….it’s nearly a team, so what does that say?

      It’s possible to make your own stars when you run from a club budget.
      We are doing it right regardless of times looking edgy.
      Sunderland done it wrong and are paying the price for it.
      The very same thing Sunderland did is the very same thing being asked for from a certain section of fans….and no point in denying it.

      The only crisis at this club is the one that expectant fans manifest.

      • kingfisher

        Some good points there Ghost, but after over 50 years of winning nothing of note surely we, the fans, have a right to be expectant?
        I know Ashley has loaned the club millions, we don’t have any debt and not everything he has done is bad, however he admits he hasn’t the finances needed to compete in the Prem so by definition he has to sell or we WILL be relegated!
        In my opinion it wouldn’t matter what M.A done to this club, or what his lack of investment resulted in, the crowds would still be in excess of 30,000 as was proven last season!

        • ghostrider

          It’s a complex ideal, historically to present day, before and also with Ashley.
          Generations of fans are at loggerheads.
          There’s a lot of blurred lines, so to speak.
          There’s also a lot of big club bravado with fans, even if we do try to play it down.
          There’s no argument that we are a big club.
          There’s no argument that historically we are world famous and infamous, if you like.
          We’ve never won anything of note or let’s say anything to really brag about since the 1950’s in terms of being able to be seated at the top tier of bragging but the 1969 fairs cup is the next best claim to sort of fame and another leg up back into the big time, only to splutter and falter amid the FA cup final and league cup final of the early 70’s, with players more than capable of doing something.

          I don’t need to remind anyone of the utter desolation of those times in terms of the fans mindset and also the actual club itself, with crowds resembling those of teams fighting at the bottom of lower leagues, never mind at the top end of leagues.

          Then we had Keegan under Hall. Robson under Shepherd.
          Expectations went sky high and there was a refusal to drop them by fans riding on a crest of something….most likely a crest of a daydream rather than the wave.

          We’ve endured a lot of mediocrity with some little morsels inbetween to whet our appetites.
          I used to go when our ground was 36,000 ish. I remember the dire and fair to good times, depending on how seasons panned out and also remember the 18,000 crowds at times.
          This was when it was £3 in and a program was 25p.

          The prices now are a very expensive day out if you take your kids or just one kid, yet the crowds under Ashley’s regime are near full houses of over 50,000 on a very regular basis.
          Even in the championship we were close to if not bang on the 50,000 plus crowds.
          Even amid the banners and bile and hatred for Ashley we tonked many clubs who were doing well, by crowd size and loyalty.
          Also amid the sections of fans who claim never to step foot in the ground until Ashley goes.
          I’ve seen many of those people come out with that…and yet here we are doing ok.

          The only issue I’ve been having with the club this season is Rafa’s refusal to play a more balanced game and use players in positions that will enhance their game and ultimately the team and the results….especially at home.

          However, I’m actually starting to see Rafa do it a bit more and we can see the effect it’s having on players and the overall team/squad.

          As for Ashley and co. I’m generally not too focused on any of it, in terms of my everyday normal routines.
          I am focused on what I see on the pitch and what can be achieved by those who pull on that black and white shirt.
          Any new face is exciting, even just in the hope department.
          It doesn’t have to be anyone worth a fortune.

          So when I generally say to people, if you wish Ashley away, you better hope that we as a club do not jump out of the frying pan and into a furnace.
          I’d change Ashley tomorrow but it would have to be one of two things.
          1. An owner or owners that run the club on a sustainable long term basis with no uncalculated attempts to push the boundaries for attempting success. (my preferred choice)

          2. A money no object Man City type owner or Chelsea owner that has a long term mindset for the club but not afraid to hand over blank cheques for transfers and wages in order to get it right or carry on trying with no let up…yet not putting the clubs future in jeopardy.

          I’d accept number two with a heavy heart because I know that once we accept that, we are doomed and legitimate football fans of the loyal variety, will… in short order… be replaced by the new viewers (not fans) of the upmarket spectacle on show, with double or even triple season ticket prices in play that the average Newcastle United fan/supporter struggles to match….leaving TV viewing becoming ever more common with subscriptions being the only reasonable outlet.

          As it stands, I’m happy enough to ride the choppy waves with Ashley because at least I know I do it as a genuine fan like we all are and also without any over expectations….but always having hope without having to risk our future in the same vein as a certain Ellis Short and others like him.

          There’s a fine line between what is deemed as success and failure that goes along the lines under expectation and hope.
          Finish 4th then next season 5th is failure.
          Finish 8th and the banners come out or the screams of failure is heard.

          Escape relegation and the FA cup has just been won…or the league or any fictional cup in any fans mindset because escaping relegation becomes a success amid a failure.

          Get relegated and the club is dead. the fans want change for a few weeks.
          Start your new season and expectation for promotion replaces the doom.
          Win the championship and you’ve been a success. the fans have a happy season and everything is great…even to the point of having digs at the struggling premier league clubs.

          It’s a strange game is football but none so strange as us fans.

          • kingfisher

            Another well composed and eloquent post Ghost.I wonder if most of the fans who are negative and want change are of the older generation (such as myself) who have been there and seen it all before?
            There’s only so much c*** you can take before you become a hardened cynical critic 😁

          • ghostrider

            I think it’s just football fan nature to want to keep up with the Jones’s, kind of thing.
            Club size wise and fan base wise, Newcastle United (to name one big club) are on par with the rest in England…literally.
            We are arguably right up there at the very top in terms of loyalty as it stands and has stood for a good while.
            The ideals are simple. We all want the best for our club. We consistently have to accept second best and even bottom of the barrel at times, for what we are as a club of size and stature.

            Most fans who buy into the club of late are doing so due to being brought up on family values and tales of nostalgia and an adherence to a sort of family like loyalty not much different to following your kin down the pit or into teh shipbuilding industry, etc.

            It’s an acceptance for most fans that Newcastle United is part of you and your upbringing which extends to the upbringing of your own…and so on, regardless of whether Ashley is in charge or whether it’s all go, no stop Geordie influence who owns it.

            The start and end result is always the same. Hope and expectation and wants and needs or basic requirements of the fan of old or of last generation to the fan of this one.
            The only thing that’s changed on a scale, is the TV saturation and the change in wage structures, whether it’s transfer fees or wages.

            The day the normal fan started thinking 10 million was chicken feed for a player was the day that football lost its way as a sport and most likely well before then, if the truth be known.

            If fans can recall quite a few years back, even under Keegan, it was teh wow factor of getting in a footballer that many reckoned we couldn’t get.
            Players like Rob Lee and even Andy Cole, etc.
            £750,000 for Rob Lee against many other players that dwarfed his transfer fee. But instead of us fans bemoaning it,we did the opposite and bragged about it because Rob Lee was a steal. A steal of the time.

            Andy Cole was a risk and then a steal.
            Like many other players were risks and steals.
            We, as fans, embraced all of that.

            Today we bemoan cheap signings because the transfer fees have went into overdrive where 10 million (as I said) is deemed skinflint dealing by an owner who is constantly slated as trying to destroy the club.

            We get reminded by all and sundry as to how Michael Owen was our record signing many years ago and we haven’t broken it.
            Yet, if we spent £50 million on a striker and paid that striker £200,000 a week on a 5 year contract, only for that player to offer as much as Owen and also finding ourselves in a habit of actually having to raise the stakes for all incoming players plus wage increases that basically balance us on an knife edge….Ashlye would be trying to kill the club.

            Our minds have literally been warped.
            The problem is, generations of fans have their own versions of what’s right and wrong, past and present.
            But one thing that isn’t changing, is the support amid the turmoil, or the perceived turmoil.

            We are used to what we get dealt. the good the bad and the ugly in almost equal shares.
            The plastic fans of the plastic clubs that were once real down to Earth clubs like ours, will never accept what’s on offer at our club.

            You see, we always have something to wish for. To hope for. But also something to hold onto as being our club through thick and thin in the real sense.
            The plastic clubs with their plastic fans are literally sunny weather supporters…not just fair weather supporters…. and certainly not real bonafide fans, in at least half of their contingent.
            The first people to put the club on their back burner until things get better…meaning trophies being realistic once again…or almost guaranteed…or else they simply go elsewhere to some place that offers them their high end fix and stance among their peers.

            It would be nice to play among those clubs but I’d rather do it in a way that affords us a reality check as we move on…because any rise creates an expectancy to rise above that rise.
            It’s fine for us all to pretend that just being in the top 10 is sufficient or just moving up one place every few years.

            The truth is we will never be satisfied all the time or most of it….but we will always get a modicum of satisfaction out of the majority of seasons as we soldier on and always married up with a big dollop of hope that one day we might just upset the applecart and actually stand out on the footballing map in a positive sense, instead of the negative sense that we have endured….rightly and wrongly.

            We are always going to argue all cases for and against our own club as well as the rest of football in general.
            It really is the nature of the beast that is the football fan.

            Let’s simply do what we do best and take it all on the chin and soldier on with the mindset of, ride the rollercoaster and take all the loop the loops on offer but never beg for it to stop.

      • Ben Jones

        What if I don’t like what you’ve written as it doesn’t fit in with what I think?

        Should I ignore your words and/or call you a crank?

        Should it make me think a bit more about our perceived plight?
        as I may , as you say , be following the piper instead of using my own critical thought

        What if I just don’t want to believe it?
        even though I can’t really explain why I don’t….cognitive dissonance is not a feeling that I’m comfortable with and I’m not sure if it’s worth going there as , what’s the best that will happen if I do come round to your thinking?

        I’ll start to be more positive?

        Why would I want that?

        • ghostrider

          I can’t expect you to come round to my thinking and nor would I want anyone to if their mindset is way off from mine.
          We all have opinions and we all see things in different ways, whether many are in agreement with one stance or not….because every person will always have slightly alternate theories/opinions to the next person.

          The stark reality with people in general is the nature of the beast mentality.
          Basically the pillar of society or the joker amongst the crowd or the rock that people relied on can all come tumbling down at the drop of a hat.

          The pillar of society can become the dregs of it.
          The joker who jokes will now become unfunny.
          The rock that people relied on can become the quicksand that people avoid.
          All of it can change depending on what is expected and how many expect it, because a small audience can become a baying mob by people who feel safer or more comfortable taking a crowded stance against a mere stance of people who would initially keep to their own ideals for the person who falls out of flavour.

          This happens in all walks whether it’s football or politics or in your own family…etc.

          I simply stick by what I believe is right in my eyes or whether I have an alternative view that holds enough water for me to debate the points of it, just like many other do…including those that may follow a set path.

    • Toon

      Yet the mackems attendances fall because they are rubbish and have a poor owner and The Mag have articles claiming they have deserted the club? Are they not just being sheep? If people want to watch NUFC then fine it’s their club and choice. I personally won’t but again, their choice

      • kingfisher

        Spot on Toon ! We all have our opinions, but my view is that over the years we have tried everything to effect change at Newcastle and the only weapon left in our arsenal is to stop going, however perhaps this season is different with the takeover still lurking and relegation a distinct possibility.
        Do Sunderland fans have the right idea? by all means support your team through good and bad, but don’t keep going blindly week after week. A matter of opinion I suppose?
        A family member is a Mackem season ticket holder and he has stopped going religiously to every game, but he has been to 5 away games to grounds which he hasn’t visited before, just for the experience with his mates, not especially for the football because he says it’s terrible !
        During my time supporting N.U.F.C ( over 50 years) they always seem to stumble from one catastrophe to another, a lot of which are self inflicted, and the constant problems on and off the pitch gradually grind you down until you have had enough!

    • Arty Hume

      Indeed. well said. There has to be a time to stand up and be counted, that time is very close and if its missed the club will suffer.

      • kingfisher

        Totally agree Arty !

      • Andy Mac

        Let’s not hold our breath Arty. Hell will freeze over before that happens.

    • len robson

      I can stand the lack of investment to the club. But I cannot see why we should put up with someone putting 2 fingers up to the heart and soul of the club while true fans support him with the 2 things he wants. 1 money 2 people he can make fools of. He gets both of the fan that turn up.

      • kingfisher

        Well said, len

  • FatParosite

    Moronic article. The author is the froggy could never have conceived of Shakespear (see Mike Leigh’s Naked) This is the very reason Ashley preys on us. Not Ashley’s fault but the idiots who cannot conceive of their own part or power.

  • Rich Lawson

    Was that your taxi in Barcelona then Travis ?

  • Jonas

    attending or not under Ashley is no indicator of loyalty.
    when i started going the supporters-for-change boycott was on, that didn’t make me a better fan than those that stayed away.
    and it comes down to individual personality, there’s no right or wrong, some accept the situation and make the most of it, some don’t accept it and want to do something about it.

    you have to bare in mind, the one time he got the message was after the Spurs boycott.

    “a patriot must always be ready to defend his country, against its government”

  • Andy Mac

    “Ashley staying, Rafa going, Championship football…Nothing would stop me watching Newcastle United”

    The case for the prosecution in a nutshell. What that basically translates to is “Whatever sh”te I experience and however much an owner takes the p8ss out of me and the fans, I’ll still gullibly watch and hope for the best ”

    One thing you can never accuse an NUFC fan of having is a backbone !