Aleksandar Mitrovic is most definitely back in form now.

He played a full part in last weekend’s 2-0 victory over Aston Villa and John Terry, then followed that up with his first Fulham goal in midweek, earning a 1-1 draw at promotion rivals Bristol City.

Then yesterday against runaway leaders Wolves, Mitro was once again on top form, putting in an excellent performance and topping that with a superb solo goal on 71 minutes that finished the visitors off as it gave Fulham a 2-0 win.

Now on a 12 game unbeaten run, Fulham are the form team and Aleksandar Mitrovic is now targeting that second automatic promotion – Fulham only five points behind second placed Cardiff, although Wolves remain 14 points clear of the Cottagers.

The Newcastle loan striker also thinks that he is reaping the benefit of Fulham playing to his strengths: ‘They know my qualities and they know where I’m strong, so they try to use me.’

The Serbian striker on form and scoring goals can only be good for everybody concerned, including Newcastle, whether it leads to him actually having a future at St James Park or a permanent move elsewhere.

Aleksandar Mitrovic speaking to Fulham’s official TV channel:

“A really nice game, an important three points, we really enjoyed today.

“We played good football and in the end we scored two goals – the fans are happy, we are happy – we have now two days rest and then we have to prepare ourselves for the next big game.

“Wolves are a really tough team. They had some good forward players, very fast, very skillful but we managed them really good today. A really tough opponent to play against but we showed character, team spirit.

“(When I scored) I had the man on my back but this is my style, this is where I want the people, where I like to be and the last few games they use me really well.

“They know my qualities and they know where I’m strong, so they try to use me. My first goal at the Cottage was a nice feeling – I hope I can continue with this.

“The club, the stadium, everything here is full of tradition and you can feel it on the pitch, the fans are really passionate. This is my third game at home and against Villa it was unbelievable, today was unbelievable, they (the fans) helped us a lot and I want to thank them and I ask them to stay behind us.

“I think sincee last season everybody is scared of Fulham, the way we play I can say nobody likes it, because we play with a lot of possession and create a lot of chances every game.

Twelve games unbeaten is an important thing for the confidence and mentality of this team…a lot of games left to play until the end of the season and we will fight for second place.”

  • Wor Lass

    Well done, Mitro. I suppose the anti brigade will be saying he`s found his level but I just wonder what he might have done for us if he`d been considered.

    • Leazes.

      I’m sure Rafa just kept him under wraps just to sell him on, and encourage him out of the door. Not for one minute do I believe that Joselu and Slimani are part of the coming Rafalution, surely these are players he’s been dumped with by the club!

      • Blackburn1066

        spot on nothing to do with Raffa

      • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

        Why was Slimani a player we enquired about before most others. He was second on Rafa’s list behind Cenk Tosun

        • Coach Clagnut

          Only he wasn’t. Leicester were only prepared to sell him from Jan.1st. Monaco inquired and Slimani was on his way, or so he thought. Monaco never followed up their initial approach so it was back to square 1.
          Tosun was never realistic but Ryder and his bunch of frauds kept pushing the narrative even though everyone knew fatty wouldn’t spend over 20 large on anyone.
          Jogonson at Feyernoord was Rafa’s preferred choice. When that hit the rocks we were scrambling around until Leicester relaxed their demands for a straight sale and agreed to let Slimani go out on loan. They knew no-one would buy an injured player but as our esteemed leaders have form for taking a gamble on a crock, he ended up here.

          • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

            Yes, Slimani was only ‘for sale’ but as time went on, options narrowed for both player and club. It’s why most deals are fine at the last minute.

            Jørgensen would have been a disaster imho, I know Rafa wanted him in the summer but Rafa has had a mixed hit rate with transfers.

  • John Davies

    He’s that good he can’t play for Newcastle in the premiership!

    • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

      Nice of you to stop by.

      It’s a running debate amongst United fans, Mitro is a good player in the right team. It seems Rafa doesn’t fancy him.

      Good luck to you lot, Wolves are a club that should be in the top league. I fancy you and Fulham to go up.

      Just a warning, the EPL is not as much fun as the championship. That said, I hope we play you next year.

  • Arty Hume

    Please for the lad and you cannot help wonder if he had played as many games a Joselu how many he could have scored and where we would be in the table. We will never know, pity be there it is….

    • Haitchdee

      We also don’t know how many games he would have finished. Not an attack on Mitro I’d have liked to see him get more game time here . He isn’t here now so I’m over it.

  • Dillon Tovak

    Yesterday was the trolls dream. We surrender a lead and Mitro scores.
    As if Mitrovic would have scored 3 instead of Dwights two, as if Mitro isn’t playing in a lower division and as if any other manager wouldn’t have taken off attackers for defenders at the end 2-0 up.

    I’m glad for Mitro though, got to love the guy.

    • Wor Lass

      Dillon, it`s an absolute knocking bet that he would have scored more than Joselu and Perez combined if he`d had the same run of games as those two.

      • Mike Adam

        Is that sarcasm?

      • Mike Adam

        By your comment below, I guess it wasn’t, sorry for the question. I totally agree with you!!!

        • Wor Lass

          You`re a gentleman and a scholar, sir!

      • thewildchimp

        Actually, after yesterday’s game – he scored exactly as much as Gayle and Joselu combined in less starts during the 2015/16.

    • Mike Adam

      You have your opinion Dillon and us trolls have ours. Why call those who think Mitro should be starting for NUFC trolls? Dwight created nothing, two balls sat at his feet and either of us could have put them in. I question any manager that plays Joselu before Mitro just doesn’t make any sense.

      • Dillon Tovak

        It’s not so much the Mitro thing, it’s those fans who religiously dig at Rafa’s every decision. Willingly ignoring the reasonable reasons he makes such decisions.

        They post how Rafa is wrong repeatedly on every single article, attempting to bait people into an argument.

        But yeah, every genuine football fan is entitled to their opinion and that’s fair enough.

        • Mike Adam

          I agree, but I have been labeled a troll and Mackem becuse I question, some of Rafa’s decisions, not every decision. It is just that if you have a different opinion on here you get called names sometimes instead of just having friendly debates. We all supposedly want the same thing, success for NUFC. We just see a different way of getting there.

          • Damon Horner

            don’t think you are one personally.

          • Mike Adam

            Thanks Damon!!! In fact I am just a guy who loves NUFC, but I often question the manager just as fans do in all sports. I like certain players, just as all fans do in all sports. Just because I may have a different opinion only makes me a fan.

        • theoriginalbomberman

          I’d rather point out when Rafa is wrong than put on rose tinted glasses and just pretend he’s this deity above criticism.
          A lot of fans need a reality check when it comes to Benitez he’s not here as a charity to our club he’s here for the convenient location near his home and life changing wages he’s on.

    • anyobrien

      I’m a mitro fan to a point and believe he could be playing if he could prove himself but he’s not here and thats that.

  • Mxpx

    Took the goal really well too hes now scored 4 this season not sure how many minutes hes had but its definitely less than joselu

    • Natturner26

      Joselu has played three times as much as Mitrovic.

  • Damon Horner

    think the same conversations will be had regarding Mitro.

    Think if we stay up then it is not a wrong decision to let him go, just unpopular to some.

    come the summer we won’t know for sure who will own or manage the team never mind where he will be playing.

    • Down Under Mag

      It’s a tough call and one that we need to back Rafa on and judge at the end of the season. I find it funny that in this instanc esome are jumping on his two goals as proof he could do it for us in the top flight and yet for other players who do the same thing they would no doubt be told that they are only scoring because of playing at a lower level.

      I also don’t believe that he would have fit into our style of play at the moment. So to accomodate him we need to change our entire game plan around and risk unbalancing the rest of the side…

      As you say, time will tell and we can all sit around our computers and argue about it at the end of the season :)

  • TheNutJob

    Happy for Mitro but after watching the game we could be in real trouble.
    that game was done & dusted until, in my opinion the subs were just awful

    • Peaky Magpie

      Whey Hey….the boys are back in town…did you have a good holiday ?

      • MichaelMaximusMoose

        was great until yesterday if you know what i mean.
        just got back at 1-30pm

        • Peaky Magpie

          Aye could have done with 3 points yesterday but Palace losing today is a good result for us…..Harry Kane again,and to think some ( like me ) think he’s a fuc*ing dirty cheating bas*ard….I don’t know

          • Wor Lass

            I think you`re wrong about Kane, mate. His tackle on Lejeune was definitely a bad one but more out of frustration at the time. I don`t think he meant any harm in it.

          • molend

            Mebbe not, but it was still a red card

          • Down Under Mag

            That’s not his fault…it’s the Refs and the F.A. not acting because he’s Englands golden boy.

          • thewildchimp

            Mate, could have ended Lejeune’s career right there. He’s a complete d*ckwad and so is his friend Ali. They do this all the time.

          • Wor Lass

            No doubting it was a bad one. I just don`t see it as typical of the lad. Now, Ali is a different case. he`s a really gifted footballer but he seems to have a really bitter side to him. He`s got a face that just needs smacking.

          • thewildchimp

            It tends to happen when you are in your early twenties, playing footie and earning millions. I just hope they don’t cripple someone before they come to their senses.

        • Peaky Magpie

          It was reported on Sky news that you & Nut had been kidnapped & held hostage by the elders of The Hoss….Clarko refused to pay the ransom….

        • Wor Lass

          Clarko and his various alter-egos have been going nap in your absence.

          • Peaky Magpie


  • Mrkgw

    Have to say that at this precise moment, I’d sooner we had Mitro than Rafa. Sorry if that upsets people but Rafa’s treatment of the player was shocking on basis that I consider his judgement to be seriously flawed. ‘Rafas way is the only way’ just doesn’t work for me. It’s in an around about way, a kind of repeat of the Bellamy vs Souness episode.

    • stevetoontoon

      Whey aye….. sack rafa get mitro back top 7 finish easy easy easy easy

      • Mrkgw

        Problem is that the decision to let Mitro go was rash. There is no other description for it. Short sightedness given that Slimani was recovering from injury and that Gayle is prone to knocks. Joselu is hapless as a striker (he would make a better midfielder!) and Perez drifts in and out. Difficult to forsee certain issues but the script was on the wall in his dropping this clanger. Ashley and Charnley disgust us all but Rafa isn’t immune to criticism. Had he not het Mitro go then I doubt that I’d be spouting off!

        • stevetoontoon

          I stand by rafa!!!! Couple of games mitro explodes another master stroke from the spanish waiter….. mackem gfy!!!

          • Mrkgw

            ‘Mackem gfy’?

          • stevetoontoon

            Sick of all this rafa/mitro cack… its happened judge them both at end of season… only bloke in football i would trust with this squad at the moment is the fat spanish waiter in rafa i trust

          • Mrkgw

            Opinions will always differ to one degree or another. Regardless of what we might think iro Mitro though, we do need to pick up points and quick. Despite what some suggest, losing Premiership status would be a complete disaster. You only have to look at the Mackems and their stadium full of empty pink seats for that.

          • stevetoontoon

            And mitro would be the answer under maybe pardew, or kinnear, maybe dennis wise!!! erm wonder if pep fancies dropping citeh to save us ….. mourinho loves the geordies there we are….. everyone relax jose and mitro are gonna save us

          • Down Under Mag

            I think thats the key…no matter what Mitro does at ulham I couldn’t ever seeing him work in Rafa’s tactics. Like it or not, people do need to realise that Rafa has us well organised and playing relatively well given what he has at his disposal. I always said when Pardew was here we need either top players with a bad manager who can only motivate, or we need a tactically astute one to get the most out of a bad squad. We currently have the latter and right now it is our only shot at staying up…it doesn’t matter what Mitro is doing in a lower league, it doesn’t mean he could do it int he top flight…

          • stevetoontoon

            Hear hear… 👍👏

    • Down Under Mag

      I understand some peoples view that we need a goalscorer and Rafa essentially hounded a striker out of the club BUT we don’t know what went on behind the scenes to precipitate the events that followed. It is obvious Rafa doesn’t rate him OR there is somethign happened that means Rafa wanted him gone. I agree it does have shades of the Bellamy ousting and at this moment in time it’s hard to justify letting Mitro go and not giving him a chance when we are desperate for more goals. Hopefully the Rafa gran scheme works out for the best but right now it’s easy to blame Rafa and it’s going to be hard for Rafa to justify this if we go down.

  • Desree

    I wonder how many other sets of fans would gladly have mitrovic instead of Rafa.