At the moment, the only aim is for Newcastle United to be a Premier League club next season.

All eyes/energy focused on avoiding the drop, then progressing from there.

Obviously, the dream in that Mike Ashley will then sell up once safety is achieved, Rafa Benitez will sign a new long-term contract, with new ambitious club owners set to back him.

Regardless of who owns the club though, Newcastle will need to add some better quality players if they are in the Premier League next season and want to progress.

Even with new ambitious owners, it will still be a tough market to compete in this summer.

Chances have to be taken regardless how much budget Rafa Benitez has to spend and emerging players are an obvious sector of players for Newcastle to target.

Using their own formula, the CIES Football observatory, have come up with a list of the 50 most promising young players at European clubs and that list can be seen below.

CIES Football Observatory:

‘The CIES Football Observatory has analysed the domestic league experience accumulated during the last two years by U20 players from 22 European competitions to identify those with the best career prospects

The capital experience methodology exclusively developed by the CIES Football Observatory research team allows market actors to compare talents across leagues on an objective basis. This is particularly useful from a scouting perspective.’

newcastle united

As you can see, a number of them are already at major clubs, but many more are at smaller clubs and also in weaker leagues.

It would be great if Rafa Benitez has identified some of these quality young players to move for in that next window.

Only five of the 50 listed are currently playing in England and two of those are still in the Championship. The excellent Ryan Sessegnon who Newcastle fans know all too well and who scored once again for Fulham on Saturday. Whilst Ronald Vieira at Leeds also makes the top 20.

Whilst the likes of Mbappe may be a ‘little’ out of Newcastle’s range, hopefully we will see some exciting young players added in the summer, especially in the creative/attacking department.

Interested to hear in the comments section below if any Newcastle fans have seen much of the lesser known young players listed above and who you would like to see Rafa Benitez sign.

  • Paul Patterson

    “At the moment, the only aim is for Newcastle United to be a Premier League club next season.”

    Should have just left it there . .

  • Rich Lawson

    Would be nice if we put a bit more effort into developing local talent rather than having to buy another club’s ?

    • NUFCDan

      Would be nice to develop any player, bought or home grown. They all seem to stagnate or go backwards while here.

      • Rich Lawson

        Agree so much i’m not going to make any of the obvious jokes,Ashley out and revitalise the club from top to bottom.

  • Geordiegiants

    We have had enough of those sort of players, we need some steady pro’s in the door first to bring them on.

  • Down Under Mag

    I remember when we got Hugo Viana in who had just won youth player of the year…that went well didn’t it? He should have been developed into a top player but as always we seem to take any raw talent and let them stagnate in the reserves until they drop out of form or go backwards and THEN throw them to the lions and expect miracles from them, slate them when they fail to put in a performance worthy of the Ballon D’Or and then stick them back in the reserves until they finally skulk off to some third division club.

    The other issue is that the scouting netowkrs of all the top clubs have all the major talent watched, catalogued and listed in order of who to splash their oil money on, they don’t even watn them half the time it’s just buying “just in case” and then end up loaning them all out. We have no hope of ever getting anyone decent these days because they will cost more than a couple of million quid.