Newcastle United stagger on towards the end of the season, like a drunk walking home after a skinful and looking likely to keel over at any time.

This particular NUFC drunk only somehow continuing to stay upright thanks to being propped up by the ability and experience of Rafa Benitez – but is it realistic that this can be the case all the way until May?

Tuesday night saw more shaking of the head from Newcastle fans, as it was revealed Rafa Benitez had spoken to Mike Ashley yesterday morning to find out what exactly is happening, if anything, with transfers.

Mike Ashley’s people having put out messages into the media that the Newcastle Manager would be backed with up to four new signings, including a £20m striker.

The Rafa Benitez frustration all too clear after none of his list of targets handed to Ashley back in December having been landed, only the short-term Kenedy loan deal which was set up in the Summer and finally activated this month.

With 11pm the deadline for transfers, we wait to see if Rafa’s appeal on the eve of this deadline has any effect on Mike Ashley, fair to say optimism doesn’t abound.

Sadly, the hopes of being able to rely on other clubs’ failings allowing Newcastle to avoid relegation, are quickly fading as well.

Not so long ago it looked as though West Brom and Swansea were helping NUFC out by booking two of the relegation spots early, that ‘plan’ though could be fast disappearing.

Swansea looked dead and buried but after beating Liverpool 1-0, they have now followed up that with another stunning result, 3-1 against Arsenal.

To make it worse the Gunners went a goal up and then the usually very reliable Peter Cech played a major part in handing the win to Swansea.

Thankfully Liverpool stuffed Huddersfield 3-0 to ensure the Terriers are still dropping like a stone, although they are still above Newcastle…

Usually I would have said a draw would have been a decent result for either West Ham or Crystal Palace (who also looked knackered not so long ago) but I think last night’s 1-1 draw that sees them drawing four and three points respectively above Newcastle, isn’t great either.

This is still in Newcastle’s hands but with all the other relegation strugglers getting significant help in the transfer market, a win tonight against Burnley is a must.

Southampton play Brighton tonight and Stoke host Watford so points have to be picked up by someone there.

Also, whilst West Brom should be guaranteed defeat at Man City tonight, having once looking doomed, their next two home matches are against Southampton and Huddersfield, meaning they also have a live chance of doing a Swansea and finding a couple of wins quickly.

For some time I have thought at least four points from these next two games at home to Burnley and away to Palace are a must, as I honestly can’t see anything more than a point from best in the next three – Man Utd at home, then Bournemouth and Liverpool away.

The pressure is really on and Rafa Benitez really needed a boost from this transfer window, to get to this point and to have been so undermined yet again by Mike Ashley, it is really unbelievable but at the same time sadly, totally expected, by Rafa and fans alike.

Premier League Table after Tuesday’s results:

newcastle united

Tuesday 30 January results:

Huddersfield 0 Liverpool 3

Swansea 3 Arsenal 1

West Ham 1 Crystal Palace 1

Wednesday 31 January matches

Chelsea v Bournemouth (7.45pm)

Everton v Leicester (7.45pm)

Manchester City v West Brom (8pm)

Newcastle v Burnley (7.45pm)

Southampton v Brighton (7.45pm)

Stoke v Watford (8pm)

Tottenham v Man Utd (8pm)

  • Damon Horner

    I think Charnley has a 7pm bedtime. If no signings are announced before the team lineup then there will be no movement unless Ashley unleashes his fleet of helicopters bound for Manchester, London, Liverpool and the Basque Country.

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    Barring a miracle there`s no doubt in my mind that the squad we have will go down & if the fans keep going to St James, bigger fools them.
    I`m sick of the whole sordid regime & to be honest i`m wondering if it`s worth it anymore & i never used to miss a match

  • joe mac

    ring..ring,,,.Hi Mike its rafa here, just about the conversation we had last week,you did say you were gonna get me neymar didnt you?….Hello rafa me old amigo! hows it going?..sorry if me spanish is not that good! i think you must have misunderstood me!..what i actually said was…your getting nee mare! muchas gracias mike!…my fault.

  • mentalman

    draws for the teams around us are the best scenario.

    It’s amazing the difference to Swansea when a new manager came in and made a few little tweeks to the same squad

  • ghostrider

    Ring ring….Hi Mike it’s Rafa here, just about the conversation we had last month. You said I could buy in players for the right price and the fans are begging for a striker in, but you know a 20 million striker can only run with the ball and not do much else, so what’s it to be Mike, because you know I’ve got the fans on my side.

    Mike: Ok ok Rafa I’ll let you go in for your striker but also one must be a loan if he’s worth about 35 million or so….ok?

    Rafa: Ok that’s great, now can we go in for Mangala on loan as he’s actually about 35 million and Martin Dubravka.

    Mike: Ok Rafa, with me not knowing too much about some players I’ll accept that you know these two are top strikers or good enough for what you need to score some goals, so go for it.

    Rafa: Ermmmm, Mike, one is a defender and the other is a goalkeeper.


    Rafa: Mike…..Mike……are you there Mike?

    Automated voice: The other caller has hung up.

    • thewildchimp

      I think this was more along the lines of: ,,get Jorgensen on permanent and Mangala on loan”, which turned into: ,,well, maybe Dubravka will be interested”.

  • S.G.M.

    3 points tonight, 3 points Sunday, this window will be all forgotten.

  • Rev

    So does anyone think we might see Rafa go for it tonight or will it be keep it tight, hope they dont score, pray we do? I still dont see how our squad is worse than Burnley, Brighton, Swansea etc OK they spent more than us, so what, they made some duff signings too. Tonights the night for Rafa to prove he can keep us up because reality is we are shopping for Hoss’s brother. Only ine wird Rafa .. attack!

    • Bernard Cribbins’ Love Child

      We’ll start with one up front hoping to keep it 0-0 then try and nick it at the end. Obviously this will go wrong and we’ll end up chasing it with ten minutes to go when we’re 0-1 down.

      • Rev

        But surely we can play two strikers for Burnley, you’re not telling me we won’t risk Mitro because of his bad back and still a chance his head will be turned with 2 1/2 hours of the transfer window left for PSG to launch a late bid? If we want to stay up withwhat we have ATTACK!!!