It is truly remarkable just how well Rafa Benitez has done, when asked to take on the other relegation strugglers.

In 12 games against other Premier League clubs who are now in the bottom half of the table, Newcastle have accumulated 21 points, an average of 1.75 points per game.

Just look at what this astonishing table shows here, as Newcastle have six wins three draws and only three defeats when taking on these bottom half of the table teams.

No other team in the bottom half can beat Newcastle’s/Rafa’s 1.75 points per game when playing their lower rivals.

In fact, if you take out fellow promoted clubs Huddersfield and Brighton, who are 11th and 12th in the current Pl table and who both had a net spend of over £40m in the summer transfer window, almost four times higher than Newcastle…

The stats are even more remarkable.

Against the established Premier League clubs who currently fill 14th to 20th in the PL table, Newcastle have a record of played nine, won six, drawn two and lost one.

Sadly, against teams who are higher than Newcastle in the table (1st to 12th) Newcastle United have only taken two points from a possible 33.

When you come up against better quality, effort and organisation are sadly not quite enough.

Is it too simplistic to think that if Rafa Benitez had the same resources of clubs higher up the table, he could more than match them?

It will be a travesty if Newcastle fans never get to find out.

  • Michael Smith

    given the money he would have no problem getting us into the top 8 with ease
    under Ashley it will be a constant battle in the lower regions, if Ashley isn`t gone by the summer then i think Rafa will just resign & the sad thing is 50,000 would still attend the matches next season

    • Leazes

      I hope he’s not just here to ‘window dress’ a potential sale of the United and then go move on to a proper football club….

      • Michael Smith

        let`s hope not

      • TheNutJob

        there`d be riots if Fatty forces him out, i think that would be the final straw

        • Andy Mac

          Riots, Lootings,Lynchings or just the sitting on hands protest ?

          • Leicester Mag

            Therein lies the nub of the issue even if Rafa is forced out, even if we are relegated again people will still turn up in droves. Not saying this is wrong it’s every fans choice to make that call. Love and loyalty sadly could be construed as keeping this heinous Bucket of whale grease here.

          • Damon Horner

            Sadly it won’t matter whether people turn up or not. Our friends down the road are proof of that.

  • TheNutJob

    Fatty oot, sack the board, lynch Penfold at the Gallowgate end

    • Andy Mac

      Just mentioned something similar up above. Would be great if we could line them all up and raffle off the chances to kick the chairs away ?😀😀

    • Rich Lawson

      Can you get rid of Graham Porter in the same cull please ?

  • Shipcote Willy

    The Mystery is why Rafa is still here bearing in mind all the reneged promises. We have reached a tipping point. Either Ashley or Rafa won’t be here next season and I fear it will be Ashley we are stuck with.

    • TheNutJob

      Can`t see both of them being here, 1 will go, hope it`s Fatty

      • Andy Mac

        It’s gotta be Fatman NJ otherwise we’re no better off.

    • Andy Mac

      Fatman knows if he sacks Rafa he’ll be lynched if he ever steps foot in Newcastle again. However he doesnt want to be railroaded either so its a Mexican standoff until a buyer arrives ? No good for us meanwhile.

    • StevieB

      Because he’s aware of what’s round the corner maybe ? That’s all it can be cause he’d have gone in August if not IMO

      • Shipcote Willy

        I think he stayed out of loyalty and to walk out at that late stage he would consider to be unprofessional. I think he could walk at the end of the season and of course there is the rumour of the penalty clause!

  • anyobrien

    A lot on here have said over and over again rafa has been and will be stitched up… Fatty is a stinking letch

    • Angelswithdirtyfaces

      it’s looking more and more that way. if he isn’t sacked, then it might just be down to stubbornness that he’ll stay

  • thewildchimp

    Is it really that impressive?
    Let’s say you play three matches, you win one, draw one, lose one. Bang average. That’s 4 pts from 3 games, 1.33 on average. NUFC’s performance against clubs of similar quality is above average.

    To finish comfortably above the line you normally need 40 pts from 38 games, 1.05 on average. Rafa currently has 22p/22played, a score of 1.

    To sum it up, we will probably escape relegation, but the situation is nowhere near good.

    • Paul Patterson

      You go off what the team did last season as a level of how good it is. Not where it is now. We are a Championship team until we are safe in May.

      • thewildchimp

        Well, I guess it’s alright if you look at it that way. But most people here use that term to put the players down.
        Rafa never hid the fact that he saw this team as a temporary solution but it still doesn’t mean they are utter rubbish.

  • Sean Spokes

    Reports from talksport say announcement is imminent on the takeover, and also seen on Twitter that Staveley has BBC interview booked for supposedly 6th Jan, and where had Ashley got money from to go and list to buy back Sports Direct shares…from a business point of view SD haven’t been this stable and as low a price in years so is Fat man using his new incoming wealth to buy most of his empire back ??? Rangers fans beware also heard Fat man fancies another crack north of the border….a cheaper way into Champions League money…£30m just for qualifying… this space..
    FA CUP our proudest moments in history wouldn’t it be lovely to get a win and a takeover on the same day….

    • Paul Patterson

      Not having a dig with that, just I’d like to see it for myself. :-)

      • Phil

        Iv read rumours tonight that Rafa is going.

        Apparently the takeover is going nowhere and Ashley is not putting a penny in

        Anything is possible with this bloody club

      • Sean Spokes

        Mick Quinn has stated tonite that the takeover is imminent, a guy called Chamberlain (can’t remember his first name works in the BBC media) posted few days ago about Staveley interview and Ashley buying shares was yesterdays news with most columns, Stavely posting a new holdings company too….it’s anyday now with Ashley looking to buy more shares back…tax evasion for him too

        • Paul Patterson

          Thanks. Heres hoping.

  • GlasgowMag

    hopefully and if our owner finally goes our club needs a proper business plan put into place. Rafa in my eyes is the ideal person to oversee this starting from our youth system upwards. This will not be an overnight process as the last 10years mis management cannot be swept under the carpet overnight. I would give Rafa 5 years with full control to start building with more focus on bringing youth through the ranks as certainly during the last 10 years there has been a 0% focus in this area.

    • wheyayeman

      Well said! I suspect that’s exactly what is keeping Rafa at the club. The Potential he keeps mentioning is not about the club as it is. It’s the club as it may be no so long from now with a new chair and board, money to invest with Rafa in charge of revitalising and revisioning the club from the youth and development to the community engagement and charitable arm to the development squad, fanbase internationally (think Shearer back as Global ambassador) even the possible Stadium expansion. These are not empty pipe dreams this is Newcastle United with a Champions League pedigree manager already in position. Now all we need is the takeover to be completed, after that a fresh empowerment and a 5 year contract for Rafael. Right now he’s doing what he can with his hands tied behind his back, what he could do then is the stuff of dreams.

    • Kneebotherm8

      A pity Rafa hadn’t been here the last 10 years.

  • Alreet

    And in other news Cenk Tosun to everton.

    They are getting snapped up fast

  • Grahame Johnson

    I’ve never heard Ashley speak and will never hear him, I hope he speaks like Joe Pasquale, as for Amanda i don’t want hear her, I’ve imagined she talks like Joanna Lumley and that’s bliss

  • Paul Patterson

    Any manager (at this level) needs substantial money to compete. A net spend of 11m isn’t good enough. Everton spent 120m (not sure about net) and struggled because they had a rubbish manager. Imagine if Rafa had been given that. We wouldn’t have had Joselu as our primary striking buy and Manquillo as our full back buy last summer that’s for sure . .

  • Rich Lawson

    Promise Jeremy Clarkson a high performance motor then tell him he can’t go over 30 mph !

  • Andy Mac

    My opinion for what it’s worth ? Rafa is a good manager. He has had a remarkable career with many highs in terms of trophies won and very few lows.

    However managers come and go, football moves on and Citeh are now showing the way forward in the UK. If Rafa had Citeh’s money would he be able to put together a squad capable of playing the “Citeh way” while dominating the league ? I’m not so sure ?

    • Shipcote Willy

      City had a great squad before Guardiola added the players to play his style. Rafa would do it his way. To put a squad like city’s together from scratch would cost money beyond any owner. BTW City won nothing yet.

      • Andy Mac

        Apart from two titles, the FA Cup and two League Cups in the last five years, you’re right absolutely nothing🤔

        • Shipcote Willy

          Don’t be pedantic You know I meant they have won nothing under Guardiola yet. Comparing him with Rafa in their present situations is disengenious

  • Shipcote Willy

    It will be a travesty but that’s what will happen under this odious owner who has no interest in the club and I can only see things getting worse. Everyone banking on a sale but the biggest obstacle is Ashley and I can’t see it happening.