Premier League transfer fees are only heading one way.

Apart from at Newcastle United of course, still proud owners of a 13 year old transfer record…

Along with Premier League transfer fees, wages are also guaranteed to rise at a similar rate.

Next month (February 2018), the UK TV rights winners to broadcast Premier League live games will be announced.

The overseas rights are already known to be increasing, with many of those deals (country by country) already signed up, the only doubt is by how much those will increase overall.

The UK rights see more matches than ever, for the first time a majority, to be shown live, so an increase in revenue is surely set to happen.

The players will expect/demand their share of the increased revenues and what seems crazy wages one day, becomes dwarfed by what happens down the line.

The protracted swap deal has now gone through, with Arsenal now having Mkhitaryan and Sanchez on the books of Manchester United.

The Mancs were held to ransom by the player of course, who in the end sickened even Manchester City with his greed, ensuring he ended up at Old Trafford.

In the process becoming the best paid player at Manchester United and indeed in the entire Premier League.

The Times have put together this interesting report showing who is the top earner at each Premier League club now:

premier league

As you can see, they have Jonjo Shelvey as the top earner at Newcastle United on £80,000 a week. Having signed for Liverpool, then moving on to another Premier League club in Swansea as an England international, before joining yet another Premier League club in NUFC – little wonder he is top earner at St James Park.

Whilst Newcastle’s top earner is in a similar band to many others such as Stoke, Watford, West Ham and Watford, I doubt many other Newcastle players earn anything close to what Shelvey gets, whereas with those type of clubs now regularly paying more for players than NUFC – the wages will surely have moved on for many of their highest earners as well.

Journalists friendly to Newcastle United are claiming that a £20m striker signing is imminent before the end of the month, which if it happens would surely make that new player Newcastle’s highest earner.

Can anybody seriously see that happening when Newcastle are in the middle of a relegation fight…?

  • glassjawsh-got-banned

    Jonjo Shelvey’s name looks photoshopped…

  • Geordie-7676

    Why is Shelveys the only one with full name, all others are surnames alone?

    I smell Horse S**t

    • MichaelMaximusMoose

      i see it every time Nufc play, Spanish Hoss schitt

  • glassjawsh-got-banned

    also, if Carroll is West Ham’s highest earner at 90k, and our highest is 80k, WHY were Chicharito’s wages supposedly too much for fatty to pay??

    • That looked mighty fishy to me, I was under the impressions that Hernandez is on 100,000 a week.

      • simon

        load of bollox it says bony on 100k at Swansea seriously hes hardly played since he left Swansea for city then on loan to stoke last season. Hernandez is on more money than carroll he was asking for 140k prior to signing which talks stalled for a while with west ham I reckon hes on 130k though

    • Cockneytrev

      great point,,, someone is lying somewhere,,, and if I’m honest I can’t think of one liar at our club,,,,

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    that`s why they may sell him to the Hammers, next high earners, Mbemba & Mitro, then Gayle
    get the jist, is it coincidence or policy to get rid of them to be replaced by cheaper options
    Make your own mind up on that one !

    • Paul Patterson

      That’s what happened to Barton, Guttierez, Nolan, Harper and to a lesser extent Coloccini. I can’t imagine their replacements are/where on the same/more.

      • MichaelMaximusMoose

        Hoss, Merino, Lejeune, Manquillo, they wont get anywhere near the players i`ve listed

    • 1957

      I finally get it the schitt list is based on earnings, silly me I thought Benitez kept dropping them/not playing them because of ability, performance levels, disciplinary issues, he didn’t buy them (Dwight’s an exception?) or they weren’t fellow countrymen/played football in Spain.

      • MichaelMaximusMoose

        i don`t think it`s the schitt list, i think it`s Nufc policy. why else are good players shown the door whilst at the same time we buy & retaining pure krap & you know who they are
        makes you think, doesn`t it

  • Paul Patterson

    If we wanted some efficient transfers/accounting, we could do worse than sell Shlevey and replace him with Knockaert.

    • MichaelMaximusMoose

      Fatty`s running it like his shops & other brands, buy a good brand & substitute the quality with inferior goods but sell at the original price.
      i think it was Leazes who came up with that & i think he`s right

  • Phil

    I don’t see shelvey as an 80k per week player. He is no better or worse than our other midfielders who will probably be on less than half of that.

    If we did get offered £12mill I’d take it if we had anothe player coming in. Maybe a midfielder with some pace, power and maybe even a goal in them would be nice.

    Many see shelvey as this pass master who unlocks defences for fun. He has 0 assists and rarely looks like he is going to score. His set pieces are poor and he has the swagger and attitude of a 16 year old brat!

    All in all not worth the hassle or the wages. We need more from our midfield. Move on

    • Michael Smith

      to have an assist you must have a striker capable of putting the ball in the net. he`s made chance after chance for our front men only to see them wasted, that stat means nothing

      • Ram Kishore

        I think shelvey’s doing pretty ok

        • Michael Smith

          be crazy to sell him

          • FatParosite

            Guess what happens on 31st…

          • MichaelMaximusMoose

            The Fat Lads sells them all, Jonjo, Mitro, Mbemba & Gayle

          • FatParosite


        • Phil

          In what way?

          • Ram Kishore

            First let’s sell

            Then let’s think about Shelvey ok?

          • Phil

            Diame has better stats than shelvey.

            Saivet has played one game and managed a goal.

            Colback is nowhere near being relevant.

            Whilst shelvey is better than those 3 he is not really showing it. His head is to far up his own ar£e.

            Cash in

          • Ram Kishore

            Have u not heard players having a bit of slowdown.. like loss of form

            If saivet is so great why is he not being played by Rafa
            Why did his previous manager at St Etienne say he’s not a commited player
            I don’t want to say he’s non committal. He showed his patience commitment and hard work on the day we beat west ham

            Diame has better stats than Shelvey? This makes me wonder What do u know about stats

            U mean his Bio.. yeah
            Diame is slower than Shelvey
            Diame is more taller than Shelvey
            Diame is older than Shelvey

            Go and see what stats really are

          • Phil

            Loss of form? We are over halfway through the season man!!

            Diame is more taller though!! 😂👍🏻

          • Guest 2

            Slower than Sissoko and keeps the ball even less. Enough said.

          • MichaelMaximusMoose

            Diame`s SHYTE, shake your head man

          • Phil

            I didnt say he isn’t. He isnt that much worse than shelvey though. They are both slow, lazy lack goals and create little. One gets the odd 60 yard pass right though and people go on like he is Steven f-in gerrard!!

          • Cockneytrev

            Sorry, but diame can’t be mentioned in the same breath as shelvey,, he didn’t do to bad against Man city,, but I’m honestly struggling to think of him having another even bang average game, he is slow, lazy and a headless chicken,,

          • Phil

            West Ham away.

            He is rubbish but so is shelvey.

            What has shelvey done to be regarded as such a good player?

          • Cockneytrev

            Put decent played around shelvey and he would not look out of place, he can find a pass,, diame would look lost,,,
            Shelvey was arguably our best player last season,, Diame was hopeless in a lesser league,

          • Phil

            Shelvey did ok last year. What has he done this season?

            Blame the others around him if you want. But the truth is he isn’t that good! He is average

          • Cockneytrev

            I was replying to the fact you said about the stats,, Diame is a very poor player, I will say Shellveys attitude stinks sometimes, but he is far better than Diame,, as for “What has he done this season” , there is a barely a player at the club who has done anything this season,,

          • hetonmag

            Can you name a game where Shelvey was top man now I’m not saying Diame is better than him I just think Shelvey gets away with murder because he’s a fan’s favourite.

          • Cockneytrev

            nearly every game he played last season,, IMO he was our stand out player,,, tougher league this year,, put put better players around him and he can pick out a pass,, Diame has been absolutely dreadful,, ( I did think he did OK against city, but it was a very condensed game, it’s a lot easier to close and block in a smaller space)

          • hetonmag

            I just expected so much more from him this season IMO the lad has issues.

          • Guest 2

            Saivet is already gone, on loan. Do keep up.

          • Ram Kishore

            Where ??
            In your dreams
            Open your eyes and wake up

          • Ram Kishore

            Yeah yeah Saivet is gone and u r living in the year 2016.
            He’s still at the club dumbo

  • robbersdog

    Biggest waste of money – Defoe on £130k a week at Bournemouth.

    • Paul Smith

      That’s the price you pay for a “free transfer” these days. What you save on the transfer fee you just end up paying out in wages to the player anyway.

      If you refuse to pay those wages and the player is in demand then he will just go to another team who will pay those wages and your own club ends up spending the same ammount on some other player anyway due to a transfer fee.

  • Michael Smith

    is the mystery striker Welbeck

  • Philippines

    In my teens and twenties I probably had, what today would be a 200k quid a week footballing brain. Problem was, my feet could not keep up. Played my last friendly games in Thailand at age 48. I am now 71. Five games in two days, albeit 15 mins each half. I always say, “Yes, I played International football” My wife laughs as my feet are still ‘kicking’ when I am watching a match. Howay the lads.

    • Scott Robinson

      I was the opposite as had no footballing brain but my feet could keep up. We were wasted.

      There’s a Sunderland player Rodwell with no brain on 70k a week.

      • Tony Mann

        There’s a Sunderland team with no brain on a lot more than that !

  • ghostrider

    We need to take a stand and stop paying these players sick amounts of money for kicking a football about. It’s monstrous.

    • MichaelMaximusMoose

      that won`t happen anytime soon

      • ghostrider


  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    Now, what about the Curious case of Andre Schurrle,
    a class player indeed, he can played either wing or as a main striker, but he`s only made 6 starts this season.
    in the last year, he`s sustained injuries which have sidelined him for a total of 167 days.
    what do you think ?

    • ghostrider

      If we get sick notes they will just follow on the trend.
      I’ve never known human bodies heal so slowly as footballers.

      I personally wouldn’t buy any player. I’d loan whatever we need and buy in the summer.

    • 1957

      A decent player but he doesn’t score a lot of goals at club level (more than Hoss granted) something like 1 in 4. At international level he scored at around 1 in 2.5, loan with option to buy for me 5 months injured in a year is a lot

    • FatParosite

      When he and De Bruyne left Chelski. Schurrle was definitely the more mature player. I suspect there is more of the De Jong about him after his injuries. Once again I think Bishop’s cronies are feeding stories to the press to make NUFC look active.

  • Leazes.

    Michael Owen was on a reported £115k here years ago…. Shearer who had it in his contract that he would be the top earner same amount….

    • ghostrider

      And look at the mess the club was in.

      • Leazes.

        Unfortunately United making a stance against these types of figures only harms United.

        • ghostrider

          The money’s going up and the quality and excitement’s going down for 90% of the game.
          Too many players are dictating and too many players are deciding when to put max effort in.

          • FatParosite

            If you don’t win anything you can’t pay for the top earners. You don’t win anything if you’re not ambitious.

          • Leazes.


          • ghostrider

            I don’t even know what ambitious means in football anymore.
            Take a look at Man Utd.
            They aren’t ambitious. They’re just buying players they don;t want other clubs to get.
            Put top earners at this club and they’ll destroy it.

          • Phil

            I agree

          • Leazes.

            The money paid to our players has plummeted under Ashleys constraints… has the club…. its not a coincidence.

          • ghostrider

            They’re still on sick wages regardless.
            Just because we can’t pay ultra sick wages means nothing in terms of getting extra from a player.
            I’m glad Ashley won’t go stupid with wages.
            I’m sick of this ridiculous wage garbage.
            We are simply brainwashed into acceptance of stupidity of wages in the belief that we will get somewhere if we don’t keep up.
            We will get somewhere.
            It’ll be a race to catch Sunderland if we’re not careful.

            Luckily Ashley isn’t as stupid as people think he is.

          • paul mclaughlan

            I’ll be shot for saying this. Ashley runs NUFC like a football club SHOULD be ran. Unfortunately non of the other club owners do.

          • Tony Mann

            I agree – You should be shot for saying that.

          • ghostrider

            That’s correct.
            Many other owners did this not too long ago but have now fell into the trap of keeping up with the Jones’.

            I understand that to keep up you have to keep the front runners in sight but trying to keep up with clubs who appear to work way beyond their legitimate in house means, is verging on pointless down to being almost being club destroying to the point of a tumble from grace, not a fall.

            As a north east club we are handicapped. People will refuse to accept it but we literally are.
            It’s the classic example of trying to fight our way into the elite on our terms because we are not allowed to do it on the terms that the elite clubs do it.

            Ashley knows he’s peeing against the wind.
            He knows he’s trying to accelerate against a brick wall.
            He also knows that a lot of clubs that are trying to play way beyond their means are going to suffer the consequences of their actions and not only end up with nothing to show for it but also fall below the clubs they once deemed as paupers….and possible administration for some.

            Q.P.R are a classic example of what clubs try to do to keep up with the Jones’.

            I remember many fans calling the Q.P.R owners ambitious at the time and some saying they would be challenging for the title soon enough.
            I remember all of that.

            I also remember Southampton and West Ham being mentioned as proper club who bring through all the best players and who are run properly.

            It all appears good at the time but look at them all now.
            We are literally a stand out big club in a city that is renowned for being football daft and loyal with it.
            We have an owner with the tag of “billionaire” and that’s the major problem.
            If we had an owner who was local who was a multi millionaire and who told us all the club needs to generate funds itself so we have to be careful. We would all understand.

            A billionaire telling us that the club has to work from within is not acceptable, it appears.

            All we want is this and that and at this price, not that price. This price will only get you so and so and we want such and such at that price because we deserve it.

            Buy a player for 5 million and turn that player into a 30 million player. It’s genius in one breath and greed in another because we apparently just sell them…..yet we never seem to want to….but the players demand out.

            Buy a 12 million player and pay them 80,000 a week and you go from being greedy to being cash foolish and filling your squad with hard to clear out mercenaries.

            It’s hard to win and the finger is pointed as and when bad overcomes the good.
            Pacified fans will only ever exist if they gain an owner that throws sweeties to them at every available opportunity and gives a manager that meets approval, plus win ratios that slip off the chart……OR ELSE.

            There’s nothing to do from that point but to try and better the better or suffer the discontent to the utter bile if you don’t better the better.

            It makes you wonder whether it’s all worth the effort.
            It makes you wonder how in the hell anyone can get a fine line to balance on without it buckling or snapping from time to time, only to be repaired for a short while.

            Sometimes I’m a little bit envious of the smaller clubs in the lower leagues.
            the chance of a giant killing or the odd few small trophy signings or a drop down player from the bigger league who decides he wants to have a go with your team.

            It’s difficult to know what’s what in this day and age of football.
            For me, it dying at the top as the game we once knew.

            As for Ashley. he might be the devil to some but the supposed angels who run the elite clubs… all have dirty faces.

          • Peaky Magpie

            And this whole deciding if they want to represent their country or not a la Drinkwater really boils my p**s,always was and should be now the greatest honour for any footballer.

          • ghostrider

            The money has killed the passion.
            Young players used to dream of being a number 9 or just pulling on that black and white shirt and then going on to represent England. Same for other kids of other clubs.
            Now, most are wondering if they can make it as a footballer so they can be rich in short order.

            We’ve lost the game that we knew.
            The game has been sold, lock stock and barrel to the devil and his disciples.

            All we do from now on is bemoan why we can’t buy a striker for 50 million and pay him 200 grand a week…..or whatever.

            If we did and the striker flops, we bemoan an owner who was reckless and putting the club in turmoil.

            Buy a cheap player who turns out to be decent for a season and then goes off the boil and we’ve bought TAT.

            We are dumbed down with money.
            Most people struggle to earn 25 grand a year.
            I’ll say that again.


            A YEAR.
            And yer we will moan about not spending over 20 million on a player or giving that player less than a hundred grand a week.
            I’ll repeat it.

            A WEEK.

            And yet we have pundits, when asked about players like Sanchez, if Man Utd have a good deal and they almost pee themselves in excitement shouting ” ohhhh he’s easily worth it. What a deal.”

            It’s nonsense of the absolute highest order and we are all dumbed down to that level.
            Football players are now pop idols or gods or golden children/adults.

            They seem to be able to dictate whether they can be bothered to play for their country.
            Offer them 1 million to play a game and they would be there like a shot.

            Football is not entertaining any more, except for the elite.
            It’s not a coincidence that we all have to lie down and let the elite play.

            The game is choreographed more and more, in my opinion.
            As for England. I have little time for them.
            To think I can say that.
            15 years ago I be screaming for them.
            Now, it’s like watching soulless beings sauntering around a pitch.

  • Tony Mann

    Sanchez on £50k – A DAY !!! – over a third of a million quid a week to kick a ball around a field –
    On the down side, he does have to work most weekends.
    Just obscene.

  • wheyayeman

    What is financial fair play actually achieving? There was a time when the players took the same BUS to the ground as the fans! Pure Madness!

  • Peaky Magpie

    I know it’s been said a million times before but money really is ruining the game.Sooner rather than later this almighty bubble is going to burst and it’s all going to come crashing down with a massive thud.

    • Phil

      Then they will all start eating steak for breakfast and necking raw egg!

      Trying to gain the necessary size to play American football. Jump on the gravy train over there.

      Because they don’t love football. They love money!! And that will never change.

    • Rich Lawson

      Hopefully on top of Sky,parasites!

  • gallowgate26

    The Sanchez one is just shameful, Man U have truly had their pants pulled down there; by the demands of a greedy mercenary. I hope he’s paying every penny of tax and NI that he owes HM Revenue.

  • Albert Stubbins

    80k a week and he’s done absolutely f all for us this season imo- oh sorry he put joselyn through for the equalizer against liverpool. Incredible.

  • Tony Mann

    There is still passion in this game and it has nothing to do with money.
    A good few years back, I used to take my then step-son to his matches on a Sunday.
    As he was a very good player, he got a game every time.
    Stood next to me on the touchlines were the substitutes – the ‘not so good’ players who rarely got a game unless, or until, the final result was not in doubt.
    They turned up every week, freezing their nads off in the winter, on the off chance they might get the final 10 – 15 minutes.
    No complaints, no tantrums, they turned up for the love of the game.
    It seems the professional game has turned this on its head.
    Paid obscene amounts of money we have had players refusing to play because they didn’t fancy it, threatening to score own goals unless they got their way, downing tools because they can.
    There was more maturity and passion in that ‘under 15’ team than there is in the entire premiership.

    • Rich Lawson

      Spot on,I’ve been at a Sunday morning junior’s game in the past to watch my son where there was so much snow coming down it was near impossible to see what was happening, but no chance of the match being stopped nor was anyone wearing gloves.TV money is ruining the game for the lower and non league teams.Look what’s happened to Darla’ and Hartlepool.