Swansea fans didn’t exactly travel in numbers on Saturday.

Their 1,100 following helped produce a rare less than full house at St James Park.

However, despite not having the best away support, those who did make the journey had plenty to say afterwards.

The Swansea fans appeared to generally agree on three things.

That it should definitely have been a penalty when Mohamed Diame ‘allegedly’ used his arm to divert the ball away from goal, that Swansea are useless, Newcastle United are no better…

Swansea fans comment after the draw at Newcastle via their top Planet Swans message board:

‘Considering this was our most winable game for the next few weeks, the team selection was absolutely baffling.

If we had started with a stronger team we may well have won the game.

An 80% fit Bony is more likely to score than a 100% McBurnie.’

‘Good result. Decent midfield. If we had brought on Bony and Narsingh a little earlier we may have scored. Bony not fit yet.

Need to sign a striker.

With that result we are in with a chance.

Another red card and penalty missed. Have long time been an admirer of Mo Diame since he outplayed Kemy at Wigan but that was a professional foul. Bad dice.’

‘Every team is stronger than us first half and our tactics of boring them to a standstill take half a game to take effect and we remain bottom. Tough battle ahead but better than Bradley era.’

‘Definite penalty and red card.’

‘Fab was good. Bartley ok in the air. Mawson good generally defensively, but poor on the goal. The rest of them were rubbish.

Newcastle were very poor. Opportunity missed and that’s why we’ll be going down.’

‘Come on lads, there is improvement.

We beat Watford .

Screwed over by officials at home to Spurs

A point at Newcastle.

4 points from 3 games, if we can maintain that then we get 37 points.’

‘Sat in the car waiting to leave. Boys did ok. Mistake by Mawson again for their goal. He was ball watching instead of marking his man. That cost us 2 points.’

‘We can’t ever score more than 1 goal apart from a freak result against an awful Watford side.

We’re going down, sooner people accept this the better.’

‘If we were sitting in mid-table that would have been a good result.

However, given where we are and the run of games coming up, I would have expected us to throw the kitchen sink at Newcastle to try to get the three points.

As it was, we lost the chance to take the initiative after we scored by changing our mind about bringing on Bony.

Then after the Toon equalised, we were surprisingly subdued and appeared to settle for a point. It seemed that nobody in a Swans short realised that the last 20 minutes could have been the difference between relegation and staying up.’

World class from Shelvey there whether you’d like to admit it or not.’

‘Ritchie has studded Carroll’s ankle and left a hole in his sock and caught Olsson with a swinging elbow but apparently neither are even free-kicks because they’re “accidental”?’

‘We have dropped 5 points to that utter shower of s… this season. Unforgivable. Newcastle are as bad as us.’

‘Thrilling game we should have won but we are improving.’

‘I’m warming to the bore them to death tactic then play football for a bit.’

‘We are improving no doubt, but come on Bony mate you’ve got to just smash that in the corner.’

‘So I think that’s the 5th time we have taken the lead this season and failed to win, suppose we got a point, lost the other 4 times.’

‘Look 1-1 away to Newcastle I’ll take. We had chances to win and so did they. Our performance was frustrating at times and good at others.’

‘You could have driven the team bus through Mawson’s legs there. Stood flat flooted giving Joselu yards of space 6 yards from the goal, ridiculous.’

‘You won’t see a more blatant penalty if you live to 100! Shocking.’

‘We aint playing any worse teams any time soon.’

‘After we cunningly brought Newcastle down to our woeful level we started to actually look a bit like a team. Smart stuff from our coach to do that!’

  • Phil K

    Some showing they know more about rugby than football.

  • kingfisher

    A lot of their comments sound like some of ours, i.e : should have started with a stronger side, need to sign a striker, blah, blah, blah.I thought it was rather rude calling
    us “a shower of s***e” , true, but rude! I could stoop to their level and mention their alledged deviant (and illegal) activities involving sheep, but I wouldn’t lower myself

  • Mitros gotta start

    Worst support all season…..deserve to be in the championship next year…..fans and chairman deserve each other

    • Whitehurst

      Agreed their fans were awful on sat!! Quietest fans for many a season.

  • Paul Patterson

    Ok fine- Enjoy the Championship next season. I just hope we aren’t there as well . .

  • Monkseaton Magpies

    No excuse for only a thousand fans on a Saturday if had been a Sunday or midweek would have dropped to four or five hundred. Remember them bringing up three thousand not so long ago where have they all gone. Having said that Wine Street in Swansea best night out in the Premier League so will be a shame to lose them.

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    Just shows where we stand with other fans across the country thanks to
    the Pie Man

    • Wor Lass

      Apparently, when they let the sheep loose on a staurday, after the match, you have to run like f*ck to make sure you don`t get an ugly one. So I`m told, anyway. Think it was Nutty that told me ….

  • gallowgate26

    If we had decent strikers it would have been all over in the first half. Their goal felt like only the 2nd or 3rd half chance they created in the whole game. Although we did gift them way too many corners. The penalty appeal was unlucky but we never get them either! We’ll be playing them next season in the championship if we don’t improve the home form.

  • gallowgate26

    I agree with them… They had to win that game or they’re down, you’re doon…!

  • X,WHY,Y MAN.

    There’s nothing here that they have said that is not true depending on your viewpoint I suppose.
    Both sides had chances to win and the fans of either side will claim their side edged it.

    We are as bad as them so that comment was bang on in the scheme of things.

    Ashley has ruined the standing of the club in general and we are now seen as a joke club.
    That’s what I have never understood about the man that he would let an institution he owns become a laughing stock along with himself into the bargain.
    I would rather die than show myself up the way he has in the eyes of the rest of the country !

  • Neil Alderson

    Swansea fans. Only about ten turned up. That`s why the attendance was down to 51,000

  • MadMag83

    Most blatant penalty ever? I think not. Take Ayew out of that team and they’ve already be down.